Thursday, December 22, 2005

I geisha knew this was coming...

Taddly and I kept our annual Christmas tradition of eating at TGI Friday's and attempted to add another borrowed (read: stolen) ornament to our Christmas trees. Unfortunately, the restaurant no longer has a tree- maybe because they had no more ornaments for it? So we just swapped our previously-taken TGI Friday's ornaments this year. (I laugh every year I take the green or white (depending on whose year it is to have which color) ball out of my box of ornaments!)

After a conversation full of laughter, Tadd and I met up with his family at the movie theater, MA joined us as well, and we all went to see a sneak preview of Memoirs of a Geisha. I have not yet read the book, but I thought the film was beautifully shot, had a great story to tell, and kept me engaged the entire time. It just geisha right here. But then I geisha knew that was coming! Tadd kept me laughing the entire time with all his sake jokes. The worst of them was after one character stole something important from the main character, and Tadd leaned over to me and said, "what did she take? Her memoirs?"

Afterwards I found a great TAR moment (see the blog) and actually had my camera there to catch the moment for all to enjoy. When you Win a Date with Tadd Himelrick, the fun never ends.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Favorite Least-Favorite Christmas Songs

I finally heard my favorite least-favorite Christmas song today- Paul McCartney's Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime. Normally I would say the Brit could do no wrong (although Ebony & Ivory is questionable as well) but the cheesy synthesizer is enough for me to simply declare this the worst Christmas song. A close second would be the vocally-grating Wilson Phillips' Hey Santa. You can hear this one on the overhead music at the mall or at a Brentwood Chic-Fil-A if your name is Tadd.

The one favorite-favorite I haven't heard this year is (jiggity jig- hee haw hee haw it's) Dominic the Italian Christmas Donkey. Is 98 still playing this one this year? Due to my current living situation and hence shortened commute to work in the morning, I have missed this catchy little tune on the radio.

One that I can't decide if it is favorite-favorite or favorite least-favorite is I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas. It's cute but gets stuck in your head.

Any opinions on these or other beloved or be-hated Christmas songs?

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Recapping the 2nd Annual Penthouse Holiday Extravaganza

The tradition continues at the Penthouse apartment! We are such busy women that we could find neither an afternoon nor an evening
during the Christmas season to have our Christmas get-together, so we opted instead for the practical yet classy brunch.

So Saturday morning we set our alarms (Ari: I didn't know 9am existed on Saturdays), got all domestic and baked, and ventured out into the sunshine for some grub & gab time. If I am counting correctly, there were 16 fantastic ladies crammed into the 3-bedroom bachelorette pad, and we had way more food than we could ever dream of consuming. (We tried anyways though!)

There was a small caffeine crisis, when one girl (who shall remain nameless to protect her identity) brought a wonderfully-smelling bag of coffee beans for all the java-loving guests, of which she was not. Yes, you read that correctly. She brought beans, that were not yet ground into coffee! How was she to know though, a non-coffee drinker herself? So I proceeded to grab the bag and ran into a nearby Kroger with a desperate look on my face as I asked the first employee I could find, "where's your coffee grinder??" holding up the bag of beans as proof of my crisis.

All I could think was, we need to get this coffee brewing- and FAST. Time was ticking away, and the caffeine headaches would be plaguing people by now. You don't want to be in a small confined space with several coffee drinkers who haven't had their sweet morning nectar. Plus we hadn't eaten yet, despite the scents of baking breakfast foods wafting through the apartment. Yes, I decided. The natives were definitely restless. We needed that coffee ASAP.

Minutes later, crisis averted, the coffee was brewed, and food and conversations were abounding. We managed to squeeze everyone together for a group photo, got one pic of the girls in my small group Bible study, and finally a festive shot of the "Ladies in Red." It was a wonderful time of food and fellowship, and as always, we managed to come out with yet another Lana-ism ("I don't send Christmas cards, I just receive them") and have ideas in the works for what is sure to be a New York Times Best-Seller, Life According to Lana.

Merry Christmas from the girls and the friends of the girls in #720!!!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Will the Real UT please stand up?

As a native Tennessean, and for anyone east of the Mississippi (pronounced: Mis-sippi) River, UT means the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. Now I've heard tall tales that there are those persons living out west of the Mighty Mississip' who refer to UT as the University of Texas. Those Texans are an odd bunch aren't they? I work with several of them, and at one point, was surrounded on all sides by native Texans. Those were some long months. It took a lot of tolerance on my part... and... was such a huge sacrifice on my part to put up with their lonestar-mania...

But look who's laughing now? In lieu of having a horrible football season, UT (that's Tennessee, by the way) has a new b-ball coach and is putting the smack down to the poser UT and their gross burnt-orange jerseys. hmmph.

Monday Morning Musings

Oh Joy, oh Rapture! Grey's Anatomy came on after all last night! Granted, it wasn't a new episode, but it was one I hadn't seen. Nothing gets me pumped up for the work week like Patrick Dempsey et all. in scrubs!

I've been pretty quiet on here about my beloved Cats so far this season. Up until now there weren't many good things to say about them, and if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all! Well, the Wildcats showed up to play on Saturday and kicked Louisville's tail all the way back to the almost-Indiana border. (How do you pronounce the capital of Kentucky anyways? Is it Loo-UH-ville or Loo-EE-ville?) With Morris back in time for SEC play, and Rondo starting to lead the team on the court, the season may just start to get entertaining.

And finally, this just made my Monday morning! Christmas will be here soon- Hugs to everyone!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Ye Olde Christmas Traditions

Keeping in the spirit of Emily's top 5 for the day, I thought I'd share a few more of our Bradley Christmas traditions!

*taking a family Christmas picture in the den after attending service on Christmas Eve

*fighting with Laura over who's day it is to put the piece up on the Christmas countdown calendar (yes, we still fight over who got to "do" Christmas last year)

*dad hiding the pickle ornament on the Christmas tree- whoever finds it gets a special present

*Joe Diffie's Mr. Christmas album, BHS Christmas choir cd, and Celine Dion's Christmas cd

*two words: Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation

***feel free to share your own family traditons!!***

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Amazing Amanda

Putting aside all narcisistic beliefs about myself, this toy is selling out like vegetables at a vegetarian convention!! Aside from her name, notice that she has blonde hair, blue eyes, and is dressed in the color pink to boot! (Looks we may have a doll-designer-stalker on our hand, folks) Thought I'd lighten the mood a little on your favorite pink page and let you sneak a peak at a doll created to be as amazing as the real thing. But if you want it, here it is, come and get it- but you better hurry cause she's goin' fast!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Merry Politically Correct Holiday

In case you haven't noticed this Christmas season, retailers everywhere are doing their darndest to keep everything PC by not using the word Christmas in any of their sale ads or commercials.

Em and I were discussing Ari's Best Buy gift card debacle the other day, and Emily pointed out that for some reason, putting a star of David and menorah on a Chanukah card isn't considered offensive, but we would never expect to see a cross or a nativity scene on a Christmas store gift card- instead there are pictures of presents and Christmas trees (or should I say holiday trees?).

Even some local churches have canceled their morning worship services because Christmas falls on a Sunday this year. (This Really makes me mad, and I could write essays on the topic.)Heaven forbid Christ's birth should get in the way of us enjoying a lazy morning in our pajamas opening gifts we don't need or sometimes want.

It's no wonder we all get sucked into the buy-crap-we-don't-need mentality, and rush around in a hurry to get everything done, wondering why the holidays are such hectic, stressful times. I charge that it's time to put the Christ back in Christmas. And I know we all say we need to do that, but this year, really do it.

Keep it mind when you're fighting someone for a parking place atthe mall, or waiting for the slow person in front of you to check out, or sighing when you look at your list of things to do between now and the 25th. I believe God loves for his people to celebrate the birth of His son, and he enjoys the fact that we commune as families to do this. It is good that we remember the gift He gave by giving gifts to others, but let it all be a time of joy rather than a mad-dash all over town to shop for the person who is impossible to shop for.

Even if the world only recognizes it as a holiday, you can still treat it like it's Christmas.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Time to party!!

Call me cliche' but Christmas is my favorite holiday. While I love it for the spiritual reason behind it- the amazing gift of God sending his son to take on human form and live the exemplary perfect life, I love it for many other reasons too. One, all the breaktaking Christmas lights. Two, all the yummy food you get to eat without feeling guilty ("It's the holidays," I say to myself. "You should enjoy yourself now and worry about those extra cookies and eggnog in January!") And the third reason I love Christmas- the Christmas parties (which again, incorportaes the eating of the good food).

Saturday was our Sunday school class party, which on one hand, gets more fun every year, because you know more people, but on the other hand, you secretly ask yourself, I wonder how many more years of Single Focus Christmas parties I'm going to have to go to? (Hey, I'm just being honest here- I know you all think the same thing!). Really though, it had all the makings of a good party: good food (are we sensing a trend here?), fun people, and a house full of Beetlejuice decorum! Lana and MA took the liberty of taking all sorts of fun pictures around the house to document the evening for posterity.

Today is our Christmas party here at work. They're taking us to see The Lion The Witch & The Wardrobe at the Franklin cinema, and then feeding us lunch back at the office. There was rumor that they might let us go early after that, but I'm not getting my hopes up. And of course Dad Gum it's Christmas is still going strong! This morning we have homemade biscuits and breakfast casserole- it's enough to make anyone have a small foodgasm.

Thursday night's big shindig is taking place at Winn's (Who? What?). His holiday parties are legendary and always boast his special seasonal eggnog. This should be a reunion of old BHS alumns and meeting and mingling with various Nashvillians, and of course- the consuming of holiday tasty treats!

Finally, rounding out the week of parties, Saturday morning marks our Second Annual Penthouse Holiday Extravaganza. We're doing a brunch this year because all of my friends' schedules are so crazy that we couldn't find a lunch or dinner date anywhere during the Christmas season that we could all attend. So far we have 13 or 14 gals rsvp'ed to partake in the all-girls get-together.

Enjoy your own week of holiday festivities! Eat whatever you want, and then let's all meet up in January to work off those extra treats. :o)

Friday, December 09, 2005

Happy Chrismakuh?!

So Ari's boss is a bit of a tool. He treats her like his personal secretary (read: Slave) which is not at all what she signed on for when she took the job. One of Ari's special duties in this position is to take care of purchasing holiday gift cards to put in the Christmas cards that her company hands out. To make a long story short, her experience last year dealing with Best Buy to get these aforementioned gift cards was such a nightmare (in that she made 3 trips to the store and made several more phone calls during the entire process) and still came out empty handed, that they ended up getting gift cards from Wal-mart instead.

This year, as in, 3 days ago, before today when the gift cards were to be handed out, her boss sends her to Best Buy once again to purchase them. "Even after what happened last year?" she asked incredulously. The boss man and his wife decided that Best Buy was essentially a classier place than Walmart, and was dead set on this decision. Well, I don't believe in karma, but this is pretty funny...

Ari specified on the phone with the Best Buy manager that these cards were for Christmas presents. Her company is a Christian company, with Christ-loving employees and sales reps- but 10 of them are getting gift cards with the star of David and a menorah on them!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Dad Gum, it's St. Nick's Day!!!

So here at work for this week and next, we have what Mark Box fondly calls an "eateromma." That's right Brentwood Benson employees, Dad Gum, It's Christmas!!

People sign up to bring food everyday and we snack on homemade goodies throughout the work day. (Really, it's just an excuse for Mark to say the words "dad gum" even more than he normally would.) And miraculously, the words "dad gum" have slipped into my vocabulary too- it's a great expression- it can function as a modifier- It was dad gum freezing this morning- or it can function as an exasperated exclamation, as in, Dad Gum! I can't believe Kentucky lost to UNC in Rupp arena.

And today my friends, is a double whammy. Not only are we in the height of Dad Gum It's Christmas, but today also happens to be St. Nick's Day. Any roommate I've ever lived with has had the privilege of celebrating this quirky holiday honoring St. Nicholas- a real-life Santa Clause way back in the middle ages where every catholic male could easily aspire to sainthood. We fill each other's stockings every December 6th, and then again on Christmas morning. (You have stockings hanging there- you might as well use them twice a season at least.) Even the dogs join in on the fun. They learn to sniff the red socks periodically to see if any treats may befall, and then other times, they sniff around in my closet and find their St. Nick's treats early and eat them in my bedroom, leaving plastic wrappers in pieces strewn about the room. I'm just saying. Hypothetically something like this could happen.

Laura Lu, we missed you this morning- it was weird doing stockings without you.

Happy Dad Gum St. Nick's Day!!!

Monday, December 05, 2005

State Champs!!!

4 years after the school opened its doors and in just 3 years of varsity football, the Ravenwood Raptors have captured the most coveted award in all high school sports- the Region 5-A State Football Championship trophey. For anyone who didn't know who Ravenwood was before this season, they do now. Congrats to the guys and to the coaches and staff- particuarly the RHS athletic secretary that worked so hard to make this thing happen!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

9 mos. after Valentine's Day

November Babies Abound! It’s time to recognize all these special people and congratulate them on getting one year older:

Lana “Boofer” Groves celebrated the 4th anniversary of her 21st birthday on Nov. 24th (man- wouldn’t it suck to be that old? I’m so glad I’m a spry 21 year old, and in college).

Imaginary boyfriend Mitchell Gene Tarkington Adair turned 23 on Nov. 28th (I know his entire name after he called me out for Not knowing it the last time I saw him up in Lexington) (I mean, who could forget 2 middle names like Gene and Tarkington, honestly? Yeah. Cause That just rolls off the tongue)

Fellow Gatlinburg-er Lisa T. was showered with love and affection from her friends yesterday as she commemorated her 24th birthday. We partied it up with a joint birthday celebration endeavor at Cozy Mel’s with Lana, Lisa, and friends (that sounds like a sitcom), and then several of us went back to the Sorority House- I mean, Liser and Scottie’s apartment- to hang out late on a (GASP!) school night! (Trust me, the effects of staying up too late on a Tuesday night were felt by the Geezers of the group this morning!)

Also turning 25 yesterday on Nov. 29th was Miss Heather B aka Weezer aka My best friend Heather from home. Heather and I are going on 12 years of being friends, and one of our first times to hang out, coincidentally enough, was at my 7th grade Halloween birthday party. I was dressed up like Juliet; Heather was a baby, and our friend Jason dressed up like a hooker named Candy, and nobody recognized him. Go figure.

turkey for me, turkey for you

Turkey day came and went. Slowly but surely I am incorporating more of the traditional dishes into my dinner- I actually ate turkey and stuffing both this year, tried the cranberries and pumpkin pie, and lived to tell the tale! (Up until a few years ago, Thanksgiving dinner for me consisted of ham, macaroni and cheese, and rolls!) We went up to Cannelton on Wednesday and stayed till Friday, making several appearances at the Pumper, and of course, stopping at the Tasty Freeze on the way out of town for hamburgers and ice cream.

The top left picture is of Ryan, Laura, George, and myself- waiting on my uncle Jerry to get back with the scraps for the dogs ("You mean we have to wait for the dogs to eat before WE can eat???" Laura asked incredulously)

The top right picture is of the Back Porch, where all of our large meals take place. This is all of the guys.

Bottom left pic is of our Thanksgiving bartenders Ryan and Laura. Folks, she was a natural opening the brewskis and making change in her head. (This is why I could never bartend. I am such a product of my generation and depend on the cash register or my cell phone calculator to figure out simple math)

Bottom right pic is of all of the girls. and when I say all, keep in mind that I do not literally mean all. Counting up all the family that was in and out for lunch, we had 21 people and 2 dogs there at any given moment. Unfortunately, we didn't get a big group picture, so I made do with what I had, picture-wise.

Let it be known that I was feeling benevolent (different from Joel's made-up word, manevolent) and did not post the incriminating kareoke pictures from Wednesday night's Pumper experience. A highlight of the weekend though, which unfortunately no one got pictures of, was someone signing my entire family up to sing Hank Jr.'s Family Tradition. We begrudgingly oblidged, and half the bar came up to the microphones to belt out this bar room favorite. :o)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Let the Good Times Roll

Alright- the natives are restless- but I agree- this blog has been a long time coming (and took a long time to compose, so no skimming- read every word, darn it!)

Admittedly, ever since we booked the "Good Times" cabin, I had this blog title picked out for the weekend recap! The whole weekend was blogworthy though, so where to begin?

The 2 cars departed Nashville on Friday afternoon- MA driving the Cubmobile with Lana, Scottie, and Liser in tow, and Emmy Sue drove her faithful Altima with me and Rhonda Lu. MA and co. arrived first, checking into the cabin and going to the grocery store for our weekend supplies. The 3 Amigas were sent to buy some drinks on our way into town. "Something festive," they said on the other end of the phone. And I made sure to ask, did you all pass any liquor stores on your way in? "Yes," they said- "we passed several," were their exact words I believe. Several stop lights later in Pigeon Forge there were no specialty stores to be found, and the 3 of us found ourselves in the Food City to buy alcohol. (What a way to start our redneck weekend!) We stole sideways glances at the Food City employee Delta (identified by her name tag) who sported a two-toned mullet and laughed at ourselves for having no shame in walking out with 2 cases of Smirnoff drinks and a couple bottles of Boone's Farm.

Friday evening was spent enjoying a delicious spaghetti dinner followed by fondue (pause for a Lana quote. Upon seeing our eyes bulge at the 3-servings-worth of spaghetti she had on her plate, Lana quickly responded with, "What? This is how we do it in my house!"). We watched The Way We Were which none of us had ever seen. The movie started off slowly and comments of, "what is this movie even about," and "when does it get good" rang out before our jaws dropped and audible gasps were heard at the first sight of Robert Redford in his white uniform ("Hubba, Hubble!"). A few episodes of Sex & the City followed, as well as squeezing 7 girls into a hot tub that ideally holds 4. (About a 1/3 of the water was displaced after we forced our way into the thing!)

Saturday morning, a few hours and one emergency run to the grocery store later, we were back in front of the TV watching Sex & the City, enjoying our home cooked breakfast. I'm partial to my hashbrown casserole, but Em's chocolate chip pancakes are a perennial favorite as well. After breakfast we caravanned to Laurel Falls where we hiked to the top and back down again while spontaneously busting out Kanye West's Golddigger, taking lots of pictures, and enjoying the warm sunshine. Then it was back in the cars to drive the rest of the distance to Cade's Cove.

This took the bulk our day, and the drive around the loop once we got there was a bit disappointing. Sure, we saw some deer and a fox, which was pretty darn cool, I have to admit, but we also followed a Caddy that drove painfully slow and threw on his break lights every 10 feet so the drive took for.ev.ver. And call me a spoilsport, but I prefer the breaktaking view of an impressive city skyline over the blue-skied paltry mountains in the distance (I know. My fellow girls are booing and hissing, but this, my friends, is the reason I'm choosing to move to a ginormous city). We saw a bear from the road on our drive back, which in the pictures just looks like a black blob behind some trees, but I promise, we saw it, but by the time we got back to Gatlinburg it was dark, and we were starved! (So much for those peanut butter sandwiches we made for lunch and then left in the fridge!) We enjoyed a mediocre dinner with mediocre service at the first restaurant we came to, but got back to the cabin early enough to enjoy a night "at home." First a dance party in the kitchen broke out (that Florida mix cd sure has gotten some use!), and then Em, me, and MA shriveled in the hot tub for several hours while we talked about everything under the sun. (The girls inside piled on the couch and watched 2 movies in the time span that we were outside!) Later on we dried off by the fire and watched (what else?) Sex & the City.

Sunday morning we all piled onto the couch and into the chairs in our pjs for a little church service of our own, then listened to praise & worship music on Emily's ipod dock while we got ready (i think ipods are a wonderful invention... i don't see how we functioned this long without them... i wonder how many sentences we can begin using "i") (that was for you, em!). A few minutes before 10 am, the mandatory check-out time, we said goodbye to the Good Times cabin, and drove down the road to the Apple Barn for a filling breakfast- but not before annoying/entertaining everyone else who was waiting for their table with our boisterous conversation and continuous picture-taking antics. Finally we rounded out the trip with a little outlet mall shopping. To quote/
steal Emily's idea on her blog, you didn't really think that 7 girls could take a trip together and not do any shopping did you?

It rounded out a perfect weekend, and we hope to make it a yearly tradition. In retrospect, we ate a lot, laughed a lot, and took a lot of pictures. Been there. Done that. Wrote the Blog.

"Thath it. Thath all."

Friday, November 18, 2005

A Vacation & a Raptors victory cannot come soon enough!

Do you ever have those days where you thought you turned the coffee off, only to discover it's been left on all day after you get home? Or you think you turned the defrost on in your car, but instead just turned on the heat, so when you get ready to leave for work, there's still ice encrusted on your windshield? These are signs I think, that someone needs a vacation, and that someone is me.

Enter: 7 girls, 2 altimas, and one "Good Times" cabin in the mountains. I'm leaving at 2pm today from work and the hours just won't pass by quickly enough.

If you're in town tonight, and by in town, of course I am meaning the Brent Hood, and if you aren't going to see Harry Potter (which you all should be doing- no excuses), then I have another suggestion. Pay 7$ for a ticket to see the Battle of the Wood. For those of you Not following TN Region 5-A highschool football (I know- can you believe there are people out there who don't??)- this is code for the highschool football playoff game between Brentwood and Ravenwood High, both Brentwood high schools (although the TSSAA playoff program lists Ravenwood in Franklin- ask Momma B if That didn't tick her off!). While I am a Brentwood High alum, I am actually pulling for Ravenwood (hey- you would be too if you lived under the same roof as my mother who is Insane-in-the-membrane for Ravenwood football- and when Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!). Ravenwood has actually already won the region, beat Brentwood in the regular season, and has home-field advantage and is picked to win. It still should be a good game, so Go Raptors!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Country Goes Urban

See the Tennessean recap- Couldn’t have said it better myself- that Brad About You- he’s so funny!

Country Music took New York by storm last night with the CMAS, while a storm in Nashville kept me from watching the CMAS. I was feeling crummy with this cold that some thoughtful person gave me, and all I wanted to do was put on my pjs and watch the CMAS. But no. Instead the severe weather landed me in my basement (this is different than the Sevier weather we gals will be experiencing this weekend in our Cabin in the woods). So me and Mom and the 2 dogs headed downstairs while the storms moved through. Twice the power went out and came right back on, but it was enough to scare Oscar into jumping into our laps and shaking like a leaf. It’s pathetic really- so much for having guard dogs!

Finally, no sooner than the coast was clear, we headed back upstairs and figured out how to do a picture-in-picture on the tv to keep an eye on the weather, that the cable went out, so I couldn’t watch the awards show after all. (Is it cruel irony that the majority of people in the nation that would care about watching the CMAS could not?) I ended up watching The Upside of Anger instead where Kevin Costner plays a (surprise!) ex-baseball player. It was not at all about baseball, and the movie was a disappointment- though maybe not as much of a disappointment that Brad Paisley didn’t win a single award last night.

Friday, November 11, 2005

11:11- make a wish!!!

I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller, I wish I had a girl who looked good, I would call her- I was I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat and 6-4 impala.

I wish that Elizabethtown had 2 different co-stars other than the unlikable Kirsten Dunst and the faked American accent of Orlando Bloom. (Bradley & Bradley give it one thumb up)

I wish it were lunchtime- mmmmm- Cozy Mel’s here I come!!

I wish it were still 80 degrees today.

I wish I were an Oscar Meyer weiner.

I wish it were 5 o’clock so I could be through with my work week.

what do you wish?

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

random musings from the afternoon

*You know you’ve been sucked into the corporate mentality when… your boss’ bosses are coming into the office for the afternoon- as in, the big wigs of the entire corporation- I fondly refer to them as “The Bobs”- and you actually are nervous about the visit.

*Pet peeve # 5,280 (yes, I have pet peeves a mile long): when someone opens a new roll of toilet paper, or uses the last of one, and leaves the trash in the bathroom stall for someone else to throw away (Reeeaaallly, Clark?)

*I “helped” Beth with her faxes this afternoon- really it was just an excuse to stand there and talk for a few minutes. She commented on the fax machine actually working now, since someone replaced the card inside it. “Don’t judge our fax machine by its cover,” she declared. “Don’t judge a fax machine by its cover sheet,” I countered.

Ever since Sarah Scottie-Too-Hottie sent out an email with the closing, Happy Hump Day, I have that stupid Black Eyed Peas song stuck in my head:
My hump.
My hump. My hump. My hump.
My hump. My hump. My hump.
My lovely lady lumps. Check it out.

ha ha. Now you're singing it too...

my new toy

Well, I suppose I have joined Winn in becoming an isellout, but thanks to mom and dad I have joined the masses of ipod owners with my new ipod nano. The funny thing is that I've had my new toy for a week now, but haven't been able to do much else with it, other than open up all the packaging and admire its sleek design. Now I'm in the market for a laptop of some sort to use my ipod with, and to take with me to the big apple and heck, why not take an Apple to the big apple? Mac users who've swtiched from pc's swear by them, although they will admit that it takes some getting used to. I've been researching the adorable little ibooks and am itching to drive out to Green Hills and go to the apple store so I can spend more time exploring the software and see more of the ipod accessories in person. (It's so hard to decide which pink ipod case to buy online) If any of you computer gurus want to put in your two cents about ipods or ibooks, I'm all ears.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

i heart dave barnes

Was there really life before Dave Barnes? I suppose there was, but it wasn’t very good. Okay. That is an exaggeration. A slight one.

Determined to get a good seat at the show this time, we became the ultimate groupies Saturday night, and stood in line over an hour before the show at 3rd and Lindsley to snag an up-front table (We, being myself, Emily, Lana, and her friend Courtney) (and let me also clarify, we did not stand in line for an entire hour; we just got there in plenty of time to be one of the first ones in). Ari and Bart met us later, and a few other friends and acquaintances spotted us and pulled up chairs nearby, so we had ourselves quite the group. Dave took the stage all by his lonesome, although he kept pantomiming conversations with the imaginary band and back-up singers that kept me in stitches all night. A few quotable DB lines from the night:

· Have you ever been dating someone who wasn’t dating you?
· Upon being caught by his friend’s mom doing muscle poses in his window reflection: And so you make that face where you’re smiling, like everything’s ok, but then from here up, you can tell that everything is definitely Not ok.
· So I have a question: one day when Sting fizzles out and isn’t as popular anymore, will he change his name to Stung?

The stories DB tells are worth every penny to go and see him live, and as always, the songs are able to speak for themselves. Plus I always enjoy the audience participation times. Why does this guy not have an amazing record deal and is not selling out arenas yet? Just you wait- I have a feeling his time is coming soon. In the meantime, I finally caved in and bought the hot pink t-shirt that says in white letters “I heart dave barnes.” And that, my friends, says it all.

Harry Paw-ter

come on, now that's just funny.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Boys

Here's a picture of my boys- Stockwell and Oscar. This is them on Halloween of course, and although they didn't mind the costumes so much, they went crazy with all the people at the door. Oscar is a bit too much of a guard dog, and even barks at me when I come home at night! He's definitely not the sharpest cookie in the box.

Stockwell, or Precious, is my little heater, and has taken to crawling in bed with me in the mornings. He lays right on my legs and keeps them warm, making it difficult to get out of bed. And by difficult I mean both hard to leave the nice warm covers and canine, and nearly impossible to pry my limbs out from under the 4-legged-heater.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

they say it's your birthday

and you know how THEY are by saying things like that. Well for once it happens to be true. Yes, dear readers, I am celebrating the 4th anniversary of my 21st birthday today. It is a gorgeous day here in middle Tennessee- 70 degrees and the sun is shining. I of course, am decked out in pink for the occasion, and am having a fantastic day. Thanks to all of the well-wishers and those who are able to celebrate with me here. I love you all, friends and family- you are what makes having birthdays special. :o)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween, DIVA style

The weekend flew by, but it was a great one!

Friday night was the 80's party at Maury's. I was forced into watching a scary movie called "Don't Talk to Strangers" and proceeded to spill red punch on the couch in Little Guadalupe because Rob came up behind me and scared me! The group was small but we laughed at Maury's prom video (circa 1988), joined in on some 80's trivia, and danced to a great 80's mix of music.

Saturday was spent doing the Great Day of Service. This was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday, and I only wish that more people from the church had participated. Instead of patting the church on the back and saying, good job, we had 600 people participate in our church of over 5,000 members, I wish someone would say, shame on you for not joining together for one day as a church and reaching out to your community. (But then again, mercy is not one of my spiritual gifts.) At any rate, our group had an awesome experience at the Campus for Human Development and will hopefully continue this partnership.

Saturday night was the big night for us- "Macho, Macho Woman! I wanna be a macho woman!" Tex, Mitch, Tigerlilly, Ron, Jarhead, & MA got together for a rollicking good time as the Village People and made quite the grand entrances and exits at the parties we attended. Sarah impressed us with her skills at driving with her sunglasses on, because, you know, she wears her sun-glasses at night, so she can, so she can...
Dressing up in group costumes is definitely the way to go- it makes Halloween so much more fun!

Sunday afternoon marked the First Ever Ultimate Harvest Party. A bunch of people came over and showed us their mad pumpkin-carving skills. I admit I was a little off my game that day- the distraction of hosting the party detracted from my ability to carve a good jack-o-lantern ("and I promise that my personal tragedy will not interfere with my abilty to do good hair") (You can never have too many random Steele Magnolias quotes thrown in for good measure!). Mary Anna's Chicago Cubs pumpkin was crowned our Grand Champion after making the finals and winning the most votes. The weather was perfect, the cider was warm, and the munchies were delicious (thanks to Momma B and Laura Loo for heading up the kitchen duties).

The Finished Products

"What Can Brown Do For You??"

"The Happy Family"

Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Howl-O-Ween

Ok, this was just too cute- I had to share!

Friday, October 28, 2005

All things autumnal

Here is my official tribute to Fall, even though I find the entire season depressing. Before you get all defensive, hear me out. Summer is my absolute favorite season, so anything else is just not as much fun (really, how can you beat naps in the warm sun, trips to the beach, vacations in general, eating summer evening meals outdoors, no school when you were young- I could go on and on!). I am a summerphilia.

But I also despise cold weather, and yes, while the changing colors on the trees are beautiful, all it really means is that the trees and every other living thing around are dying! On a serious note, 3 of the 4 people that have died in my lifetime that I was close to, have all passed away in the fall.

My friends persist however, reminding me of all the great things about this unique season, and all the fun things that go along with it. For example:

Gentry's Pumpkin farm last weekend. Me, Emily, Em's friend Elisa, Mary Anna, and Leslie all piled into the car and headed over to pick pumpkins and sunflowers. The weather was cool but sunny, and we found some great pumpkins for carving, smaller ones for decoration, and Leslie and I clipped a few sunflowers from the field to take home. Definitely a fun fall activity.

This past Wednesday night: Death Valley Haunted Woods with Emily, Rhonda, and John. I can't give the recap as good as Em, so read all about our fearful/funny moment of the night on oreosandmilk. One other funny part that night was the 4 of us getting lost in one of the mazes, and having an anonymous worker from above direct us to go "Left!" to get out of the blasted thing. If you haven't been to this haunted house, it's by far the best one in Nashville and well worth the ten bucks.

Another fun fall activity on the agenda for this weekend, an 80's Halloween party at co-worker Maury's house (his house is named Little Guadalupe- now that's just funny!) (And yes, this is the same Maury who almost forwent drinks to go shopping for an area rug). I'm sure we'll have incriminating pictures to display after this event.

Tomorrow- Great Day of Service- that's not necessarily dependent upon the fall, but something our church does every October. It's a churchwide sponsored event to get out and serve the community in different ways. I'm heading up our project for the Singles class where we'll be stationed at a Nashville-area homeless shelter doing maintenence indoors and outdoors and also serving lunch to over 100 people. It should be a long but rewarding day.

Tomorrow night: Singles class Halloween party. The girls are going as the Village People!! Oh yes, we plan on making a grand entrance together at this fall fiesta!
Guess who the sassy Indian's going to be? :o)

Sunday afternoon- the Ultimate Harvest Party at Chateau Bradley- BYOP of course (bring your own pumpkin)

Ok kids, it's 5 after 5 and my agenda is full! Gotta Run!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Cacti cookies, anyone?

I knew the day was going to be a fun one when I had a customer this morning ask for an orchestration to go along with his Avocado (instead of Octavo.) (You see where one could get confused) (An octavo is just a fancy name for a single piece of music, FYI).

And then...

If you can't laugh at yourself, well then, you just shouldn't laugh at others.

I sent out an email to my entire Singles class this morning asking them to sign up to bring Deserts on Saturday, not once, not twice, but 3 times (a lady) in the email- and then in the subject line! (So even the losers who deleted the email without even reading it would have seen my mistake in the title!) This is the kind of thing that I would laugh at mercilessly and forward to all my grammatically-obsessed friends (read: Mark, Ari, Em, MA, & Joel to name a few). "Can you believe that idiot asked me to bring a Desert?" I would write to them incredulously. "ha ha! Which one should I sign up for? The Sahara or the Gobi?"

What's worse is that I didn't realize my horrible error until one well-meaning (and probably smirking) soul sent me a reply that said simply, "I think you mean desserts."

I sat there with a sinking feeling in my stomach. What should I do? I could ignore my error and rest in the fact that most people wouldn't realize my mistake and pretend it never happened. But I just couldn't stand the thought that there would be that select few that would notice, and smirk, and would think me dumb or uneducated.

"Don't people proofread their emails before sending them out to a mass of people??!!" This is what my thought process would be, were I to read an email such as mine.

No. I could not ignore the ordeal. I had to face it head on. So I responded appropriately with wit and sarcasm. Email title: Correction, desserts needed. "Ha ha, can you tell I'm tired and preoccupied this morning? Of Course I do not want sand and cacti brought on Saturday, nor do we want mirages of desserts- just the real deal please." That is not an exact quote, but it was something to that effect.

I hope you all will not dessert me as a friend due to my stupidity, or force me to remain with my head buried in the sand. Please just laugh and point along with me, and then let's just put this whole ordeal behind us, like trails in the sand.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

turtle love

While the A D Pis have their little kitten mascot that they call a lion, and Thetas have the kite for their mascot (what's that all about?), DZ's have the Turtle. I know what you're thinking. A Turtle is not very ferocious or menacing. And I may just have to agree with you. But a turtle is slow and steady (winning the race and beating the stupid hare at his own game). A turtle is determined and consistent. And, as we Delta Zetas used to quote, "a turtle never gets anywhere without sticking out its neck."

On a different note. Today was the first day this autumn that I finally had to bust out the turtleneck to wear. I do love turtlenecks, and own them in several colors of the rainbow. They make me want to curl up by a fire and watch a movie- not get up and go to work like I had to do this morning. But oh well. I am sittin' cozy in my turtleneck and cords (another tell-tale sign of Fall!) here in my cubicle-o-pink.

Perhaps I will be converted to a lover-of-the-fall yet.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Gettin Crazy with the Cheezwiz

Yes that's right- I travelled back to middle school on my drive back from lunch this afternoon and caught all of Beck's Loser on the radio. I was surprised that I still remembered most of the words, and I was whisked away to memories of my 7th grade cheerleading slumber party that we had at our sponser's house. We listened to this song about a million times and an 8th grader named Cheryl happened to love the line, "Gettin crazy with the Cheezwiz," so now every time I hear that line I can see her dancing and smiling! Also, listening to the song that night sparked the universal debate- what is Beck really saying at the beginning of the chorus?? My Spanish-speaking friends now tell me that he's quoting "I'm a loser, baby" in Spanish, but I'm not so sure. I think you lose something in the translation.

This episode of Random Trips Down Memory Lane has been brought to you today by our author & Diva, Amanda, the number 19, and the letters B and L. See you next time!

(cue Mr. Rodger's It's such a good feeling music)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My friend Michelle

Many of you know my sweet friend Michelle. She was the one who got me plugged into a small group a few years ago, and was our fearless leader for a while until she went to Hong Kong in May of 2004. Michelle nudged me (reluctantly, I might add) into a leadership position within our small group, and left me the reigns when she left for HK. She has continually modeled to me what it means to really worship God in everything that you do.

Saturday afternoon Michelle had a motorcyle accident in Western Kentucky and was life-flighted to Vanderbilt hospital in Nashville. At first that was all I knew, and I was out of town, unable to rush to the hospital. All I could do was pray... but then I realized ALL that I could Do was PRAY!!

How often do we think of prayer as a last resort when we can "do" nothing else, instead of a first priority?? So many times I take care of things the best I humanly can, and then I go to God as an afterthought. It was a very humbling truth that God showed me on Saturday when I really wasn't able to help Michelle in any other way than by my prayers on her behalf. And I apparently wasn't the only one praying for her, because our girl is pulling through. The injuries she sustained are not life-threatening, although the doctors are keeping a close eye on her, and she will have several surgeries to repair broken bones and facial reconstruction.

Her roommate has set up this website to keep everyone updated on Michelle's long road to recovery. Please keep her in and her family in your prayers, and know that praying is the best thing you can do!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Great, Late, FonDate

Comedian/actor, Long-time friend, and namesake to my car, Thomas, and I were long overdue for our date to the Melting Pot, Nashville's most hyped up restaurant for fondue.

We met up after my tap class last night for a cheap dinner at- and I am not kidding you- McDonalds. Reason being, a, we're just that quirky; b, we needed a cheap meal to supersede the break-the-bank desert we were about to enjoy; and c, Thomas collects the monopoly pieces they're giving away right now to win prizes.

We discussed his big move to the Apple of America's eye, and my imminent move there as well, he tried to get me to move over to MySpace (Blogger is just So much better!), and then we both had to move our tails as time had flown and we needed to head down to 2nd Ave to make our 9 o'clock reservation!

It had been quite some time since I had been to the Melting Pot (try Prom, junior year!) so Thomas and I spent the evening making our list of Fon-dos and Fon-don'ts, so if you go, you'll be in-the-know:

Fon-do: get the Flaming Turtle chocolate desert- it's heaven in a fondue pot and their most popular desert: warm milk chocolate, caramel flambay and pecans mixed in
Fon-don't: reach your hand over the steaming pot- you Will get burned!
Fon-do: try the FAB coffee- Frangelico, Amaretto, and Baileys mixed in coffee
Fon-don't: be "that couple" that sits on the same side of the booth

Thomas and I laughed at this obnoxious couple all night, I tried to tie a cherry stem with my tongue, and Thomas nearly had to role me out of the restaurant after having eaten too much. Oh yeah- I just got an email from Thomas who reminded me about me seeing a waiter trip over his serving tray, and apparently I forced Thomas to run his shoulder into a coathook. So we ate yummy chocolate and laughed till we almost spit out our desert- good times.

(Oh- an explanation for the random picture- we killed some time in a 2nd Ave gift shop before heading to the restaurant before the owner kicked us out.)

Monday, October 10, 2005

this Blog's for you, Christopher.

The fall weather this weekend (read: cold, gray, and Yuck) made me want to burrow indoors so that's pretty much what I did!

Friday night was a fun-filled SATC viewing party- season 2, disc 1- over at the Aspen Bungalow aka Mary Anna's apartment. Her cat Jack-Jack (my nickname for him) seems to have finally warmed up to me, making the number of cats that I have ever liked and have ever liked me to a grand total of 2. I had a creepy twilight-zone moment when I got into my car that night to leave: the same song was on the radio that had playing when I got out of the car hours earlier- what made it even weirder was that I had never heard that song until Friday night.

Saturday was the Brenthaven Neighborhood Yardsale. I hate yardsales with every fiber of my being. I hate going throughg other people's stuff- esp. when they're standing right there- and I hate other people going through my stuff. What was even worse was getting up before daylight on a Saturday morning and sitting outside in the chilly autumn air.

10 o'oclock came and I was given a 2 hour reprieve from the yard sellers and headed over to Breakfast at Emily's (and I said what about breakfast at Emily's- she said I think I remember the film there....). Emily, Mary Anna, Leslie and myself enjoyed breakfast crepes that were quite delicious (Laura, I used that word for you!). My dad's brother Russell and his wife, daughter, and grandsons were in town so they hung out at the house while we sold our crap to stingy people (I mean really, if it's brand-new and it says $2, do you really need to ask to get it for $1??? Yard buyers make me so mad!). My cousin Michael (2nd cousin? first cousin once-removed?) had on a T-shirt that said: I farted so you'd smell better. If I didn't feel guilty for posting family members' pictures on the blog, then that would have been a great TAR post. It was good to see my uncle and his family though.

Later Laura and I enjoyed some QT at the Cool Springs Galleria where we resisted buying this adorable coat at Gap, but I treated myself to this amazing Vincent Longo concealer at Bath & Body Works. Momma B made some of her awesome homemade beef stew for dinner, and later Em and Jen Gash came over and watched Monster in Law. That was a bust of a movie- as was the last Netflix movie I watched- Being John Malkovich. Note to self: rent better movies.

Anyways- this has become increasingly longer and more rambling, so I'll finish out by saying that Rian taught a great, thought-provoking Sunday school lesson, we went to the ATL Bread Co. for lunch (not my favorite) but then I met several new people (my favorite). I realize that I've become increasingly worse about only hanging out with my awesome group of girl friends that I forget to make new friends within the group. I tend to forget that lunch is not just lunch and then run off to watch football or get on with your Sunday plans, but rather an opportunity to get to know people better or say hi to visitors of the Sunday School class. I'm going to try to do better at this since you can never have too many friends, and usually my Sunday plans- whatever they entail are not nearly as important as the relationships I could be building.

I spent the rest of Sunday watching football, putting photos into albums, and then watching my new favorite TV show- Grey's Anatomy. It's an Emmy-nominated show but secretly I watch it pretty much because it has attractive actors in scrubs. Can I get a shout out for some honesty here people?

And how about a shout-out for this extremely long Blog on a busy Monday? And Columbus Day at that! Only a few more minutes left in today's work day, and then the Blue Like Jazzers are getting together for our new and improved meeting night for Bible Study. Happy Columbus day to you all.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

wouldn't you like to know?

I stole this from Winn's blog.

What I was doing ten years ago:
1995. Hmm, I was brand-new at Brentwood High- I hated the school, and severely disliked my parents for making me go there.

Five years ago:
the year 2000, sophomore yr. In college. I had just pledged DZ and was making friends with Ari, Conley and Jocie- we were soon to be known as the DIVAS among the school of Music.

One year ago:
September 2004. I was working at the Bone & Joint Clinic (yuck!) but had just moved into the Penthouse with Emily and Rhonda (yea!)

work, tap class, watched a really weird movie then baseball, bed.

Five songs I know all the words to:
Crash Into Me- Dave Matthews Band
Comfortable- John Mayer
Dixieland Delight- Alabama
Yesterday- the Beatles
Wannabe- the Spice Girls

Five snacks:
ice cream
Choc Chip granola bars
celery w/ ranch dressing
wheat thins

Five things I'd do with $100 million:
get myself and my family out of debt
buy my dad a new Jeep Grand Cherokee
Give to Missions
Put the rest in savings

Five places I would run away to:
Rome, Italy
Grandparent’s house in IN

Five things I would never wear:
Cigarette pants
Bell skirts
A Duke shirt
those stupid ponchos (oh wait…)

5 Favorite TV Shows:
30 Minute Meals
Dawson’s Creek

Five Favorite Toys:
Barbie Doll Dream House
my sister when she was a baby
Coco, my stuffed elephant
cell phone

Copy and paste into a comment and fill this out for yourself if you have a few minutes to spare.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Hump Days R Us

Today's going to be a hodge podge of topics, due to the fact that it's been several days since I posted anything (and now that I know that I AM missed during these interludes, I figured you'd waited long enough for some new material!)

Firstly, the weekend update: Best Friend Heather B came into town with her Cubby Hubby Jacob, and we 3 and Angie (Weez's sister) spent a relaxing weekend shopping, grabbing coffee, pushing people into cars, watching Chic Flicks, and laughing at Angie's dog, Archer J (where are those pictures, Jacob??). Jacob was a good sport about all the girl-time and I am now convinced that since Jacob and I share a love of sports and of laughing at Weezer that had I gone to UT, he and I would have been fast friends. We are making up for lost time though, and I look forward to many more visits with my favorite couple.

Sat. night we 4 went to a late movie of Just Like Heaven- the Reese Witherspoon/Mark Ruffalo film that I have been Dying to see (pun readily intended). I am a huge fan of Mark Ruffalo's and after seeing this movie you will be too. It's a lighthearted romantic comedy, so don't expect it to get any Oscar nods, but for its genre it was terrific. Bradley and Bowman-Depriest give it 2 Thumbs Up. I cried off and on all through the movie if that tells you anything, but then again, I cried during several of the previews too!!

It has been a while since I updated the Highly Anticipated Films links on the Divadomain, so take a gander at those- fall movies are here- woohoo!

Next order of bin-niss, Emmy Sue is back to the blogging world so stop in and see what's new with her. Also, the South Africa team is over in Capetown right now, so please remember to pray for them and see updates on their blog. Finally, That Aint Right is always worth the visit, so stop in and say hello.

Finally, my best girl friend from high school, one Jenni Stockwell (you may remember her in her performance of Sporty Spice), has officially asked me to be her Maid of Honor for her July 2006 wedding. It's my first experience as the MOH so I'm really excited. (We've got to get on ordering those dresses, GB)

Happy Hump Day- hope it's been a good one for you. Fall is upon us. I hate the fall. Guess I'll hold my breath till it's June all over again, but for all you Autumn Fans (Lana: "I once quit a job so that I could enjoy the Fall") I hope you're enjoying the cooler temps.

Later non-Florida-Gators!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Something's Missing

One week later, and a few (try 50) dollars shorter, I'm just now getting around to posting these pictures online. Rhonda, Mary Anna, and myself headed to the reknown Ryman Auditorium to see the John Mayer Trio. Okay- well riddle me this Batman, but every tri I've ever heard of has 3 people. Now I'm willing to stretch the imagination and allow for this motley crew to consist of John Mayer plus 3 of his most talented blues-playing friends, making it an ensemble of 4, but when did 5 people onstage constitute a trio? Why not call the tour, John Mayer and Friends, or the John Mayer Quintet? These are things to which I guess we'll never know the answers!

The show was good, but after seeing Coldplay a few weeks before, nothing compares (to you). It would be like comparing watching the UT-LSU game in overtime or seeing John Mayer perform a bunch of amazing, albeit unknown blues songs. ("Something's Missing"- oh yes, all the John Mayer songs!!) Which would you rather partake in? Rhonda and I had our priorities straight and therefore had my imaginary boyfriend text messaging us updates on the game that we would have, retrospectively of course, rather have been watching.

UT won, John Mayer didn't propose to me, but it was a fun Monday evening out with the girls. Notice our one fun That Aint Right Moment- our young friend's I Heart Freshman Girls T-shirt. Now that's just funny. Also thanks to Mary Anna who sacrificed much of the concert to view the show through the lens of her digital camera to capture these photos and many more.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Twisted Logic Tour

I know I'm just now getting around to posting this, but better late than never. I saw Coldplay a few Sundays ago at Starwood Ampitheater. Having seen quite a few concerts in my day, starting with my first ever- New Kids on The Block in 1990- don't laugh- I know some of you were there- this was absolutely without doubt the best show I have ever seen. Yes. better than the Rolling Stones. Better than John Mayer's amazing show last summer (Definitely better than JM's show at the Ryman a few nights ago- that review to come soon). Better than Dave Matthews' 20 million shows that I've seen.

Chris Martin & Co. put on a show that sounded incredible and was visually stunning. What another band might try to do with lights and come off as cheesey, Coldplaywas cool enough to pull off. Bursts of light and video during musical swells, came off as powerful but not overbearing. My one complaint? They didn't play my favorite song off the new album, #8 aka The Message. Listen to this song and pay attention to the Pachabel Canon harmonic structure- it's beautiful.

The pictures are from the show- the one with all the beautiful ladies are my friends from work (L to R: Jessica, me, Beth, Leisa, & Marissa)

Thursday, September 22, 2005

it makes me wanna STOMP

It was a fun-filled evening with the girls plus Bart Wednesday night. Me, Emily, Rhonda, Mary Anna, Angela, Ari and Bart went to TPAC to see STOMP. This show has been hyped for a long time so I decided it would be worth the money. And it was incredible- the rhythms they put together using random objects was definitely cool. But the 2 hour show with no intermission was not so cool. I could have used a break to stretch my legs. At one point I even fell asleep (I am Such my Mother's daughter) but there's only so much continual beats a girl can take before they all start running together and begin to bore. Also not cool were the kids in the row behind me that had some sort of severe sniffling allergies that forced a grotesque snorting sound every so often, and their constant distracting chatter. I could have done without that. But the evening had some high points.
There was a really cool scene they did with bouncing basketballs, and of course the cliche broom set that they did to open the show was fantastic. Also, Mary Anna actually followed a guy with a mohak for a potential TAR blog, so that was hysterical, but is it wrong that I was more excited about dinner at Baja Burrito than I was to go see Stomp?

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

a Rootin' Tootin' good blog

This past Saturday we drove up to Indiana to visit family. While in the car, we amused ourselves by looking at the Ravenwood High School football program. Laura and I would point out players and comment on them, and then Mom would give us the scoop on that player. Towards the back of the program are all the ads taken out by parents and local businesses. One particular ad that I came across was from one local establishment that said "Go Raptors. We're Routin' for you."

"You're Routin for them?" I said outloud incredulously. "They totally mis-spelled that word," I followed. What ensued next was a heated debate. Should it be "rootin" as I claim, or "Routin" as was printed in the program? My evidence backing up my opinion is that you go boot scootin, not Bout Scoutin. And it's Boy Scouts, not Boy Scoots.

My friend Tadd has long since has his own ongoing argument about the spelling of certain words with the "ooh" sound. He claims that Toults should be the correct spelling for the word that rhymes with Foot. I think it should be Toots. Tadd's quarrel is that Toots spelled like that is actually the word that rhymes with Boots. It's a neverending debate, so I open up the floor to you the devoted readers.

Is it Routin or Rootin?
Toots or Toults?

And none of this diplomatic, well I can see it either way. Take a stand and make a commitment.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Draw a Pig

This is a fun personality test I thought I'd share. Mostly because the website is pink and there are cute little cartoon pigs on it- perfect for a Monday morning pig-me-up! Ha-am, am I good or what? Yes, bad jokes, I know- but quit your swine-in' and get to drawing little piggies!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

How do I loke thee?

Let me count the ways.

He lokes me, he lokes me not.

Loke is a many spendid thing.

So we had our small group last night- we're still reading Blue Like Jazz- and the chapter we discussed was all about romantic relationships. As a group of single gals- one engaged, one quasi-dating, one with an imaginary boyfriend (this is working by the way), and a few others currently unattacted, we had a lot to say on this topic!

One point that was brought up was the fact the word Love is thrown around all too often. Ashley had a solution for this. She has a friend back in Texas (everybody from Texas thinks their state is the God-given promised land, and so everything is better there according to them. Everything's also bigger there. But I digress.). So her friend coined the word Loke. It's more than Like, but less than Love, and has nothing to do with the rapper who sang the Funky Cold Medina- that's L-O-C.

Let's all try and use it in a sentence. I like vanilla ice cream. I Love chocolate chip, but I Loke rasberry sherbet. I'm not sure how quickly loke will catch on, but it's a good word to throw into one's vocabulary when one has more than lukewarm feelings about a particular person, place or object, but does not want to commit fully to the big L-word. Though I can't take credit for this new bit of slang, perhaps it will revolutionalize the way you talk and will have me saying before too long, You loke me. You really loke me.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

No beats here

They tell me that ragweed is what's blooming right now in Tennessee that's making everyone's throats sratchy and flaring up allergies that we never knew we had. I'm not exactly sure the purpose of ragweed- or any weed for that matter. If we know it's causing headaches for thousands of people isn't there some weed killer that we can spray to get rid of it? At any rate, it's here and in full bloom and making this Diva a wee bit tired this a.m. (I'm sure the severe lack of sleep this past week has Nothing to do with my grogginess... nope. Not at all.)

So here I am, starting this beautiful Wednesday morning with a scratchy sore throat, trying to put myself in a chipper mood so that I can in turn, pass on some of that sunshine to you, my dear readers. Because really, after a hiatus from blogging, do you really care about my allergies and want to listen to me whine? of course not. So the whining stops now.

Let's move on to a more reader-friendly topic- the topic of music. Several of you reading this live in the Nashville area- Music City, USA as we have come to know and love our city. Dad is one of many who claim their living through the music business. Usually this means country music, but all that seems to be knocking on his door these days are aspiring hip-hop artists looking for "beats." Dad is not exactly well-versed in hip-hop, so I couldn't help but laugh when he started telling me stories about gentlemen coming to the studio asking for the price of 1 hour of studio time. After inquiring a bit more, Dad discovered these young writers had all the songs in their head, and just needed "beats" to go behind them. So you want me to make all the music for you, and then let you talk over it and take credit for it? I don't think so, is how Dad told the story to me.

I thought Atlanta was the budding southern hip-hop recording industry spot- but maybe Nashville is quickly moving up the ranks. But for now, there are no beats here!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Gimme 2 area rugs on the rocks

So my coworker Beth and myself are trying to round up a few people to go to happy hour with after work today. We are both fun girls I think. So our co-worker Maury (like Povich, not the county south of Williamson) walks by and Beth invites him to go with us. He hesitates for a moment and then busts out with what I think just might be the lamest excuse I have ever heard.
Well, I need to go shopping for an area rug, he says.
Beth and I uncontrollably burst out in laughter.
Maury doesn't really see why this is so funny to us. At least, we tell him, that Mark's excuse was a little more masculine (a Sounds game)- but shopping for area rugs? Come on, Maury. Are we that bad???
I never thought I'd have this much trouble finding friends to go out with after work, but how can I compete with the Home Depot and yards of earth-toned, sturdy fabric?

Thursday, September 08, 2005

blind as a... something

If any of you receive any emails from me loaded with typos today, it's because I accidentally left my glasses at home. I can already tell it's going to be a fun day at work, provided my face is 2 inches from my computer monitor. I'm blind as a bat without my glasses, though usually I am too vain and too annoyed to wear them unless I am reading or working at my computer. So I thought I'd do a bit of research this morning- are bats really blind?

Well, as it turns out, no they are not! Yahoo writes to June in Granville, OH (because apparently Yahoo is like Mr. Goodwrench and is omnipotent and is all things to all people) that while all bats can see, some aren't exactly eagle-eyed (which brings me to my next follow-up point: do eagles really have superb vision, and will eating carrots really help your eyesight ala Peter Cottontail?). Bats have this nifty device that aid in their ability to "see" in the dark, so while their vision isn't the best in the world (like the eagles and rabbits), they do take advantage of echolocation- the ability to bounce sounds off an object, including prey, to determine its size, shape, and location. So where's my nifty extra-sensory device this morning??? Looks like I'll be making a trip back home on my lunch break.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A day of Labor (and a weekend without)

Greetings fellow blog readers (because I'm not only the president, I'm also a client.)

It has been several days since we last visited, and so much has happened! First and foremost, I am now the proud owner of pink cowboy boots! Yes, 5 months of no shopping was broken to purchase these special shoes at a nice discount rate. (I'm still debating the worthiness of the break on the shopping ban for these little rosey-hued mud-kickers.) But enough on that pointless debate. So how did you spend your weekend, Amanda? Well I'm glad you asked!

Friday night (lights): went with a group to see the Winter's Tale- Shakespere in the Park. Unfortunately, the fireworks at Greer stadium that could be seen in the distance, and watching Lana's eyes wander and almost fall off the back of the bench we were sitting on was way more entertaining than the actual play. Coffee at Fido afterwords where 4 girls laughed hysterically and swaped inside jokes while 2 guys sat there dumbfounded at our ability to create a party wherever we go.

Saturday: Holt came into town, we went running, laid by the pool, ran a few errands, ate a little ice cream (here's my unsolicited advertisment: Go to Coldstone Creamery this month- their red pan flavor is cookie batter and it's heavenly- I've had it twice already, and it's only the 6th day of the month!!). Went to MA's swanky pad to watch Shag and eat Pizza. Went Bootscootin' at the Wildhorse Saloon in my new pink boots with Em, Natalie, and Holt (in her pink boots as well!). Ended up at the tried and true back patio of Tootsie's Orchid Lounge and sang along with the country and rock classics (Em- our rendition of "Gone" will go down in Tootsies Fun Times Memories as being espeically good).

Sunday: BBC, QDoba, UK football party at the house- hey, we didn't win, but we didn't get massacred either. Holt's Brotha got hurt on the sidelines ("my brotha..."), and Lana became enlightened on Frog Giggin (not diggin'). Franklin Main Street Jazz Festival, aka, a glorified outdoor corner conversation spot in which you pay 5 dollars to enjoy. Football season has officially begun! Woo hoo!

Monday: breakfast with Momma B at Bruegger's, a trip to Wally World, more pool time (darn that living at home), homemade pizza, FSU game at the Penthouse, homemade (read: store-bought) key lime pie from the guys, more pizza. Did I mention that we're excited that it's football season again?? Also I'm excited about wearing sweaters again soon. I think that means I'm getting old. I also think that if that old expression "you are what you eat" is true then I'm turning into a pizza. I had it 3 times this weekend.

Tuesday: back at work... lots of orders, but not much labor going on. I've spaced out a lot today. I blame the 3 1/2 days off. And the psychadelic lights here on the sales floor.

Friday, September 02, 2005

katrina's aftermath

I said to my friend Conley last night on the phone, "so, I hear 100,000 of your closest friends are coming to visit!" (Conley lives in Houston.)

I'm sure like me, you've all been glued to CNN watching in horror the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Listening to the stories of the stranded people with no food and water, doctors fearing for their lives as they try to help patients, and the highly televised looters has caused me to shake my head in disbelief. (Which philosopher during the Age of Enlightenment said that man in his natural state is barbaric and therefore we need laws to govern us? I'm in a hurry trying to get out of here for the weekend otherwise I'd research it myself- but I just didnt want another day to go by with me ignoring the current situation our nation is in.) Please take advantage of the many organizations that are collecting funds and sending aid- every little bit helps. Also, remember that as Christians, our biggest weapon that we have is prayer. Pray for the families who have lost loved ones or are missing, pray for the military and police who are attempting to restore order; pray for the local government in these southern states who are trying to mobilize the aid given and to be able to help their people as best as they can. More than anything, pray that God is glorified and that lives are changed through this catastrophic experience.

I Love you all! Have a great weekend!! Don't drive if you don't have to!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

meet my new boyfriend

I had a conversation with my friend Mitchell last night about dating relationships (see August 11, 2004 for Mitchell's insightful 7 stages in a dating relationship for a good chuckle). He called to talk about football, but inevitably our conversation turned to our lack-of-luck with the various men and women in our lives.
"I can't find a girl who'll put up with me for more than a week," Mitchell complained.
"Well that's funny," I said. "I can't find a guy I Want to put up with for more than a week!!" Then Mitchell had a brilliant idea.
"Let's say we're dating then. There's something weird that happens when you start dating someone that makes other people suddenly attracted to you." I couldn't argue with the guy- he was absolutely right. (Even though the kid is on a 6 year plan in college, you can't deny his street-smarts.)
But what is it about seeing a guy or gal that you know is taken, but you crush on them anyways? I suppose it's the old adage we want what we can't have. But it's an undeniable physiological occurance that makes the opposite sex attracted to you when they know you're taken. So hello single men out there, I'm dating Mitchell! Mitchell is my boyfriend. Are you listening?
I doubt this experiement will work long distance, but it's worth a shot, right? :o)

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Amanda "the Hurricane" Bradley

Anyone who knows me well, knows I am obsessed with following hurricanes. From June to November, you can often find me surfing, following the massive storms, and even crushing on the storm chasers (Jeff Beddis, where have you been during Katrina??). On Saturday I received no less than 3 phone calls from in-the-know friends who were making sure I was keeping up with the ginormous Hurricane Katrina who was spiraling towards New Orleans. The funniest part was that while listening to one of those voicemails, I was standing in front of my tv, watching the weather channel.

And so yesterday I came into work and everyone was all abuzz keeping up with the hurricane. My boss Joel knows how much I'm into following these storms, and he told me that since I've been working here, I have brought 2 hurricanes our way up to TN. "I bring the hurricanes with me," I said. "That's your new nickname," he exclaimed. "What? Hurricane Bradley?" I asked. "No," he replied. "Just The Hurricane. And you have to refer to yourself in 3rd person- ie. The Hurricane is not happy with you. The hurricane would appreciate it if you would get out of her way."

So from now on, you may all refer to me as the Hurricane if you wish.
(Yeah... we'll do anything for entertainment around the office!)

Monday, August 29, 2005

Some favorites from the weekend

All photgraphy courtesy of Ann Wade Parrish ( This website is not quite finished yet, but you can still navigate around.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

so THAT'S where they all are!!

The Weekend in Pictures

Ok, here we have cutie-patootie Dave Barnes, the Unicorn Women, and our group of lovely ladies that went out on our Girls Night out: (L to R, back row: Melissa, Lisa, Amy, Becca, Lana. Front row: Sarah, Rhonda, Mary Anna)

Friday, August 26, 2005

Don't eat the lotion!

Do you ever have those nights where you have something scheduled to do that you really don't feel like going to, but then once you get there, you are so glad you went? Well that's how I felt about Bible study last night, except that I really didn't have a choice in the matter about going- we were meeting at my apartment, so I didn't have the option to skip! I had had a crappy day at work (boys are dumb, and that's all I'll say), Emily had a crappy day too, so we sat in our living room and had a sob-fest (minus the tears) about our collectively crappy day. Then 7 o'clock rolled around and it was time for Bible study.

Somewhere in the course of those 3 hours, my attitude gradually changed from bitter and out-of-sorts to giggley and grateful for the wonderful friends I have in my life- maybe it had something to do with the gab fest we had afterwards,each of us one-upping each other with funny stories about work and friends ("Have you seen the nipples," Lisa?), Sarah's synopsis of the Crunk-umentary movie, "Rise," or being content to stand in the kitchen for 30 minutes finalizing details of our awesome weekend ahead. But by 10 till 10 when everyone finally left, I was giddy and not anywhere ready to go to sleep.

Em wandered in my room and picked up my bottle of Coconut Lime Verbena lotion, opened it, and sniffed. "What is it about this stuff that smells so good?" she wondered aloud. "I would say the coconut," I said. I paused. "Or the Lime. Or the Verbena."
"No seriously, this stuff smells good enough to eat," she said.
"well why don't you?" I dared.
"No way! I'm not eating it!"
"Come on, just a little taste."
"N0. You taste it."
Well, I couldn't back down since I was the one who started it. How bad could it be? I mean, one taste wouldn't kill me, and it did smell quite heavenly.
"Ok. Fine. I will..."

... I know the suspense is killing you ...

so yeah, I put a teeny bit on my finger and touched it to my tongue. At first taste it was pretty yummy but then it burned going down and a disgusting lotion taste was left in my mouth for the next 15 minutes or so. I do not recommend eating lotion, for future reference. No matter how good it smells, do not, I repeat, do not eat the lotion! You should be so lucky, that I took one for the team all in the name of research, and did the unthinkable for you all, so you wouldn't have to.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

a treatise on reading x-rays and gourmet bread

Not to disappoint you the readers, Tuesday turned out to be a very funny day, though I'm just now getting around to writing about it. (disclaimer: The stories are not as funny however if your name happens to be Lana or Laura)

We had a LONG overdue SOGWEAW lunch (not luncheon, because I hate that word) yesterday afternoon at the new Moe's in Brentwood (Welcome to Mooooooeeeee's!). While eating and enjoying our lunch we covered such important topics as when to say "I love you" in a relationship, Che Guevara and communism, and Lana's wisdom teeth; a breadth of important issues, you will note- the latter being the initiator of an eruption of laughter heard 'round the restaurant, according to Ari who was unfortunately in the Ladies room when Lana described where she thought her wisdom teeth were currently residing in her mouth, and the direction the teeth were pointed... "at least I think that's where they are," Lana said. "I don't read x-rays." I found this particularly hilarious and so more of the table was laughing at me laughing than they were at Lana's totally serious, totally innocent comment.

Across town in a Brentwood home, far away from the excitement at Moe's, a young girl brought her gourmet meat, cheese, and bread home to enjoy. Her name is Laura, and this is her story.

My sister Laura is an amateur chef, and so she loves those hoity-toity gourmet food markets. Yesterday she bought some fresh deli meat, some kind of cheese that she has discovered she has a taste for (manchego? ever heard of it?), some wine, and a french baguette. She takes her food purchases home to the house for a while before she packs it all up in a cooler to go home to her apartment in Murfreesboro. Upon pulling out of the driveway, Laura realizes she has forgotten the french baguette, wrapped in its paper bag, on the kitchen table. She does the obvious thing and goes back inside to retrieve her bread, but comes quickly to the stark realization that it was not there! (cue the mysterious music)

Laura rethinks her steps, trying to figure out if perhaps she was mistaken and the french baguette was indeed already in the car, but she was certain it was not. There could only be one explanation to conclude the disappearance of her dinner bread, and as she peered cautiously into the den, her worst fears were realized. As it turns out, a four legged monster with black fur named Stockwell had devoured her fancy-schmancy french baguette, paper and all, as was evident by the bown paper shreds all over the floor. Are we surprised? This is the same dog who ate Mom's fresh cake she bought from the Mennonite ladies, or my box of Godiva truffles a few years ago and lived to tell the tale (or tale, since we are talking about Stockwell here).

This turn of events was enough to ruin Laura's day, as she gets her heart set on a particular meal once she has it in mind. She did buy some publix bread to stand in as a poor substitute, but the baguette was simple irreplaceable. The most amusing part is that Stockwell knows good food when he smells it, and if you threw a regular piece of break at him, he would turn his nose up at it. Sorry Laura, but I hope you don't mind us laughing at your expense!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Blue Like Jazz: Live

The Blue-Like-Jazzers spent last night with the author of our current study book, one Donald Miller. Em and I got there first to save seats, and we were peering at the men in the front of the room curiously, trying to decide which of them was Donald Miller. We found one gentleman who seemed to fit the part- he was in his 30s, had funky, blonde hair, wore flip flops with his blazer and T; Yes. This, we decided, was Donald Miller. Because this author is "cool," and this blonde trendy guy looked like a Donald to me! As it turns out, trendy blonde guy was not our guy at all, but rather one of the worship leaders. It figures the trendy guy would be a music person. I should have known better. Donald Miller ended up looking not at all what I would have pictured. He's a "Fatty Mcfunny!" Em and I exclaimed once we discovered the author's identity.

(sidenote: the term Fatty McFunny term is meant to be endearing and not offensive. It denotes my personal preference in guys who have a great sense of humor and are built like a Teddy Bear or a football player- they have some stock and meat on their bones. I think it stems from my desire as a girl to feel protected and safe with a guy she is dating. Also my dad is not a small man, so take that Freudian philosophy as you will. end sidenote)

So Donald ended up being this 6 foot 3-ish jolly, 34 year-old, happy-go-lucky guy, and of course, he did not disappoint us in the humor department. Yet he was able to command the audience's attention and bring home poignant thoughts on the lack of our fundamentalist Christianity. He espoused beliefs on adhering to a set of principles or following these amount of steps in this number of days to be considered a Christian. Instead, he proceeded, it is all meant to be about relationships. The metaphors in the Bible, he said, the shepherd to the sheep, the father to the son, the bride to the bridegroom, all describe how we are to view our relationship with Christ. To Love, Donald reminded us, is to give up everything to be with that person- in life and in death. Anything less than that kind of love cheapens love altogether. So it forced me to think. Here in Postmodern America, where I have never experienced any kind of threat to freely practice my religion, have I really died to self? Have I really given up everything to be with Christ? Have I really given up anything at all?

I know the answer is yes, I have made sacrifices along the way to deepen my relationship with God, but they have been small in comparison to many. I long to figure out the so-called reckless abandonment that comes with fully loving God, and living my life with an eternal perspective.

Then Donald Miller got to the crux of his talk. He started drawing all these religious parallels between Romeo and Juliet and the struggle of Shakespere's day between the Catholics and the Protestants, also Christ's relationship to the church- but I'm not sure how much I buy into all that. At the very least, it gave me something to research further for myself, and really made me want to go home and watch Baz Lurhman's Romeo & Juliet!

Lisa, Mary Anna and I stood in line afterwards and got our picture with him. He seemed genuinely surprised that we would find his book worthy of a Bible study topic, and was really a nice guy to meet.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Bizarro Emily

So Saturday night Laura made her famous homemade quesadillas (dangit, Napoleon...) and we had a little dinner party of sorts. George was there of course, as were Mary Anna and Emily. The first thing my mom says to Em when she sees her is,
"when did you get your hair cut?"
to which Emily replies,
"a few weeks ago."
"But it wasn't that short when I saw you last Sunday at Cracker Barrell,"
Mom commented. All of a sudden, Emily gets this funny look on her face and says,
"I didn't go to Cracker Barrell last Sunday."
Well everybody starts dying laughing, because Mom and Dad swear up and down that they saw Em and even talked to her! Apparently Emily's Bizzaro twin pretended like she knew Mom and Dad, gave Mom a hug, and told them she couldn't talk because she was on the phone with her friend from Spain!

There is a Seinfeld episode that talks about how everybody has a bizarro twin somewhere in the world- a person who looks exactly like you but is no relation whatsoever. I have come to the conclusion that Emily's Bizarro twin lives in the Cool Springs area.

Either that, or both of my parents are seeing things; kind of like, big, big birds on the roof of our house...