Friday, February 01, 2008

Manning vs. Brady

Say it isn't so- the end of football season fast approaches! With little to be excited about in the way of Kentucky basketball this year, I hate to see the end of the Saturday gridiron, but I also don't want to count my chickens before they hatch. No use in mourning the end of a season before the main event arrives, right? That's right kids- this Sunday is the apex of NFL, the Superbowl of course!
Why do we love it, even if we hate the sport (are there really those of you out there who protest against pigskin?)

We love it because it's an excuse to eat crap food and get together for parties. It's entertaining to watch all the new commercials, and use the usually-dull game to discuss the commercial breaks. And who can forget Nipplegate?? (I know where I was when I watched that- do you?) Plus, it's interesting to see if the Patriots can actually go undefeated this season, thereby breaking the all-time record set by the Dolphins way back when, and HELLO, it's at least 4 solid hours of enjoying Eye Candy with Studmuffin Tom Brady (watch to see if he will play with the injured shoulder/ankle/ego!! and Cutie-patootie Eli Manning (you're not as personable as your older brother Peyton, but you've got the aww-shucks appeal and southern boy charm so we like you anyways). What's not to like??

The girls at Go Fug Yourself have really said it best with their article comparing the strenths and weakness of each QB, and we ain't talkin' bout completion rate, folks! Read and enjoy, and have a cold one for me on Sunday as you watch the main sporting event in America!

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