Friday, January 04, 2008

the obligatory question

I get asked this all the time: Oh, you're pregnant? So how have you been feeling?
I suppose it's a valid question and all, but my answer is usually a disappointingly-boring one. Good, I answer, and then feeling the need to elaborate lest I come off as being snippy, I haven't been sick at all. This is not the answer that most people seem to want to hear. They want the blood and guts stories- The I've been sick every single morning, and can't keep any food down story. But nope, not me. It's been business as usual for the most part. Sorry folks, keep moving, nothing to see here. Just a DIVA with an expanding stomach.

I suppose before too long I'll be dealing with perfect strangers wanting to rub my belly. Wonder if I could con them into rubbing my feet, back, and shoulders???


Jordan & Bethany said...

Glad you're not feeling sick, but you're right...I typically ask that question first to all my preggo friends, too. Don't know why...

Mary Anna said...

What was the sound that I made on Tuesday night when I patted your belly? Pregnancy pats require sound.