Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Oscar Recap part deux

Okay... so yesterday I spent the bulk of the day breaking down the fashion. Now it's time to get down to the real deal- the actual awards themselves! I truly look forward to the Oscars every year, so it was fun having a big group of people with whom to watch the show. Ellen hosted, and while I think we all miss the Billy Crystal days where he would make up songs for each of the best picture nominees, Ellen did a fine job. She wasn't too crass or controversial, which I suppose could be why everyone is giving her mediocre reviews, but she was funny and energetic-- and boy did we need the energy once it got later! Why the heck they drag this thing out into a 4-hour-long event is beyond me. We were fighting to stay awake by the end of it, and it's like, once you start watching it, you can't not watch the end, because that's when all the biggies are handed out. I certainly did not sit through Best Foreign Documentary and Best Sound Editing only to miss Best Director and Best Picture!

Of course the funniest moment of the evening was the song about the plight of the comedian at the Oscars. Why doesn't Will Ferrell get to host? I think he would do a great job. Maybe if his career holds steady he will get to at some point. I think he is witty
enough to make humorous commentary on the actors and actresses without having to revert to a joke as lame as, Jack Nicholson will be backstage with his razor.

So again, let's go back to this being a 4 hour network event, more if you watched any of the red carpet pre-show. There were several, and by several, I mean way too many, honorary awards given out at this year's Oscar's. I am all for honoring people in the industry who have done their part to advance in their field. But the general public could not care less about these awards. Honor the composer who was nominated 5
times but never won an Oscar at a banquet when you announce the nominees every year. If he's so wonderful, why did you never give him an Oscar? And I love Celine (she is "the best singer in the world!") and she looked amazing, but that performance was random and time-consuming.
Limit the honorary awards to one or two max per year.

Also limit the random video montages. The first few were great, then we bored quickly and were ready to move on to the next award. Come on, who won for Best Editing?? I NEED to know now!

Ironically enough, the times we were most
quiet were during the commercial breaks! We decided they were hands-down better than the Superbowl commercials. One they showed a few times was one with clips of all these people answering their phones taken from famous movies for the new Apple iphone, and for whatever reason, we were all transfixed by the oddly-intriguing J.C. Penney commercials. Then the Academy Awards came back on and we resumed our chattering.

A few of the Extras that we did enjoy were the acrobatic dancers who formed the Oscar statue, the bus from Little Miss Sunshine, and my favorite, Snakes on a Plane! The sound effects choir was also pretty incredible. I'm assuming they're the same ones who do all the sound effects for the car commercial video that has been fwd to me a billion times over email.

For the actual awards handed out that evening (the whole point of the night, even though that's the last thing I'm getting to writing about!):

Best Supporting Actor- Alan Arkin for LMS- this was a shocker since there was so much hype for Eddie Murphy to win. I picked Mark Walhburg on my guesses, so that was one strike for me.

Best Supporting Actress- Jennifer Hudson for Dreamgirls- the Academy and I both had her pegged to win.

Best Song- went to Melissa Etheridge for her song "I need to wake up" from An Inconvenient Truth. All 3 Dreamgirls songs were shut out. I don't agree with this one at all.

Best Actor- Forest Whitaker in The Last King of Scotland- Again, I lose- I had picked Leo. Has anyone seen this movie? I still know nothing about it- although I did just pick up on the irony of best actor and actress going to a "king" and "queen." Conspiracy for symmetry, perhaps?

Best Actress- Helen Mirren in The Queen. I bought into the hype and picked her even though I still haven't seen this film.

Best Director- The Departed- Martin Scorsese. This was Martie's first win and I was pleased as punch that he finally got his Oscar. The man's been making movies for forever, and obviously deserved to be awarded for this film.

Best Picture- The Departed. I balked and picked Babel, but I'm glad the Departed won- it was my favorite movie that I saw last year. I'm also delighted the Academy agrees with yours truly.

This has been your officially overdue commentary on the now 3-days-old Oscars. Deal with it.

Monday, February 26, 2007

79th Academy Awards Fashion Recap

My roommates and I hosted an impromptu Oscar party last night. Thinking the awards ceremony began at 7 and the pre-show started at 6, I crawled out of bed at 10 till 7 to a living room full of friends. (Yep, After watching Kentucky lose to Vanderbilt for the 5th time in a row- I can't even talk about it- at Jonathan's with Lana, I needed a nap before the Oscars. Yes, That sex-with-an-alligator will get you every time!) Rhonda, Joe, Amy, Sarah, Lana, Brad, and new friends from church Kevin & Jeff all made an appearance, as well as me, Nat, and Em playing the hostesses with the mostestess. The guys got a kick out of our constant commentary as the celebrities popped up on the screen. Some critical, some complimentary, but we all know that next to the actual films being awarded, the fashion is the next important thing. I am uninspired at work today and will therefore devote as much time as I can to an accurate recap of the Oscars last night- the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Best Dressed

We all agreed that Nashville native Reece Witherspoon looked amazingly fresh in her flowingmidnight blue strapless gown, and shiny straight hair. Of course, she wasn't going to top her ballgown from last year, but as a presenter this year, she looked classy to the max.

Penelope Cruz nailed it with this apricot confection by Atelier Versace

Kate Winslet played up her porcelain skin with this mint green gown. She looked elegant and well-put-together. For a curvaceous woman, she always dresses herself well.

Some have chided Naomi Watts for this pale yellow number, but I'm a fan. It's not an expected color, and I think she comes off looking cutting edge and the opposite of red carpet cookie-cutter.

This devilish Prada girl made an impact on me in a gorgeous form fitting royal blue gown. It made her noticeable without stealing the spotlight, and made her stand out among the crowds in her first big Oscar appearance. Will we be seeing more of Miss Emily Blunt? We might is she keeps dressing like that!

Finally, the always-sheik and glamorous Cate Blanchett looked classy and
elegant. Again, there are naysayers out there who have criticized her choice (I've tried to stay away from reading media opinions until I can finish this blog) but I think the dress shows off her figure and commendable posture extremely well. It's eye-catching and sparkly without being flashy, and what color do you call that? No one can say for sure, so it becomes a topic of conversation! Smart lady.

Type Casting

Helen Mirren lived up to all the hype- not only did she win accolades for her performance in the Queen, but she looked like royalty in her glittering gown. I haven't seen the movie yet, but every interview I've seen of her, she comes off very gracious, and seems very honored to have been chosen to portray the Queen mum.

George Miller appears to be channelling a real-life version of the characters for his award-winning animated film, Happy Feet

Fashion Faux Pas

Ok Gweneth. It looks like somebody said, what the ugliest color we can put on Gwen? Puke-salmon? Gwen: "oh okay, this is definitely the best Oscar dress out there- I'll take it." Even if it were in another color I'm not sure it would be redeemable. The side-swept hair that she and Nicole were both sporting is a desperate attempt to me to be "different" and fails miserably. Don't tell me that's a style that laypeople will be copying in the fall. I can assure you, it's not. We love you Gwen, but this frock has flunked.

Anne Hathaway- what were you thinking? This dress was not the White choice for you. You were in film centering around fashion, were you not?

And Cameron, we know your recent break-up with JT could not have been easy, but we beg of you, come back from Futurama, Judy Jetson, come back to reality, the one where you're a beautiful woman, deserving to look pretty.

"Listen" Jennifer: "Love you I do" but tonight is your "One Night Only" and you sure were not our "Dreamgirl" in this gold lame' jacket. We had "Patience" and you did take off the offensive jacket once inside, and we are even more glad you declared that "I am changing" into the red slinky number you donned for the big Dreamgirls song and dance number. Aside from bosoms hanging out, this dress was more up your Diva alley. Now "It's all over" and you have an Academy Award out of the deal. We're so proud of you. All's well that ends well. The Dreams all looked heavenly in their red ensembles.

Again, Kirsten's stylist must have taken her cue from Gwen's gal, because it appears that they decided to go with the most blase' of hues for the most critical of fashion events. Kirsten's always been a quirky actress, and this dress fits that persona for sure. Either that, or maybe she's becoming friends with Bjork. Look out for the full swan get-up for next year's Oscars.

Meryl, Meryl, Meryl. You're not exactly the new kid on the block. You're no stranger to Hollywood, and in fact you were even nominated for the best actress award tonight. Granted, you and I both knew that there was no chance in Hades that you would win, but come on, at least don something a little more dressy so that we don't assume you think you're headed to your kid's parent-teacher conference!

I suppose negative press is still good press, because it gets people talking about you, but I'd like to know who the risk-taker was when they decided that this sackcloth would make a positive statement on the red-carpet. No one knows much about this smoky eyed seductress (I'm too lazy to even look her name up on imdb, but I know she played Sibella in last year's Kingdom of Heaven) but she sure isn't going to gain name-recognition in a frumpy beige dress (if it can even be called that) like this one.

The Jury's Still Out

There are things I like and things I don't about Nicole's fire-engine red dress. The color is attention-grabbing, but the color combined with china doll skin and make-up is perhaps a bit too harsh. The hair, I've already made reference to, but I was annoyed by it. And finally, what's up with the bow? I suppose it dresses up and otherwise-ordinary red dress, but from fashion royalty like her, I expected more.

I can't decide about this gown. The guys agreed that the horizontally-lined neckline is not flattering to her figure. And to me this dress is copying a previous red carpet event that did a much better job of channelling the Grecian Goddess. This one has the sparkles but isn't different enough from that other gown, and definitely doesn't top the other in style and grace. It's blah, just like J-Lo has been lately.

While it's true, the girl can sing (I'd pit her up against Mary J. Blige any day) I think maybe her mom is still making her outfits? It's borderline to me. I keep going back and forth to thinking it's hideous and then admiring her originality. I'm open to be swayed one way or the other.

The Ties Have it

Leo has sure grown up, and boy, does he clean up well! Here he is posing on the red carpet with fellow Blood Diamond cast mate Djimon Hounsou, who also looked quite handsome.

One of Britain's It-Boys, Clive Owen makes a statement in his head-to-toe black .

Here's two of my favorite Latino cutie-patooties Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna smiling for the camera.

Finally, the Dreamgirls newcomer doll baby, Keith Robinson looks debonair in his black tux and silver tie.

I'm a big fan of all the men paring the ties with their tuxes. That said, Mark Walhburg sure can make a bow tie look hot!
WHEW!!! This has taken me all day to do... working with so many pictures is not an easy feat! I plan on getting around to part 2 where we talk about the actual awards show (can we say, Longest show EVER??!!) and the films that were honored, but for now, the fashion review is all you get. Discuss.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Cliche a Day: Feb 23rd

(it was) close but no cigar
nearly successfull, but not quite

"Carnival games of skill, particularly shooting games, once gave out cigars as a prize. A contestant who did not quite hit the target was close, but did not get a cigar."

Things that make you go hmm! Actually, my immediate thought was Carnies. Small hands. Smell like cabbage. There's always a movie quote lurking around the corner!

Also, following up on the latest Pac-man situation, Gerry House was talking about the situation on the radio this morning, and his co-host Mike reported that a Channel 4 news online poll revealed that 90% of the responders said that the Titans should send Jones packing. To which Gerry quipped, so it becomes a verb... "Pack, Man!" That Gerry is so witty!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I liked you better as a Pizza Hut video game.

Does anyone remember the Book It Club? In elementary school you would read a certain number of books in a month, and if you met your goal, you got a star on your bookIt button, and a free personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut. Besides my own personal pan cheese pizza (it's a long running joke in my family that like Joey, Amanda doesn't share food) the other great part about going to Pizza Hut was getting to play Ms. Pac-Man. I loved that game, and Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Sue (guess which foe was my favorite??), and wasted who knows how many quarters on that game while we waited for our pizzas.

These days, there's a different Pac-Man on the block. And just like the video game version, he's constantly getting himself stuck into corners with the bad guys coming after him, or caught unawares and just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The latest in a string of unfortunate events for everyone''s favorite Titan:

Titans cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones witnessed, but wasn't involved in a shooting at a Las Vegas strip club that injured three, his lawyer said. This is after he allegedly spit on a woman in a nightclub here in Nashville, and after he was caught riding ATVS on George Jones' property. After Jones was supposedly laying low, and quoted saying that he wouldn't be going out, and if he did he would go to a jazz club or a place where older folk were hanging out. Apparently Vegas strip clubs are where the old fogies and jazz musicians are frequenting out these days.

Come on, Pacman, focus! Go after the bad guys (ie, the opposing team members), eat the pieces of fruit and score points when you can and take your game to the next level. Stop getting caught in a corner and blowing your chances in the NFL. One quarter only allows you 3 lives you know.

does it get any better?

I have a free night tonight, and I cooked a delicious dinner of chicken quesadillas (minus my infamous secret ingredient of dish detergent) with black beans, I've got a load of laundry going, I'm and watching Invincible with my roomies... men in mud playing football... Mark Wahlburg's muscles bulging under his t-shirt.... yummy! Sorry, but the man candy in this movie is just insanely appetizing! Ok, so picture this: Nat and I are poised on our respective couch and loveseat, both of us with our laptops, and checking our email and littering each other's myspace pages with comments. Emily walked in after the movie had started and laughed at us. My favorite myspace comment from Nat:

Seriously, a marriage proposal ecard, how lazy can you get? That's almost as lazy as sitting on the couch, checking email and myspacing people while watching a movie. Who does that?

She discovered tonight while browsing the free e-cards on American Greeting that they make e-card proposals. A woman who says yes to an e-card proposal has a life full of underwhelming expectations ahead of her, poor girl. That's even worse than Berger braking up with Carrie on a Post-it-note. Which Mia Sorvino invented by the way, Emily.

Brains Borders also was the only one of us to get the double meaning of the movie title InVINCEable, named after the protagonist and real-life Philly hero, Vince Papale. After pondering her insight I agreed, yes, I suppose they couldn't call the movie InPapaleable. (Yeah, you knew I would go there.)

Let's hope that I can wrap up the evening with a UK win... it's the second half and it's still only a 2-point game. Is it football season yet???? Drain the Tubb! Please!

Post Script- Kentucky beat LSU tonight. That's right. Don't faint, UK has Won a ballgame.

Monday, February 19, 2007

weekend tid-bits

A nice low-key weekend has come and gone. (Today was still part of my weekend- call it a mental health day if you will). A few thoughts on the 3-day weekend:

The performances with the Nashville Symphony for the Philip Glass piece are over and done. I never thought I would say this, but I actually ended up liking the music a lot, and am sad because all that hard work and months of preparation, and I am 95% sure that i will never sing that obscure work ever again. Most of the choir never warmed up to the piece so I'm sure there were a lot of happy people once the final note had been played on Saturday. I am a self-proclaimed music geek though, so I was giddy at the fact that the composer was there, a man whom I first studied in Dr. Pen's music history class in college, a man whose music I hated, then grew to appreciate through film scores such as the Truman Show, the Hours, and then this choral work he composed for the Nashville Symphony. I even went to the lecture Philip Glass gave Saturday night and he talked about the process for composing a film score, an opera, and finally the Passion of the Ramakrishna, which was the new piece of his we were performing that night. To have a living legend of a modern American composer sitting in my midst I was, in a word, Starstruck.

Riddle me this: Nashville goes multiple days in a row where it doesn't get above the freezing temperature mark, yet when it decides to snow the better part of Saturday, it's all of sudden to warm for any of the snow to stick- what gives??!!

Vanderbilt beat Florida, and Joakim Noah got into a near-fist-fight with Vandy coach Kevin Stallings on the sideline-- I laughed my tail off! Especially humorous was when you could hear the Vandy crowd chanting "Noah Sucks" at the end of the game!

Then I sighed in frustration as my Wildcats lost their 3rd SEC game in a row to Alabama. We're not ranked anymore, and we're 3rd in the SEC east behind Florida and Vanderbilt. "Is it football season yet??"

My best-friend-Heather-from-home was in town this weekend. She, her sister Angie, and I hung out, watching the Departed (my second time to see it- man, I LOVE that movie!), we killed time in Sephora and I played with the makeup but did not purchase a single thing (major breakthrough!). Also, it is important to note that both of the new products I blogged about not too long ago on here were both front and center on the first tabel when you enter the store, I felt quite pleased that Sephora took my advice and featured these 2 items. :o)

Our blonde trio also went to see Music & Lyrics. I loved it. Angie hated it. Heather fell somewhere in between. To me, the opening sequence of the entire 80's-esque video of Hugh Grant's has-been 80's band POP was worth seeing the entire movie. The songs are catchy, I laughed a lot, and I left the movie theater after seeing a romantic comedy all warm and fuzzy and not depressed. Is it going to win an Oscar? Don't count on it, but if you are female, wanting to enjoy some feel-good, mindless entertainment, then this movie is for you. Except for Ari, who can't stand Drew Barrymore. It's unfortunate, since the movie revolves around music and songwriting, but you will hate this film if you can't put up with the leading lady. Sorry.

I am giddy because tonight was the first weeknight I've had in 3 weeks with nowhere to be. Tomorrow night promises more of the same, Hallelujah!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

2 months and counting!!!

Today is February 15th- that means 2 months from today is tax day, April 15th (yes folks, she can count AND walk & chew gum at the same time!). I always put my taxes off till the last minute, but not this year. (It would be so much more impressive to say that I've already gotten mine done, but I haven't.) I am however vowing to not put them off till the last minute. I used Turbo tax last year and it was something like $9.95 for the basic plan and did take a while to go through, but I felt that it was more thorough than the Telefile I had done in previous years. My only other complaint with Turbo Tax is that you do still have to print off a document and mail it in to the IRS to complete the process, so it's not entirely simple as point and click and fill in the blanks.

Are there any accountants out there who'd like to enlighten us with some tricks of the trade, or any of you mathematically-inclined/detail-oriented gurus who have some helpful hints from Heloise on the joys of filing your income tax returns? I dread the process because it takes so long, but it's just one of those things you've gotta do as an American citizen, kind of like putting up with Everybody Loves Raymond syndicated reruns (does anyone out there actually love Raymond anyways??) or watching the Chicago Cubs blow their chances at the World Series at the end of every season.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

ok, so maybe Cupid doesn't suck so much after all

I know I was channeling the "bitter, party of one" vibe last night when I composed my anti-Valentine's Day blog. The day devoted to love is about halfway over and I am a big enough person to admit that it hasn't totally sucked. In fact, it's been a really good day. And while I still maintain that Valentine's Day to me would be more fun if I were in a relationship, I appreciate and value all the citizens out there who are embracing the day regardless if they're in a relationship or not. I especially think it's great for those single gals who declare their independence for the day and affirm that they are indeed single AND fabulous (see Emo & MAB's take on Valentine's Day for a more positive outlook!), but I represent the other half.

I am with the half who wants it to be okay to express a negative thought without everyone jumping down my throat, telling me I'm wrong for feeling lonely on Valentine's Day, and giving me some alternate/temporary solution to make me feel better. I appreciate more the person who can put their proverbial arm around me and say, "it's not wrong to feel this way, and it's gonna be okay-" because I know that it is. I know God's love is all that I need, and I know He loves me more than any Man ever can, but while I'm on this temporal Earth, God has given me the social desire to be paired up with a member of the opposite sex.

That said, here's my cheery, optomistic 14 things that make Valentine's Day great in the world of this DIVA!

1. snow flurries on the way to work! Like I always say, if it's going to be this dadgum cold, at least give me some white precipitation!

2. Valentine's e-cards from friends & family

3. the BBC Single Focus brunch that the guys of our Sunday school class put on for the girls this past weekend

4. an Excuse to wear pink (as if I ever need one!)

5. the anonymous person who for the past 2 years has left a single red rose on the desk of every female employee the morning of Valentine's day

6. a Chic-Fil-A chicken biscuit from my teamleader Jody. I used to eat these all the time, but since the new diet and workout plan took effect I've avoided them since August so this was a well-deserved treat!

7. Lindt chocolate truffle squares- foodgasmic- run to the store and buy these if you've never tried them!

8. I talked to a customer today whose named was Rick Crick. I kid you not. It made me smile!

9. An email from my sister Laura who offered that I could touch her weiner. Let me clarify. She has a miniature dachsund named Julius, aka, a weiner dog. It's a long-running joke that Laura loves weiners (both hotdogs & the canines)

10. a dress rehearsal tonight for some of the most difficult music I have ever sung, and now that performance time is almost here, the progress we've made as a choir has been very rewarding.

11. piggybacking on that, I get to sing tonight with the Nashville symphony in the new Symphony hall- always a treat.

12. dinner tonight after work with "my Valentine," Tadd at "our place"

13. the 3rd annual Chocolatepalooza party at our apartment, to which I will be late in arriving- save some chocolate fondue for me, girls!

14. my fabulous group of friends and family who encourage me, and remind me that God has everything in control even when I don't believe it for myself.

Curse you, Cupid!

All of my best Valentine's Days have been spent with my fabulous single girl friends. The flip side of that of course is that I have very few experiences of being in an actual relationship on Valentine's Day.

Let's start from the beginning: Daniel Weathervane made me a homemade Valentine in Kindergarten and gave me a chandelier crystal as a gift. Very sweet and flattering, but I have no idea where Daniel is today. Jumping way ahead, Thomas DeMarcus and I spent V-day together my sophomore year in high school and attended the BHS-Franklin High School basketball game together, but at that point Thomas actually hadn't gotten up the guts to ask me out yet, so that doesn't count. Junior year Owen gave me a huge stuffed Teddy Bear that came to be known in my family for many years to come as the "Owen Bear" and it actually resembeled the giver of the gift. I eventually sold the Owen Bear in a yard sale a few years later and haven't regretted the decision since. Senior year I was with Grant. Grant and I went to see a movie (Message in a Bottle) and it was seriously one of the most depressing movies I have ever seen- I think I cried- not very romantic or sweet at all. And well, college, there were zero relationships of which to speak, so we're 0 for 4 there. There was also He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named a few years later, and that was long distance and certainly not filled with happy memories because he didn't even call me on Valentine's Day till 11 o'clock that night.

And here we are in 2007. I won't claim to have low self-esteem because a Hallmark Holiday reminds me that I'm not in a relationship, but it is just that- a reminder. Pink hearts and cards are everywhere, and is it so wrong to wistfully wish that the flowers sitting on a coworker's desk were for you for a change? I'm tired of hearing about how empowering it is to be single and for a change want to be honest about this dumb holiday- it sucks to be single on Valentine's Day! It doesn't matter how many cards you get from friends, how much chocolate you consume on the day, or what fun plans you have for the evening. It's just not the same as being in a relationship and spending the day with that special person! So there's my transparent moment for the day. Sorry to be Debbie Downer, and I sincerely hope each of you have a wonderful day, but I'll just be glad when it's over for another year.

Now give three cheers and one cheer more for the hardy captain of the Pinafore!

I thought it high time I get my drama queen self back on the stage, and so I'm currently in rehearsals for H.M.S. Pinafore at Pull-Tight Theater (the same theater where I did Pirates of Penzance in 2005). One of the cast members has put together a really cool website where you can "meet the cast," read trivia about the show, and see photos of the set currently as it's under construction.

I'd love for you to come and see the show! Performance dates are as follows:

Friday March 23rd
Saturday March 24th

Thursday March 29th
Friday March 30th
Saturday March 31st
Sunday April 1st (Just kidding!) (Not!)

Thursday April 12th
Friday April 13th (my Dad's birthday!)
Saturday April 14th
Sunday April 15th (make sure your taxes are done before you come)

Thursday April 19th
Friday April 20th
Saturday April 21st

Friday, February 09, 2007

Cliche a Day

Today's Cliche a Day is a phrase very near and dear to my heart; one that I grew up hearing my mother say, but have rarely heard anywhere else. Coincidentally enough though, a customer of mine said this on the phone the other day, and I couldn't help but laugh! Today's Cliche a Day phrase is (drum roll, please!)

Hunky dory
to be okay; everything is good

Huncho-dori was a major street in Yokohama, Japan, that was frequented by American sailors on leave during the Occupation that followed World War 1. To be in Huncho-dori was to be enjoying leisure activities and having a good time.

I wonder if "enjoying leisure activities" might be the PC term for hooked up with Geishas? Oh well, I Geisha had to be there! (Boo, Hiss, Throw your tomatoes!)

I am curious, Mom, was hunky dory a phrase you inheritated from Papa, who might have picked it up from his dad who was in WW1?? BTW, Ari, I am finding that many of these cliche phrases stemmed from war slang, and am enjoying the daily snippets of education. And for the record, yes, I enjoy the word snippet very much.

TGIF everyone!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Cliche a Day

Ari got me a desk calendar called "Cliche a Day" and every day you get a new phrase and the historical background behind it. Today's phrase I found to be particuarly inspiring:

In the Pink
in good health and ready to go

In traditional English fox hunting, hunters wore scarlet-colored jackets called pinks. If you were wearing your pink, you were ready to go hunting.

How cool is that? So the next time any of you single girls are on the hunt for a good man (Charlie Brown) you can say you're "in the pink!" ha ha

Monday, February 05, 2007

SuperBowl Weekend In Review

Wahoo. Hooray for weekend updates! I felt that this was a particularly action-packed weekend and deserved mention. January is now a thing of the past, as this weekend Urrshered in the first weekend of February. (How are those new year's resolutions going for everyone? I have still not conquered the snooze button. Every morning we do battle, and every morning the snooze button wins.)

Friday afternoon I escaped the clutches of work to meet Ari and Bart at Jonathan's, our favorite local watering hole, and enjoyed a few 2 for 1 Heffewizens and appetizers, after which we went back to Ari's place and hung out and listened to music. We had the most interesting conversation that night- Bart posed the question, what are the greatest American rock & roll bands of all time? It had never occurred to me until we got into the conversation that many of what we would call legendary rock & roll bands (ie the Beatles, Led Zeplin, & the Rolling Stones) are all British! Same with many of our modern rock bands of note (U2, Radiohead, & Coldplay). However, many iconic pop and rock solo acts are dominated by the Americans. It was a very lengthy discussion, and we did come up with many viable candidates including Lynrd Skynrd, Red Hot Chillipeppers, & the Beach Boys.

Saturday morning I met Mom & Dad at the Brentwood Waff, followed promptly by a trip to El Gym-o, and that night went with Taddly to the Opera. (Yes, that's Opera, not Opry, as many people asked when inquiring about my weekend plans!) We saw Gounod's Romeo & Juliet from the 3rd row, and overall it was lacking in luster. The soprano's acting was terrible, her singing was just so-so, and while we both liked Romeo overall, the music itself was pretty dull. This was my first experience in French opera, and more amusing than the opera itself were the people in the audience- the man hacking up a lung a row in front of us, and Tadd and I fighting to keep a straight face. Also there was a "guy" sitting near us who stood up during intermission and Tadd & I both exclaimed to one another that we thought was a "he" until he stood up and we realized "She" had glasses, no makeup on, a very short haircut, and a suit jacket & matching skirt! Well maybe she's European, Tadd remarked. Nope, we both said simultaneously as we heard "her" say something to the lady she was with. A younger foursome down front had formal dresses on, and the guys wore shirts & ties. All that to say, you definitely see some characters at the opera, and we ain't talkin' 'bout the ones on the stage!

Sunday morning after church, a group of 7 of us ditched Sunday school in lieu of having breakfast/lunch together at Cracker Barrel. So much for eating healthy prior to pigging out during the Superbowl! The most exciting thing about this meal besides the yummy food, and the scatterbrained-but-cute server, was that we had a celebrity sighting- Natalie's first since she moved to Nashville- we saw Josh Turner with his wife and baby wandering around the store while waiting for a table. What's cool is that
a, he has to wait for a table like everyone else, (and that he doesn't attempt to use his clout to bypass the wait)
and b, he's a spokesperson for Cracker Barrel, and he actually eats there!
We were all giggling like schoolgirls and stealing glances at the shorn country singer, and hoped with every table near us that opened up that the Turners would be sat in our vicinity. No such luck. That's probably a good thing, because I doubt we would have behaved ourselves. MA might have already blogged about this, but she was "the girl who cried Josh Turner," faking Natalie & I into thinking that Josh was coming towards us to be seated nearby.

Later on that day was of course, the Superbowl. I watched the game over at the house with Mom & dad, Laura and George who made an appearance, and Tadders. Backing up, the 4 Bradleys were sitting around watching TV killing time before the game came on, and I found the funniest show on Animal Planet! It was the Puppy Bowl III- all it was was an enclosed play pen for puppies that was designed to look like a football field, and there were cameras filming various puppies playing together on the field. At one point a "referee" came on camera and bagged up some doggie poo, and called a penalty for "intentional grounding." There was also a "bowl cam" underneath a clear bowl of water on the field, so you got to watch the puppies drink and paw at the water from above. It sounds really lame now that I'm writing about it, but I promise it was really funny and amusing at the time- Way better than the Ghost Hunters show that Laura wanted to watch.

Back to the real event of the day, I was severely disappointed in the Superbowl commercials- total Yawnsville for the most part, but so excited at the outcome of the game. It was an interesting match up to have 2 former SEC quarterbacks playing against one another, and I of course, am a big Peyton Manning fan, so I was enjoying myself. Whether he deserved Superbowl MVP is up for debate, but at least the monkey is off his back now. He is a phenomenal quarterback, he beat the Patriots, and he won the Superbowl. He's going down in the Hall of Fame.

PS, the Tennessee Titans can now proudly say they beat the Superbowl champs in the regular season!