Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Smoothsday Tuesday

Smoothsday Tuesday! That’s the word for today. I wish I had a better story about how the second day of Holy week came to be known as Smoothsday Tuesday, but alas, I am at a loss. I think it came about because there is no other word that rhymes with Tuesday, and we needed a name for the day. However, every time I think of Smoothsday Tuesday, it brings to mind fond memories of the morning after my senior prom. I know- totally random. But for prom that year I had several people spend the night at my house and Mom cooked breakfast for us that next morning. She made this one cream cheese breakfast casserole dish in particular that my friend Sam named “Super-Smooth-Easy-Cruise.” Sam, by the way was the runner up for most individualistic in my class for the senior superlatives. What was so funny is that he actually always Tried to be an individual by saying things for shock value, and wearing ridiculous outfits to school. The kid who actually won for most individualistic mumbled when he talked, and told people that he had an antenna under his hair and was actually from the planet Venus. He was also a drama geek, bless his heart. (What IS it with those obnoxious drama kids anyways??) So anyways… forgive the jumping all over the place today but I need to vent a moment. I have had a Destiny’s Child lyric in my head since a late-night phone conversation last night that says, “I’m not gonna dis you on the Internet, cause my momma taught me better than that.” This was prompted by a thoughtless comment that made me want to broadcast this idiocy for all to read and sympathize with my injustice. But alas, I will do the classy thing and only mention this in passing so as not to smear anyone’s name in the mud. But darn it, I feel better already having alluded to the nasty remark. So take that, person who doesn’t think before they speak!!

Now, onward Christian soldiers! It is time for me to call my churches and bookstores and do fun sales things like that. Lunch with Holt this afternoon. Later tonight me and Tommy D are having dinner and seeing Hotel Rwanda finally. If Thomas says it was the best movie he saw all year long, then it is definitely a must-see. He’s always my ultimate movie critic and I hope to study under him and pass on any film or theater knowledge I gain. (There’s your shout-out Thomas…. Now figure out how to post comments and return any phone calls that may come to your phone from mine. PS- and I quote: “leaving on Friday. I probably didn’t mention that it was great seeing you.” I TOLD you I wasn’t crazy!!)


jillymae said...

it's good to see you back bloggin on a regular basis! i was missin my daily dose of divadomain randomness =)

speaking of divas, we had a woman in the spa saturday for a massage who actually wrote "DIVA" as her Occupation on her intake form. AND she write DIVA in all caps! that was too much, had to share

Anonymous said...

i'll leave it at this: boys are dumb. ~ari

Bethany said...

Oh...good 'ol Sammy. How is he anyway?? I remember that prom....the lone juniors: me & Clint!! Haha...So you're over at Benson now?? are you liking it? And by the way, are you coming to the wedding?