Sunday, September 30, 2007

Do a little dance

Okay, I know I said I was going to use the other blog to record stories here, but this one's just too funny not to blog about. I was brought up Southern Baptist, but this morning I got in touch with my pentecostal roots.
South African voltage runs on a 220 voltage system, versus the American 120. The plug shapes are different as well, so in order to use your curling irons and other hair appliances, one must use an adapter. Things were going fine and good this morning, my hair was dried, my curling iron was plugged in. I quickly turned the ends of my hair under and got ready to unplug my iron in order for the next person to be able to use the adapter, and low and behold I got the shock of a lifetime! I felt the jolt of electricity (or the Holy Sprirt perhaps) run through my body and I quickly dropped the offensive curling iron. "yall didn't know you were gonna get to see me dance this morning, did you?" I asked. We all had a good laugh and joked about my apparent Pentecostal roots. Trust me, I'm fine, but my left hand does still feel funny.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

The eagle has landed

Hey kids, this is your resident diva, blogging all the way from the southern hempisphere! We are just now settling in at the Team House (check out the site, we are SO suffering for Jesus!) and I wanted to write a quick note to let my faithful readers know that I will be blogging from a sister site while I'm in Cape Town- our team's blog,
I wish I could say I'm exhausted from all the travel- I am in a way, but I slept so much on the flights that I am wide awake now! oopsy I didn't even watch a single movie on the flights over- I read (I finally read that No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency book, and it was wonderful!) and started Tom Sawyer and continued reading Raggamuffin Gospel. I think I am too delerious to write anything of substance- I haven't taken any pictures yet worth posting, but I promise I'll get right on that!
Love you all, thanks for your continued prayers!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Not just a basketball school

The Big Blue Nation is ecstatic today- the polls came out and Kentucky Football is ranked! Yes, you read that correctly- UK, a perpetual bottom-dweller in the powerhouse SEC conference, is listed as 21 in the AP top 25 and 23rd in the US Today poll.

I was giddy as a school girl on Saturday that I was able to watch the UK- U of L game. Afterwards for the rest of the night, and even the next day I would randomly exclaim to Brian, "We beat Louisville!!" allowing the reality to sink in happily.

Some things to note about the outcome of this game:
  • This was the first time in 30 years that UK beat a top-10-ranked opponent
  • This is the first time Kentucky has scored 40-or-more points in three consecutive games since 1950.
  • This is the Cats first appearance in either poll since 1985.
  • UK's first win over Louisville since 2002
  • Crowd of 70,857 was the fourth-largest in Commonwealth Stadium history.
  • Woodson became the SEC's all-time leader in consecutive passes (257) without an interception.
  • UK awaits an announcement from the SEC office, but expects to be fined $25,000 as a result of the students rushing the field after the game.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Bored beyond belief

I think I'd be more entertained watching paint dry today. Nothing about my job today is engaging me, and all I can do is count the hours down till I can hit the road, jack. We're just under 2 hours! Woo hoo!

Anyways- we all have those days where we would rather do anything BUT work, so I thought I'd share my favorite ways to waste time, and make this an interactive game by asking you readers, and perhaps even you silent lurkers, to join in the fun and list your own favorite ways to waste time during the work day! You might know of some things I hadn't thought of, and could desperately use on a day like today!

Ok, I'll go first:

1. check myspace/facebook
2. check my email
3. get up and talk to co-workers and distract them from working
4. rinse out my dirty dishes from breakfast and refill my water bottle
5. check my email again
6. read the headlines on my yahoo homepage
7. check my other friends' blogs
8. my guilty pleasures- pinkisthenewblog and thebeautyaddict
9. take a bathroom break
10. check my email... again

Now your turn! What are your best vices to cure boredom?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

six years later

One of the defining moments in my college years came 6 years ago today. It's a day that haunts every American, though I feel my generation had a unique experience to be away at school during the September 11th tragedy that struck our nation in 2001. It is eerie to me that today is a Tuesday, just like it was 6 years ago. Then we were so dumbfounded that we didn't know how to respond. We held candlelight vigils. We tied yellow ribbons around trees supporting our troops. The sororities painted patriotic banners and hung them from our houses. Our UK Chorale sang at the memorial service that Friday that followed. Many gave blood.

But 6 years later are we any safer? We still don't have Al-quaida under control, we still don't know where Osama Bin Laden is, and what am I doing to cope with this in present times? Absolutely nothing. I blindly trust my government that surely nothing like September 11th can happen again.... just like I blindly trusted them before when we all thought an attack on American soil wasn't ever a possibility.

They say time heals all wounds, but instead of our country healing I fear we have forgotten. We have forgotten the urgency of seeking a solution to the problem, we have forgotten the necessity of neighbors helping neighbors, and even strangers helping strangers, and that Great Awakening surge of people who flocked to the churches for answers, may we who follow Christ not forget that we are still being looked to for answers, and may we also not forget the urgency of turning to Christ ourselves and sharing that urgent truth with those who don't know.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Labor Day weekend 07

It was back to reality today, but this past weekend Roommate Natalie and I drove down to Florida to visit our respective Air Force boyfriends (stationed conveniently at the same base for next 11 months!). Natalie picked me up from work on Friday afternoon in her car Gertie, and we headed for the beach. It gave us a good chance to catch up on life, since even though we live together, we rarely see each other. We sang at the top of our lungs to our favorite cds- a particularly raucous moment occurred during Marc Broussard's Home- you know the part I mean if you know this song! We also decided to memorize the lyrics to Jeffrey Steele's song Chrome, and we practiced on the way down and back in the car until we were satisfied with our memorization skills.

Natalie dropped me off at Brian's place around 12:30 am, and I was greeted with beautiful flowers, wine, and a sleepy boyfriend! Saturday we hung out with Brian's mom, her boyfriend Jim, and his son Jesse. The 5 of us went to Olive Garden for lunch and I had my first embarrassing moment of the weekend. I was nervous of course, meeting Brian's mom, and was trying to be natural and make conversation. At one point she let Brian have a taste of her wine, and after trying it, his mom looked at the lip gloss mark on the glass, a different shade from hers, and asked Brian where it came from! We couldn't very well deny that we had kissed in the car before entering the restaurant, so all we could do was laugh it off! After lunch we waited the rain out by watching football at B-dubs (we were there for the end of the Michigan- Appalachian State game!) and then when the sun came back out, went to ride go-karts and play miniature golf. Brian and I each got a hole in one on the same hole, one right after the other, which was pretty neat.

After our golf game (I have no idea who even won!) we said goodbye to Jim, Jesse, and Ann, and Brian and I made our requisite stop for pizza on our way home before getting ready to go out with his friends that night to the Howl at the Moon piano bar. We had a slight moment of tension when Brian informed me that we would be leaving at 8pm instead of 8:30 pm, and mind you, this was after I had just gotten out of the shower and was in the early stages of getting ready. I sort of flipped out on him a little bit, explaining passionately that it would not be physically possible for me to be ready by 8 o'clock and that it would take me at least that long just to get my hair dried and fixed, and did he realize how long it would take me to put on my makeup and you said 8:30 why did it change, and I'm just trying to look nice for when I meet your friends! Needless to say, Brian picked up his jaw from the floor and handled the situation basically with a yes dear, and we were out the door at 8:23pm, a whole 7 minutes ahead of schedule I reminded him. Howl at the Moon was a blast, and we sang and danced the night away.

Being out too late Saturday night, we overslept and missed church, but we made it into Destin in time for lunch at Cracker Barrel with his grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins. More family to meet, but we relaxed and had a nice meal together. Meeting the family hasn't scared me off yet, but Brian's uncle (who married into the family) warned me that I hadn't met everyone yet, and not to speak too soon!

From Cracker Barrel we said goodbye to the rest of the family and picked up some wine, grapes and a cooler, and headed over to Juana's where Brian had arranged to take a sailboat out to a private area of the beach and watch the sun set. It was very romantic and his way of celebrating our 3 month anniversary. I told Brian to watch out because he was spoiling me too much, and I might get used to it! It was about a 30 minute sail from point A to point B, and just as we were nearing the shore, the wind completely died on us. Brian had to paddle us in while I steered, and all I could think of was the tune, "Michael row your boat ashore Alleluia!" The clouds overhead pointed to a storm heading in our direction, and the wind picked up just as we came to the beach. All I could think of was, we're stranded over here, and we don't even have our shoes (we left them at the hut at Juana's), how are we going to get back, and how are we going to get the boat back? The sky was cloudy and gray, the wind was whipping around us, but fortunately a nice man came down and helped Brian take the sail off the boat and secure the vessel on the beach. I stood there and watched like a helpless girl. The man even pointed out his (pink!) beach house and told us we could wait out the storm at his place if we needed to. Luckily, the wind died down a few minutes later, and it never did rain where we were, so we spread out the towels and enjoyed our wine, and what part of the sunset we could see.

As the sun sank further into the clouds, and Brian apologized over and over for not being able to control the weather and have a better sunset, he put the sail back up and we pushed the boat back into the water heading back to Juana's. As the sky got darker and darker as we sailed through the calm waters I came to a stark realization: I was not going to make it back to shore without going to the bathroom somewhere, and in front of Brian no less! He suggested I hop into the water and go but somehow jumping into the murky sound after the sun had set was not the most appealing choice to me. Instead I opted to scooch my rear over the back of the boat and go off the side. It was both horrifying and hilarious at the same time.

We hung out at Juana's that night, and the next day, Monday, had breakfast with Brian's friend Kirsten, then went to the ocean for a few minutes before the rain started. This was also after Brian decided to take me out on a jet-ski and scare the living daylights out of me. I thought I was pretty clear when I said, go slow, and please don't go fast, but apparently he thought I was kidding and having a blast as I squeezed my arms around him tightly, screamed and fought back tears through my shut-tight eyes! mmm, not so much.

Nat picked me up that afternoon, and we grabbed a quick bite to eat at Firehouse subs- I am obsessed with this place- why there isn't a franchise here in Nashville I just don't understand- and then we sat through 8 1/2 hours of solid trafic back to Nashville- an extra 2 hours and a 30 minute stop at the gas station due to the influx of cars. It was pure craziness. But luckily Natalie and I got to talk about our weekends, and text our boyfriends back and forth the entire trip, while singing at the tops of our lungs (hey, we got Chrome down pat) to distract ourselves from the terrible traffic.

It was a wonderful long weekend, and I can't wait to return- hopefully to sunnier weather, and slower jet-skis.