Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday

The very first phone call I took this morning was from a lady speaking in a foreign tongue that I could not place. Three times I replied with Ma'am, I'm sorry I can't understand you... Having taken several different foreign languages in school, I'm no dummy when it comes to identifying something other than my native tongue, but this morning I couldn't even asertain what language of "englese" to request to her, and so finally she replied with "okay bye" and hung up.

Now hear me out. I have no problem with people immigrating to America to live and work, but dad gummit, if you're gonna live here, learn to speak the language! Keep your own culture and language for your own preservation, but if you choose to live in another country, you must be able to communicate with its citizens.

This is why it's important to get out there and vote so that the issues that matter to you can be handled by someone you deem worthy of handling them with your vote. It's super Tuesday, people. Go make your voice heard... in English, preferably.


Mary Anna said...

Maybe it was one of the McDoogals...

Anonymous said...

she probably thinks she placed an order. now, thanks to you, some small yugoslavian-greek orthodox church isn't going to get their easter music. good job, bradley.

-Beth- said...

Amen sister! try living in texas! they really think they don't need english cause they're so close to home! ha!

And a/b the customer... had to be from CALI. I think I know her... :)