Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Queen Diva has returned!

Yes folks, Amanda is back from South Africa!!!

Emily and I were able to be at the airport this morning when she arrived. They had a safe flight and no luggage got lost (not hers at least)! Mama B was there with us as well. The Queen Diva was clothed in all pink, even her rubber band she had her hair pulled back with. She looked fabulous for having been travelling on plane and bus for 31 HOURS! She deserves an award folks - I cannot fathom (CANNOT FATHOM!) travelling for that long.

While we await the first post from our fearless leader, feel free to post her a welcome home message.


RAAAGER said...

Did you forget about Amanda's matching pink roses? I thought that was the perfect accessory for the DIVA.
I truly hope that the two of you had a HUGE gallon of "ice" tea awaiting her at the penthouse, the poor child has been so deprived.

BTW, from one "W" to another, welcome home Amanda. Maybe now you won't have to hang with the Zebras......seems kind of strange to say that after spending the past two weeks with you, but welcome home anyway ;-)

Kobosky262 said...

I am so glad the pink diva is safely home! And looking good to boot! All the luggage safe and sound. I am excited to now hear about all the stories from her side of the world. That is just wonderful! I hope we still get all the diva's posting online. Good job girls.

Anonymous said...

i wouldn't expect you to arrive in any other way but stylin'. any true diva knows how to travel, isn't that right, my dear? welcome home and i can't wait to give you big hugs. see you at bible study tonight. ~ari.

MamaB said...

Thanks to the roomies for meeting my girl at the airport with me. The roses were perfect and I hope all three of you are enjoying them at the penthouse.
She slept like a rock last night and it is sooooooo good to have you home!! Love, Mom

Amanda said...

my roommates rock!!! Thanks again girls for coming to the airport with hot pink roses in-tow. Very sweet- I missed you both. It's good to be home- I am loving the chocolate and iced-tea fixes I've had in the past few days, but i can't seem to break the coffee & hot tea habit. I may need a support group for that- hot tea drinkers anonymous.