Monday, September 26, 2011

Eat More Gator

I decided to delay Bradley's bed time on Saturday night and allow him to climb in bed with me and watch part of the Kentucky Florida game massacre.  Upon looking at the Gators' helmets, Bradley asked me why they had Chic-Fil-A on their heads!  It took me a split second to catch on to what he was seeing:

I have no idea how he knows what Chic-Fil-A's logo looks like by memory, but his comment cracked me up!

He wasn't really into watching the game (me neither, Bradley) so he kept asking me to turn back to "the hurricane."  There was a show on the weather channel about Hurricane Katrina.  A preschooler who's fascinated by hurricanes?  Yep, he's my kid, alright.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A tale of two trees

I found this picture of a tree.  How would you describe it?  Green-  leafy- alive?  Now what if I told you it was an apple tree?  What good is a barren apple tree?  What use is a tree bread to bear bruit that for whatever reason, doesn't?

I have pondered this question a lot lately in relation to my faith. 

There are a ton of verses in the Bible that mention our faith in relation to bearing fruit. Sure, the ultimate goal for us is to accept Christ as our savior, and in doing that, we become truly alive.  We are born into a new life that even death cannot take away, but once we reach that point, are we really living, or are we just green trees?  Sure, we may weather the seasons, and get our nutrients, and even grow some... but what if the purpose for which we were created was never fulfilled?  Christ may be our savior, but is He our Lord?  And if not, does that really matter?  I mean, our salvation is already assured, right?

When we become a Christian, we accept Jesus as our savior, but to allow Him to be Lord (master) of our lives, means we have to have a deeper relationship with Him; we have to nuture that relationship, feed it, prune it, and in other words, we have to bear fruit.

If we don't bear fruit, we are living a shadow of a life.  And I for one am tired of being a living, albeit barren, apple tree.  I'm ready to fulfill my destiny which God had in mind when He created me.  And I'll know when I get there. Galatians is pretty clear of the signs:

But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Shown at the right is the exact same apple tree.  I've got a ways to go.  I've already got a savior.  Now I need a Lord ... and maybe some apple pie a la mode.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bathing in the Bible

While reading Bradley stories from his children's Bible tonight, we got to the story of Jesus' baptism. Is it Big Jesus' bath time, he asked?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blogging from work

This is a test.  It is only a test. 
I'm trying this new Blogger gadget that will hopefully allow me to blog via email from work (or anywhere else, for that matter) by sending an email.  Yes, I know, "Welcome to the 21st century, Mr. Banks."  This technology's been available, but I don't have smart phone, and blogging sites are blocked at work.  I could accomplish a whole lot more on my lunch hour if they'd unblock those sites... I'd also probably waste a lot more time at work.
So here goes my test... aaaannnnd, SEND!

Monday, September 19, 2011

The crazy Honeybadgers

Two Saturdays ago marked the first soccer game of the season.  Bradley's team is the delightfully inapproriately-named Honeybadgers!  I re-watched the notorious viral video on YouTube again, and came up with a few G-rated Honeybadger quotes-turned-captions to go with a few pictures:

"The Honeybadgers just run all over the place"

"Oh the honeybadgers are just Ca-Razy!"

"Honeybadgers don't care- they just takes what they wants"

"Oooh look they're chasing things!"

According to Randall, the Honeybadger is the most fearless animal in all the animal kingdom according to the Guiness Book of World Records, and the most fearless team in all of 3 and 4 year old YMCA soccer, I posture.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Looking at the world through rose-colored corneas

Getting pink eye as a senior in high school after making out with a hot trumpet player?  Totally worth it.

Getting pink eye from who-knows-where as an adult, missing two days of work, and being out a lot of money from multiple prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs, and walk-in clinic visits?  Mmmm, not so much.

I couldn't even enjoy my days off and go anywhere because a) I didn't know if I was contagious, and b) I was afraid people would start throwing garlic at me because I had vampire-red eyes.

Tomorrow will make a week that I've been plagued by the pink eye.  At least I am back to work and functioning for the most part.

I stand my by declaration that pink eye is the only thing on this planet that I detest.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

First soccer practice

So here we are finally... day one of what I anticipate the rest of my life looking like- embracing the role of soccer mom, taking B to practices and games for his various sporting activities!  While it's true, I love sports, I of course will let him explore as many different activities as possible and allow him to choose things that interest him. 

 About a month ago, I was clueless as to what a 3 year old playing soccer would entail.  I thought Bradley could wear tennis shoes.  Now I am educated and a few dollars poorer, as I have sought the advice from the other trailblazing soccer moms who've come before me, and we are now the proud owners of: 
  • a size 3 soccer ball (does the size of the ball purposely coordinate with the age of the players?  I have no idea.)
  • shin guards (to be worn UNDER the socks- don't laugh- I had to ask!)
  • long soccer socks.  B now has a favorite color- orange, so he chose bright orange socks.  I decided his desire to have his favorite color socks far outweighed my hesitance that orange wouldn't really "go" with much.
  • Soccer cleats, size 8.  Most kids soccer cleats I found start at size 10.  After a long search we found these, and now I'll be taking them back and hopefully getting a size 9.  After complaining about them during practice today, B played the last few minutes sans cleats.
But how adorable is he, all ready to go to his first soccer practice today? 

Practice wasn't a total fail, but it certainly wasn't what I'd envisioned either.  My cautious child is going to take a while to warm up to these new people, and this new routine.  While Coach Lindsay introduced herself to the boys, and did some basic drills and instruction, B stood hesitantly by my side.  Here, the team is doing jumping jacks while Bradley watched from afar.
Not interested...

We're getting closer...

He was hot.  He was tired.  He wanted to go.  All these excuses I dismissed.  No way were we giving up after 5 minutes!  I finally had to put the camera down and walk B over to where everyone was and do my best to encourage him to participate, which he finally did (in his socks there at the end)!  So it ended on a high note.  I really do think he'll like playing soccer, but after seeing how this first practice went today, I can only imagine what chaos the first game next Saturday will ensue!

Our after-practice thoughts (and no, he's not sunburned, his face just gets that pink from being hot.)