Monday, October 18, 2004

stop blog & roll

Hooray! The Penthouse Pets are finally under one roof again (I got back last week, but then Em was gone for the w/e). So the three of us celebrated last night by piling onto Emmy Sue's bed (for a bed party of course) and watched Rhonda Lu's favorite movie, 8 Seconds. Rhonda is a country girl at heart so I can see that the bull riding, cowboy hats, country music, and terrible southern accents (did I mention they were terrible?) would be right up her alley. Em & I amused ourselves by trying to figure out if Luke Perry was left-handed or not, judging by his reflection in the mirror in one scene of the movie. We even went so far as to act it out (No Amanda, you're the reflection, so that would be his left hand) until Rhonda scolded us and ordered us to pay attention. The best parts of the movie were when Luke Perry had his shirt off and wasn't talking (remember those horrible accents I talked about?), and I'm ashamed to admit that I did cry at the end (although I tear up at previews these days it seems). I think we all 3 shed a few tears though, esp. during the live footage in the credits of the real Layne Frost .
But back to reality. After agreeing that it was a little chilly in the apt. I jumped up to turn on our heat (for the first time) and then flipped on the living room tv to check up on the Red Sox- Yankees game while Rhonda and Em were still bawling their eyes out in Em's room (that may be a slight exageration, but seeing as how I'm telling the story, and I wasn't in Em's room at this point to fill in the blanks, that's how my version goes). All of a sudden our smoke alarm starts going off. I prob. jumped 10 feet in the air and then started pacing around the room completely panicked. I start to go over to the front door to feel it and see if it's hot, but then the other 2 roomies ran into the living room at this time and we're all shouting at the top of our lungs:
Me: Is that the fire alarm??
Rhonda: I smell smoke!
Emily: I think it's just the heater!
So here we are, the 3 of us freaking out, and I'm thinking, this is not happening- our apartment building has caught on fire- what do I grab to take with me? But by this time Em, the level headed one of the bunch is fanning the smoke alarm and calming us down. She said the maintenence people said that this might happen first time we turn our heat on.
"Oh." was Rhonda's and my response.
At this point the alarms have stopped going off, so the situation becomes funny as we realize how we've just freaked out over nothing. Emily re-enacts her stop drop and roll action down the hallway, and we're laughing so hard that we're near tears again.
On a happy, non-funny note, but exciting just the same, the Red Sox went on to beat the Yankees last night in 12 innings and 5+ hours. crazy.


Rhonda Lu said...

Oh how I've missed your blogging, African Queen. ("Why's it always gotta be a racial thing?") That story was fantabulous. I couldn't have written it better myself if I was there! BTW, have you ever thought of changing the name of your blog to African Queen? How about African Diva?!

Anonymous said...

are you sure you 3 are competent enough to share an apartment? just kidding, i know emmy sue will take care of the rest of you. ~ari

emilyb said...

Red Sox all the way!!!!!!!!!1

Amanda said...

"Are you calling me white?" African Queen, huh? why not Dancing Queen? I was kind of partial to the Queen Diva too, although I know Ari wasn't too happy about that :o)

Kobosky262 said...

I think the 3 of you need to do a public service anouncement for the Hong Kong Department of Safty of what to do incase of fire in your flat. No worries, words would not be necessary, just actions! I love you guys! ~shel

MamaB said...

I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when this all happened!!!