Tuesday, February 20, 2007

does it get any better?

I have a free night tonight, and I cooked a delicious dinner of chicken quesadillas (minus my infamous secret ingredient of dish detergent) with black beans, I've got a load of laundry going, I'm and watching Invincible with my roomies... men in mud playing football... Mark Wahlburg's muscles bulging under his t-shirt.... yummy! Sorry, but the man candy in this movie is just insanely appetizing! Ok, so picture this: Nat and I are poised on our respective couch and loveseat, both of us with our laptops, and checking our email and littering each other's myspace pages with comments. Emily walked in after the movie had started and laughed at us. My favorite myspace comment from Nat:

Seriously, a marriage proposal ecard, how lazy can you get? That's almost as lazy as sitting on the couch, checking email and myspacing people while watching a movie. Who does that?

She discovered tonight while browsing the free e-cards on American Greeting that they make e-card proposals. A woman who says yes to an e-card proposal has a life full of underwhelming expectations ahead of her, poor girl. That's even worse than Berger braking up with Carrie on a Post-it-note. Which Mia Sorvino invented by the way, Emily.

Brains Borders also was the only one of us to get the double meaning of the movie title InVINCEable, named after the protagonist and real-life Philly hero, Vince Papale. After pondering her insight I agreed, yes, I suppose they couldn't call the movie InPapaleable. (Yeah, you knew I would go there.)

Let's hope that I can wrap up the evening with a UK win... it's the second half and it's still only a 2-point game. Is it football season yet???? Drain the Tubb! Please!

Post Script- Kentucky beat LSU tonight. That's right. Don't faint, UK has Won a ballgame.

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MamaB said...

I watched "Invinceable" and didn't get that double meaning until reading this blog. Oh well---I can blame it on being older and not allowed to shop in jewelry stores in the mall that are called "forever 21".