Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Oscar Recap part deux

Okay... so yesterday I spent the bulk of the day breaking down the fashion. Now it's time to get down to the real deal- the actual awards themselves! I truly look forward to the Oscars every year, so it was fun having a big group of people with whom to watch the show. Ellen hosted, and while I think we all miss the Billy Crystal days where he would make up songs for each of the best picture nominees, Ellen did a fine job. She wasn't too crass or controversial, which I suppose could be why everyone is giving her mediocre reviews, but she was funny and energetic-- and boy did we need the energy once it got later! Why the heck they drag this thing out into a 4-hour-long event is beyond me. We were fighting to stay awake by the end of it, and it's like, once you start watching it, you can't not watch the end, because that's when all the biggies are handed out. I certainly did not sit through Best Foreign Documentary and Best Sound Editing only to miss Best Director and Best Picture!

Of course the funniest moment of the evening was the song about the plight of the comedian at the Oscars. Why doesn't Will Ferrell get to host? I think he would do a great job. Maybe if his career holds steady he will get to at some point. I think he is witty
enough to make humorous commentary on the actors and actresses without having to revert to a joke as lame as, Jack Nicholson will be backstage with his razor.

So again, let's go back to this being a 4 hour network event, more if you watched any of the red carpet pre-show. There were several, and by several, I mean way too many, honorary awards given out at this year's Oscar's. I am all for honoring people in the industry who have done their part to advance in their field. But the general public could not care less about these awards. Honor the composer who was nominated 5
times but never won an Oscar at a banquet when you announce the nominees every year. If he's so wonderful, why did you never give him an Oscar? And I love Celine (she is "the best singer in the world!") and she looked amazing, but that performance was random and time-consuming.
Limit the honorary awards to one or two max per year.

Also limit the random video montages. The first few were great, then we bored quickly and were ready to move on to the next award. Come on, who won for Best Editing?? I NEED to know now!

Ironically enough, the times we were most
quiet were during the commercial breaks! We decided they were hands-down better than the Superbowl commercials. One they showed a few times was one with clips of all these people answering their phones taken from famous movies for the new Apple iphone, and for whatever reason, we were all transfixed by the oddly-intriguing J.C. Penney commercials. Then the Academy Awards came back on and we resumed our chattering.

A few of the Extras that we did enjoy were the acrobatic dancers who formed the Oscar statue, the bus from Little Miss Sunshine, and my favorite, Snakes on a Plane! The sound effects choir was also pretty incredible. I'm assuming they're the same ones who do all the sound effects for the car commercial video that has been fwd to me a billion times over email.

For the actual awards handed out that evening (the whole point of the night, even though that's the last thing I'm getting to writing about!):

Best Supporting Actor- Alan Arkin for LMS- this was a shocker since there was so much hype for Eddie Murphy to win. I picked Mark Walhburg on my guesses, so that was one strike for me.

Best Supporting Actress- Jennifer Hudson for Dreamgirls- the Academy and I both had her pegged to win.

Best Song- went to Melissa Etheridge for her song "I need to wake up" from An Inconvenient Truth. All 3 Dreamgirls songs were shut out. I don't agree with this one at all.

Best Actor- Forest Whitaker in The Last King of Scotland- Again, I lose- I had picked Leo. Has anyone seen this movie? I still know nothing about it- although I did just pick up on the irony of best actor and actress going to a "king" and "queen." Conspiracy for symmetry, perhaps?

Best Actress- Helen Mirren in The Queen. I bought into the hype and picked her even though I still haven't seen this film.

Best Director- The Departed- Martin Scorsese. This was Martie's first win and I was pleased as punch that he finally got his Oscar. The man's been making movies for forever, and obviously deserved to be awarded for this film.

Best Picture- The Departed. I balked and picked Babel, but I'm glad the Departed won- it was my favorite movie that I saw last year. I'm also delighted the Academy agrees with yours truly.

This has been your officially overdue commentary on the now 3-days-old Oscars. Deal with it.

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