Monday, February 28, 2005

to be thirteen and other tales from Saturday

So are you the reader enjoying these abbreviated blogs? I’ve put them in little snippets in chronological order rather than posting one big massive weekend blog, so I hope this keeps you interested longer. I know those big long paragraphs can be intimidating. I found out that one of my mom’s best friends reads the divadomain on a regular basis (cool) but that my sister and her better half don’t ("uh-uh. Not Cool."). What gives? Well anyways, now we’re onto Saturday.

Ari and I met at my house to watch the Wildcats handily beat ranked Alabama at Alabama. We started out rough, and none of us were sure that we were going to still be sitting on the coach watching the game before it was over. But then Patrick Sparks became my hero and knocked down 7 3-pointers, 5 of them in the second half alone. The kid could do no wrong and was making these insane shots from way beyond the arc. This put me in a great mood of course. Plus it was Saturday and sunny and 60 degrees or so. These are the days that make me happy to be a Tennessean. I talked to Amanda Holt the day before, who was spending the weekend in the Cape, where they were expecting 10 inches of snow or something crazy like that. Now don’t me wrong- I love snow, but I’ll take the spring-like weather in February any day of the week.

After the game Casey-Michael stopped by the house on his bike. (Casey just also happens to be the son of our family friend who reads the blog, for your own point of reference). Casey is 13 but seems so much younger than I was at that age. When I was 13 I was sooo grown up- at least I thought I was! He proceeded to tell us all about how the girl he likes just broke up with another guy. So what does that mean nowadays to go out with somebody I asked Casey. Do they actually go anywhere? (sidenote. In middle school my parents always thought it was soooo funny to ask me "Where ‘ya goin?" When I said I was "Going with" so-and-so. It used to drive me crazy. Of course we didn’t actually GO anywhere, but that’s just what we called it. I would swear to never do something like that to my kids someday, but I know myself too well) So Casey proceeded to tell us that this particular girl and now-ex kissed under the stairs at her house. That’s what 13-year-old couples do these days we learned. Casey also said that this same girl kissed another guy in front of him and he didn’t even care. Why not, we asked him? Deal with it he responded. This was his snippy remark after everything. Deal with it. Must be another 13-year-old thing. Our young Romeo did say that he was going to ask out said strumpet to go to a movie- that’s way more than any 13-year-old I ever knew would do, so I was impressed. I’ll let you know how the teenage melodrama turns out.

So since Friday night was the girls night IN, Saturday turned into the Girls Night Out. The Penthouse became the gathering spot as we settled on the Tin Roof to get rusted. I was peeved because the weekend cover had gone up from 3 to 4 dollars, plus the music was terrible until 12 or 12:30. And I cannot discuss the woman violently dancing to Rocky Top that was bent over slapping her legs on beats one and three… her friends were nearby so all we could do was to exchange wide-eyed looks at one another on the dance floor. I am not going to lie. We’re all friends here. I enjoyed myself a little too much Saturday night, to the point where Sunday morning came and went, and I was still in bed. At 11:45 I woke up horrified as I immediately came to the realization that I had missed church. Truly I was sad and disappointed. I broke the rule I have for myself that says I can go out on Saturday nights as long as it doesn’t interfere with me getting up for Church on Sunday morning. Plus, and I swear it was only an afterthought- I was going to miss Green Hills Grille and the Pure Fried Goodness! So I moped around the house and talked on the phone before sulking over to the house to lounge around with the fam all day, and didn’t come back to the apt till after the Ooscars last night. An uneventful end to an eventful weekend for sure.

Friday: part II

Emmy Sue, Rhonda Lu, Ari Jo, and myself got together at the Penthouse for a Girls Night In. There were supposed to be others but they all backed out. Shady girls! Just kidding- I love them all. We had a few drinks and munched on those new Pizza Hut dippin strips- 2 thumbs up for those- they were tasty, played Catch Phrase (Em: It’s the name of the bird who sits on your shoulder and talks. Rhonda Lu: Canary!), we danced to an old school cd mix of Em’s and of course, URsher, Ari tried to teach me how to do the African Booty Shake (where’s Sammy when you need him?) and Ari and I initiated Em and Rhonda into the WTF club- please meet our newest members, Frenchie and Country. :o) (This makes no sense to you unless you went to UK, I realize) Finally around 4:30 Em and I were the last to drift off to dream land but not until after I called and talked to James, who doesn’t even remember me calling I later found out! Guess I am just that forgettable a person. True, Saturday morning came early, and the apartment reeked of pancakes and the kitchen was an absolute Mess, but who knew that staying in could be so much fun??

AJ and RL cheesin' up it

Break-it-down-like-James-Brown time

chocolate chip pancakes at 2am

My world famous Chocolate Martinis

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere

It was a long rough week, so the Penthouse Pets decided to celebrate the beginning of the weekend with a little Happy Hour at the apt. I got home early, got the necessary provisions ready, and cranked up the URsher for our impromptu dance party. Em arrived shortly after and I played bartender by making us some yummy margaritas in hot pink glasses nonetheless. Rhonda arrived next, disappointed that we had started the party without her. Sorry bout it, we said. It’s Friday and we just couldn’t wait. Plus I was on a time constraint. (What else is new, right?) I had rehearsal at 7 that night. What followed though was a ton of laughter, dancing on chairs (beware of the wicker trunk- it’s not as sturdy as it looks), Emily coming out of the closet, barnyard animal noises, and did I mention laughter? Luckily Rhonda decided to document the occasion and so below are a couple of photos from the event.

showing off our superpowers... it is definitely a Friday!

Dance party at the Penthouse

Friday, February 25, 2005

24 going on 34 and the weekend preview

I feel like a frumpy middle-aged woman today sitting here at my desk drinking a Diet Doctor Pepper complete with lipstick markings on the can. I feel like should be driving a minivan or something. And I’ve never even drunk a diet doctor pepper before but somehow it just seemed right today. I also had 2 cups of coffee this morning. What has happened to me?? Not so very long ago I was living a carefree life with very little responsibility and I didn’t fully appreciate it until I was trapped in the Real World. No, not the one where 7 strangers are picked to live in a house and have their lives taped (MJ from Nashville is an idiot by the way- he’s on the Real World Philly), but the one where I sit at a desk for 8 hours a day and do something I hate, listening to music on my computer, and checking my yahoo home page every 15 minutes to see what new headline has popped up. (See? This is why those comments on the blog are important- it gives me something new to read and ponder while I check my email for the hundredth time.)

I’m excited about the possibilities of this weekend. Some after-work drinks are a possibility, as is a UK game viewing party at Chateau Bradley (all Nashvillians are welcome- just give me a buzz), perhaps some dancing, maybe a little Tin-Roofing it… who knows. We are just That Crazy. And spontaneous. (Hey- I’m working on it.)

I’m actually excited to go to church on Sunday. I haven’t been in about a month and I have really missed it. Aside from feeling disconnected with all of the people there, I have really missed Mike’s preaching, missed worshipping with other believers, and missed the music. I did go to church with James and his family last weekend, and as glad as I was to be there, it made me miss BBC even more! Everyone has already made plans to go to Green Hills Grille after service on Sunday, and Rhonda is trying to convince me to go to get some of the Pure Fried Goodness that they only serve on Sundays. We shall see.

In other Penthouse News, Rhonda Lu got a funny wake-up call this morning. Em and I were talking this morning- Em in the hall outside her room, and me standing inside my room, when Rhonda finally decided to get out of bed. Well I’m sorry- but she just looked completely not awake and totally disheveled! (Not like I’m ever like that At All… Nope) So Emily chimes a chipper "Good morning Sunshine," to her. I think we may have gotten a grumble back from Rhonda before she shut the bathroom door (remember to think happy thoughts and flush twice!) so I started serenading her with a dapper "You Are My Sunshine" outside the door. I think she was amused. Em and I were nonetheless. What a fun way to start out a Friday!

But now it’s almost lunchtime and I’m getting ready to try out this all-chicken place called Maniac’s with Ari and Angela. Go ahead. You know you’re singing the song.

"She’s a maaaaaaa-niac. Maaaaaaaa-niac on the floor. And she’s dancin’ like she’s never danced before."

I’ll let you know how it is. Till then: so long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen goodbye.

Rhonda Lu Maureen Walsh McConaughey

Hi everyone! I know it's been AGES since I (Rhonda) posted. But now, I have a moment and I feel compelled to share some excitingly fantabulous news with everyone. The love of my life has finally come to Nashville to find me. We plan to ride off into the sunset together, in an Airstream trailer. (From my 4th favorite Nashvillian, Brad "Brad About You" Schmitt of the Tennessean newspaper....)

"Wa-hoooo! Party in the campground!"

If you're traveling around town today and you think to yourself, ''Hey, that looks like Matthew McConaughey in an Airstream trailer,'' you might be right.
Yes, Nashville is a town of celebrities, but even here in star-heavy Music City USA, it's still a rare sight to see a Hollywood A-lister tooling around in a trailer.
Matthew is promoting his new movie, Sahara, which opens April 8, by traveling around the country. No, the movie has nothing to do with trailers. It's about treasure hunting in West Africa, a decidedly un-trailer-friendly region.
Matthew owns a trailer, ya see, and he's chosen to travel around the country on it to talk to local reporters and other folks to promote Sahara.
And yes, he actually stays on it. Matthew will send his driver to a hotel tonight while he sleeps in the trailer, parked somewhere in Nashville.
Then he's off to Washington, D.C., tomorrow morning to do more press and sleep in his trailer again.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Spontaneous spontaneity

Stop the presses!!

I was spontaneous this afternoon. Not even planned spontaneity, but just plain "hey, I just did something without planning." Mark this one down on the calendars. Now that I’ve built it up to be this huge thing, it’s really not that big of a deal. But my friends Kenneth and John who are friends from high school (except that I didn’t ever go to school with either of them), called around 12:30 and were in the area, and getting ready to go have lunch. Would I like to go with them, they asked. I hadn’t had lunch yet, although I did have some yummy leftovers from where Laura, my gourmet-Chef-of-a- sister, had cooked last night. "Now?" I said, and off I went! I hadn’t seen Ken since Heather’s wedding, and John since this summer at Johnny Jackson’s (roomies- he is the really good dancer, if your memories serve you well) so I decided the leftovers would wait until tomorrow. So I met the boys and another coworker of theirs at this Chinese Buffet place here in Franklin and sufficiently stuffed myself so that I won’t have to eat again for the rest of the day. We caught up on life and made plans to go to Johnny Jackson’s again soon. The amusing part of the meal, and what I considered blogworthy if you will, was when we got our fortune cookies. I was explaining to Kenneth the theory on fortune cookies that says you eat the first half, read the fortune (in bed) and then eat the second half of the cookie in order for it to come true. He had never heard this before. "Was the person who told you that Caucasian?" he asked. (Ken’s Thai) But seriously, has anyone else heard of this superstition with fortune cookies? I know I’m not flyin’ solo on this one. But here was my prophetic fortune:
"Friends long absent are coming back to you (…in bed)." Which is true since the guys called me out of the blue. Then their co-worker who ate with us had one that said something about keeping his feet on the Gound. There was a typo on his fortune!! John’s was blah about starting something new, and Kenneth’s said something about his verstility! Another typo! 2 of our 4 fortunes were mis-spelled!! What kind of crap is that? We all know what a grammar dork I am so this drove me crazy. Who lets these mistakes slide by and thinks that it’s ok- that the American people don’t care or even notice? Well this Diva noticed. My friends got broken fortunes. I want a refund from the Sam’s fortune cookie company, located in Chicago, IL- a very oriental area John quipped. But anyways. That was my spontaneous afternoon. Now get back to me on your fortune cookie superstitions. What works? What doesn’t? I want to know.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Look who's blogging from work!!!

Oh happy Day! Due to some glitch in the computer firewall or else the Gods smiling upon me, I have been granted free reign to the internet once again, if only for a short while. How did I discover this wonderful anomaly you might ask? While on my yahoo page this morning all of a sudden I realized I could see the adds... so I got curious and opened up an email from Stilacosmetics and was thrilled to see that I could view all of the pictures of their latest spring line. Then the light bulb went off and I clicked my web browser over to the DivaDomain. It was like Christmas I tell you! There was so much to do and so little time- I had no idea how long the time-warp zone would be open so I had to act fast! I quickly began to edit all those annoying blogs with the nasty little squares in them. (Trust me, it drives me crazy knowing they're there, but I didn't have the power to fix that here at the office lately.) Then I added some new links. Be a sleuth and figure out what all has changed. I was going to change my list of movies I want to see, but total sadness- I have seen None of those movies yet! And they're all ones I really want to see. So bear with me on that.

I did see Saw this weekend (I know- see-saw...really funny). But Bradley and Bradley give it two thumbs way down. (My opinion counts twice because I feel so vehemently about this film) Don't waste your time or money renting this one. It's not even that scary (even with certain people giving you hugs at unexpected moments that make you jump and scream anyways), and Wesley- I mean Cary Elwes- talked in this overdramatic voice the entire time that made his character laughable. Seriously.

But here I am just giddy with the possibility of catching up with the blogging world for however long my unknown permission has been granted. I could care less about work since I have (Trumpet fanfare inserted here) given my two weeks' notice and my last day here at the Good Ole B&J will be next Friday. And you'd better believe we're going to party like it's 1999 after rehearsal that night. This job change has been long overdue. Unfortunately I don't technically have the next place of employment lined up, but we're working on that (pun intended). When I know, you'll know. And if I have to eat Ramen noodles and spaghetti-Os for the next month until that job comes along, well we'll just cross that bridge when we get to it. In the meantime, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I am loving the view.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Bobbing for Urine

I awoke this morning to hear Emily and Rhonda talking about me outside my door. This was a good thing though, because I had overslept and would not have gotten up if it weren't for them. Wonky-eyed and completely out of it, the way one usually is when one oversleeps, I stumbled into the bathroom where Rhonda is getting ready for work. (Sidenote: wonky is the word we use to describe Britney Spears' eyes. They are weird looking- check them out the next time you see a pic of her. But Laura says I have wonky eyes in the morning before I've showered and totally woken up too.) You have to know also that our toilet is a pain in the butt and doesn't usually flush correctly the first time. You have to wait a second, think happy thoughts and talk nicely to the toilet to coax it into flushing the second time. So I've flushed for the first time this morning when Rhonda leans over the counter next to me to do something, and all of a sudden, something falls into the toilet. I am still out of it at this point, having just woken up, and so I stand there with this confused look on my face, and we both peer into the toilet to see what it was that has leapt off of the counter and into the porcelain pool. Rhonda lets this cry of despair out as she realizes it's this little sample bottle of perfume that she loves. By this time Emily is at the door to see what all the commotion is, and we all debate on what to do.
"Man, I really loved that stuff," Rhonda whined.
"Well I have a bottle of it, you can have mine" Em says.
"Yeah, but that still doesn't solve our dilemma," Rhonda and I both say.
"We still have to get it out."
So I (still not fully awake despite all the excitement) give Rhonda this expectant look, like, "okay, well, get it out!"
"I'm guessing by that look you're giving me that you want me to reach in and grab it." Rhonda says.
"Well why should I have to do it? All I did was stand up and flush the toilet! You're the one who knocked it in!" I retorted.
"But it's your urine!" Rhonda countered.
I won.
Emily, the resident genius, went and got a plastic grocery bag and instructed Rhonda to cover her hand and arm with the bag and reach into the toilet bowl and grab the bottle.
Reluctantly, Rhonda does this, much to the amusement of the other roommates.
Screaming and hollering the whole time, she cries that the bottle is stuck, and
"ohmygosh, I think my hand's getting wet! I'm getting your urine on my hand!" She says quite hysterically.
Rhonda flings the wet grocery bag into the trashcan and rushes to the sink to ferociously wash her hands, still squirming and screaming while Em and I are cracking up, and Emily goes and gets another bag and proceeds to try herself. She too gets wet in the process, but this time succeeds in getting the little bottle of perfume out of the toilet and into the trash along with wet grocery bag number 2. (Speaking of number 2, we are all just lucky that it wasn't. I don't think I could have handled that.) We are all dying of laughter while we discuss the blogworthy-ness of the event, hereby dubbing it, Bobbing for Urine, and Emily and Rhonda both declare their undying friendship for life after this episode.
"We stuck our hands in your urine!" They cry.
Only a good friend would do that for you. Blogworthy indeed I think.

Monday, February 21, 2005

The Best BBQ Ever

As you all know I've been a little long-winded on here as of late. Primarily this is because I can't check other blogs or post comments anymore from work, so I use all that "extra" time to write more detailed posts instead. However, it has been brought to my attention that not all of you have nothing better to do than read my verbose ramblings (shocking, I know), so I'll spare you the details of this weekend and say that it was full of ups and downs, but it wound up being better than I could have imagined. What I would like to share with you is an afternoon of father-daughter bonding and the best barbecue ever. Yesterday's in Lexington. Every bit worth the 3 hour drive.

I had planned on Saturday morning being a relaxing day of having breakfast with the roommates + AWP (Ann Wade Parish- Emily's not-so-imaginary best friend, now that I Finally met the girl after months of hearing about her), painting my nails, packing, cleaning, Blogging. Alas, things got crazy as they usually do, and the majority of that did not happen. I rushed home after breakfast on Saturday (it was good, but it was no Chocolate Sin pancakes from PP) and got ready for my road-trip with Dad. As part of his Valentine's Day present I was going to take him to a UK basketball game at Rupp Arena. Saturday was the last home game UK had on a weekend, so it was basically our last opportunity to get to see our beloved Cats play. With both of us clad in Kentucky Blue, we set out on our 3-hour trek to Lexington. I was absolutely wired that afternoon and was singing the UK fight song every 2 or 3. It had been over a year since I had been to a game at Rupp, so I was just as excited as Dad to be going. Finally I settled down as we listened to some Ray Charles and Conway Twitty and talked about music (our favorite topic), and I pored through the latest Sephora catalogue.

The trip seemed to take forever, but we made it into the Lex-vegas in plenty of time to get parked, settle in, eat some lunch/dinner and hit the streets to find tickets for that night's ball game. We talked to a few people selling tickets but held off on buying them. We decided to go inside and kill some time and then come back out and buy tickets closer to game time. Mistake number 2. Mistake number 1 was not buying them on ebay when I had the chance, or better yet, not missing the day that current UK students could buy guest tickets and have someone purchase them for me then. I'm sure you can guess where this is going, but alas, Dad and I went inside the convention center, looked around a few shops, and sat down inside this bar called Yesterday's and had barbecue sandwiches and a few drinks. After a sufficient amount of time had been wasted, it was 2 hours till game time and we headed back outdoors to find tickets for that night's game. Horror of all horrors though, there were zero tickets to be had. This was the last Saturday home game, an SEC game against a team who had been previously ranked in the top 25, not to mention ESPN college game day was there, so everybody and their dog apparently decided that this was the game of the season to attend. We ran into countless people who were in the same boat we were in, trying to scalp tickets, but had no luck. We walked up and down the sidewalks near Rupp, had an interesting run-in with a homeless woman, and froze our tails off in the wind all for naught. It was killing me to see all the fans pouring into Rupp while we drove away. Dad was really a good sport about the whole thing and reassured me that he had nothing better to do on a Saturday and it was worth the drive on the chance that we would get tickets. Since the game was my idea in the first place though, I felt awful about making him drive all that way, only to turn around and have to listen to the game in the car. We joked around and said it was the best barbecue sandwiches we had ever had though, and worth a 3-hour drive, and paying $7 to park! At any rate, we had some good quality time together, and have a rather humorous story to tell. I have a feeling that Yesterday's barbecue will go down in Bradley family history as a story that gets told every basketball season. Who's hungry? Wanna drive to Lexington?

Friday, February 18, 2005

scalding to lukewarm in 0 to 60

Alright. I would like to share with you my gripe with hot beverages. More specifically, hot tea, but any warm liquid applies. You fix yourself a cup of hot tea (I've been drinking hot tea because it's better for you than coffee, yet I still get my wake-up caffeine), and then wait a moment for it to steep, throw away the tea bag, and carry the mug back to your desk. But you cannot yet imbibe the hot liquid. Oh no. Because you will almost certainly burn your tongue or worse, the roof of your mouth. So you sit the mug aside and do some work. Ha ha, I am only kidding of course. You check MSN for the third time that morning and see if any new headlines have popped up. Michael Jackson is now out of the hospital. Well that's just great. Duke lost again last night- 2 in a row, and this time to Virginia Tech- now that's really great, but alas, your hot tea is still too hot to drink. So you finish reading the MSN homepage, and then, okay, do some real work, when finally, you pick up your mug of warm delicious Earl Gray tea with cream and sugar, only to put the mug to your lips and grimace at the lukewarm substance. There is a small window of opportunity to drink your hot tea, and you have just missed the boat. Again. How does this continually happen?? It's either too hot or too cold but never just right. I feel like Goldilocks without the satisfaction of finding the last bowl of porridge. I think those Boston Tea Party guys knew what they were doing back in the day when they refused to drink Mr. Gray's lukewarm tea. "We shall not stand for a tea that is of unsuitable temperature to drink!" They exclaimed, as they dumped barrels of the British tea over the harbor. You'd think after a few centuries one would have figured out how to lure one's tea to the proper drinking temperature, and keep it there long enough so that one does not have to burn one's mouth, or else chug one's tea once it reaches perfection.

So here's my (resident) genius idea: I propose that we enhance the tea with a color-changing chemical. Like the hot rollers that turn from blue to white and back to blue again, letting you know when the rollers are hot enough to use, and cool enough to take out. Blue and white tea- now that would go over well in Lexington. But no, of course the tea doesn't have to be blue or white, but perhaps if some scientist discovered what temperature range is suitable for drinking a warm beverage and then they rigged the tea leaves to change colors once it reached that ideal temperature. Then all you'd have to do is glance at your tea mug every minute or two to see when it changed colors and enjoy the warm beverage at your convenience. I say it's brilliant. Tea drinkers of the world unite. We deserve to have a warm beverage to enjoy in the morning. I mean, heck, I'm giving up coffee for this. I should at least have a no-hassle replacement for it right?

Thursday, February 17, 2005

what dreams may come

Sorry friends- this has been a really uninspiring week. I've been really run down by my busy days and hectic schedule so I think my body is finally screamng at me to Slow Down!!! The show opens one month from tomorrow and that is just crazy! We are in the theater for the first time tonight with the set and everything. I am having performance anxiety already though. Last night I dreamed I was doing the duet with Ricky (Fredrick) on stage and as soon as I opened my mouth to sing I realized that I didn't know the words and started to make up the Italian (yes, I really have made up Italian before- in front of an Italian audience nonetheless; not a fun experience that I wish to repeat.) (And two, this show is in English- what I was singing in my dream was the Act III duet between Susanna and the Count in Marriage of Figaro. It's always amusing to me when I hear music in my sleep.) I was sort of excited though because I can never remember my dreams.

We Bradleys are notorious for having weird dreams though. There is some sort of family connection with them too (we have ESPN I think). My dad and his sister have had the exact same dream before- (ooh, creepy!) and Laura and Dad have strange dreams all the time. The only thing significantly odd about my dreams I have found is that any time my dream takes place at home, I always dream about my old house that I lived in until I was 14. I never dream about the house in Brentwood, even though we have been there for 10 years. One of my favorite dreams though was when I was hanging out with NSYNC in my sister's bedroom- just the 6 of us- sitting on her bed and chatting it up. Laugh if you must, but I was so disappointed when I woke up and realized it was only a dream!

Now I've noticed a recent lack of comments in the blogging arena, so feel free to share a favorite dream you've had so we can turn the laughter to you and off of me for dreaming about hanging out with NSYNC.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Moguls, Moguls, everywhere

Not much to rant and rave about today. Sorry to disappoint. I am in mourning over that embarrassing loss last night by the Cats to South Carolina. I can't even discuss it. Ari and I actually turned off the TV and caught up on life instead, which turned out to be the much better option for the evening.
Ari, Angela, and I just got back from I am hereby referring to as a Triple A Lunch. We laughed to the point where I came very close to spitting water out of my mouth and/or nose and stuffed ourselves with yummy pizza. It's fun to see how many movie quotes one can work into a single lunch hour. Oh and btw Em, that pizza really hit the spot- just thought you'd like to know!
So I have been toying with the notion lately of updating The List. You know, the infamous group of words I either love to use or love to hate. My current irritation is with the word "Mogul." If you read news and entertainment stories online this word is everywhere. Mary Kate and Ashley are Teen Moguls. P-Diddy is the epitome of a Music Mogul, and as of today, Jon Stewart is apparently a TV Comedy Mogul. I swear I have seen that word in print at least once a day. It's like the word mogul has become a bandwagon vocabulary phenom and anyone who's anyone is now considered a mogul. (I have to wonder then, can I call myself a blogging mogul? The answer is an adamant No! You can't call yourself anything- that's just lame. It's the same as how you don't refer to yourself as your own nickname. Someone else has to do it. So feel free to call me your resident blogging mogul, because I'm not about to do it.) But seriously, doesn't anyone remember the days when moguls were the little hills in the woods you skied down? Start paying attention. Moguls are taking over the world.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

ChocolatePalooza Recap

"I can still recall old Mister Barnslow getting out every morning and nailing a fresh load of tadpoles to the old board of his. Then he'd spin it round and round, like a wheel of fortune, and no matter where it stopped he'd yell out, "Tadpoles! Tadpoles is a winner!" We all thought he was crazy. But then we had some growing up to do."

This quote is indicative of my mood right now: slaphappy and totally exhausted (Thanks to one marathon phone conversation last night with sbj). So here I am at work this morning, making every effort to wake up and be productive. Has anyone seen the Seinfeld where George finds a way to take naps under his desk? I am soooo tempted to try that today. There is plenty of room to curl up under my desk, and no one would notice that I've gone missing. Seriously- if you don't hear from me for a while, I may be catching a few zzz's.

If I can make it to lunch I'll be ok I think. I have some yummy leftovers from last night's Valentine's Day dinner that I cooked for myself, Dad, and Mom. I know, don't faint or anything, but I actually cooked. In a kitchen. With real food and utensils. I made this awesome pasta with a vodka cream sauce that was one of Domestic Goddess, Rachel Ray's 30-Minute Meals. And for once it actually did only take me about 30 minutes to make! (Seriously, those things always take me twice as long as they say they're supposed to.) We celebrated Valentine's Day with Dad and Mom, Laura and George hurried off to their dinner date (all decked out in pink I might add. Loved the tie Jorge.) and I scarfed down my pasta (patting myself on the back every step of the way) and tried to save room for ChocolatePalooza at the Penthouse. Mom made Dad her famous banana pudding and put food coloring in it to make it pink! How great is that? If I liked bananas I'm sure it would be my favorite desert ever, but I guess we'll never know!

We gals had a grand time yesterday evening, full of chocolate goodies and over-indulgence in just about everything. (Oh- James- before I forget- Holt thinks Deon looks like Tom Brady at first glance, and the rest of us agree. I showed them that pic of you and Him from the Nashvegas weekend. If I didn't tell you this now I would forget later- so make sure you pass the message on to him!) I raided my bedroom last night and found a myriad of pink candles to decorate the apartment with, and we even had a nice centerpiece of pink roses, thanks to one James Grino. Holt brought chocolate-covered (viagra) strawberries that turned out to be the bane of Emily's evening. She had a mild allergic reaction and her lips swelled up, prompting her mother to nickname her Lips LeDoux when Em talked to her on the phone. Mary Anna brought a yummy chocolate fondue, and we also had an assortment of cookies and candy. The best part? I played bartender and concocted some yummy chocolate martinis!

After sufficiently stuffing ourselves we piled on the couch and chairs to watch the Notebook (seriously Rhonda, that makes 6 times for you! Sooo CRACY!), and then watched the Bachelorette that Emmy Sue had taped for us. Believe it or not, not one of us cried at the Notebook! We were too busy making fun of how cheesy it was, and finding random details to point out and make fun of- ie, Martha Focker's grimmace, and Noah's "aaaand soooommme Bacon." The mood can never stay serious for long when Amanda and I are together. Must have been those sexual chocolate strawberries. Anyways, hooray for the first annual Soiree of Sweets. Let's make it a monthly (or weekly!) ritual.

the A-MAZing strawberries

The Token eating picture

bartender and bartendee


Monday, February 14, 2005

And the giddiness carries over to Monday morning. (You KNOW I am in a good mood when I can be chipper on a Monday.) But it’s the day of love you know, and more importantly, the best excuse I have all year to wear pink! As you may be surprised to know however, I am not decked out in pink from head to toe. The ensemb’ instead includes my favorite burgundy jacket accentuated with a pink necklace and broach, and I do have Valentine’s socks on, although no one can see them under my sassy boots. I had a piece of chocolate this morning (the breakfast of champions- thanks James, for that) and I treated myself to some coffee- hey- a DIVAs gotta wake up somehow.

So what has kept me busy the past couple of days? I’m sure you are all dying to know. Well, I saw Emily for the first time in over a week Friday night when the Penthouse Pets got together for a roommate dinner. She is well on her way to recovery from that nasty allergic reaction, thank goodness. After that, Em and I went to see The Wedding Date- I know, it’s a departure from my usual pending-Oscar-winner movie-goings, but for 5 bucks, I decided it was worth a mindless 2 hours of entertainment (“Somebody buy my hoo-ha a drink”). Plus it gave Em and I a chance to hang out, which we haven’t done in a while (my fault, I know!).

So let me pause at this point to catch you up to speed on my latest soapbox (consider this a plangent, if you will.). I am sick to death of Tim McGraw’s song “Live Like You Were Dyin.” Now don’t get me wrong- I think it is a great song. It’s well written, he sings it well, it’s a great record in general. But my gosh. The single and cd came out back when Rhonda was writing on her own blog- and we all Know how long ago that’s been! Seriously, every time I have the radio on, I hear Live Like You Were Dyin- and as if it weren’t bad enough that it’s on all the country stations, now there is a crossover pop version playing on 107 as well! (And don’t even get me started on having 2 versions of the same song for crossover purposes) We discussed my irritation with this song being over-saturated on the market Friday night over dinner, and then, the icing on the cake: Em and I walk into the movie theater Friday night and I kid you not, the preview guy says, and here’s the latest from Tim McGraw, “Live Like You Were Dyin!” I can’t even escape this song in a movie theater- it’s following me everywhere! You know what? I get the point. Live each day to the fullest. Now move on. Find a new song to play- there are plenty of other great songs on that album; (Can we say, Blank Sheet of Paper?) just read Rhonda’s review that she posted on her blog. Anyways. So that was Friday.

Saturday I zipped up to Louisville (Loo-ah-vul? Looey-ville?) (car-a-mul? Care-a-mul?) to spend the day and evening with James, V, and Katie. We walked down to TGI Fridays to have lunch and watch the UK game. Of course U of L just Had to be playing at the same time. Actually, the first place we walked into, we asked the hostess about turning one of the tvs to the UK game which came on in 10 minutes, and she kind of laughed and said, not in here. “We can go somewhere else,” I said jokingly, but not really kidding. So the hostess turns around, looks at the tv, and says, “well, it’s only in the first quarter!” (Oh REALLY? Quarters is it? That’s the first thing I said to James when we walked out! Ari, I know you appreciate the humor in that.) So we settled on Friday’s, since they were accommodating enough to turn one of their tvs to the UK game, but unfortunately we were not granted control over the volume, so we had to watch the game in silence, listening instead to the stupid U of L game. I just don’t get that. We are an hour away from the school with one of the longest-standing basketball powerhouses, and you’re telling me everyone in this town is still stuck on Pitino Ball?? I admit I was slightly annoyed having to watch the game with no sound- we all were-so during halftime we walked back to the hotel to watch the rest of the game, and then got ready for dinner that night. We met up with 2 other couples (college friends of James and V who live in Louisville) and their adorable children, we all had a grand time at the Old Spaghetti Factory. I had forgotten how good that place is- and can we just Talk about the Spumoni? Oh my goodness. I was stuffed and still ate all of mine, plus half of James’! (Gotta love that dessert pocket!) After dinner, we said goodbye to the Louisville residents, and headed down to 4th Street Live. I have to admit I’m slightly jealous that the cool city of Nashville doesn’t have something like this. It’s an entire city block with all these different bars and restaurants, and at night they close that section of 4th street to traffic, so it’s like one big block party. And the bars and restaurants are all very unique- an upscale pool hall, an upscale bowling alley, a piano bar, a Hard Rock café, a beach themed place, the token country bar (here’s where Nashville kicks their butt) (and btw Rhonda, that token “token” was for you!) plus too many others to name. Deon met up with us, along with his sister and her boyfriend, so we all got to hang out together. Louisville is surprisingly a fun little town. I recommend it for a night out with friends since there is something for everyone.

Of course it was a late night, and Amanda had to get on the road to get back for “Pirates” on Sunday, so that was not much fun. I said bye to James and had to drive straight back to my rehearsal where I got to meet our new Fredrick (um yeah- about that… our director fired the lead guy last week, and found a replacement at Belmont- he’s a 3rd year voice student, and is actually really good. No worries whatsoever about him hitting on me though, if you know what I mean. What can I say? He’s a tenor! I’m used to it.) I had dinner with the fam (because we all know the only reason I go over there is to eat anymore. Note the tone of sarcasm in that last statement) and then went back to the apartment and found Brad and Rhonda watching the Grammies so I was sucked in to the show as well. I will let one of the other authors write their Grammy review if they wish, but I will say this: J-Lo and Marc Anthony’s Telemundo Soap Opera peformance was laughable at best. What in the heck were they doing? If you missed it, your ears are thanking you, but you really did miss out on a good laugh. Ok- I lied. 2 things: I am tired of the post-humus Grammies awarded as well. It’s such a cop out and a slap in the face I think. It’s like, “hey, you weren’t recognized for your talent when you were alive, so now that you’re no longer with us, we feel bad and here, let us give you this Grammy to make up for snubbing you in the past. Hope that smoothes things over with your family and honors the legacy you left behind.” But was that really the album of the year? When people look back at 2004 they will say, yes, Ray Charles- now that album sure was flying off the shelves. I don’t think so Juanita.

But it’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. So go love others today. Tell em Bob Borders sent ‘ya.
Due to a technical glitch, this wasn’t able to be posted on Friday as planned (you just can’t find good hired help these days!) (Love you, Ari- Nuzzel!). So sorry for the belated blog, but here it is: after much anticipation, Looking at the world through rose colored glasses:

So I know I said yesterday how much I dislike the month of February… but there is one teeny, tiny exception: Valentine’s Day. Now I’m not one of those girls who a) blows the Hallmark holiday out of proportion and expects great things from the guy she’s with (this could be because I haven’t had a special someone for Valentine’s day since I was a senior in high school…hmm…) or b) gets all depressed because she is single and has no one to buy gooshy cards for. (sidestory: as some of you know, my parents were middle-school sweethearts, and my dad was my mom’s first kiss. The word “gooshy” comes from how mom described the aforementioned first kiss to her friend Shelly. It was gooshy, she said. Unfortunately for dad, I think that comment got back to him!)

Last year, we had an awesome girls’ night out and had a dinner party over at Katie’s. We got all dressed up, had a delectable meal complete with chocolate covered strawberries for desert, and then sipped chocolate martinis down at Chitown (which is no longer in existence, may it rest in peace). This year Valentine’s day (or Single Awareness Day, depending on who you talk to- and yes, the initials spell SAD- how great is that?) falls on a Monday. What the heck are you supposed to do on a Monday night? We Penthouse Pets have yet to discuss that as of yet. I don’t have to be at rehearsal that night, so I am declaring right now that we do something girly and fun! (Sorry guys- go have your own macho guys’ night and play poker or something.)

Do I need to state the obvious and tell all of you why Valentine’s day Really makes me happy? There is pink EVERYWHERE! I walk into stores and just get a warm fuzzy feeling. It’s almost overwhelming. I plan on making a trip to Target’ on Tuesday to see if I can’t get some marked-down pink items to add to my possession. Last year I got these great pink candles that of course are out in my room year-round. Who needs a holiday to decorate in pink I ask you? So if any of you happen to be in the shops this week or next and spot anything pink that might be of interest to me, let me know. Actually- that happens all the time to me anyways. Friends will come up and tell me about the pink sweater they bought, or a coat or something- knowing that I would fall in love with it. Heck, Ari’s mom calls her from Denver all the time to tell her about something pink she has seen that she knows “Bradley will love.” This makes me feel loved because I know you all are thinking about me when I’m not around (those are such sad times for you, I know). As Gerry House said on the radio this morning: I am a satellite dish for love! I don’t know why I found that statement so amusing, but maybe it has made you smile too. Or not, and you think, Gosh Amanda, don’t you do anything at your job besides write pointless diatribes? (I can’t hear the word “Gosh” any more without thinking of Napoleon Dynamite! Oh- and last night at rehearsal we were doing choreography and the guys were supposed to cross their arms over their chest. The kid next to me quipped that they should do it “Uncle Rico style.” I can tell this kid and I will be fast friends!) The answer to that question is a hardy, you bet your sweet a$$ I do! Happy Friday.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Looking at the World Through Rose Colored Glasses

So I know I said yesterday how much I dislike the month of February… but there is one teeny, tiny exception: Valentine’s Day. Now I’m not one of those girls who a) blows the Hallmark holiday out of proportion and expects great things from the guy she’s with (this could be because I haven’t had a special someone for Valentine’s day since I was a senior in high school…hmm…) or b) gets all depressed because she is single and has no one to buy gooshy cards for. (sidestory: as some of you know, my parents were middle-school sweethearts, and my dad was my mom’s first kiss. The word “gooshy” comes from how mom described the aforementioned first kiss to her friend Shelly. It was gooshy, she said. Unfortunately for dad, I think that comment got back to him!)

Last year, we had an awesome girls’ night out and had a dinner party over at Katie’s. We got all dressed up, had a delectable meal complete with chocolate covered strawberries for desert, and then sipped chocolate martinis down at Chitown (which is no longer in existence, may it rest in peace). This year Valentine’s day (or Single Awareness Day, depending on who you talk to- and yes, the initials spell SAD- how great is that?) falls on a Monday. What the heck are you supposed to do on a Monday night? We Penthouse Pets have yet to discuss that as of yet. I don’t have to be at rehearsal that night, so I am declaring right now that we do something girly and fun! (Sorry guys- go have your own macho guys’ night and play poker or something.)

Do I need to state the obvious and tell all of you why Valentine’s day Really makes me happy? There is pink EVERYWHERE! I walk into stores and just get a warm fuzzy feeling. It’s almost overwhelming. I plan on making a trip to Target’ on Tuesday to see if I can’t get some marked-down pink items to add to my possession. Last year I got these great pink candles that of course are out in my room year-round. Who needs a holiday to decorate in pink I ask you? So if any of you happen to be in the shops this week or next and spot anything pink that might be of interest to me, let me know. Actually- that happens all the time to me anyways. Friends will come up and tell me about the pink sweater they bought, or a coat or something- knowing that I would fall in love with it. Heck, Ari’s mom calls her from Denver all the time to tell her about something pink she has seen that she knows “Bradley will love.” This makes me feel loved because I know you all are thinking about me when I’m not around (those are such sad times for you, I know). As Gerry House said on the radio this morning: I am a satellite dish for love! I don’t know why I found that statement so amusing, but maybe it has made you smile too. Or not, and you think, Gosh Amanda, don’t you do anything at your job besides write pointless diatribes? (I can’t hear the word “Gosh” any more without thinking of Napoleon Dynamite! Oh- and last night at rehearsal we were doing choreography and the guys were supposed to cross their arms over their chest. The kid next to me quipped that they should do it “Uncle Rico style.” I can tell this kid and I will be fast friends!) The answer to that question is a hardy, you bet your sweet a$$ I do! Happy Friday.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

ariana saves the day!!!

ok, because bradley is cursing her firewall into the depths of hades, i'm going to attempt the feat of putting a link onto this blog. if it doesn't work, i'm sorry. i hope you'll all remember me for my witty (and sometimes not so witty) comments. if it does work, bradley has to buy me a diet coke...with lime.
this is the link regarding the comm 252 class bradley talked about in today's blog. here goes kids....

cut and paste if you must. i'm new to this blog world. good luck.

deep thoughts by a.l. bradley

I've been in a thoughtful mood these past 2 days- just reflecting on my own life and personality and how that fits in with others. Jill and I talked once about how I am am excellent listener, and can always point the conversation towards the other person. This usually has to do with my hatred for silence in conversations (hence my trademark sighs) and my natural ability to be a facilitator as James calls it. I?m good at asking questions and keeping the conversation going, and am usually genuinely interested in whatever the other person has to say. I will say that I do suffer from short-term memory loss though, so I sometimes forget entire conversations that I?ve had. You might have to refresh my memory about a story you told me- that one time, in band camp?. Wait a minute- what was I talking about? See? Short term memory problems! Anyways, in college I took COM 252 (interpersonal communications) for a requirement. It was a great class, and one of the best things I took from that class was doing an exercise called the Johari Window. You took this questionnaire of 20 questions, and marked point values 0-5 on how you would respond to each situation. Then afterwards you plotted your answers on a graph that was divided into 4 quadrants. The 4 quadrants (Open, Blind, Hidden, and Unknown) were aspects of how well you knew yourself, and how well you allowed others to know you. Obviously, the more Open you are, the less Unknown there is about yourself, and having a large Hidden quadrant means that there isn?t a large Blind section, meaning you know yourself well, but choose not to let others know you. I?ve included a link to this assessment in case you?re bored and intrigued.

The results of this questionnaire always bothered me, and I continue to come back to those when going through these periods of self-discovery that I go through from time to time. Call it a quarter-life crisis, the winter blahs, or being bored to tears at work, but life has got me thinking. Or the weather. Seriously. (Oh REALLY??) Can we get a little sunshine here? One or two days in a row would be great. If April is the cruelest month, then February is definitely the most dreary month of all I think. I?m sure T.S. Eliot would agree with me. What is it with writers and going by their initials anyways? T.S. Eliot? e.e. cummings? Could I declare myself a great writer and become a.l. bradley? a.l. bradley, the great 21st century blogger? It has a nice ring to it, don?t you think?

Anyways- Amanda had a hot date with Brad and Ron last night- that?s right- 2 guys at the same time. (Is that what you?d do with a million dollars, Holt?) (Office Space anyone?) Rhonda hung out with Brad and Holt, and I had some good conversations with Ron and Holt. (The Shoes? OH REALLY?) Thanks for the ice cream Amanda- it was delish, and was a much-needed comfort food! Next on the agenda: The Amandas take on Nashvegas, and Rhonda limits herself to one male companion for a Friday night out. Get excited. The weekend is near.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

So I know this is of little interest to many of you, but I am still reeling from that win last night over Florida. While I was trapped in rehearsal Hades last night, my Cats decided they weren't going to play any defense. However, following the usual Kentucky suit, they made a huge comeback in the second half. Is it a coincidence that as soon as I started listening to the game in the car on my way home Kentucky started turning the game around? (Hey- that's Ja-wincidence with a C) So here we have a visual example of how much Kentucky students loathe Matt Walsh. I can't stand the kid either (from a purely athletic standpoint) so I found this picture in the KY Kernel HA.larious. Next we have former UK player and current Detroit Pistons star Tayshaun Prince. At every home game during one of the timeouts, the cheerleaders come out onto the floor and spell out Kentucky with the letter signs, and they always have a former player or UK celeb come out at the end and be the "Y." Wish I could have seen Tayshaun in person again, but I guess I'll have to settle for the top 10 highlights in the morning... which speaking of, I have a bone to pick with espn. There was no Kentucky play selected for the day's top 10, and if I am not mistaken, Illinois had 2. The Big 10 is terrible! Of course they are going to make big plays against crappy teams! Why aren't we getting any love from the sportscenter folks? (Can I get an Amen?) If I were Rondo, I would be a little peeved. As you can see from the picture where he is flying over Florida players left and right and scoring on them (notice the infamous Matt Walsh is one of them), this freshman star made several impressive plays last night. And finally, I just had to throw in a shot of fav, Kelenna Azubuike, who also happened to be our leading scorer last night. We are still undefeated in the SEC. This concludes our Wildcat montage for the day.


rhonda's future hubby

Cats pics

UK 69- FL 66

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I am pathetic

(I can hear our receptionist in the lobby and the way she is answering the phone is exactly like the lady in "Office Space" and it's making me laugh. Bless her heart, she's probably never seen that movie.)

I know what you all are saying. "Rhonda Lu, you are not pathetic. You are high-quality ab fab! Why are you being so hard on yourself?" Because a couple hours ago I watched the trailer for "The Notebook" online and I CRIED! I dadgum cried at the TRAILER! It's all over for me tonight - I will probably hyperventilate and need CPR. But it will be worth it.

Amanda said that I'd share my idea about combining the Penthouse Pets with the Bachelorette. Last night during the "Why don't you nominate that special someone to be the next Bachelor / Bachelotette?" part of the show, I joked that us Pets need to do a triple Bachelorette show. I said that we'd call it "The Bachelor-Pets" (or "The Bachelorpettes" if you prefer - I really wasn't thinking of spelling when I blurted it out.) I sure am glad AJ found it funny, because I still don't. But that's what I'm here for roomie - to make you laugh and enjoy life to the fullest. I missed you and I'm glad you are home (sorry James)!!!

Happy Obese Day-After-Monday!

Is it a cruel joke that Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of Lent this year? Anyone who gives up chocolate is up a creek come next Monday. Speaking of chocolate- has anyone else seen the movie "Chocolat"? It’s a wonderful film- and takes place in France, so Emmy Sue, you would probably love it. And Ari, Johnny Depp is in it, so I know you’re a fan. And Rhonda, you love chocolate, so this film is for you! It was nominated for several Academies, including Best Picture, although it was eventually beat out by "Gladiator." Darn that Russell Crowe. Anyways- make sure you have a supply of chocolate with you when you watch the movie because you will crave it like no other afterwards! I speak from experience.

Back to Mardi Gras though, I think we gals are celebrating it in a non-traditional sort of way this year: a sob-fest! Yes, that’s right, "The Notebook" comes out on DVD today. Anyone that watches this movie and doesn’t shed a tear has no heart. It’s seriously one of the most gut-wrenching movies I’ve ever seen- right up there with "Life is Beautiful" and "Legends of the Fall." Rhonda and I have a bet going to see who’ll go through the most Kleenex while watching this movie again. I’m curious to see if we’ll cry more or less the second time around. I know you guys out there are wondering why we girls put ourselves through that. Why in the world would we want to make ourselves cry? I can’t explain it, other then sometimes you just need to have a good cry to make you feel better. "The Notebook" is a wonderful love story though, and so of course the romantics at heart can truly appreciate the whole “love-conquers-all theme,” even though this story is So Hollywood that’s it’s not even funny. (funny ha ha that is)

If basketball is more your style of celebration tonight, you can watch the #5 ranked Kentucky Wildcats take on the Florida Gators at home. It should be an intense game as Florida just beat a ranked Alabama team last week, and the student crowd hates Florida player Matt Walsh. If you listen closely you will probably hear a number of entertaining jeers and boos directed towards him. It got so bad one year that our athletics director felt the need to write Walsh a letter of apology based on the way the students treated him during the game. (What a baby, huh?)

Well, work is calling my name, so I guess this is all for now. I’ll let Rhonda Lu share her “resident genius” idea about combining the Penthouse Pets with the Bachelorette. Oh it’s brilliant. You’re gonna want to get in on the ground floor on this one. Also, one quick shout-out to Emmy Sue who has been laid up for a few days with some crazy allergic reaction. Em, we miss you at the apt, and hope that you feel better soon. I’m sure Momma Borders is taking good care of you. We’ll see you tonight at the sobfest.

Monday, February 07, 2005

A Super Weekend

Super Bowl weekend, that is. I actually just got back this morning, so it was a long-anticipated, very fun and relaxing weekend. Ari and I took our first road trip to Lexington together after both being down here for over a year (I still can’t believe that’s this first time that has happened!). My Friday night after work was made when I got the best phone call ever telling me that my rehearsal for that night was cancelled. This meant Ari and I were able to leave about an hour and a half earlier than we expected. I debated on whether or not to call James right away and let him know the change in our ETA, but decided it would be more fun to surprise him and call when we got close. Big Mistake! The following is a re-enactment of our conversation:
James: “so where are you all?”
“Actually, we just got on the Bluegrass Parkway,” I said. “We’ll be there in about an hour.”
James’ reply: “WHAT??!!”
“Yeah, my rehearsal got cancelled, so we left early… is that ok? I thought you’d be excited.”
“No- I am excited- but I’m still over at Henry’s and blah blah blah, I haven’t showered yet, blah blah blah…”
“You know I could just drive around Lexington for another hour… or go somewhere else first. You know I do have other people I could be visiting!”
We hang up a minute or two later. Ari says, “so what did he say?” “I think he’s excited we’ll be there early, but I also think I just stressed him out!” I replied.
Deon pointed out later that night while we were all downstairs watching Season 5 of Friends that James was about 4 hours late getting to Nashville a few weekends prior. “He can’t get upset with you for showing up early.” “That’s right I said! You were 4 hours late!”
“In my culture,” James said, “it’s considered more rude to be somewhere early than to show up late.”
I guess I can’t argue with that.

Saturday was our busy day. We got ready and went over to Henry’s with some other people to watch the UK game on the big projector screen they had set up for the next day’s Super Bowl party. UK dominated of course. Rhonda, your future hubby had a very good game. And I don’t know why we didn’t think about this before, but James pointed out that if I married Ramel Bradley then I wouldn’t have to change my name! So now all we need to do is figure out which UK player to set Emmy Sue up with, and all the Penthouse Pets will be set. After the game, James and I changed clothes to go on our very first date. Funny how he and I have been talking for over a month, and that he even came to Nashville for a weekend, but the two of us had not yet been out by ourselves. What if we just sit and stare at each other and have nothing to say, we wondered? Luckily that did not happen. (yeah… do you Know me? I can make conversation with a brick wall!) But here’s the most exciting part of the evening (ok, one of them). When James came out of the room after getting dressed for our date I about died. He had on a light pink shirt and a pink striped tie to match that he had bought specifically for this weekend. I can’t gush too much on here because I know he’ll be reading this, but oh. My. gosh. I have told James on several occasions that I thought he would look good in pink (now of course my secret mission in life is to convince everyone that they would look good in pink, but that’s beside the point.) so let’s just say that I was right, and leave it at that. We had an amazing dinner at De Sha’s, which is a steakhouse in downtown Lexington, and then walked to the opera house to see Smokey Joe’s Café. The show was great. It was a musical review, so there wasn’t a plot or even characters, but rather an ensemble of 9 that sang and acted out one song after another by these 2 songwriters from the 50s. The show’s transitions were smooth, keeping everything up-tempo, and the singers had really good voices and stage presence that made it an enjoyable production to watch. We debated on going out after the show, but instead went back to the house and hung out with everyone downstairs (FYI, in Lexington, the Grino’s basement is the place to be. They always have people over, and you can count on having a good time.) And now for the important announcement: I beat Deon in Air Hockey!!! (You have to understand that I played this kid several times when I was in Lex for New Year’s and I always came within one or two points of winning but never did. Well, not any more!) But then James proceeded to beat me handily 10 to 5, and I think he was even being nice there! Needless to say, I was brought down from my gloating really quickly. (me? Gloat? Oh Really?) I fell asleep trying to watch Paris Hilton make fun of herself on Saturday Night Live so I crashed early Sat. night. By the way- how is it possible that SNL keeps getting worse and worse? Every time I watch it there is a new cast of actors, and the scripts are terrible. I blame the writers more than the actors because it just really doesn’t seem like they have a lot to work with. We just didn’t know how good we had it in the early 90’s did we?

Sunday was pretty much consumed with the Super Bowl and the preparations for the party that James and Henry were throwing. These kids don’t mess around with their parties- they pulled out all the stops, renting chairs, having a few friends DJ after the game (one was awesome- the other, well we just won’t go there), lights, a poker room, food and drinks abounding, and of course the huge projection screen that we watched the game on. Or rather others watched the game on. I think I maybe saw 3 plays all night. Which is unusual for me- usually I would be glued to the game, but there were just so many people there! I was meeting all the people that James works with, plus I was catching up with old college friends who were there too. The few commercials I saw were really dumb I thought, and I heard the halftime show was spectacular. Mom taped it though so I plan on making that judgement for myself. The best part about James and Henry’s little Super Bowl Shindig was their outfits. As the party hosts, they each wore referee shirts and black pants, carried whistles around their necks, and threw yellow penalty flags at anyone committing a party foul. Some examples of these: one kid forgot to take his hat off during the national anthem. Another walked right into the glass sliding door, thinking it was open. For these, they got the whistle blown in their direction, a flag thrown at them, and plenty of public scoffing and humiliation.

As soon as the game was over we quickly put up all the chairs and the downstairs turned into a dance area for, as Heather would call it, our Break-it-down-like-James-Brown time. You know me- I was waiting all night for this part! Luckily I had a cute referee who was willing to dance with me as well. PS- I am so mad that I don’t have a single picture of those two in their ref outfits, or any from this weekend period. I just kept forgetting to take them. Oh well. Use your imaginations I guess. One last thing about the Super Bowl soiree that is worth mentioning was Deon’s catch phrase for the night. And here it is. “You bet your sweet a$$.” Just say it to yourself and smile because it’s just one of those strings of words put together that is highly versatile and brings humor to the conversation. “Hey, are you having fun at the party?” “You bet your sweet a$$ I am.” “Wow, TO is really making a huge impact on this game.” “You bet your sweet a$$ he is.” And the funny part is how the phrase came to be. Deon heard it from an Applebees bartender named Lisa Marie, named after Lisa Marie Presley. Random, I know.

Well kids, that was the weekend. I know, I know, after reading all this you’re thinking, that’s it? (You ARE still reading aren’t you? Hey, humor me a little here. I know I’m long-winded, but the only way these posts are getting to you is by me emailing them to gracious fellow bloggers and having them post these for me, or else I have to email it to myself and post it at home at night when I get home on our sloooowww dial-up connection. It freezes up and loses my work at times as well. Not so much fun. So a lot of work and effort goes into writing these things. Which is ironic because a lot of work does NOT get done at the office while I’m writing these. But I digress.) (Now here’s where you say, “You bet your sweet a$$ you do.” See how versatile it is?) Seriously, it was a wonderful weekend.

Sorry I missed out on the Nashvegas fun, but I had a great time with Ari on our road trip (Who’s up for more Boyz II Men/Chicago/Christina Aguilera sing-alongs?) and I’m hoping the cute referee will call me after our date. I gave him my phone number so we’ll see. ;o)

Friday, February 04, 2005

Super Bowl Weekend

Its finally Friday! The day just couldn’t be better. I got up and did Pilates this morning, I’m wearing a favorite red sweater that I just got back from the dry cleaners (its almost like getting new clothes because it was sitting in the bottom of my hamper for months before I took it to be cleaned), we had a long-overdue official SOGWEAW lunch today at Baja Burrito (where I proceeded to eat my weight in chips and pineapple salsa), the sun is shining (finally!), and Ari and I are road-tripping it tonight to Lexington for a weekend visit to the Bluegrass State. Its funny- the 6th ranked Kentucky Wildcats (or 4th ranked, depending on which poll you look at) come to Nashville on Saturday, and I’ll be in Lexington. No matter- I will be with them in spirit as I cheer on my alma mater from their hometown.

Now, for those who are football-impaired (Ari) the Super Bowl is this Sunday. This means several things, but mainly food, folks, and fun, are in the near future. (Who else’s favorite literary device is alliteration? Who else besides me even HAS a favorite literary device?) So yes, the Philadelphia Eagles are taking on the reigning Super Bowl Champs, the New England Patriots. If you are a girl and don’t know which team to cheer for, I suggest you go for the Brady Bunch aka the Patriots, because their QB Tom Brady is a 27-year-old cutie-patootie. However, any Titans fans out there might want to root for the Eagles, because former Defensive End Jevon Kearse plays for Philly now. So take your pick. I really dont care either way. I guess Im pulling for the Eagles because theyre the underdog. Not caring about the game can be a great thing though, because this allows you time to socialize and eat during the plays, and then you can turn your attention to the TV for the commercials ($80,000 per second advertisers are paying) and the pre-game and half-time shows. Even though Paul McCartney is one of my “5 people on earth I’d like to meet” it does seem like a random choice for halftime entertainment, so I am curious to see what he comes up with. Alecia Keys is also performing during the pre-show doing some kind of Ray Charles tribute with a choir backing her up, so I am interested to see that as well.

For those totally ignorant about the Pigskin Parade, this article will help you prepare for any Super Bowl party you may attend, as well as help you to “intelligently” discuss the game (the writer of the article presumes the football-ignorant to be female, but males out there can take note too). I was appalled when I first read this article, but then realized the humor in the situation. Some people will actually read this editorial, and try to employ their lame tips to make others think they know an inkling about football. So I ask that you read this article not so you yourself will know what to do or say at a Super Bowl party, but so that you can call out any persons attempting to use the writers suggested lame lines. (“Well he’s no Peyton Manning”… PLEASE!!!)

So go be social. Enjoy the warm weather (esp. you Nashvillians- a high of 62 tomorrow!) and I’ll see you sometime on Monday when I make it back down this way.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Just call me "Auntie Em"!!

Well, I have some exciting news for all of you Diva Domain readers that haven't heard yet (I feel like I've told the world). It's official...I'm going to be an aunt in August. My brother and sister-in-law, Duncan and Ashley, are having our family's first grandchild...due August 21, 2005. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this baby. I'm already in love with this child. I know that may seem weird, but it's true. I about lost it during the baby dedication on Sunday. My eyes welled up with tears of joy as I thought about the upcoming addition to our family. I'm so thankful that we all live in the same city, so I'll be able to really spend quality time with it (I feel weird saying "it" but we don't know the sex yet). So just be prepared because it's going to be a popular topic of conversation from now on.

PS - I'm not really going to make the baby call me, "Auntie Em." But I've always joked about that name.

the simple life

Emily, Rhonda and I are celebrating our 4 month anniversary of living together in the Penthouse. 4 months really isn't a very long time, even though it seems like we have been roommates and known each other forever. Rhonda and I only met a year ago in October, and Emmy Sue and I are still working towards our one-year mark. To meet the three of us though it would seem that we had been chums long since. I thank the lovely Single Focus Group at Brentwood Baptist Church for bringing the three of us together. This group at BBC enabled me to make the transition easier from the just-graduated-college-and-moved-back-home to the hey-I'm-an-adult-now-living-and-working phase in my life. So much has changed in the past year and a half since I've been out of school, and it has helped to have Emily and Rhonda beside me going through the same things.

There is so much uncertainty upon graduating from college. All of a sudden you are supposed to know what you want to do for the rest of your life! I know I was supposed to have spent the past 4 years in school figuring out that very thing, but even upon entering college I felt that same pressure. I went to a big university because I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up (still working on that growing up part, by the way). And declaring a major was even scary because then you had, in a way, committed yourself to the career path you would have for the rest of your life. So at age 18 I'm supposed to know how I want to spend the next forty-plus years of my life? It's just too overwhelming!

Part of the trouble these days is that the sky's the limit as far as choices and opportunities go. If we have the gumption and the resources to back it, we can pretty much be anything we want to be, and I'm not just talking about the army. Don't you just long for those times of yore when a one-income household was sufficient? You are a young boy. Your father is a stone mason. He apprentices you, and teaches you the family biz and low and behold, you are the proud owner of your own stone masonry business that you will someday pass on the tricks of the trade to your own son. It gets even better if you're a woman. You don't even have to have a "second job." Your soul responsibility includes taking care of the household, taking care of the family, and learning all of these things from your mother who passes her knowledge down to you. There is no daycare. There is no waiting to have kids in order to get your career stable and in order. I yearn for those simpler times that have long vanished. We talk all the time about making life so unnecessarily difficult and stressful, yet we're caught in the rat-race that we can't escape. I watched as Holt conducted business calls while we were together after work one afternoon, and stood amazed at the glimpse of what corporate America has really become. And then I look at my own life and wonder how I will fit into all of that. Yes, I know we don't all have to be the business execs, but it's the driving force of our economy. If not that, then what? And is it really possible to get back to the simpler life?

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

(groundhog day)

Wednesday, February 2. Hump Day. My friend Bethany's birthday. Groundhog Day. (Have you ever seen a groundhog or a picture of one? They're huge! I thought they were about the size of a gopher or a mole, but heck no- those critters are a little bigger than those enormous bunnies with the long ears. I wonder how long I can keep this parenthetical reference about groundhogs going? Hmm... I saw this picture today of Punxsutawney Phil where he was biting the trainer holding him- very amusing actually. Probably the highlight of my day thus far. Is that sad or what? I am sad for myself. And you know what? I'm not wearing pink today- it just goes to show that my theory on a person wearing their favorite color to put them in a good mood works. I've been anxious to get out of here since the moment I walked in this morning. See what I do for you? I put myself out there as a Science experiement of sorts! "But Amanda," you might say, "if wearing pink always puts you in a good mood, then why not wear it every day?" Ok, I'm not obsessed, that's why. Now the weirdo on VH1's Totally Obsessed? The one whose vacuum cleaner was even pink- the one whose headboard in her bedroom was rosey-hued- the one who dyed her poor fluffy white dog a nice shade of bubblegum? Now THAT is obsessed. I rest my case. I just realized this conversation very quickly turned to pink when we were supposed to be going on about Punxsutawney Phil and Groundhog Day, thereby necessitating the continuation of the parenthetical text. Is it still legit? I think so. I had a point when I started writing this thing. But the thought escaps me. Oh well. He saw his shadow by the way. 6 more weeks of winter.)

Better Late Than Never

You don’t have to say anything. I know there was no word from me yesterday. I did try to get online last night and blog, but of course, after I had written the whole thing the computer froze up and I lost everything I had written (always type your blog first and save it!). It was slightly depressing. But rather stay up and re-write the thing, I have employed my roommates and fellow Divadomain authors to assist in getting this thing posted for you. Now it’s sort of moot to write about yesterday because this morning has been a crazy one here at work- almost like it’s Groundhog Day or something. I hate that movie by the way. Almost as much as I hate What About Bob; not that I have anything against Bill Murray, it’s just that he’s so good at playing obnoxious characters. It’s the mark of a good actor for sure, that he can get such a violent reaction out of a person for disliking them in a role. Kind of like Kevin Bacon in the movie Sleepers, or Kevin Spacey in Seven. (What is it with the Kevins, anyways?)

I know you’re all in suspense though about what happened with me and the Warden yesterday. Sorry to disappoint, but I ended up not having to throw down. At least not yet. I woke up in a good mood yesterday morning and nothing was going to ruin my day. For one, it was Tuesday, and we all know what that means: It’s not Monday. I have come to dread Mondays at the Bone & Joint Clinic because they’re always stressful, busy, and such a letdown after coming off the weekend. (Looks like someone’s got a case of the Mondays Every Monday!)

The other reason I was in a great mood, besides getting a few unexpected emails, was because I had on my hot pink tights. I looked downright sassy I tell you! I offset the pink tights with a black turtleneck, black skirt, and heels, and just walked out of the apartment in the best mood yesterday morning! Somehow even my hair and makeup looked good. I called the ensemble my ‘Happy February’ outfit, being that it was the first day of the gloomiest month of the year (in my opinion). I am a big believer in wearing your favorite color to alter your mood. For me, it’s not a question of whether or not to wear pink when I step to the closet in the morning, but rather, what shade of pink do I want to don? On more subdued mornings I will choose a pale shade of pink, while on the mornings that I wake up and just have a ton of energy I opt for the hot pink, or DIVA-pink hue as James named it. If you haven’t discovered your own “power color” I would encourage you to do so. It can make a world of difference in your day-to-day attitude. Just ask Mama B about her red tennies that she always gets compliments on, or take my word from all the positive feedback I got on the pink tights yesterday. Your good mood will rub off on others and cause a revolutionary spread of happiness to those around you. Go on. Wear your favorite color and spread the love.