Thursday, November 16, 2006

A poet, and I don't know it

A few days ago I received the strangest email:

Dear Amanda

I find your poetry so apt to our everyday life and am a huge fan. Your words express the emotions that we are sometimes so afraid of saying outaloud. I love your work.

Take Care :)

Written from someone who, at first glance, I assumed read my blog, but then I realized he had said "poetry." Well, I thought, I mean I know I'm articulate and witty (and humble!), but I don't know if I would consider my blogs Poetry per say.

THAT'S when it hit me. This stranger had not intended to write an email to Amanda Bradley, the DIVA, Amanda the blogger, or Amanda, the sassy twenty-something. He meant to contact Amanda Bradley, the greeting card writer! We are in fact 2 different Amanda Bradleys who, while both sharing a penchant for writing, live what I guarantee are drastically different lives.

I'm sure the other Amanda Bradley gets emails from my adoring divadomain fans all the time too.


Mary Anna said...

Who is this Amanda Bradley greeting card writer? Does she have a wiki-file?

Anonymous said...

i consider everything you write to be poetry, my dear. i'm not a big fan of poetry, but i read because i love. hehehe.