Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Spiritual Bitamins

So, I've gotten out of the habit of working out since I started working.  (Ironic, no?)  Used to, when I'd take Bradley with me to the Y, on our way out I would let him reach into the plastic fishbowl on the YMCA desk and get a rolled up strip of brightly colored paper upon which a Bible verse is printed.   Bradley was always excited to get his "Spritual Bitamin."  On our way out to the car, we would always read the verse aloud, and then on the way home, Bradley would play with his spiritual vitamin, usually crumpling it to bits.

This past Saturday morning I went to Zumba, and as a surprise, I brought Bradley home a spiritual vitamin.  This was the verse written out, which I thought was sweetly appropriate:

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.  Proverbs 22:6

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Fun (Evans)villed Weekend

We spent last weekend with family in Evansville, and I'm just now getting around to the recap!  (Working full time is exhausting, PS!)

Mom's baby brother, my uncle Michael, lives in Evansville with my aunt Missy (a fellow Delta Zeta), and their three kids, my first cousins, Braedon (age 11), Garrick (age 5), and Addison (age 3).  After our big fourth of July get together, Bradley had been talking about "Indiana" and his cousins (2nd cousins?... 1st cousins once-removed?...) ever since, so we decided another visit was in order.

We drove up on Saturday morning in time to watch Braedon play in his football jamboree.  There he is in orange, #66 about to kick the ball.  Bradley and Addison ate ring pops, and cheered for the game.

Later on back at the house, we colored out front with sidewalk chalk.  See the bottom left picture here- Addison asked me to draw a house, so I did.  I drew "little pink houses for you and me."  The bottom right picture is the aftermath of dad hitting mom in the head with a football, in a non-accidental throw!  There's also some great video footage of the rant as well in the compilation of footage taken from the weekend. 
What happened was that Dad and Braedon and Michael were throwing a football, and mom had a bike helmet on that Bradley had dragged out.  Dad thought it would be funny to hit her in the head with a football since she was "protected."  What ensued was hilarious.  The football hit mom squarely on the head, knocking the helmet to the ground, and it apparently hurt, too, but we were all too busy laughing!
Saturday night we went to an Evansville local pizza place and micro-brewery called Turoni's.  The beer was good, and the pizza was delicious.  Here are pictures from that night with both uncle Michael and aunt Missy.  Bradley and Addison played great together, as B is still too young to care that he was playing with "girl toys."  The two of them snuggled in bed together for a photo op before we split them up to sleep that night.  The picture on the couch is of all the kids on Sunday morning.  It's darn near impossible to get all of them to look at the camera and smile at the same time, so between the two tries I had, this was the best one of all the cousins.
Sunday was spent outdoors in the back yard enjoying the glorious weather.  Michael set up the pools, and the kids had a blast going down their makeshift water slide and jumping on the trampoline.  Bradley started out cautious around the water, and before it was time to go, he was gleefully sliding down from the top of the slide into the pool.  You can see mom got splashed in the top left photo, and the top right is of Garrick landing in the pool.  Their dog Ginger enjoyed laying out in the sun, but she did not enjoy going down the slide (scroll to 6 minutes in the video for that footage).
Thank you Michael & Missy, for a great weekend!  I'm so glad we're only a few hours away, and hope to get together again soon!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Work, Hail!

For anyone keeping up with the blog (and I have talked to several of you Silent Lurkers out there) the 2nd and 3rd days of work were much better than the first!  No more parking garage puking.  So I've decided to list a few of the positives about the current job situation:

  • I have a doorman who greets me every morning as I walk into the building!  How swank is that?  I haven't asked him his name yet, but I intend to find out tomorrow.  
  • I get to walk a block to work from the parking garage and get a little exercise and enjoy the weather- I'm choosing to view this as a positive for now, but ask me again later when it's pouring rain or sub-zero temperatures.
  • Uninterrupted phone time with friends during the commute
  • A Starbucks is located right at the foot of my building- again, this could be viewed as a negative temptation down the road, but so far I think I have the will power to use it as a well-deserved treat occasionally.
  • We are located on the entire19th floor in our building in downtown Nashville, which means we have a fantastic 360 degree view of the city.  I get to see this view constantly throughout my day- it makes me smile... so much so, that I caught myself grinning today after stealing a glance at the view, then passed another person, and immediately wondered if they thought the new girl was crazy for grinning like a Cheshire cat walking down the hallway.
  • The OCD in me loves that I get to complete small tasks throughout my day and check them off as finished.
  • MA works close by so I imagine we'll have many more lunches similar to our one on Tuesday.  
These are the little things that I am appreciative of when my head is spinning trying to learn this new job, and I am missing my little boy like crazy during the day.  The next obstacle for us will be day care for Bradley.  I know he will adjust fine, but I'm dreading it all the same.  However, to end this post on a positive note, the other great thing about this job is that I have a reason to wear my many pairs of high heeled shoes that have pretty much been sitting in my closet for the past 2 years.  I am a sucker for a great stiletto.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Work FAIL!

Well dear readers, I have discovered the real reason I have gone back to work:  It's to provide entertaining blog fodder for you.  After day one, here's what I endured:

  • Despite waking up an hour and a half before I needed to leave the house this morning, I still managed to leave 15 minutes later than I needed to.  Time sure does fly when you're having fun dreading the first day on the job.
  • I had a severe reaction to some medicine, and proceeded to get on the elevator in the parking garage, and then promptly get out of the elevator, and hurried to the nearest abandoned corner and upchucked my smoothie into a drain near some other person's car.  This takes the cake as the worst event of the day, and made for a memorable first morning.
  • I pointed out a HUGE roach scampering down the hall in the office, and was nonchalantly told that Terminex comes once a month but that it doesn't help much.  Apparently one girl found a roach in her bag.  Greeeeaaaaat. (Note to self:  bring snacks to keep at work in an airtight tupperware container)
  • I got lost IN the office.  It's a circular maze.  Can't a girl just make it to the break room without having to stop and ask directions?  No.  No, she can't.
  • I found out by trial and error that one set of elevators takes you to floors 1-11.  And one set takes you to floors 12-21.
  • While we're on the theme of elevators, the same is true with the parking garage (you know, the one I puked in...) one set of elevators takes you to the red floors, and one set takes you to the blue floors.  Having been warned about the convoluted parking garage layout, guess which elevator yours truly got on at the end of the day?  That's right... the WRONG one!!!

I hope you have laughed at my misfortunes.  I in turn will hopefully look back on this in the future and be able to join you.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ate, Prayed, Loved

I just got back from Lexington to visit my college roommate Stephanie.  It was my last hurrah girls' weekend before starting work tomorrow.  (EEK!)    Ashley and Stephanie went to HS together, and Ashley aka "Argo" lives about 45 minutes south of me, so conveniently, she picked me up on Friday, and up to Kentucky we went.  She and I have hung out a few times throughout the years of knowing Stephanie mutually, but after 3 1/2 hours in the car each way with Argo, we never once turned on the radio, and I feel like we both know each other's life stories now!  Stephanie is the friend from college who got me into the most trouble, has the most crazy stories from those times shared in common with me.  We lose touch and then pick up right where we left off.  Argo and I were her first house guests in her new home, so she went all out making the place ready for us.  We felt loved!

We rolled into Lex-Vegas about 11:30pm EST Friday night.  I figured this meant we'd visit for a few minutes and then turn in for the night, but oh no!  We girls sipped frozen daquiris and stayed up till wee hours of the morning talking, catching up, and best of all, reminiscing through old photo albums, laughing at funny stories we'd forgotten, and being shocked at how skinny we looked in college pictures when at the time we all thought we were fat!  Stephanie had purchased a ton of snack food for us, most of which we didn't have time to eat this weekend, the time flew by so fast.  I am still sad about those individual cups of Ben & Jerry's sitting in Steph's fridge right now that we didn't get to enjoy!

Stephanie, the consummate hostess, even had little umbrellas for our drinks!
Saturday morning we ate breakfast, and then set about packing a huge cooler full of food and drinks to take with us to the pool that day.  By the time we got everything, it was about noon, and the rain rolled in around 4pm, giving us a shorter day in the sun than we had planned, but it was still a relaxing afternoon, and cheap entertainment for all of us who are poor!  Another friend/college roomie Ellen met us at the pool after attending a Beth Moore conference at Rupp arena.  Guess what BMo's conference theme was?  You guessed it, "Eat, Pray, Love."  This theme kept coming up this weekend.
L to R:  Yours truly, Steph, Ellen, & Argo
The rain came down, so home we went.  Our original plan when discussing this upcoming weekend was for all of us to go see Sex & The City 2 at the dollar theater in Lexington.  Well horror of all horrors, the day before we got there, they stopped playing it.  We exhausted every resource, calling theaters, the cable company, Netflix, and even discussed driving an hour and a half to Cincinnati to see it since it was still showing there... but logically that didn't make sense to drive so far for a dollar movie when all of us were broke!  So we checked other movies, and found a cheap showing of Eat, Pray, Love that we decided on.  Ashley & I had both read the book, so we agreed this was a good chick flick weekend substitute. 
Again, in keeping with the theme of having low budgets and way too much food at the house, we decided to make dinner in lieu of spending money out to eat.  Plan A was to grill out.  But the monsoon hitting just at the right time forced us to pick Plan B.  Plan B was taking all of the fresh produce Argo had brought from her family's produce market, and combining that with food on hand, and creating a delicious dinner.  Somehow I became in charge of this, and Steph helped me put together a fresh salad, and a pasta primavera that I made up the recipe to as I went!  It turned out quite nicely, and encouraged me that maybe I do possess that cooking gene somewhere that Mom & Laura seem to obviously have!
Before we ate, I prayed over our meal, thanking God for good food, and good friendships.
After dinner, we had just enough time to shower and get ready to hit the movies.  The best part of seeing a chick flick we agreed was seeing all the great previews for all the other chick flicks coming to a theater near you soon!  In regards to Eat, Pray, Love, I read the book and (ate, prayed,) Loved it.  It's a quick read, and a true story.  Of course plot lines were squashed in order to fit into a film format, and a few changes to the story were made, but I liked them.  I think the differences from the book and the movie allowed it to flow and made a neater package of the storyline.  Bonuses are that the scenery is gorgeous, and Julia Roberts is one of my favorite actresses.

In case you don't know, Eat Pray Love is about a woman who goes off to find herself after a traumatic break-up and divorce. It was very fitting for me to see in my current season of life. Some parts of the movie were hard to watch as the resemblances to my own experiences were a little too close. Other parts were very encouraging though. Like I said, this theme just kept hitting me in the face all weekend!
One nit picky observation I will point out about the film is this: there is a fantastic scene during the Italy portion of the movie where Julia Roberts' character devours a plate of spaghetti . As she dives into her plate of pasta, immediately the sounds of Mozart's famous "Queen of the Night aria" from the Magic Flute begins. It's fast and furious, and the perfect background to a woman voraciously eating spaghetti, with one problem; The aria's in German. The scenery is Italian. I know I'm probably the only person in the theater who picked up on this fact, but in all the amazing Italian opera repertoire out there, the musical directors couldn't find a single piece of Italian opera music to use in this scene? At least they could have used a version of the Queen of the Night sung in Italian to keep the same ferocity of the music. Anyways, it's a picky observation, but as one who has sung opera and studied Italian, it annoyed me!!

By the time the movie was over, it was 12:30, and we were yawning and stretching walking out of the theater, agreeing on dashing any plans we might have had to go out. In front of us leaving the theater was a group of middle aged woman, who were also complaining about it being so late, and their being so tired. Steph, Argo, and I looked at each other and laughed, realizing we weren't too far from them!

After several bad takes, this cutsie pose with our hands clasped was one we could all agree on!
We stayed up until 2am, eating more, and looking at Argo's wedding pictures on dvd... this would be the LOVE portion of the weekend... as in, checking out the photos of the newlyweds in love, and the fact that I Love looking at other people's wedding pictures!  Sunday morning came too soon, but it was time for us working women to get on the road.  It was a quick trip, and a low key weekend, but just what the doctor ordered for me.  I ate.  I prayed.  I was loved.  Thanks Steph, Ashley, & Ellen for a great visit!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Time Out!

I can now say with confidence that we are in the throws of the Terrible Twos. (Please, Lord, let this be just a phase!)
Everything is a battle these days. The simplest request turns into a twenty minute challenge. We've been implementing time outs more stringently to try and curb the blatant disregard for following directions. Yesterday we caught Bradley putting his toys in time out, as is evident by the Fisher Price man who Bradley sat in a chair, and faced against the wall. Let's hope this role play means he's getting the message!!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

The Fairest of Them All

Yesterday we took advantage of the fair weather, and spent the late afternoon & evening at the Williamson County Fair.  Unfortunately, upon walking in, we realized that our free tickets were for NEXT Saturday, and thus we would have to pay the $6 fare to enter.  We asked the ticket people if they would honor the free tickets, but they weren't being fairy nice (work with me here on the puns) and said "no."
Here's our crew walking into the fairgrounds

I was so excited for Bradley to ride the kiddie rides.  I started off riding the carousel with him, and should have realized by my fair-skinned son's trepidation on this tame ride that the others were not going to be welcomed with grins.
One of the greatest aspects of the Williamson County Fair was that there were a fair amount of activities for the kids.  They had a really cute hands-on activity where the kids put on smocks and were given a basket to go through the different stations and 'pick' produce, 'feed' the animals, and 'sell' their stock in the market. 
Here, B is watering his corn that he just planted
posing with the fake cow
"milking" the cow
At the end, after "selling" their produce at the market, kids were given a fake dollar to "buy" something at the general store.  They were given the choice of an apple (pick the apple, Bradley!), animal crackers, a carton of milk (mmm, that apple sure does look tasty doesn't it?), or an ice cream sandwich.  Knowing me, and knowing my son, which one do you think Bradley chose???  He earned that ice cream sandwich fair & square.  We shuffled him through that exhibit and I know he didn't really know what was going on, but it sure made for some great photo ops!
Relaxing in the rocking chair with his "purchase"
Another great photo op:  my mother, the cow; my son, my little piggie; and my dad, the sunflower
Speaking of little piggies, Laura in particular, who has always had a fondness for pigs, was tickled pink at the sight of these petite porkers

Although I think B enjoyed petting this fair mare, I think he was more intrigued with the little girl holding the reigns!

THIS is what happened on Bradley's first (and only) venture on a carnival ride solo:

Sharp shooters:  George, Laura, & Dad try their hand at a game
Unless someone had a fairy godmother, they weren't going to win this game, with guns that shot erratically on purpose.  None of our three won a prize, as you can see their sheets here:
Of course we sampled the fried fare, but I was too thirsty to remember to take any pictures.  Laura & George each paid $9 for their unfairly-overpriced sandwiches.  I slurped down a fresh squeezed lemonade, and some fries, and mom shared her corndog with B.  I believe a combination of the sugar, fried food, and heat left us all feeling less than fair afterwards. 

Away to the Tilt-A-Whirl we went anyways.  The guys stood by & watched as we three ladies took a turn.  Literally.  We got our car spinning so fast the first go-around that we all thought we would be sick, much like the kids in our favorite movie The Sandbox, as mom said.  (She mixes up names of stuff a fair amount).
Later mom & I used up our last tickets and rode the fair favorite once again.

Laura & I rode another favorite, the Scrambler.  Lucky me, I got to be on the inside of the cart, getting squeezed and jolted with every turn.
Bradley tried his hand at fishing.  This is where I spotted the greatest That-Ain't-Right moment ever, but failed to catch the offense on film.  The lady working this game was on her cell phone, smoking a cigarette while my child and others fished for prizes.  She seemed neither convicted nor concerned about her atrocious actions, and we and other parents stood patiently with our children while she finished her smoke break and phone call so we could legitimately retrieve the prizes our kids had won.
B proudly displays the blue dog he picked out
We listened to some good bluegrass music, and apparently were treated to the national clogging champion, who improvised a little dance on stage.  I looked everywhere for TAR moments, but aside from these rednecks leaving the fairgrounds at the same time we were (please pay close attention to the shirt on the middle woman), there really was not that much fair fodder for the TAR blog; definitely not the abundance of gems that the Wilson County Fair offered.
What set the WCF apart for me was the air-conditioned arena where several displays were set up, including a live music stage (I do not include the live music as part of my accolades.... it sounded like bad kareoke), but also had plenty of picnic tables where patrons were able to enjoy their fair fare in the cool AC and, this is key, use indoor bathrooms!  THIS is what makes the Williamson County Fair in my mind, the fairest of them all!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Funny ha ha

I am finding lots of things to laugh about these days, and want to document them so I can remember, not that this will be the most inspired post anyone else would want to read, but oh well.

  • Bradley hit Stockwell the other night, then announced, "I go time out."  We all had to fight to keep straight faces.
  • After a family game night, I followed Laura & Mom into the kitchen, and left dad at the dining room table talking to himself.  As I heard him talking, I looked at mom and said, "who's he talking to?"  Immediately she peered in at him from the other room, and saw him looking around, talking to no one, and caught him in the act, of him realizing he was talking to himself.
  • Upon telling Bradley that I could not crawl through the tunnel, I was too big, his response was a very Steele Magnolias, "Of course you can."  I have no idea where he picked up that wording!
  • Yep, still a Mary Poppins lover, Bradley is now attempting to say "Supercalafragilisticexpialidocious."  Priceless.
  • B made me LOL one day last week with his idea of having "the chills"- he clenched his fists, and made a scared face that had me in stitches
  • This morning while reading the paper, Bradley looked at the Kohl's ad and announced they were having a sale.  We have a running joke in our family that Kohl's is Always running a sale.  I suppose Bradley has picked up on that.  Anyways, I asked him to repeat himself, and sure enough, Kohl's was having a sale!