Thursday, March 31, 2005

some heavy and not-so-heavy things to think about

A punny joke for the day

This is on my daily calendar-O-Jokes- most of which are about as funny as Schindler’s List, but today’s was mildly amusing:

Pearl: What are you doing?

Shirl: Making pottery.

Pearl: To earn money?

Shirl: No, I’m just kiln time.

Thank you, Thank you… try the veal, I’ll be here all night, folks.

Ok, how about this one:

Smalls: Baby Ruth? I thought she was a famous potter.

The cute, fat catcher (did he have a name? I’m blank): You’re Kiln me, Smalls!

Ha Ha….. Ha Ha…. Hey- why am I the only one laughing here? Buehler?….

To totally change gears, we here at the headquarters of the Divadomain sometimes feel we must add real, thought provoking topics on here for you to ponder or comment on, in addition to the pointless jargen that often winds up here, in order to maintain the high level of excellence and worthiness of your time that we try to provide here.

Terry Schiavo’s death today has sparked an unreal amount of controversy over a person’s right to die. What do we think about all this? If you were, God forbid, hurt in some sort of accident that reduced you to a vegetative state would you want to be kept alive? I’m not so sure I would. I know the pain it would cause my family to keep me in a hospital for years, and with no hope for recovery, are we just playing God by allowing medical science to keep us alive? However, I CAN look at it from the other standpoint that says as a Christian, we can always pray for a miracle. Who’s to say that God would never have healed Terry? Or who’s to say that God did not provide doctors with the knowledge and ability to sustain life in this manner? I think that if a person I was close to was in this predicament, and they were a believer, I say let them go to God and live in peace and perfection. Keeping someone alive artificially is not for the benefit of the incapacitated person, it is for the benefit of those close to that person who do not want to let go of their loved one. I realize this is also one of those things that many people say they know what their opionion is, but until you are faced with the problem, you wouldn’t truly know how you would react. Just wondering what other fellow readers think about a person's right to die.


daddy b said...

In Terry's case , we really don't know what her wishes would be, only what her husband says they are. Isn't God really the only one who can decide when our time has come? Are we interfering with God's plan when we take away the ability God has given us to sustain life through medicine or techology? Is it really up to the individual to make a decision about life or death, even if it is their own?
If I knew the right answer to any of these questions I would be appearing at my window nightly and blessing all those who would look to me..You ain't seen me at my window lately have you.

jillymae said...

i know i would not want to be kept "alive" by machines. your brain not functioning and your body, your organs only living because of the fluid and oxygen forced into them every day. what kind of life is that really? i say her husband made the right choice, to let her go home to Jesus. i think her mind and spirit are already there, her body just wants to join and be perfected with the rest of her.

Audrey said...

Recently, my family was faced with a similar decision. Thankfully, my great-grandma had a living will that became public (family) knowledge. I realize that we all have a purpose for living, but if our priorities are straight, dying is not the worst thing that could happen.

Anonymous said...

(As a dutiful reader of DivaDomain, and infrequent poster, for some reason, this struck me... but when I started typing, I didn't intend to drone on this long, so my apologies in advance... consider this Volume One) :)

I somewhat *agree* with Audrey, death is not an end, it's a beginning... and if we realize that, AND recognize that we have eternal life with Christ, then the death-process is not something we should truly fear.

Of course I don't want to suffer. Of course I don't want my family to suffer. But of course I want my family to realize that I am heading to heaven, and confidence in that brings confidence in much else...

I am sure that medically, there are circumstances where people just go past the point of living on their own... but since we can't get into the mind of either the patient -- or God, for that matter, outside of what He has told us in His Word -- than who are we to minimize the value of the precious life bestowed upon us (also valued in His Word)?

God is the author of Life, and He can choose to take it at His pleasure... The problem for me is that the machines in this case were in no way "keeping" Schiavo alive... and the husband chose to starve her... What would have happened had the Lord allowed her to continue living past the 13 days she went without food and water... what if she lived for 40 days? A year? What then... ?

For the believer, I would imagine it is going to be easier (as best it can be) knowing that you essentially release another to the presence of the Lord... but for the believer, if we are unsure of the patient's eternal security and standing before the Lord, is it not irresponsible in some way for us to "jump ahead" and not just take life away on earth, but also in eternity (not questioning the ability of man to override God's sovereign rule, but I am suggesting that the longer one stays alive, the more options for both a miraculous healing -- agreeing with Amanda -- and the opportunity, in some small way, to give time - humanly speaking - for the Lord to save the patient (spiritually))?

I don't pretend to know all about this... but it certainly raises interesting questions... for further reading, which I do find most thought-provoking, check out the following two columns by Cal Thomas...

Anonymous said...

Ok, those links weren't in totality... cut off the last numbers, and just go with the "Cal Thomas" part to be the end, and then find his archive, and read the two recent articles on Schiavo.... sorry 'bout that...

Anonymous said...

Error #2... now the web addys for the links seem to have self-corrected... so those should work! Forget previous post... :) Have a good Friday...