Sunday, January 27, 2008

It's a...


No matter how much I had myself (and everyone else) convinced that it was going to be a girl, God had other plans for me and Brian. I am finally settling into the idea of having a boy, and we have chosen the name Bradley Derek Vilendrer for our future son!

Here's a long-overdue belly picture- right at 20 weeks, the halfway point of the pregnancy

And here's one of my favorite pics of Brian and I ever- in our matching I heart hot moms/dads t-shirts!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Decaffinated rant

(Warning: what you are about to read is a hormonal rant from a pregnant woman. The attitude and tone of the piece is in no way shape or form reflective of her "normal" self and is likely to be looked back upon as a humorous anecdote. However, at the time it was written, it was considered the utmost unfairness in all of life and has affected the author in ways others cannot imagine. Please love her anyways and don't hold this against her. And please bring her Starbucks. And lots of it... after the baby is born that is.)

I want my coffee, dang it! What is with the irony that a woman who becomes pregnant is suddenly deprived of all her favorite things when this is supposed to be a blessed time in her life? I am Grouchy Mcgroucherson this morning, and all I want is my morning cup of coffee to enjoy with my breakfast! I've been careful to watch my caffeine intake throughout my pregnancy, but just last week another study came out warning mommies to be about the impending dangers of caffeine, and specifically coffee.

Well I am a typical human. I want what I can't have. And now I want coffee more than ever! I can't drink. I can't go to smoky bars to hear live music, even if I didn't drink any alcohol. I can't have cold lunch meat, or soft cheeses, or cookie dough, or cake batter. I'm tired and not sleeping well, and yet I am deprived of my favorite morning pick-me-up! Darn you, researchers! My grandmother smoked and drank, and ate who knows what when she was pregnant and she delivered 7 healthy children. So why now- what is so horrible about a cup of Joe- a container of cappuccino- a jar of java- a little latte- a mug of mochachino??

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Goin' to the Clovercroft Chapel and we're...

Gonna get maaaaa-rried!

Yep, that's right- you heard it here first- ( or last, depending on the person!)- Brian and I are gettin' hitched! Brian proposed on a weekend when I was down visiting him in Florida, and we immediately began making plans. Given his deployment schedule, and our baby on the way, we decided to have the wedding before the baby was born, and before he is scheduled to deploy overseas for a few months.

That time frame left us with very few options for dates, so February the 16th it is! The ceremony and reception are taking place at a little wedding chapel in Franklin, TN, and details are falling into place quickly! Needless to say, I'm lucky if I can blog once a week now with all the wedding planning that takes place during my work day, in between all my official responsibilities here, but I did want to share with the cyber-world my exciting news!

PS- Only a few more days till I go back to the doc and we find out some more exciting news!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's a.....

The question everyone keeps asking (now that they're sufficiently satisfied with my answer that no, I've not been sick) is " is it a girl or a boy?"

Sorry to disappoint, but I don't know that just yet. Good news though- the ultrasound is scheduled for next Friday Jan 25th, so assuming that baby cooperates and shows us his or her goods on the monitor, we'll know the sex! The ultrasound is more than about finding out the sex of the baby though- it's a long diagnostic test where they take all kind of measurements to make sure everything looks normal, and gives us a better idea of when my baby might be making his or her grand entrance to the world, so while you might be praying for it to be a "her," would you also lift up a few prayers that the baby (and mommy) is healthy and that everything looks good? I'm a tad nervous about this biggie exam.

In other weird baby news, I found out yesterday that I have not gained a single pound with this pregnancy, even though I feel like a cow. I keep hovering around the same number despite the fact that there is a definite baby bump showing by now. The doc assured me that this isn't anything to be concerned about and the weight would come (I don't want my child to be malnourished!) and so I celebrated with lunch at McDonald's on my way back to work!

Friday, January 04, 2008

the obligatory question

I get asked this all the time: Oh, you're pregnant? So how have you been feeling?
I suppose it's a valid question and all, but my answer is usually a disappointingly-boring one. Good, I answer, and then feeling the need to elaborate lest I come off as being snippy, I haven't been sick at all. This is not the answer that most people seem to want to hear. They want the blood and guts stories- The I've been sick every single morning, and can't keep any food down story. But nope, not me. It's been business as usual for the most part. Sorry folks, keep moving, nothing to see here. Just a DIVA with an expanding stomach.

I suppose before too long I'll be dealing with perfect strangers wanting to rub my belly. Wonder if I could con them into rubbing my feet, back, and shoulders???

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Charlie Wilson's movie review

I had one last Carmike movie pass to use up before the end of 2007 so Mom and I went to see Charlie Wilson's War. I'll admit, the biggest draw for me was the all-star pairing of Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts who amazingly, had never worked on a film together before. These two are easily some of my favorite actors so I had to catch their on screen charisma. Phillip Seymour Hoffman's performance was an added bonus.

Based on a true story about the Texas congressman, Charlie Wilson's War chronicles the US involvement in Afghanistan in the late 80's as part of the Cold War. I was shocked by how many millions of dollars went into a war we supposedly never fought, and was saddened by the end result, the repercussions for which we are still paying. Granted it's Hollywood's spin on the facts, with an obvious parallel on our modern involvement in Afghanistan, but it's like I was asking Brian tonight, sure, I know I can't base my political opinions by what I see in movies, but when the media gives such a slanted or lacking view on a particular topic, then where is Joe-Schmo American supposed to get their information?

From a purely entertainment standpoint, Charlie Wilson's War was educational although the plot details could be a tad hard to follow at times for a person not understanding the politics of the day. Hanks and Roberts performances as larger-than-life Texans were delightful, and Hoffman was perfect comic relief as the rough-around-the-edges CIA operative. Despite being a political commentary, the movie had a hearty helping of laughable moments thrown in making a film bout the Cold War somehow fall into the category of comedy. I think it's worth the laughs and to see he actors' performances in this one. Bradley & Bradley give Charlie Wilson's War two thumbs up!

A UK win: music city bowl to my ears

New Year's Eve was the perfect day for a little football. The University of Kentucky Wildcats took on the Florida State Seminoles in the Music City Bowl. We carried on our tradition from last year by grabbing a bite to eat before the game at Big River Grill, and Ellen and her new fiancee Jason came in for the game. Laura, George, and George's brother-in-law and sister were all in the same section as we were- thank goodness for FSU suspensions that hit just in time for Florida State to give up a bunch of their tickets and allowed Kentucky fans to snatch them up after the game had been previously sold out.

It was a sloppy game on both ends and very slow moving (almost 4 hours long!). Despite all the predictions that UK would win, it came down to the last possession with the final score of 35-28, UK, so we never really could relax and relish in our victory.

As of this posting, the SEC is 5-2 in bowl games, with Georgia well on their way to beating Hawaii making it a likely 6-2.

Baby on Board

Baby it's cold outside... Baby Mine... Hit me Baby one more time... Baby got back... Baby Love...

I'd like to welcome you all to 2008 by inviting you to join me in my next phase of life. The time has come to go public with the big news that Brian and I are having a baby! I am 16 weeks along as of yesterday, and little Baby Bradley's EDA is June 16th, 2008. No, we don't know the sex of the baby yet, but you can be darn sure I'm going to find out the minute I'm able so I can (hopefully) start stocking up on plenty of pink!

I have never been one of those girls to gush over babies, and I hated babysitting as a teen, so I can promise you, this DIVAlicious blog where you turn to for current events, and funny anecdotes will not transform into all-baby-all-the-time. I will remain to be respectful of my male audience and not share TMI, but I can promise this DIVA's spin on pregnancy and all the humor that goes along with it over the next 6 months. All I can say is that God must have a funny sense of humor, so I plan on laughing right along with Him!