Friday, October 29, 2004

Guest Appearances

Hi everyone! Today at the office, we have a sumo wrestler, a disco diva, the scarecrow, a tourist, a pimp, Snoop Dogg, a cowgirl (yours truly), and a chef (oh wait....that's not a costume).

Yep, it's Halloween costume day at work! My manager was supposed to be a fellow cowgirl but she stood me up!!! One of our company values is "Yeehaw!" (long story) so I told our executive team that I was dress up as the Yeehaw Value for Halloween, hehe. Brownie points much?

My friend Rick's sumo wrestler costume actually has a fan running inside of it to keep him "inflated." Betsy is the scarecrow and she has gone ALL OUT, it's so cute! Tonight is our office Halloween party for families (and non-families) but I am missing it because I am going on the church retreat - but hey that's okay! Christmas parties are just around the corner. ("...and you don't OWN the phrase 'Around the Corner'!" movie quote trivia.)

The smell of permanent marker is moving through the office thanks to my efforts to "make" my OTHER Halloween costume. Nope, I can't tell you what it is. You never know who might be reading this and then it would ruin the suspense. And I hate it when people ruin the suspense. I will just say that we're "on the track" to winning the costume contest....MWAH HA HA HA HA!

But yeah this stench is really getting to me. You know there's people out there who like that smell to but they mus' be crazy. I do like the smell of gas, and paint, and matches just after you blow them out. I don't like fresh cut grass, coffee, or white-out. or Sharpies. (not to be confused with Shar-pei's)

What are some funky things that you people like the smell of? or hate the smell of?

Thursday, October 28, 2004

I heart I Heart Huckabees

This movie is a must see if you like off-the-wall, quirky movies. The acting is superb and the characters are perfect in their roles, which is why I found it laugh-out-loud funny. That, and I am able to laugh at the ridiculous existential philosophies that they try to adhere to in this movie. I can appreciate the humor in this, knowing that my faith in God spares me from ever having to go through what the characters do in this film. If I have any takers, I'll go see it again. And just to whet your appetite, here are a few quotes I found that might spark your interest.

Albert Markovski (Jason Schwartzman): Nobody sits like this rock sits. You rock rock. The rock just sits and is. You show us how to just sit here and that's what we need.

Dawn Campbell (Namoi Watts): I'm in my tree, I'm talking to the Dixie Chicks and they're making me feel better.

Albert: We're not in infinity we're in the suburbs

Tommy Corn (Mark Wahlburg): We'd all be heroes if we stopped using petroleum

Dawn: You can't deal with my infinite nature can you?
Brad Stand (Jude Law): That is so not true. Wait. What does that even mean?

Albert: I torched your jet skis
Brad: And my house???
Albert: No, just the jet skis. It spread to the garage... and then to the house.

Tommy: What are you doing tomorrow?
Albert: I was thinking of chaining myself to a bulldozer. Wanna come?
Tommy: What time?
Albert: 1, 1:30
Tommy: Should I bring my own chains?

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Time to get Political...

Disclaimer: this entry strays far from the cheerful randomness you normally look forward to reading

I may be preaching to the choir here, but this is just a friendly reminder to go out and vote. This election will go down as one of the most heated political races in our nation's history, and the next president will have a tremendous impact on how our country's future will be shaped. How cool will it be to look back and say that we voted in this election?

But time to get un-pc, because this is my blog. I voted for John Kerry on Monday. Not because I especially love Kerry, but moreso because I don't like Bush. Many people down here in the Bible belt are aghast when I say that. Bush is a Christian they say! And yes, while no one can know just how much he's actually living this statement out, and how much of it is just political acting, I do appreciate and admire the fact that Bush has brought spirituality into the forefront of politics again, where it should be. So if Kerry, the non-Christian, as some may see him, is elected, does that mean God lost or made a mistake? Of course not. God ordains every leader in our country, and it is far beyond our comprehension to understand the Big Picture of God's plans.

We cannot know a candidate's heart. We cannot see inside his head and know if he is lying or not. But we can look at the facts we are presented with.

To me, I see jobs going overseas, I see men and women being killed for a cause that hardly any Americans understand,much less agree with, and I see the world exposing us for the wealthy terrorists that we are, disguised in sheep's clothes. I will admit that I am not the most informed of voters, but I can look our nation and our world and see the state it is in today compared to 4 years ago and see that there is a Big Problem. And not everything has to do with September 11th.

I also realize that what I say here is not going to change the way most of you are going to vote, but I just thought you'd like to know where I'm coming from.

Monday, October 25, 2004

things I have learned from baseball and other ramblings

Alright, so Beckett bit the big one this year, and with Pudge gone, the Marlins just couldn't pull a repeat, so now I along with most Americans are watching the Cardinals take on the Red Sox for the world series. 2 games into it, this is what I've learned.

1. Those are Socks on the field, people!
2. Johnny Damon would actually be an attractive guy if it weren't for the long hair.
3. Even a shoe can be a billboard for advertisment.
4. Jimmy Fallon is an idiot and needs to wear a coat when it's 40 degrees outside.
5. Everyone knows by now who your Daddy is, Pedro

Stay tuned for part 2 of the top 10 after a few more games. I'm sure I can come up with some better observations than those. Anything's more entertaining these days than watching the Titans play.

Onto to tirade number 2. Why is it that women crave chocolate? Why not celery or tofu or anything else healthy? I think it's a cruel joke or else punishment left over from the garden of Eden. Men will be forced to toil and women will go through painful childbirth, and oh yes, they will all crave chocolate on a regular basis. Thanks a lot Eve.
Usually I can resist these cravings, but today i gave in. I wanted chocolate. I needed chocolate. So I perused the office vending machine and decided upon a pecan fudge brownie. About 3/4 of the way through the brownie I made the mistake of looking at the Nutrition Information. Ha Ha What a joke! They should call it the Stuff-you-really-don't-want-to-look-at Information. 9 fat grams I read... ok, not horrible I tell myself. 27 carbs... wow, that's alot, but ok... and then the dreaded clincher... serving size: 1/2 brownie. Are you freaking kidding me?? I just consumed 18 fat grams for a mid-afternoon snack?? And let's not even count up the rest, ok? It was then and there that I decided that I'm only craving vegetables from now on. There's got to be some kind of hypnosis that you can undergo that erases the word chocolate or french fries from your brain. Until then, I finished the brownie, and boy was it good!

Friday, October 22, 2004

Where have all the bloggers gone?

What ever happened to Paula Cole? That woman had a talent for putting out whiney, annoying songs. First it was Where have all the Cowboys Gone? And then it was the infamous Dawson's Creek theme song, I Don't Wanna Wait. Dawson, I love you. I loved your show. Any weekday that I'm not working, you can be sure that at 9 and 10am I'll be tuning in to TBS and watching the reruns, but you can also be sure I'm muting the tv during that blasted theme song.

But really, Where have all the bloggers gone? (They know who they are.) I give them the keys to my little world, and I come back in town, and this is how they repay me? Come on girls, I know you have interesting observations about the world to make. And I know it's not because they are so swamped at work because we have had sogweaw emails flying all morning. (If any bosses are reading this, of course it's not YOUR employee sending the plethora of emails... it's just all those Other people out there.) But seriously, any time you feel the need to blog, you just go right on ahead.... any time now... Buehler?...

And Finally, can I just say how thrilled to bits I am, that fellow BHS alum
Jenni, SA buddy Roger, Hong Kong-transplanted Michelle, and Massage therapist extrordinaire JillyMae, have recently joined the blogging world? This makes 6 total blogs that have come about in part due to the Fabulous Divadomain. With all this influence I have over others, I think I should run for president! George W, here I come!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Thermostat Wars

Ok, time to vent for a sec.

You have all heard about my sweet coworker who refuses to say Bless You when someone (namely Me) sneezes. Well now it's time to let you in on the hilarity of our silent battle over the temperature of the room in which we work.
For starters, I am extremely cold natured. (Anyone in South Africa with me can vouch that I whined about being cold the entire 2 weeks) Mostly it's not the actual temperature of a room that makes me miserable, so much as it is the cold air blowing directly on me for an extended amount of time. I want the AC to come on, do its thing, and shut off (and all this should happen in 5 minutes or less). Unfortunately, the AC in this building it seems likes to run for an hour or more at a time. So I sucked it up and brought a space heater to put under my desk, which has helped tremendously. Some days I have it on all day, and others I don't even turn it on. When I leave for lunch, I turn it off. This brings me to Dena.
Dena is extremely hot-natured. When we first started working in this office together, we compromised on the thermostat and set it on 73 degrees, and I agree this was more a compromise on her part than it was on mine. Now we don't have a thermostat in our office anymore, so we can't regulate the temperature like we used to. And Dena retaliated by bringing her own little fan from home to sit on her desk.
So it's not unusual for the AC to be on, my heater going under my desk, and her fan blowing on top of her desk. It's like a mental battle of wits, because I know our heater and fan are canceling each other out, keeping the room at the exact same temperature it was before we turned on the devices.
Well now after returning from South Africa I find out today that she has brought a thermometer from home, to regulate the temperature in here, I kid you not. If it gets over 72 degrees- that is her maximum threshold for comfort I believe- then she will ask me to turn my heater off. She hasn't done it yet, since I just noticed the thermometer today, but she did make mention of, she's fine until it gets over 72 degrees. But the Temperature Police herself leaves her fan on all the time for one, and second leaves it on when she goes to lunch, and third leaves it on in the afternoon when she leaves work only because she is too scatterbrained to remember to turn it off! So what does Amanda do? She writes a cute post-it-note to Dena from the Fan and puts in on the base of the fan that says Dear Dena, please do not forget to turn me off when you leave in the afternoon. I get tired from running all night. Love, your Fan And what does she do the next morning? She laughs and takes the post-it-note off and throws it away. Sure enough that very afternoon, Dena forgets and leaves the fan on! Argh!
I laugh about the whole thing, because in retrospect it's not even that big of deal, but her bringing the thermometer, I just Had to laugh about and share with you.
I hope this blog finds you warm and toasty or cool and comfortable wherever you are, depending on your personal temperature preference.

Monday, October 18, 2004

stop blog & roll

Hooray! The Penthouse Pets are finally under one roof again (I got back last week, but then Em was gone for the w/e). So the three of us celebrated last night by piling onto Emmy Sue's bed (for a bed party of course) and watched Rhonda Lu's favorite movie, 8 Seconds. Rhonda is a country girl at heart so I can see that the bull riding, cowboy hats, country music, and terrible southern accents (did I mention they were terrible?) would be right up her alley. Em & I amused ourselves by trying to figure out if Luke Perry was left-handed or not, judging by his reflection in the mirror in one scene of the movie. We even went so far as to act it out (No Amanda, you're the reflection, so that would be his left hand) until Rhonda scolded us and ordered us to pay attention. The best parts of the movie were when Luke Perry had his shirt off and wasn't talking (remember those horrible accents I talked about?), and I'm ashamed to admit that I did cry at the end (although I tear up at previews these days it seems). I think we all 3 shed a few tears though, esp. during the live footage in the credits of the real Layne Frost .
But back to reality. After agreeing that it was a little chilly in the apt. I jumped up to turn on our heat (for the first time) and then flipped on the living room tv to check up on the Red Sox- Yankees game while Rhonda and Em were still bawling their eyes out in Em's room (that may be a slight exageration, but seeing as how I'm telling the story, and I wasn't in Em's room at this point to fill in the blanks, that's how my version goes). All of a sudden our smoke alarm starts going off. I prob. jumped 10 feet in the air and then started pacing around the room completely panicked. I start to go over to the front door to feel it and see if it's hot, but then the other 2 roomies ran into the living room at this time and we're all shouting at the top of our lungs:
Me: Is that the fire alarm??
Rhonda: I smell smoke!
Emily: I think it's just the heater!
So here we are, the 3 of us freaking out, and I'm thinking, this is not happening- our apartment building has caught on fire- what do I grab to take with me? But by this time Em, the level headed one of the bunch is fanning the smoke alarm and calming us down. She said the maintenence people said that this might happen first time we turn our heat on.
"Oh." was Rhonda's and my response.
At this point the alarms have stopped going off, so the situation becomes funny as we realize how we've just freaked out over nothing. Emily re-enacts her stop drop and roll action down the hallway, and we're laughing so hard that we're near tears again.
On a happy, non-funny note, but exciting just the same, the Red Sox went on to beat the Yankees last night in 12 innings and 5+ hours. crazy.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

A sampling of SA pics

our mascot

The Wildebeest tribe

south african sunset

Amy & I at our tent

dominant male lion of the pride

day 3 elephant siting

Momma & daddy Rhino

day two elephant siting

God's beautiful creation

Lanscape from the bus

Jackass Penguin on Robben Island

Leslie, my new friend/Afrikaans teacher from Muizenberg

"Big John" Diago from Muizenberg- a bouncer of sorts, but a man with a heart of gold

a group of us standing in front of the Indian/Atlantic ocean at night- depending on who you ask. Thanks, Uncle Edsil, for bursting my bubble

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Queen Diva has returned!

Yes folks, Amanda is back from South Africa!!!

Emily and I were able to be at the airport this morning when she arrived. They had a safe flight and no luggage got lost (not hers at least)! Mama B was there with us as well. The Queen Diva was clothed in all pink, even her rubber band she had her hair pulled back with. She looked fabulous for having been travelling on plane and bus for 31 HOURS! She deserves an award folks - I cannot fathom (CANNOT FATHOM!) travelling for that long.

While we await the first post from our fearless leader, feel free to post her a welcome home message.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


OK, so Rhonda said she was going to blog about this, but since she hasn't, I'm going to steal her thunder. Shhhh...don't tell her! After church on Sunday, Rhonda, Beth, Katie, Katie's friend Barrett, and I went to Green Hills Grille for lunch. I know, it's a good story already. As we sat down, Rhonda realized she knew our waiter. Evidently he was her "flirt buddy" when she worked at Chilli's. So Todd, the co-flirter, walks up to the table to take our drink order. Ok so I didn't know there was such a thing as a "quadruple-take", but let me assure you, there is. He kept looking at her...looking at his notepad...looking at her...looking at his notepad. I wanted her to scream, "YES, YOU KNOW ME!" But she didn't. When it got to me to order my drink, I simply asked, "How much is a drink?" Now, I thought this would be an easy question for Todd, but evidently it wasn't. So, I explained, "How much does a Diet Coke cost?" Being the detailed person that he is, he replied, "Oh, I don't know...about $2." So I kindly refused the drink and asked for water instead. (I was in a frugal mood, what can I say?) Written all over his face was, "You cheapskate, just get the drink." But out of his mouth came, "I'll bring you the diet coke and I won't charge you for it." I said no thanks, I'll just have water. So out come the drinks, and guess what he brought me? Water......and, yep, a diet coke! And might I add he brought them promptly (HA!)? When it came time to order, I ordered the white bean soup and salad. And then it came....the...PURE...FRIED...GOODNESS. Now for those of you who don't know about Pure Fried Goodness, let me explain. You can only get it on Sundays, but it's a corn cake that is deep fried and served warm. Trust me, they're oh-so-good! But, please, if you go to Green Hills Grille, don't ask for Pure Fried Goodness! That's an Emmysue original. And for those of you who are wondering what this frugal gal did after she had lunch...I went shoe shopping, of course!

Friday, October 08, 2004


Happy Friday everyone! Only 4 hours left in the workweek! I've been slacking in my upkeep of the Diva Domain and for that I apologize. It's just not the same without Amanda and I've been struggling with things to let you tawlk amongst ya'selves.

I just got back from a fabulous lunch at Logan's Roadhouse with 6 co-workers. The 2 other girls in my department are both my managers. I call them girls because we all share the same mentality, which know that I think about it you'd wonder how we even function. So maybe it's me with the mentality of a girl....anyway....that's not my story. (Background for those who don't know me: I work in marketing for Logan's.) There's a server named Justin at Logan's who reportedly thinks I am cute and wants to meet me. My managers think he's just great and love the idea. So today they were planning ("plangenting" if you will) an introduction between me and Justin, unbeknownst to me.

According to them, my first mistake was not sitting next to them at the table. Sorry! Justin was not our server but he walked by a lot and we did the whole make-eye-contact-but-then-I-look-away thing. If you removed his earrings, he'd be an absolute cutie-patootie! Tan, cute little glasses, TALL, good "build." But yeah he's got little hoop earrings in both ears and that would just drive me batty. Now that I think about it, I think I dated someone with an earring before and I cannot for the life of me remember who it was!! What the heck??? Hmm maybe I dreamed it up, or maybe it was someone I just went out with once, or maybe it was some bad boy I just admired from afar. Somebody order me some memory pills ASAP.

I saw my friend Mandy at Logan's as well (Hi Mandy!). My second mistake was hauling my arse out of the restaurant when we were done eating. I was "supposed" to stick around so L & H could act out the plangent to introduce Mr. Justin. I'm just not that in tune with their inner plangents and I was out the door before they knew it. We talked about it on the way back to work and decided that a group activity would have to br organized for me to officially meet Mr. Earrings. L & H and Justin have the same friends so it wouldn't be so awkward to do something together. So we'll see if anything comes of this new development.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Coffee Explosion!

Well, I came home early from work yesterday, because I felt so terrible. Poor Miss Kitty (Rhonda Lu's mom)...I just walked right in the door, went to my room, shut the door, and went to sleep. I was NO help in the kitchen to prepare for dinner with my parents. I slept for an hour and then came back into the land of the living. My parents came and we ate and visited...I began to feel better with a little food in me. But then I got tired, so I went to bed about 9:15--the earliest in a LONG time. For all of those out there that care about my health, I'm feeling much better this morning. It's amazing what some advil and some sleep can do for the body! This story has a point, I promise. So I wake up feeling much better, only to make a complete mess in the kitchen. So I'm making my lunch, minding my own business, when I see the Brita filter empty on the cabinet. I think to myself, "self, why don't you fill that pitcher up so everyone can have clean drinking water?" So logically, I grabbed the pitcher to move it to the sink, and then BAM!!!! COFFEE EXPLOSION!! Somehow, I knocked over Miss Kitty's mug of coffee. I'm not talking a little mug; I'm talking a BIG mug filled to the brim with coffee. (Luckily for me and my skin, it was not scalding hot). Coffe was everywhere...and I do mean EVERYWHERE. I mean, I wouldn't have been surprised if coffee had gotten inside the microwave. Thanks to Rhonda-to-the-rescue, she helped me clean it all up--no thanks to the black dish towels that don't absorb anything. Thanks, Big Lots! All that to say, stay away from me today...I'll either get you sick or I'm an accident waiting to happen.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


It was a dark and stormy night....
no really! It's pouring here and there is apparently no heat or air in this house, which is why the windows stay cracked all of the time, even though it's freezing with the wind and the rain. Apparently also there are a lot of burglaries when it rains hard like this because so many people have tiny shacks with tin roofs that you can't hear the intruder when he breaks into your home because the rain is so loud. You'd almost think that these tin roofs would be rusted or something. Yes, a very bad joke, but believe it or not, there is a woman on this trip with us who makes worse jokes than I do- and they're always one right after the other- she looks for opportunities and takes a million and one of them, and let me tell you she is NOT very punny! Ari- I now know to some degree how obnoxious you find my humor at times- or non-humor as the case may be. Not that this is going to change how I makes puns and cracks, but just know that I sympathize with you all putting up with having me as a friend.

I have to admit that today for the first time I am really missing home- not that I haven't missed the people all along, but now I'm starting to wonder what all I've missed out on with the goings on of the world. One week from today though I will be home and so jet-lagged it won't even be funny. Actually, that saturday is going to be the bad day for me, and I have that sorority event that morning- but day 3 is when jet lag seems to hit.

Anyways- I miss you guys- I miss blogging-at-will and surfing the internet and keeping up with news and sports! I have not missed tv and radio- although last night and tonight I journaled while listening to Dave Barnes and JM, respectively. The weird thing is not having a cell phone! Last Sunday in church, all 3 times I went in the sanctuaries I thought, did I turn my cell phone off? Because I'm so used to doing that at home! Here, a cell phone rings and at first I think, is that mine, but then I remember that I have no one to talk to here! It's freeing in a way to be able to leave the house with nothing- no keys, no phone, no nothing when going somewhere. They have already prepared us for reverse culture shock once we get back into the US. So be patient with me you guys, because you won't have experienced the things I have, and your eyes will not be open to the things mine will be open to. You will be amazed when you read the journal and hear the stories- and who knows, maybe next time some of you will come with me. That's right mom, there will definetly be a next time.

Hope you all are having a great day at work- War es hoet- that mean's 'I'm good' in Afrikaans- I'm learning slowly but surely!


Monday, October 04, 2004

Dogs are not more important than people!

Who is LOVIN this weather? I think this is my favorite time of year. It's absolutely geaorgeous (ok, I didn't mean to spell it like that, but I think I like it that way) outside and then you get to start wearing sweaters! Seriously...this weather puts me in the best mood. So if you need any special favors, now is the time to ask for them.
I had a fairly uneventful weekend. I got home from a conference in Minneapolis on Friday and I was totally zonked from that--not to mention I'm struggling with allergies...that's my least favorite part about the changing of the seasons! Saturday, Rhonda, her parents, and I took my dog, Dixie, to "Dog Day" at Centennial Park. Ok, don't get me wrong, I'm a dog-lover, but these people mean serious business!! This one lady saw I had a Westie and she started telling me about her 3 Westies. She proceeds to pull out a picture of her 3 dogs with her young son. Then, get this, she says, "and here's a picture of my 3 babies". Count 'em, folks, THREE! Not 4 to include her SON in the mix...but 3! It was pitiful. Then she turns to Rhonda and asks her if she has any "babies". I mean, come on, people...throw me a frickin' bone here (pun intended). I spent Saturday night half sleeping/half watching the Vols get their butts wooped by Auburn. How embarassing...and in our own back yard. And to top that off, the Titans lost, too. What is UP with Tennessee Football? (Don't answer that). Sunday, I went to church and then went to the Brentwood Tour of Homes with my mom. All I have to say is "WOW!" Really, that's all I can say...
I have to admit, it's much more fun blogging on Amanda's site. I wonder if she'll let us Penthouse girls continue once she's back from SA? I wonder if anyone is reading this in her absence? C'mon, people, show some love for the understudies!

Saturday, October 02, 2004

quick hello

oh how i miss my pink blog, my friends and family, and my own computer!!! sharing a computer with a lineof people waiting to use it is worse than sharing a bathroom! just wanted to say hi- no baboons chasing me today so that's good. Actually, no interaction with the wildlife, but we did have some interesting combinatrions of pizza for dinner! It stinks that all the football games aren't coming on till way after we're in bed but I know there will be thsoe who check the TN score early tomorrow morning before church. Go Cats, Go Vols, I love you all and miss talking to you. You stay classy, USA!

Friday, October 01, 2004

Dang you Digital Mastery!

I had a good-sized blog started on here about whether I'm a moocher for never paying for my own lunch when I go out with co-workers/managers. They don't mind paying the tab and they have the bigger paychecks anyway! Then I got this junk mail from Digital Mastery about attending a Photo Shop seminar in like, Toledo or some crazy place. So I clicked their link to get off the mailing list and it proceeds to override my post-in-progress and take me to their website. That is a pet peeve, when the links don't open in a new window!!! So thanks to Digital Mastery you are getting the cliffnotes of my blog.

My parents are coming into town today. They should be here in a couple hours. Last night I was really not feeling in the mood to host them for 9 days, but today I'm a little more excited about it. I know, 9 days is a LONG time! I should charge them 1/3 rent huh?? The funny thing about that is that they actually do pay my electricity bill while they are a way. See, they like it cold in the house, and by cold I mean ABSOLUTELY 100% NORTH POLE FREEZING. Good thing my winter clothes are still out. So anyway, they usually leave me some money to make up for the increase in the bill from the A/C. I hope I don't jinx them this time. ("JINX! You owe me a Coke!") I've made a short list of activities for us to do while they're in town. Mom wants to go look at the changing leaves (not that there's many yet) and go dancing - not at the same time of course. Yeah that would be funny though :)

Time to get back to work. I just picked up the phone from a sales guy and was reminded of why I screen my calls. There probably won't be a blog this weekend, sorry folks. Pray for Amanda and the rest of the SA team. Remember to stay updated on their blog, which is under the "Blogs I Read." Stay classy South Africa. Watch those backwards drains with giddy delight.