Monday, February 05, 2007

SuperBowl Weekend In Review

Wahoo. Hooray for weekend updates! I felt that this was a particularly action-packed weekend and deserved mention. January is now a thing of the past, as this weekend Urrshered in the first weekend of February. (How are those new year's resolutions going for everyone? I have still not conquered the snooze button. Every morning we do battle, and every morning the snooze button wins.)

Friday afternoon I escaped the clutches of work to meet Ari and Bart at Jonathan's, our favorite local watering hole, and enjoyed a few 2 for 1 Heffewizens and appetizers, after which we went back to Ari's place and hung out and listened to music. We had the most interesting conversation that night- Bart posed the question, what are the greatest American rock & roll bands of all time? It had never occurred to me until we got into the conversation that many of what we would call legendary rock & roll bands (ie the Beatles, Led Zeplin, & the Rolling Stones) are all British! Same with many of our modern rock bands of note (U2, Radiohead, & Coldplay). However, many iconic pop and rock solo acts are dominated by the Americans. It was a very lengthy discussion, and we did come up with many viable candidates including Lynrd Skynrd, Red Hot Chillipeppers, & the Beach Boys.

Saturday morning I met Mom & Dad at the Brentwood Waff, followed promptly by a trip to El Gym-o, and that night went with Taddly to the Opera. (Yes, that's Opera, not Opry, as many people asked when inquiring about my weekend plans!) We saw Gounod's Romeo & Juliet from the 3rd row, and overall it was lacking in luster. The soprano's acting was terrible, her singing was just so-so, and while we both liked Romeo overall, the music itself was pretty dull. This was my first experience in French opera, and more amusing than the opera itself were the people in the audience- the man hacking up a lung a row in front of us, and Tadd and I fighting to keep a straight face. Also there was a "guy" sitting near us who stood up during intermission and Tadd & I both exclaimed to one another that we thought was a "he" until he stood up and we realized "She" had glasses, no makeup on, a very short haircut, and a suit jacket & matching skirt! Well maybe she's European, Tadd remarked. Nope, we both said simultaneously as we heard "her" say something to the lady she was with. A younger foursome down front had formal dresses on, and the guys wore shirts & ties. All that to say, you definitely see some characters at the opera, and we ain't talkin' 'bout the ones on the stage!

Sunday morning after church, a group of 7 of us ditched Sunday school in lieu of having breakfast/lunch together at Cracker Barrel. So much for eating healthy prior to pigging out during the Superbowl! The most exciting thing about this meal besides the yummy food, and the scatterbrained-but-cute server, was that we had a celebrity sighting- Natalie's first since she moved to Nashville- we saw Josh Turner with his wife and baby wandering around the store while waiting for a table. What's cool is that
a, he has to wait for a table like everyone else, (and that he doesn't attempt to use his clout to bypass the wait)
and b, he's a spokesperson for Cracker Barrel, and he actually eats there!
We were all giggling like schoolgirls and stealing glances at the shorn country singer, and hoped with every table near us that opened up that the Turners would be sat in our vicinity. No such luck. That's probably a good thing, because I doubt we would have behaved ourselves. MA might have already blogged about this, but she was "the girl who cried Josh Turner," faking Natalie & I into thinking that Josh was coming towards us to be seated nearby.

Later on that day was of course, the Superbowl. I watched the game over at the house with Mom & dad, Laura and George who made an appearance, and Tadders. Backing up, the 4 Bradleys were sitting around watching TV killing time before the game came on, and I found the funniest show on Animal Planet! It was the Puppy Bowl III- all it was was an enclosed play pen for puppies that was designed to look like a football field, and there were cameras filming various puppies playing together on the field. At one point a "referee" came on camera and bagged up some doggie poo, and called a penalty for "intentional grounding." There was also a "bowl cam" underneath a clear bowl of water on the field, so you got to watch the puppies drink and paw at the water from above. It sounds really lame now that I'm writing about it, but I promise it was really funny and amusing at the time- Way better than the Ghost Hunters show that Laura wanted to watch.

Back to the real event of the day, I was severely disappointed in the Superbowl commercials- total Yawnsville for the most part, but so excited at the outcome of the game. It was an interesting match up to have 2 former SEC quarterbacks playing against one another, and I of course, am a big Peyton Manning fan, so I was enjoying myself. Whether he deserved Superbowl MVP is up for debate, but at least the monkey is off his back now. He is a phenomenal quarterback, he beat the Patriots, and he won the Superbowl. He's going down in the Hall of Fame.

PS, the Tennessee Titans can now proudly say they beat the Superbowl champs in the regular season!


Anonymous said...

Ghost Hunters would have been better than the superbowl... you also forgot to mention gordos!!

Big Blue Barry said...

Aerosmith is THE greatest American Rock band of ALL TIME :-)

Anonymous said...

sounds like you had a fantastic weekend, especially your friday night. nuzzle.

Amanda said...

You're right- we did say Aerosmith too- I had forgotten that one. Also, Kentucky beat Arkansas- that was another weekend highlight!

Bethany said...

Go Colts!!! This was the absolute best year of football, EVER. Jordan and I were ecstatic!

And as far as rockbands.....I definitely have to say the British have us soundly beat on that my humble opinion, nothing holds a candle to U2 and Zeppelin.