Thursday, November 30, 2006

Where in the world is Amanda SanDiego?

She's been enjoying the 70 degree late November weather...
Nothing helps me get in the Christmas spirit better than to drive down the road listening to Christmas music with the windows down! Me and the Roommates are decorating our place for Christmas tonight, putting up the tree, cooking dinner and watching The Office & Gray's Anatomy together. It should be a fun night, and is (correct me if I'm wrong) our first planned event together at the apartment since we moved in 3 months ago (Daaannng Gina, we are busy girls!)

She has been working like a mad woman...
New job responsibilities and a shifting tide in the office environment have forced me to limit the blogging and emailing and focus on (shocker) work. Plus due to the nature of my hectic schedule and the still obstintate laptop & internet, it's been difficult to manage my Domain at nighttime too.

She has enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving weekend, full of Family, Food, Football, & Shopping (sory, I couldn't find an F synonym that pleased me!)...
It was a whirlwind weekend- Laura & I drove up to Cannelton last Wednesday night and met mom & dad and The Boys who were already there with my Papa. That night we did kareoke at the Pumper- where else? (Pumper? I don't even KNOW 'er) I sang "When You Say Nothing At All" and "Rocky Top," which both turned out to be real crowd pleasers! Ryan & Matt sang their rendition of "the Wheels on the Short Bus go round and round, all through Bucktown!" And I have plenty of pictures of Jerry dancing to "Go Jerry (Johnny) Go." Eric, I am mentioning you because last time you got mad at me for not posting anything about you!

Thanksgiving we ate so early that I wasn't even hungry yet, so I did what every American did that day- I shoveled the food in anyways! In keeping with last year's TAR tradition, the Publix pilgrim salt & pepper shakers were put in various compromising positions, and every time mom would catch them in the act, she would sit them upright again, only to discover another lewd pose just moments later. My uncle Michael called us in the middle of dinner to announce the big news that they are expecting baby Number 3 (I think Missy is hoping for a little DZ legacy since her other 2 are boys)! This also makes 16 first cousins on that side of the family now!

Friday we got home early and mom, dad, and I boarded one of 5 fan busses to Memphis for the Ravenwood-White Station playoff game. Ravenwood won and will thus be playing for the state title for the second year in a row. "We believe."

Saturday was a disapoining loss by UK to an unimpressive UT football team. We are still waiting to see where Kentucky will play for their bowl game, and hopefully it will be played here in Nashvegas. I got a good start on my Christmas shopping and spent a relaxing evening at home watching a movie and unwinding from the weekend.

She finally got to see the Lion King, thanks to a nice birthday surprise...
I won't bore you with the details of the show- you can read MA and Emo's reviews since they were both enamoured of this play. I will say this- love, love, Loved the costumes, really enjoyed the new music for the score, and hated adult Symba. He wasn't loud enough, he over-enunciated, and came off very effiminate, despite his bulging muscles. He didn't come across at all as a powerful jungle king, but perhaps instead Queen of the Jungle Lounge. I was overall impressed with the magnitude of the show, and the costumes are what make it amazing, with people doubling as animals and dressing up to be part of the set. Ok, I said I wasn't going to bore you with details. I lied.

She has got her Christmas cheer now, and plans on blogging more frequently...
Seriously! Like finishing up LONG overdue blogs about DC, etc, and wishing Happy Birthdays to gal pals Heather, Lisa, & Lana, all who have had birthdays in the past week!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

A weekend at the Pidge

"There are 9 of us... that's almost 10!"
"Well, with our big personalities, it's like having an extra person."

Thus the Girls' Second Annual Cabin weekend comes to a close. Me, Mandy, Sarah, Em, Natalie, Rhonda, Mary Anna, Amy, and Lana took off on Friday afternoon/evening (depending on which car you were in) east on I-40 and headed up to the Smoky Mountains for a weekend getaway. Already slightly crowded in the car with 5 of us, and all our stuff, we stopped for groceries and piled them on our laps in the back seat before finally making our way to the quaint "Deer Crossing" cabin.

We handily prepared a simple dinner of spaghetti, salad, and bread, watched MA's friend win a lot of money on Deal Or No Deal, and "chillaxed" in the hot tub before car number 2 rolled in a few hours later. The 9 of us played a fun game of Celebrity Charades, and somewhere around 2am we all finally crashed in our respective sleeping spots. Besides MA & Lana keeping everyone up with their talking and Lady Bug infestation crisis, I think we all slept pretty well. The next morning we cooked breakfast, drove out to Clingman's Dome, and hiked to the highest elevation spot in Tennessee. We were all amazed at the snow covering the shady parts of the mountain side, and Sarah christened her own little spot of yellow snow in the woods before beginning the trek up the mountain! Walking back down the trail, Lana and I decided it would be appropriate to sing "Climb Every Mountain" ... in fact, we pretty much found it appropriate to sing wherever we were- on the porch of restaurants, in the middle of playing board games, in rocking chairs in front of the Applebarn... there was no venue to large, no spot too public for an impromptu sing-along. Luckily Sarah was always there to chime in with her BGV's and sometimes interpretive dance moves.

After hiking, car numero uno- the ones who wanted to head back to the cabin for lunch, hottubbing, and football (yours truly, of course) got about a half mile from the cabin before we came to the stark realization that none of us knew the code to get into our cabin. We frantically dialed the cell phone numbers of the other 4 who were hiking, but to no avail. They obviously would not have their phones with them on a hiking trail! After exploring many options (a broken window split 9 ways would not be that much money), MA called the leasing office as soon as we pulled up the cabin, and luckily they believed us and gave us the code with almost no questions asked. I guess it's a good thing we weren't robbers.

Meanwhile on the trail... the other girls realized mid-hike that we wouldn't be able to get into the cabin so they high-tailed it back tot he car and cut the excursion short as a result. All's well that ends well however. We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon, and headed into Pigeon Forge that night for dinner at The Old Mill Stream restaurant. The first thing our super-awesome server said to us after we were seated was, "I've had dreams like this!" We giggled appreciatively (not Chortled, mind you.) (PS, we have found a word that Sarah doesn't like that I DO... there are others we discovered as well, but 'twould be wrong to put them here. Perhaps on another site- ThaT AIN'T right for example). Seriously though, we 9 gals can be a lot for one man to handle, and during dinner we wanted for nothing. The food came out quickly, our glasses remained full the entire time, and even splitting the checks was no hassle whatsoever. Server-Boy came up one time as we were discussing the outcome of the Ohio State-Michigan game and as he overheard part of our conversation he exclaimed incredulously, "you watch football too??!!" Apparently guys in Nashville take it for granted that while we are girly girls too, many of us follow sports passionately. Maybe in other places that is not the norm for the female population, but here in the south it seems to be a requisite to watch football, and we're all proud of our heritage.

After dinner was game night back at Deer Crossing, and this morning we created our own worship service in the living room. I joked that this morning we were all going to the "early service" since we had to be up, packed, and ready to start by 8am. On our way out of town we enjoyed a hearty breakfast at where else, the Applebarn, and shopped for a few hours at the outlet mall before finally making our way back to middle Tennessee. Sarah played DJ for us on the way home and led us down a walk down Memory Lane by serving up a smattering of early 90's hits from Mandy's cds, and we amazed ourselves by remembering all the words to TLC, Boys II Men, "Snoopy Dogg Dogg" and many more, singing at the top of our lungs in between laughing at ourselves.

It was every bit the relaxing weekend I had hoped for. Now all I have to do is unpack!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

A poet, and I don't know it

A few days ago I received the strangest email:

Dear Amanda

I find your poetry so apt to our everyday life and am a huge fan. Your words express the emotions that we are sometimes so afraid of saying outaloud. I love your work.

Take Care :)

Written from someone who, at first glance, I assumed read my blog, but then I realized he had said "poetry." Well, I thought, I mean I know I'm articulate and witty (and humble!), but I don't know if I would consider my blogs Poetry per say.

THAT'S when it hit me. This stranger had not intended to write an email to Amanda Bradley, the DIVA, Amanda the blogger, or Amanda, the sassy twenty-something. He meant to contact Amanda Bradley, the greeting card writer! We are in fact 2 different Amanda Bradleys who, while both sharing a penchant for writing, live what I guarantee are drastically different lives.

I'm sure the other Amanda Bradley gets emails from my adoring divadomain fans all the time too.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Fall is for Football

This weekend was a good weekend for football on many different levels- high school, collegiate, and NFL. Lucy, Let me splain.

Ravenwood High School won their playoff game and are in the process of making a run for their second straight 5A state championship. Mom lives and breathes RHS football so she's pretty pumped. This weekend while I'm off gallivanting in the mountains, Ravenwood will travel to Hunter's Lane to take on the big, bad metro school. Go Raptors (and I don't even know 'er)!!!

On the collegiate level, pigs are flying somewhere because Kentucky is now ranked #2 in the SEC east, ahead of Tennessee. No, you did not misread that. Thanks in part to Kentucky whooping up on Vanderbilt, and UT losing to Arkansas, the unthinkable has happened. Pause for a moment while I grumble about the fact that even though Vanderbilt is a local team, no TV station or local drinking establishment even, was showing the game on TV, so dad and I were relegated to listening to the 2nd half of the game on streaming audio in front of the computer. Fun times. Kentucky is now bowl eligible following this Vandy win, and we have what should be an easy non-conference game this weekend, and then finish out the season with a trip to Knoxvegas in what could be a great game for UK.

Finally, MA & I spent a chilly afternoon cheering the Titans to a one point loss against Steve McNair's Baltimore Ravens. It was a tough defeat since we led the entire game when we were predicted to lose, but all it took was one bad call for our home team to lose momentum, and a blocked field goal was all she wrote. MA and I did enjoy befriending the cutie-patooties near us (it's amazing how a UK hat can spark many a good conversation), and I did have a blast even though we did end up losing the game. A few hours later, I thawed out and my body temperature climbed above 90 degrees.

I would have to say that football is one of Fall's better attributes, though I could do without the brisk air for which Fall is synonymous. (Football in 75 degree weather is ideal for me!)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

When your world looks kind of weird...

I know, I know... I have let you down. And what's worse, I have let myself down. I'm so ashamed. And it's not been because life has been so completely boring that there's been nothing blogworthy about which to write. Quite the opposite rather- there have been blog ideas- many topics to cover- the DC trip (I promise once blogger co-operates with the uploading of pictures it will happen), the white trash bash, the fall colors, the election, Britney Spears' marriage being done-zo, Faith Hill's so-NOT-kidding expression caught on camera at the CMA's, a birthday (happy 21 to me), and SO much more, all for only $19.95 plus shipping and handling.

Mostly it boils down to me working out in the mornings and thus being dog-tired at night, so the desire to stay up writing is lacking. And at work, it's been busy, and my own Mac continues to be the bane of my existence, and thus, is still not cooperating, making it difficult to use the internet at the Deuce (did we decide on this name for the apartment?) (Am I even There enough to warrant naming it?).

Anywho.... the straw that broke the camel's back today so to speak- the topic that prompted this blog was the most random of them all. I was talking with a co-worker, a Muppet babies reference came up, and suddenly I remembered (and sang) the entire Muppet Babies Theme song! Cody was impressed, as was I! Where did it come from? Isn't it weird to suddenly remember something you'd forgotten? Kind of like those people you run into from high school that you haven't thought about in years, who you forgot even existed or played a part in your life story- and then suddenly you see them and you're taken back to 5th period Algebra II where you admired Brian Hartshorne from afar and how his chiseled jaw line moved expertly up and down whenever he chewed gum, which was often, and you couldn't have agreed more when he was voted Best Looking Senior. Hypothetically speaking of course. I'm JUST sayin...

Don't be disapointed... the rest is coming!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Road Not Taken

TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.