Saturday, September 03, 2011

First soccer practice

So here we are finally... day one of what I anticipate the rest of my life looking like- embracing the role of soccer mom, taking B to practices and games for his various sporting activities!  While it's true, I love sports, I of course will let him explore as many different activities as possible and allow him to choose things that interest him. 

 About a month ago, I was clueless as to what a 3 year old playing soccer would entail.  I thought Bradley could wear tennis shoes.  Now I am educated and a few dollars poorer, as I have sought the advice from the other trailblazing soccer moms who've come before me, and we are now the proud owners of: 
  • a size 3 soccer ball (does the size of the ball purposely coordinate with the age of the players?  I have no idea.)
  • shin guards (to be worn UNDER the socks- don't laugh- I had to ask!)
  • long soccer socks.  B now has a favorite color- orange, so he chose bright orange socks.  I decided his desire to have his favorite color socks far outweighed my hesitance that orange wouldn't really "go" with much.
  • Soccer cleats, size 8.  Most kids soccer cleats I found start at size 10.  After a long search we found these, and now I'll be taking them back and hopefully getting a size 9.  After complaining about them during practice today, B played the last few minutes sans cleats.
But how adorable is he, all ready to go to his first soccer practice today? 

Practice wasn't a total fail, but it certainly wasn't what I'd envisioned either.  My cautious child is going to take a while to warm up to these new people, and this new routine.  While Coach Lindsay introduced herself to the boys, and did some basic drills and instruction, B stood hesitantly by my side.  Here, the team is doing jumping jacks while Bradley watched from afar.
Not interested...

We're getting closer...

He was hot.  He was tired.  He wanted to go.  All these excuses I dismissed.  No way were we giving up after 5 minutes!  I finally had to put the camera down and walk B over to where everyone was and do my best to encourage him to participate, which he finally did (in his socks there at the end)!  So it ended on a high note.  I really do think he'll like playing soccer, but after seeing how this first practice went today, I can only imagine what chaos the first game next Saturday will ensue!

Our after-practice thoughts (and no, he's not sunburned, his face just gets that pink from being hot.)

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Rachel said...

Bradley is on Mason's friend, Camden's team. He is the one in the red shirt and sunglasses Camden's mommy's name is Amy and she so sweet and one of my good friends . You need to meet her. I am so sad we couldn't get Mason in. Tell Coach Lindsey that if she has an opening we'll jump right in!