Thursday, March 31, 2005

some heavy and not-so-heavy things to think about

A punny joke for the day

This is on my daily calendar-O-Jokes- most of which are about as funny as Schindler’s List, but today’s was mildly amusing:

Pearl: What are you doing?

Shirl: Making pottery.

Pearl: To earn money?

Shirl: No, I’m just kiln time.

Thank you, Thank you… try the veal, I’ll be here all night, folks.

Ok, how about this one:

Smalls: Baby Ruth? I thought she was a famous potter.

The cute, fat catcher (did he have a name? I’m blank): You’re Kiln me, Smalls!

Ha Ha….. Ha Ha…. Hey- why am I the only one laughing here? Buehler?….

To totally change gears, we here at the headquarters of the Divadomain sometimes feel we must add real, thought provoking topics on here for you to ponder or comment on, in addition to the pointless jargen that often winds up here, in order to maintain the high level of excellence and worthiness of your time that we try to provide here.

Terry Schiavo’s death today has sparked an unreal amount of controversy over a person’s right to die. What do we think about all this? If you were, God forbid, hurt in some sort of accident that reduced you to a vegetative state would you want to be kept alive? I’m not so sure I would. I know the pain it would cause my family to keep me in a hospital for years, and with no hope for recovery, are we just playing God by allowing medical science to keep us alive? However, I CAN look at it from the other standpoint that says as a Christian, we can always pray for a miracle. Who’s to say that God would never have healed Terry? Or who’s to say that God did not provide doctors with the knowledge and ability to sustain life in this manner? I think that if a person I was close to was in this predicament, and they were a believer, I say let them go to God and live in peace and perfection. Keeping someone alive artificially is not for the benefit of the incapacitated person, it is for the benefit of those close to that person who do not want to let go of their loved one. I realize this is also one of those things that many people say they know what their opionion is, but until you are faced with the problem, you wouldn’t truly know how you would react. Just wondering what other fellow readers think about a person's right to die.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

movie reviews and thoughts on candy

Hotel Rwanda. Finally saw it- an incredible movie. No longer will I just think of Basher from Ocean’s 11 when I see Don Cheadle. Rather, this role will be his defining one I think. He plays a dignified hotel manager that becomes involved in housing Tutsi refugees during the civil war and genocide that took place in Kegali, Rwanda in 1994. The story is a true one, and accurately depicts what actually occurred over there just over 10 years ago. (wow… Clinton was president 10 years ago? I feel old!) I’m not sure if I agree with Thomas that it was the best movie of the year- although along with the Passion of the Christ, it made the biggest political statement. I’d definitely put Hotel Rwanda in my top 5 of the year though. Go see it, or add it to your upcoming Netflix rental queue. Bradley, Borders, and Walsh give it 2 thumbs up.

Jumping topics, does it make sense to anyone else that the sooner you eat all of your Easter candy, the sooner you can go back to eating healthy again? (Speaking of Eating Healthy- we 3 watched Super Size Me last week- also a Great Movie! Definitely rent this one- it is amazingly funny and scary at the same time to see what a high fat diet can do your body in a month’s time.) (Hearing his Mc-puns alone is worth the rental fee…. McGurgles… McFat…. McBrick). So what if I ate 3 bags of mini Cadbury eggs yesterday? That means I won’t eat them today! Those nasty chocolate temptations are out of sight, out of mind, and into my belly (which has to fit into a bathing suit in about a month). I know all the food conscious will say moderation is key, and you don’t have to deprive yourself of a treat, you just have to control the portions. Well all that goes out the window to me when I have a bag full of chocolate staring at me! In my little world, the sooner I eat all that candy, the sooner it is gone and won’t be there tempting me to eat it, right? Who’s with me on this one?

Monday, March 28, 2005

Sex In The Non-City

Love was in the air this weekend. No, not for me (ha ha that sure would be funny though, wouldn’t it?) but at Radnor Lake. The critters were out in abundance on a gorgeous Saturday morning as the Penthouse Pets embarked on our looooong hike (thank you Emmy Sue for thoroughly kicking my butt). We saw a Ginormouus Snapping Turtle (“offspring, Jellyman; Jellyman, offspring.”), a bunch of smaller turtles basking in the sun along the banks of the lake (“Turrrrrtle. Turrrrtle. Am I not turtley enough for your turtle club?”), pink, purple, and white flowers covering the hills, and even heard frogs sounding their mating calls. On our final strectch back though we were able to witness 2 snakes mating on the side of the path. There was a park ranger there to point it out to passer-by-ers such as ourselves, so it was a pretty interesting thing to witness. The female snake was partially under a log and was “on bottom” while the male snake coiled himself around her. We decided they were Missionary Snakes, and had a chuckle while marveling at the wonder of God’s creation.

While on the car ride home Rhonda Lu blurted out a now-classic Penthouse Quote when asked if she didn’t realize that the reason I would be able to go bowling with them that night was because I didn’t have shows all weekend. “I don’t think very much” she exclaimed. There you have it folks.

That night me, Em, Rhonda, Mary Anna, and Karla went to El Arroyo to cross off one more restaurant on our Places To Eat list. I must say, the free (cheese) queso was yummy, but not worth the drive, the shady beef (gristle) or the terrible service. I think Rhonda was satisfied (esp with the margaritas) but Em and I won’t be going back any time soon. But since we were so far out (this place was off I-24 near Starwood) and Emily was driving, we opted to go bowling out in Smyrna (Read: Smer-na, not Suh-mer-na). Of course it would just happen to be the Youth Bowling championships that night, and there was like a 2 hour wait, so we ended up starting a trend in the downstairs room at Melrose (the best bowling alley in Nashville) and had a grand old time. Rhonda won her first game of bowling ever, Em and Karla stayed neck and neck, and the 3 of us who are bowling-ly challenged- me, Lana, who met us there, and Mary Anna, encouraged one-another. AND, it was my first ever time to cyber bowl, so that was exciting.

The Easter Bunny came and went, and brought me lots of pink in my Easter basket, plus several small bags of Cadbury Mini-eggs (my new favorite Easter candy). What I really wish the Easter Bunny had brought me however, was a trip to the final four for UK. As most of you know by now, the Wildcats lost to Mich State in a double-overtime game yesterday, and their season is now over. Senior Chuck Hayes will be greatly missed next year. Coldplay is in the cd player and I am sufficiently bummed out. Although Coldplay is a step up on the depressing music level, because last year after our shocking second-round loss to UAB it was Radiohead in the car for several weeks. Every Cats fan will agree though: next year is our year. Till then, baseball starts in a few weeks so we can keep up with Cinci and Florida to occupy ourselves for a while. It’s always something, isn’t it? A Happy Dreary Monday to you all.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Holy Thursday and the ridiculous crap of Tweeners

Bible study last night proved to be full of powerful teaching from John Eldredge’s book "Waking the Dead," and laughter from the group of 9 of us that were there. First of all, we came up with a new phrase. Instead of WWJD, we will now say, WDJG? Or Where Did Jesus Go? This is to remind us that Jesus’ story does not end at the cross. He is risen and alive, and this is the good news of our faith. Eldredge brought up the point that for the first 400 years after Jesus’ death, the cross did not appear in any Christian art whatsoever, but now the cross has become synonymous with Christianity. So we girls decided to take back the true meaning of our faith and instead of wearing crosses around our necks, that we would wear rocks. These would symbolize the rock that was rolled away from Jesus’ empty tomb, thereby promting the phrase, WDJG? (Buehler?… Buehler?)

Also, to confirm another Boys Are Dumb moment, Katy was telling us about a discussion she overheard between some male co-workers. They were describing some girls as being hot, but too hot, and therefore not attainable. Then others they described as “Tweeners.” The example they gave was Leann Rymes. “Some days she looks smokin’ and other days she looks like a horse.” So she’s a Tweener. Tweeners are apparently more attainable, and therefore worthy of these men’s affection. Are you kidding me?? There is such a thing as a girl being too hot? Is that the same thing as guys saying some women are too confident, too put-together, and ultimately too good for you? Is this really what you men are thinking, or are they just the excuses you tell us. Remember, I have read the book "He’s Just Not That Into You," so males, if you’re just not interested then say so- don’t blame it on me being out of your league and giving me the whole, “you will find someone else who deserves you so much more than I do” crap. If I wanted someone else I’d find someone else. I want you. Now either be the person I need you to be or get packin, but don’t give me pitiful excuses along the way.

So as a female I need to know if there is really such a thing, and I beg the question, how hot is too hot?

Today by the way, is Holy Thursday. Take a moment today (perhaps during your dinner tonight) to remember why we celebrate this day.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Godspell Gone Wrong

So the plans changed and I went to see Godspell last night with Thomas at the Boilerroom. I knew nothing about the show, save what I researched online yesterday: It was written by Steven Schwartz (the same guy who wrote Wicked, Pippin, and other shows that I am curious to see/hear) (yes, I was CUR-ious!!!), the show is based on the gospel of Matthew, and is set at an amusement park. The production is very free form, meaning that each director has a lot of leeway with the set, costumes, and how the cast plays their parts, enabling them to add current jokes that the audience would get, and play on their strengths as comedic actors.

This particular cast was hilarious, but almost too-overbearing in their numerous add-libbed one-liners so that sometimes the story was lost, even for someone like me who was familiar with all of the stories they were portraying. A person who did not immediately recognize the Biblical teachings would have an even harder time following along at some points.

The majority of the show is Jesus teaching various parables and then the other actors acting them out. This production even used a finger puppet show to tell the story of the Good Samaritan, and the parable of the seed and the sewer with the cast pretending to be seeds, rocks, and weeds was particularly funny. Also the story of the prodigal son was heightened with the use of various accents to the characters of the father, sons, and servants.

For the crucifixion Judas strapped Jesus onto a big carnival wheel, and spun him around while a strobe light added dramatic effect. This scene was very powerful, as I had wondered how they would approach the passion in an amusement park setting. However, the biggest shock came at the end of the show, with Jesus’ death. The cast carried him off, and then moments later they all ran onstage for their curtain call. I sat there stunned.
"What?? There’s no resurrection?!" I said incredulously to Thomas. "How can you have a production about Jesus and leave him dead? The resurrection is what makes Jesus, Jesus!"
All of a sudden what I had felt was a great ministry tool, and so appropriate to do at this time of Easter, I felt had been cheapened to a secular, worldy view of Jesus being a nice man, and a good teacher.

Mike has preached on this before though. You can’t say that Jesus was a good teacher but not the son of God or the Messiah like he claimed to be. Because then Jesus would be a liar, and what good teacher lies to his students? Godspell ended where I feel it should have began. I talked with one of my friends afterwards who was in the show and she said that in some productions they opt to do a reprise of one of the songs, and bring Jesus back on, but I am still disturbed that this wasn’t written in the show to begin with.

So other than the upsetting ending, I liked the show. I am eagerly anticipating learning more of Steven Schwartz’s music, as he has become one of the most prolific composers of musical theater in the past few decades. As a self-proclaimed theater nerd (or just a nerd in general- take your pick) I have really slacked off on my knowledge of current hits and composers, so we’re presently trying to rectify that. We're also trying to sell choral music to churches and bookstores. It's difficult living this double life sometimes!

Happy Spy Wednesday- the REAL name for today's Holy Day leading up to Easter.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Smoothsday Tuesday

Smoothsday Tuesday! That’s the word for today. I wish I had a better story about how the second day of Holy week came to be known as Smoothsday Tuesday, but alas, I am at a loss. I think it came about because there is no other word that rhymes with Tuesday, and we needed a name for the day. However, every time I think of Smoothsday Tuesday, it brings to mind fond memories of the morning after my senior prom. I know- totally random. But for prom that year I had several people spend the night at my house and Mom cooked breakfast for us that next morning. She made this one cream cheese breakfast casserole dish in particular that my friend Sam named “Super-Smooth-Easy-Cruise.” Sam, by the way was the runner up for most individualistic in my class for the senior superlatives. What was so funny is that he actually always Tried to be an individual by saying things for shock value, and wearing ridiculous outfits to school. The kid who actually won for most individualistic mumbled when he talked, and told people that he had an antenna under his hair and was actually from the planet Venus. He was also a drama geek, bless his heart. (What IS it with those obnoxious drama kids anyways??) So anyways… forgive the jumping all over the place today but I need to vent a moment. I have had a Destiny’s Child lyric in my head since a late-night phone conversation last night that says, “I’m not gonna dis you on the Internet, cause my momma taught me better than that.” This was prompted by a thoughtless comment that made me want to broadcast this idiocy for all to read and sympathize with my injustice. But alas, I will do the classy thing and only mention this in passing so as not to smear anyone’s name in the mud. But darn it, I feel better already having alluded to the nasty remark. So take that, person who doesn’t think before they speak!!

Now, onward Christian soldiers! It is time for me to call my churches and bookstores and do fun sales things like that. Lunch with Holt this afternoon. Later tonight me and Tommy D are having dinner and seeing Hotel Rwanda finally. If Thomas says it was the best movie he saw all year long, then it is definitely a must-see. He’s always my ultimate movie critic and I hope to study under him and pass on any film or theater knowledge I gain. (There’s your shout-out Thomas…. Now figure out how to post comments and return any phone calls that may come to your phone from mine. PS- and I quote: “leaving on Friday. I probably didn’t mention that it was great seeing you.” I TOLD you I wasn’t crazy!!)

Monday, March 21, 2005

Fecunday Monday

Happy Fecunday Monday!! That’s right people, it’s Holy Week- the defining week for Christians, leading up to Easter. Now I don’t mean to be trite or take lightly what this week truly means for believers, but as always, there is a story to be told as to why today is called Fecunday Monday. It all started my senior year in high school (cue misty haze which then clears to reveal Brentwood High School and an 18 year old Amanda) in my AP English class where it was all the smart kids and me. Somehow the word fecundity came up in a class discussion (how do these things ever come up anyways?). As it turns out, fecundity is a noun meaning:

1: the intellectual fruitfulness of a creative imagination [syn: fruitfulness] 2: the state of being fertile; capable of producing offspring [syn: fertility] 3: the quality of something that causes or assists healthy growth [syn: fruitfulness]

So the smart kids got to show off their extensive vocabulary, and Amanda got to learn a new word that day (we all know how fond of the English language I am, so I was excited!) So just for fun the rest of that year we used fecundity, fecund, and fecundaliscious in class as much as possible.

Fast forward to Holy Week 1999- the week before Easter. Growing up with one side of my family being Catholic, I knew that certain days of this week had special names… Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, but I didn’t know what Monday and Tuesday were called. Well she didn’t know either, so I therefore decided that the Monday before Easter would forever be dubbed Fecunday Monday. Tune in tomorrow for Tuesday’s specially-named day.

How Sweet It Is

So who else’s brackets are shot to Hades??? (Raising my hand high in the air) But that’s why it’s called March Madness, baby; So that little no-name Cinderella teams like Bucknell and Vermont can move forward in the Big Dance while crybabies Syracuse and Uconn, both in the final game last year, can go back to their snooty Eastern schools. Meanwhile the Kentucky Wildcats can continue on in their quest for yet another national title (You Bet Your Sweet 16 @ss they are!!!). But I’m not gloating or anything.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Luck of the Irish

Let the madness begin! At precisely 11:20 am central standard time the University of Kentucky Wildcats help kick off the beginning of March Madness. It also happens to be St. Patty’s Day, so make sure if you are of legal drinking age you consume a green beer for me tonight. (The self-imposed drinking ban continues as the show opens tomorrow night and alcohol dries out your vocals chords) (That music score is a beast so I don’t want to take any chances!) (Plus one beer is just wasted calories.) By the way, you know what works as a great cure-all? Green Beer. This started last year at out St Patty’s Day celebration at Bailey’s on Broadway. For example:

Amanda: Hey Ari, I’m really bummed out about my love life.
Ari: Oh really? Well you know what’ll help that?
(In unison): Green Beer!

Rhonda: Yall, I am really stressed out about my big presentation at work today.
Amanda and Emily: well you know what’ll help relax you?
(All in unison): Green Beer!

George W: I’m an incompetent president, and half of my cabinet has just resigned… what can I do?
Amanda: No idea. Sorry about that one. No, okay, I guess I’ll continue to play along… Mr. W, you need some Green Beer.

So you get the idea.

Okay… imagine there was a time lapse here of about 5 hours, and now it is 2 oclock in the afternoon. Kentucky has just won (barely) (luck of the Irish I guess)… Alabama has just lost (darn that 12-5 upset!)… and now it’s time for me to learn how to use my phone and get crackin’ on my sales. How very exciting for me. I will be selling choral music to the sweet people of Alabama and those in Washington State. Guess I shouldn’t bring up basketball to my Alabama customers this afternoon, huh?

Alrighty then… go do whatever it is you do. I will be checking live updated ncaa scores online and attempting to start doing my job on my own (pretending he’s beside me… all alone, I walk with him till morning…) 10 points for anyone besides Ari who can tell me what that is from!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

march madness

it's officially begun.. the time of the year when all basketball fanatics become absolutely useless in their jobs, in their plays, in their lives... basketball becomes all-consuming. well, okay, maybe not to that extreme, but this Thursday Does begin the ncaa tournament. I am sad to say that while my Cats are an extremely talented team, they are just not consistant enough for me to pick them going all the way this year (Patrick Sparks, I'm talking to you!). Go to the above link to get all the latest and greatest info and updates on the tournament and fill out your brackets. Let the fun begin.

Also speaking of fun and new beginnings, the job is going great... my internet and email are now working. And of course that's the mark of a good job right??? Also I am getting excited about making my Cubie a pink respite from the craziness of work. How fun is the word Cubie by the way? I think it's such a nice alternative to describe a work space which is inherently impersonal and generic. But I have a running list of things I need to bring and/or buy to make my space my own. Look out Brentwood Benson- the pink parade is coming! Happy Tuesday everyone.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

oh where, oh where has my little blog gone

.... oh where, oh where can it beeeee???

Ha ha- you thought I was gone forever. Never fear, for this DIVA, armed with her new job and an expensive antibiotic (what happened to the days where mom and dad paid for medicine and you had no idea how much it cost??) has returned to you in cheery spirits. Things are going well at Brentwood Benson, life of course is not slowing down, the show opens next week and I have scarcely a second to spare! Hence the lack of blogging. The dial-up internet at ye olde apartment is a lesson in patience that I am not willing to fail at this point in time, so I am here at Chateau Bradley taking precious moments to say hello and spread some of that giddy sunshine and new job cheer! I am getting paid to hang out with fun people and listen to music. Yesterday I had a conversation with a girl about URSHER. I smiled on the inside. It just definitely proves I was at the Bone and Joint clinic for too long, that's for dang sure.

The Madness has begun people- March Madness that is. Oh yes, the SEC tournament is well under way and NCAA is approaching. Who else thinks Digger Phelps is an idiot for his fact or fiction segment on sports center yesterday? Who doesn't even know who digger Phelps is? raise your hands. ok, good. now raise your hands if you have ever been stung by a jellyfish. Have you ever seen those little random poll-the-audience questions they have playing before a movie sometimes? That one actually says "Clap your hands if you've been stung by a jellyfish, but of course we are on computers here and I would not be able to hear you clapping. How silly would THAT be?

Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by. I'm Amanda Bradley??

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Martha Focker

I know what you're thinking. This should be a joyous day- it's my last ever at the Bone & Joint Clinic. The sun is shining and it is an absolutely gorgeous day here in Franklin, TN. But still, I have these nagging feelings that have put me in the crummiest mood. I didn't get to see Dave Barnes play last night in the Boro, because I thought that I wouldn't cancel Bible study and just see him in 2 weeks when he plays at Exit/In. Well stupid funny man Barnes has decided to change nights at Exit/In and is now playing that Friday night instead of Wednesday. This is fine for anyone who doesn't have Opening Night of their show that same night. Then there was a ticket mix-up with Marc Broussard tonight so I'm not going to see him either. Several relationships in my life are strained right now, which makes me think it must be me since I'm the one with all the problems. Switching jobs on Monday while exciting is going to be hard- change is never easy. I just realized Kentucky is playing on Sunday at 11, which means that I can't go to both church and Sunday School, and as much as I miss Sunday School, it's Kentucky's last game and it's against Florida. Then I also have rehearsal at 1pm that day, meaning I'll either miss the end of the game (not happening) or else be late to rehearsal. I figure I don't enter till the end of the 7th number- they won't miss me too terribly much- I'm only the lead, right? And on top of everything else, for a fleeting moment I thought I was going to get to see James tonight and tomorrow and now due to cirumstances out of either of our control, that's not going to happen either.

Wow. I just re-read what I wrote and you'd think the sky was falling or something. I guess I can appreciate the fact that while yes, maybe life is crappy right now, things are really not that bad. The drama queen in me sees things for being bigger deals than they are. The stubborness in me will not allow me to let those things go, and the Little Bear is just enjoying being grumpy I guess.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Cats and More Cats

Tonight the University of Kentucky will play their last home game at Rupp tonight. It’s senior night, and I’m so sad I can’t be there. It was senior night 2 years ago that I sang at, and attended my last home ball game. Now That is depressing- to have not been to Rupp in 2 years… but I got some mighty fine barbecue. We take on the Vols tonight, and like I said earlier in the season, it has taken me a long time to be able to actually cheer for Kentucky and against UT, and not just be happy to see either team win, but I’m finally there. We don’t lose on senior night though, so there’s little to worry about. Anyone who wants to read a tear-jerker article can see this one on senior Chuck Hayes or this one on our other senior, Josh Carrier. Or maybe it's just me and I’m extremely emotional today, or maybe it was just the Mexican food from lunch rearing its ugly head.

Ari’s off to Reno for a few days. ("So unless we want to do this job in Reno, we’re in Barney…. Barney Rubble… Trouble." So yeah, I really need to see Hotel Rwanda because until then all I can think of is Basher from Ocean’s 11 when I see Don Cheadle!!) This means that her cat Kiki (Dee) (Don’t go breakin’ my heart) and I will get to spend some quality time together. We all know I am not extremely fond of cats. And cats are not extremely fond of me. But for Kiki I will sacrifice.

Ok, so yeah. Go Cats. We’ve just clinched our 43rd SEC title. We should have a Number One seed in the tourney… March Madness, here we come Baby!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

So much to do, so little time

That’s my life in a sentence. The show opens in a little over 2 weeks. I’m not off book completely. I don’t feel 100 percent great vocally. (But I never will). So much to do, so little time.

I am over 2 years behind on my scrapbooks and putting pictures into albums. Whatever happened to Christmas and Summer and Spring breaks to get these things done? So much to do, so little time.

Spring and Summer are approaching fast. We girls know this means cute tank tops and flip-flops (yea!) but it also means swimsuits. Time to start the daily Pilates back up. So much to do, so little time.

My last day at the Bone & Joint Clinic is Thursday. (Praise the Lord and pass the amunition) I spent a good bit of my afternoon going through emails I had saved in my work inbox, reliving the drama that is my life, and laughing at the visual progression of the SOGWEAW emails and friendships, forwarding the good ones to my yahoo address. I have so many loose ends to tie up here, so much crap to bring home, and 2 days to get it all done. So much to do, so little time.

I still have all these questions for God regarding my faith. My quiet times are not happening. But I put that stuff off because I have for all eternity to get that stuff straightened out, for goodness sakes. This other stuff is important Now. Except that we are not ever promised tomorrow and Jesus said to be ready to give an answer at any day or any hour. So much to do, so little time.

I thrive on staying busy- I have since at least high school, maybe before that. Mom says I’m too popular. My roommates who never see me don’t know how I do it, and tell me I need to learn to say no. But if I say no, then I miss out on things I want to do! Because it’s not like I fill my time up doing things I hate. I can’t help it if the world is my playground and I want to take my God-given talents and desires and experience it all! Everyone is on my case for not getting enough sleep- I’ve been sick for almost 2 months, which is highly unlike me. I think I am getting to that inevitable breaking point though where I can’t take it any more and need a few days off to myself. I’m taking Friday off to rest and relax (and maybe scrapbook!) so that I will be able to start my new job on Monday fresh and rejuvenated. Trust me. This weekend will be Nothing like the last. And soon enough I will have my weeknights free for the most part with Pirates running on the weekend. Until then though, there is so much to do, and so little time.