Thursday, February 28, 2008

Breaking the news about Wind

Contrary to the popular belief of most males, girls fart. Some of us are more liberal and forward in our sharing than others, but it does happen. I've always been in the school of thought that promotes the "hold it in, we all win" philosophy. I won't fart in public, in front of guys, and rarely in front of my family. Farts belong in the bathroom on the toilet. In fact, I can't believe I'm actually writing about this here for all the world to see, but there's something about pregnancy that makes you much less self-conscious that you used to be! I hop on scales, pee in cups, talk openly about my female issues, and eat as much as I want to without consideration that I look like a heifer. I also have terrible gas right now as a side effect of the pregnancy!

It's become a running joke with Brian and my family because I make no apologies about the fact that I am passing gas quite frequently these days. Everyone laughs when I do because it is so out of character for prim and proper me, who months ago, would have shuddered at the thought of posting the word "fart" in a blog. I still hate the word, but call it whatever cutesy name you can come up with, but a fart is still a fart, and it's a disgusting-but-natural part of life! It's also a very common side effect of pregnancy!

Today I chanced a silent one at my desk, then realized in horror that if I could smell it, those around me probably could too! I hope no one was the wiser, but I think I'll stick to my original mantra of "hold it in, we all win" while in public places, or else make a mad dash to the ladies' room until this phase passes (pun intended).

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

the pics heard round the world

Just what you've all been waiting for! Click here for the link to our wedding pics!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

And the academy award for best dressed goes to...

My post ripping the poor actors to shreds for their bad fashion choices was getting too long so I opted to do another, shorter post for the few glammed up gals that I gave a thumbs up to.

My favorite lady hands down was Mrs. Josh Kelley! Katherine Heigl, like so many of Hollywood's finest, chose a one-shouldered number, but unlike most of her peers, she coordinated it with appropriate makeup, classic hollywood hair, jewells, and clutch. Yay, stylist, for putting this Grey star in a hot fire engine red!

Another lady who I haven't read a single thing about since the awards was Mrs. John Travolta. Kelly deserves a lot of credit here for pulling off this tangerine gown in a fresh, glowing, yet age-appropriate way! I think she looks stunning.

Call me cliche, but I think last year's best actress winner for "The Queen" Helen Miren looks positively regal in this satin ruby gown with sparkley sleeves. And love her or hate her,

Penelope Cruz always seems dead-on with her understated ensembles. The gal can pull off classy if anyone can.
Okay, that's it on my vain obession with Oscar fashion! More to come on the whirwind life of this Diva soon!

when bad fashion happens to good actors

I know, I know, it's been forever since I've blogged! There's so much to do, and so little time to do it all. The other stories can wait. Right now I need my Oscar fashion opinions out there for the world to agree with. I am a devoted follower of the Oscars each year, and try to manage to see the big movies nominated. That didn't so much happen this year, but it doesn't mean I can't be a catty girl and comment on the outfits and hairstyles our stars sported. I mean, come on, it's only the biggest PR event these actors and actresses have for an entire year, and it's their chance to get all glammed out with no expenses spared. So that said, were our little starlets on a fashion budget this year, scrimping on jewells, hairstyles, and boring cheaper gowns?

See example A: Cameron Diaz forgot her makeup AND her bling, and I hope to goodness she didn't pay a stylist to tame her tresses! I've heard the rainy weather was wreacking havoc on all the ladies 'dos, but this was just ridiculous. See examples B and C, Jennifer Garner and Ellen Page. Both are sporting the same undone, hair in the face, growing-out bangs. Somebody please get these gals some bobby pins!

Anne Hathaway took a big fashion risk with this crimsom number. From what I've read she's appeared on both the best and worst dressed lists. Like so many ladies this year, she opted for a one-shouldered gown, but unlike most of them, hers featured a hideous swath of material flowers across the boddess, and this weird drapey off the shoulder accent. I'm not a fan. Even her big doe-y eyes can't distract me from a fashion disaster when I spot one.

Speaking of other controversial red-carpet dos and don'ts, Heidi Klum looked smashing in this bright red dress, but she accented it with hot pink earings and clutch! Isn't she the poster girl for fashion with Project Runway? At what point did it become fashionably daring to mix cupid's colors?? Now you know I'm a sucker for pink, but not at the expense of ruining my amazing red (carpet) ensemble. Go back to fashion school Heidi... carry on, people!

Hollywood's worst dressed couple had a new winner erm-Loser- this year. Usually reserved for Johnny Depp and his quasi-wife, This year Best Actor winner Daniel Day Lewis takes the honors with his red piped tuxedo jacket and Brown (yes brown!) lace up boots, and his wife's choice is Cher-meets-my-Christmas-presents, and is straight outta the 80's!

And finally (you knew I saved the best for last!) My Best, Worst Dressed Actress is none other than Tilda Swinson, aka the snow queen from the Chronic(what?)cles of Narnia. She merits 2 pictures because she's just that jaw dropping, and not in the good way. The hair is bad (as if she didn't look androgynous anyways?), no feminine jewels, and ohmygosh, I want to attack her with an eyeliner pencil so bad it's not funny!! The shapeless gown with way too much material is reminiscent of Missy Elliot's outfit in the Fly video from way back when. Aka, Tilda put on a garbage bag, combed her hair back with some Dep gel, smoothed some moisterizer into her face apparently.

Friday, February 15, 2008

last minute shout out from Miss Bradley

Guess the fact that I woke up at 4:30 am and haven't been able to go back to sleep lets me know the big day is approaching soon. Tomorrow at noon I will trade in my old last name (or passing it onto my son in a few months) and become Mrs. Amanda Lynn Vilendrer (it's like "blender" but with a "vuh" in front of it!). I never thought this day would come, but planning the event in a frenzied 38 days, it couldn't get here soon enough. Today's the day of girlie stuff as everyone gets into town and we have our nails done and put all the flower bouquets together- hot pink roses- what else??

So why am I blogging this morning when I have a million other things to do? I'm hyped up from the lack of sleep and caffeine (yep, I cheated and had coffee)... but the nail salon is calling my name, and I have to go get ready. The next time I blog on here, I will be a WIFE! :o)

and ps, yes, I did totally jinx Kentucky by blogging about our 5 wins in a row and then suffering the 2nd worst loss ever to Vanderbilt. It wasn't even embarassing so much as it made me speechless. But I take full responsibility for our loss. Sorry, Cats. Better luck tomorrow.

Monday, February 11, 2008

searching for Atonement of my own

Tadders and I went to see Atonement last week, and I am still wrestling internally with this film. I always like to make a point to see the movies nominated for Oscars, even though I'm way behind on that this year. I'd love anyone else's take on the movie if you've seen it though, because my first reaction that night was, okay, that was seriously depressing. The thing that stood out most to me about Atonement was that there was not a single likeable character in the entire movie; everyone is flawed, everyone is human, and my Gosh, Keira Knightly needs to eat something! She is tee-tiny to the anorexic degree.

I'm supposed to read this book for book club but don't know when I'll get around to completing the novel (or begin it for that matter, given the current circumstances of life!) so if there is anyone who has already read the book and can vouch for its validity and worthwhileness, I'm willing to listen.

What bothers me most of all is that I am still mulling over this film almost a week later- a film that has disturbed me so much, even though I claim to not have liked it. Does that make any sense at all?

Don't step on my Big Blue suede shoes

Really, I've been waiting for the other shoe to drop. I've said nary a word on here about Kentucky basketball this season because our preseason was so abysmal, and I had low expectations for this year's team. (Well, relatively low- any die hard UK fan believes deep down that their team will win the ncaa tournament every year, and is thoroughly disapointed if this doesn't manifest.)

I'm afraid I'm jinxing UK but I can't help myself- we have now won 5 in a row, and are about to play Vanderbilt again tomorrow, a team we fought tooth and nail for a win the first time around this season. Maybe Billy G is finally hitting his stride? True, our wins haven't been the "typical Kentucky" wins that fans prefer- the blow outs where UK outscores their opponents easily and the question of "will we win this game" never surfaces- but still, a win is a win, and for a team fighting for its rightful place in the tournament of March Madness at all, we'll take it!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Feeling like Ash this Wednesday

Lent begins today. I'm giving up smoking, alcohol, caffeine in large doses, soft cheeses, and cold lunch meat. That's right, those are all the things I've given up already for the joy of having Baby Bradley rumbling in my tumbly. I figured Jesus understood my plight.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday

The very first phone call I took this morning was from a lady speaking in a foreign tongue that I could not place. Three times I replied with Ma'am, I'm sorry I can't understand you... Having taken several different foreign languages in school, I'm no dummy when it comes to identifying something other than my native tongue, but this morning I couldn't even asertain what language of "englese" to request to her, and so finally she replied with "okay bye" and hung up.

Now hear me out. I have no problem with people immigrating to America to live and work, but dad gummit, if you're gonna live here, learn to speak the language! Keep your own culture and language for your own preservation, but if you choose to live in another country, you must be able to communicate with its citizens.

This is why it's important to get out there and vote so that the issues that matter to you can be handled by someone you deem worthy of handling them with your vote. It's super Tuesday, people. Go make your voice heard... in English, preferably.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

The SuperBlog

For the first time ever, we're blogging in real time during the Super Bowl. Stay tuned into your webpages here for up-to-the minute commentary on pre-game, commercials, half time entertainment, and the game itself


My family and I were delighted to catch the 4th annual Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet! Much more entertaining than the talking heads, the Puppy Bowl is a football-field -decorated play area where puppies of all breeds run around and play together. Referees come in from time to time and throw penalty flags for unsportsmanlike conduct and make puppy substitution, and you can vote online for your Puppy Bowl MVP!


Performed by Jordan Sparks, last year's American Idol... sounded good, but she obviously was singing along with a pre-recorded track of herself. I get so tired of hearing people lip sync just so it will sound better. Whatever happened to real-live performances? I was way more interested in her black-tipped french manicure that complimented her sleek black dress.

Only a few minutes till kick-off, and to clarify my stance on the great quarterback debate, Eli Manning is just precious- I look at him and just want to pinch his cheeks! Tom Brady on the other hand is more of a man's man, and I'd like to pinch his (ahem) Other Cheeks ;o)


5:37pm... 2 Patriots injured already, Manning's already made a few completions. The first commercial break was dull- a fire-breathing cat-allergic bud light one, and an homage to the Godfather in an Audi commercial... yawn. We have already decided that we hate the robot graphic that Fox is using for every break.

6:02pm- the Giants scored first with a field goal, but the Patriots retalliated at the end of the first quarter with a TD of their own. We all agree the gray pants for both teams are lackluster. Noteworthy commercials so far were the Diet Pepsi Max one with Chris Katan and the Night at the Roxbury "what is love song," and the Bridgestone tire one with all the animals screaming.


Pats lead 7-3 despite Tom Brady getting sacked 3 times already. The Giants' defense is all over him like white on rice. The Justin Timberlake pepsi commercial was amusing, but my new favorite was the t-mobile one with Charles Barkley and Dwayne Wade. Stay tuned for Tom Petty's half-time show review.

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers- For a bunch of old white guys, they had good crowd appeal and sounded great. Much better than last year's Prince escapade. A pretty no frills half time show- just good music, and a bunch of jumping football fans trying to get on tv.

8:59pm- well, after we here in the Bradley household thought the Patriots had sealed the deal, but with 35 seconds to go, Eli Manning connected with Plaxico Burress to go up 17-14. This has been a low-scoring, relatively boring game thus far, and just got good here at the end. I will be happy no matter who wins- I'd like to see Eli follow in big brother's footsteps, but it would also be a feat to see the Patriots complete the elusive perfect season.

9:03pm. Holy Crap- the Giants have just won the Superbowl and beaten the unbeatable New England Patriots!


Boring commercials, boring game... but a great upset finish to the 42nd Superbowl. The Manning brothers get back to back Superbowl wins. This is is your official Diva blogger, signing off!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Manning vs. Brady

Say it isn't so- the end of football season fast approaches! With little to be excited about in the way of Kentucky basketball this year, I hate to see the end of the Saturday gridiron, but I also don't want to count my chickens before they hatch. No use in mourning the end of a season before the main event arrives, right? That's right kids- this Sunday is the apex of NFL, the Superbowl of course!
Why do we love it, even if we hate the sport (are there really those of you out there who protest against pigskin?)

We love it because it's an excuse to eat crap food and get together for parties. It's entertaining to watch all the new commercials, and use the usually-dull game to discuss the commercial breaks. And who can forget Nipplegate?? (I know where I was when I watched that- do you?) Plus, it's interesting to see if the Patriots can actually go undefeated this season, thereby breaking the all-time record set by the Dolphins way back when, and HELLO, it's at least 4 solid hours of enjoying Eye Candy with Studmuffin Tom Brady (watch to see if he will play with the injured shoulder/ankle/ego!! and Cutie-patootie Eli Manning (you're not as personable as your older brother Peyton, but you've got the aww-shucks appeal and southern boy charm so we like you anyways). What's not to like??

The girls at Go Fug Yourself have really said it best with their article comparing the strenths and weakness of each QB, and we ain't talkin' bout completion rate, folks! Read and enjoy, and have a cold one for me on Sunday as you watch the main sporting event in America!