Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Howl-oween costumes

Click HERE to see some chosen CNN viewers' pets dressed up in their Halloween costumes. And of course, as our favorite man about town used to always say, there's always a Nashville connection (Brad About You, we miss you in the Tennesseean! Please come back- Heather Byrd doesn't know what she's talking about) - anyways, Number 6 is Archer J, the dog-nephew of my BF Heather. I must admit though, Number 2 dressed up like Don King is my favorite. I feel sorry for the animals, but boy are they cute!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

a diva halloween

I enjoyed the lovely fall weather today (yes, that's right, I said it ... it was a gorgeous fall day in TN) by carving pumpkins over at the Franklin branch of Chateau Bradley with Laura.

I had planned carefully what I wanted to carve this year- a sassy diva pumpkin with full lips, and eyes sculpted with arched brows and big lashes- a pumpkin worthy of her picture to be posted on this blog. (Hey, if a girl can't spend all year planning what she wants to be for Halloween anymore, at least she can map out the details of her prospective jack-o-lantern in advance!)

Laura haphazardly created and carved, and came up with a delightfully silly creation, complete with protruding nose! Here we are with our finished products, that will likely get smashed by the mischievous children of Franklin on all Hallow's Eve.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

meal mix-up

After my shopping stint last night I headed over to Basil, an Asian bistro where I was meeting Natalie, Em, and some of their visiting college friends for dinner. I am hardly ever on time anywhere, and almost never early, but at 6:55 I decided to head on inside to meet my friends for our 7 o'clock dinner. It's not a big restaurant, but I did glance around the bistro before approaching the hostess, just to make sure the others hadn't arrived yet. "I'm meeting a group of people," I said, and the hostess acknowledged that we already had a table, and asked would I like to go ahead and sit down? "Sure," I replied, as she led me to an open 8-person table in the corner of the restaurant. I engrossed myself in the menu, reading all about the different kinds of sake. A few minutes later, the other 5 girls showed up.

As we were settling in, talking about our days, Emily announced that a few other people who were 'maybes' for dinner weren't coming after all, so we had 2 extra seats at our table. Then one of the girls thanked me for getting us a table so we didn't have to wait. I had a sinking feeling as I responded, I didn't get us a table, I thought you did, looking at Natalie. I had assumed, incorrectly, that someone from our group had called ahead, and the Basil hostess had been more than accommodating to make me think that as well.

We started to laugh as we realized our mistake, and as I was the first one to arrive, I felt responsible for the mix-up. We couldn't in good conscience just waltz in and take someone else's table, so I headed back up to the hostess stand to straighten things out. As she confirmed the last name of the table's party, and it didn't match with any one of ours, she gawked helplessly at me as I explained the misunderstanding. What ensued made me speechless though. Not only were we expected to give up our table, for a party of 8 that hadn't even arrived (and it was well after 7 o'clock at this time), I was told there were no other tables and the wait would be "a long time." That's all she would tell me. Miss Basil hostess wasn't accommodating to us at all! I couldn't believe she would rather a party of 6 walk out of the restaurant after doing the honest thing and confessing our mistake, rather than finding a solution to an embarrassing situation. So be it. We 6 gals humbly gathered up our belongings and proceeded down the road for a lovely dinner at Jasmine, a nearby Thai restaurant.

the price Gap

I had some time to kill last night before dinner, and I had a Gap $20 gift certificate to use that expires at the end of this month, so I drove Warren over to the Galleria and meandered through the Gap with money to burn. To me Gap has never the place to go to buy trendy clothes- that would be Express, or H&M (if Nashville were blessed to have one) but I'm okay with that. I rely on Gap for old standards- jeans, fitted t-shirts, basic sweaters, and such. But somewhere along the way they've fallen out of the basics and hopped onto the trendy train, bringing their skyrocketing prices with them. A pair of jeans looked like a reasonable purchase enough yesterday, but at the $60 price tag, I'd rather spend a little extra and buy another pair of the Lucky Jeans that I Love. A classic dress to wear to work and church is no longer a smart buy at $80 a pop, and my favorite, the stretchy gold ballet flats that were probably made for under $2 in a sweatshop, were marked up to a ridiculous $40.

I settled on 4 basic long sleeved fitted ts, my old fall and winter layering standby, and paid $43 dollars for the lot, and was still disgusted. Gap, I have loved you for a long time, but when did it become shameful to sell basic (but not necessarily boring) clothes at prices the average American can afford?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Slightly deflated but never deterred

It's taken me a few days to gather my pride and get over last week's loss after all the hype. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'd rather beat Florida than Tennessee. The rivalry has grown to something huge in football and basketball among Kentucky & Florida, and it stinks that even though we were ranked higher and had home field advantage, we were still predicted to lose, and what's worse, the predictions were right.

Never fear, Wildcat fans. Our QB is still in Heisman contention, and we have the possibility of winning out the rest of the season (and that shining chance to finish the year beating the Vols!)

Tune in this Saturday to see the Kentucky Wildcats dominate Miss. St.

Friday, October 19, 2007

ESPN College Game Day

Verbatim from my alumni email: ESPN’s College GameDay will be on Kentucky’s campus this weekend for the matchup between seventh-ranked Kentucky and 15th-ranked Florida. It is the first time the network has sent its signature college football show to Lexington. ESPN has chosen the northwest side of the William T. Young Library (facing Rose Street) for its College GameDay set location. ESPN will go live from Lexington Friday for a short segment around 5 p.m. College GameDay is scheduled for Saturday from 10 a.m.-noon.
Kentucky and Florida square off Saturday at 3:30 p.m., in a nationally-televised contest on CBS. It is Kentucky’s second-straight week on CBS, following the Cats’ 43-37, triple-overtime win over then-No. 1 LSU last Saturday.
Fans with Commonwealth Stadium parking permits are encouraged to walk to the library from the stadium. Fans without stadium parking permits may park in Parking Structure #2, which is accessed from Hilltop Avenue.ESPN’s College GameDay Built by The Home Depot is hosted by Chris Fowler with analysis from Lee Corso, Kirk Herbstreit and Desmond Howard. This year will mark the 21st season of college football coverage by College GameDay with 14 of those years being on the campus of college football's top game of the week.

Studio for Sale

Please sir, won't you come and buy my (dad's) studio? There is room for all; ample space to record. Please sir, for just tuppins you can buy a little piece of history in Nashville's recording business. Why would you continue to record your albums in home studios when you can have the real deal? Come now and buy, and enjoy the professional atmosphere so many before you have enjoyed. Do not continue to starve yourself on low-quality, low-budget music. We will wait. There is room for you. In fact, there are 2 rooms for you, studios A & B. Extra, extra, read all about it in the city paper.