Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Bedder title could not be found

Bed medicine... the good, the bed, the ugly... In spite of everything, not doing so bed... or how about this one:  a Really Bed pun!  Ha ha.  I amuse myself at least.  I've spent the past few weeks not blogging, and this is the best I can come up with?  A story about my mattress and bed frame?  Yep.  Sorry, not all the glamour and pictures you had hoped for.  But here I sit, typing away when I should be sleeping.  That will come back to bite me in the rear when Bradley wakes up at 2am wanting to eat.  But oh well.

So long story short:  the Bradley family curse for bad luck has followed me to Florida.  But you didn't come here to read the short story, so here we go.

Last summer Brian bought a new bed.  It was supposedly a full/queen size bed.  He also bought a full-sized mattress and boxed springs.  The length matched up, but on either side of the bed was a gap of an inch or two.  One day, Brian knew that one of us would lose our balance and step through the gap breaking an ankle or worse.  I can only assume this inevitable accident would have been mine.  Fast forward to this past weekend when Brian fell asleep with a cup of lemon water in his hands, and spilled the entire contents on our bed.  Since then I have tried and tried to soak up the water and the stains, and the more crap I spray and blot onto our mattress, the worse it smells, and the dampness remains.  For days now we have awoke to damp sheets and damp pajamas.  Daily I wash our musty damp sheets, and daily I clean and blot the mattress.  Nothing has worked, and our foul-smelling mattress appears to be ruined.  

Turns out in the middle of our dilemma, our neighbor Paul has a brand-new Queen sized mattress and boxed spring he is selling.  Brian and I decide to buy this to fit our queen sized bed and kill two birds with one stone- get rid of the gap in between the bed and the mattress, and get rid of the stinky wet mattress.  Tonight Brian brings over the new mattress, and of course it doesn't fit.  "Why can't anything be simple?" Brian laments, but the feeling is all too familiar to me- the Bradley curse has followed me here.  

3 measly inches too short are our current bed rails.  Apparently the furniture store sold us incorrect bed rails last summer?  Or the furniture company itself makes irregular sized beds?  (doubtful)... so I emailed the company to find out about the possibility of acquiring new rails in the correct length, and of course the store where Brian bought the bed is no longer in business, making a transaction with them impossible.   There is also a store in Pensacola that sells this brand of furniture, but they were closed when we called.  That's on tomorrow's to-do list.

So as of right now, we have one boxed spring, one stinky mattress, and one footboard outside on our patio, and we have one queen sized mattress and boxed spring and one freestanding headboard inside.  The predicament now is, we just replaced our better quality yet ruined mattress for a newer one, now must we replace our bed frame as well?

Brian got so frustrated in the midst of the storm tonight that he proclaimed he was going to bed.  "Do you not see the irony and humor in that?" I called in to him from the other room.  He was not so amused.  

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bradley babbling

Here it is- my first attempt at a video blog post.  This is a very rudimentary film, taken with my digital camera.  (Yes, we bought a real video camera, but I'm technologically challenged and don't know how to upload video from it yet, so this is as good as it gets for now.)

staying at home... and barely leaving the house

5 1/2 weeks into it, and you'd think I had this whole mommy/wife thing down to a science!  Ha!  Boy would you be wrong!  A more accurate picture of day to life at home is "what can I get done in the few precious hours that Bradley is sleeping?"  Most days I choose between internet, phone calls, and house work, so all those emails and blogging I planned on doing daily is right up there with the chores around the house that I struggle to accomplish as well.  Many days I don't even leave the house, and when I do, it's an exciting errand like returning a movie to Blockbuster, or going to the grocery store (that was for you Ari), my favorite place in the world (NOT) to scrounge up something for dinner.  Anyways, all that to say, I have NOT fallen off the face of the planet, and no, I'm not living it up at the beach every day (still have yet to dip my feet in the ocean, but we're counting down the days).  I'm at home, learning how to make this stay-at-home mom thing work.  For those of you who have been asking, here are some of the newest pics of Bradley:

This last one is my favorite- he seems to be saying "heeyyy!"  I have yet to capture a smile on film, but I promise they're there.  Bradley really is a happy baby, he just concentrates a lot.  And by concentrate, I of course mean "poops his pants."  Smiling photos coming soon!

Friday, July 11, 2008

4th of July

You look like this... and it makes me want a hotdog real bad.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

One Month recap

Bradley turned one month old on July 7th- I can't believe how quickly time has passed!  He definitely doesn't look like a newborn anymore, but he's still pretty tiny.  So far he is more alert during the hours he is awake during the day (and unfortunately, the night), he holds his head up, and is starting to pay more and more attention to his surroundings.  If he knows his name, or recognizes me and Brian as his parents yet, he hasn't let us know.  Brian swears Bradley smiled at him twice today so I spent the morning trying to get Bradley to do it again with no such luck, and Brian doesn't believe me that Bradley rolled over (twice!) at 3 weeks of age.  While our little angel is napping in his crib I figured this would be a great time to post some new pictures- enjoy!
Grandma Anna meets Bradley for the first time!

Bradley loves his aunt Sarah
He loves his Boppy pillow!

4th of July- sleeping through fireworks

He's starting to pay attention to his surroundings- here he is watching the mobile over his swing

Sunday, July 06, 2008


It's funny how once you have a child, suddenly you see the world with a new set of eyes- the eyes of a mother.  We set off fireworks in front of our house on the 3rd, and the entire time I could not relax because I worried about a stray rocket coming Bradley's way.  Same thing with the night of the 4th when we were in a park in Pensacola to watch their fireworks show, and people throughout the crowd were setting off their own fireworks before the show began!  The entire time I was on guard, ready to dash in front of any rogue roman candle that was headed towards Bradley's carrier.

This morning in church I had a little different experience seeing the world with my new mother-vision.  We closed the worship set with "In Christ Alone" (finally!  a song I, along with the rest of the congregation, knew!).  I've sung that song a thousand times before.  I love it, and its words speak powerfully to me, but today a few lines stood out to me in a way they never have before:

In Christ alone who took on flesh, fullness of God in helpless babe

As I looked down at sleeping Bradley in his carrier (we have an angel child by the way, and I'm not just saying that because I'm his mom- he really is that good of a baby that every time we take him out, he sleeps peacefully in his carrier no matter where we are!), anyways, as I gazed lovingly at my son, it occurred to me for the first time what it really meant for Christ to come and surrender himself to becoming an infant, dependent on his earthly parents for every need when He himself was the savior of the world.  Immediately I became humble as I thought of all the care it takes for me to meet Bradley's every day needs, and how Jesus entered into this world and gave up his role as King and Lord so He could live a mortal life from beginning to end in the perfect sinless way to lead us by example.  He didn't have to do that, but it was Christ alone who chose to take on flesh and become a helpless babe for us, for me, for you.

Talk about being humbled!  I was... I am.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

a drip to wallyworld

I have officially experienced one of the rites of passages that every mom inevitably goes through- the purchase of the"Mom swimsuit."  Yesterday I braved (the) Walmart alone with Bradley in search of a "fat girl swimsuit," not knowing what our 4th of July weekend plans held, but certain of the fact that should our plans include water, that I was not yet slim enough to fit into one of my regular swimsuits.  So, to Walmart I went.  Bradley was an angel and slept in his carseat in the basket the entire time while I shopped around and settled on 3 suits to try on.

Once in the dressing room, things got a little hairy.  It's not that the suits didn't fit- well, one of them did anyways- a hot pink halter top and skirted bottom tankini-  it's just that, shall we say in between suits, I gasped in horror as I realized I was leaking onto the dressing room floor from the chestal area.  Given that I doubt any Walmart shopper would appreciate my lactation expertise, I tried to stopper the drips while simultaneously grabbing my nursing bra.  I realized the humor in the situation but was completely grossed out at the time! (probably like you the reader are now!)  (who knew those things had such a mind of their own, right?)  All I could do was gather my things, try to duck out of the dressing room, and hope that no one noticed the puddle I left behind!  I mustered every ounce of dignity that I had, casually placing the skirted tankini Mom-suit in my basket and speeding away from the dressing room area before someone could blame me for them slipping in a pool of vitamin D goodness.  All in the day of a life of this diva mom!