Monday, February 07, 2005

A Super Weekend

Super Bowl weekend, that is. I actually just got back this morning, so it was a long-anticipated, very fun and relaxing weekend. Ari and I took our first road trip to Lexington together after both being down here for over a year (I still can’t believe that’s this first time that has happened!). My Friday night after work was made when I got the best phone call ever telling me that my rehearsal for that night was cancelled. This meant Ari and I were able to leave about an hour and a half earlier than we expected. I debated on whether or not to call James right away and let him know the change in our ETA, but decided it would be more fun to surprise him and call when we got close. Big Mistake! The following is a re-enactment of our conversation:
James: “so where are you all?”
“Actually, we just got on the Bluegrass Parkway,” I said. “We’ll be there in about an hour.”
James’ reply: “WHAT??!!”
“Yeah, my rehearsal got cancelled, so we left early… is that ok? I thought you’d be excited.”
“No- I am excited- but I’m still over at Henry’s and blah blah blah, I haven’t showered yet, blah blah blah…”
“You know I could just drive around Lexington for another hour… or go somewhere else first. You know I do have other people I could be visiting!”
We hang up a minute or two later. Ari says, “so what did he say?” “I think he’s excited we’ll be there early, but I also think I just stressed him out!” I replied.
Deon pointed out later that night while we were all downstairs watching Season 5 of Friends that James was about 4 hours late getting to Nashville a few weekends prior. “He can’t get upset with you for showing up early.” “That’s right I said! You were 4 hours late!”
“In my culture,” James said, “it’s considered more rude to be somewhere early than to show up late.”
I guess I can’t argue with that.

Saturday was our busy day. We got ready and went over to Henry’s with some other people to watch the UK game on the big projector screen they had set up for the next day’s Super Bowl party. UK dominated of course. Rhonda, your future hubby had a very good game. And I don’t know why we didn’t think about this before, but James pointed out that if I married Ramel Bradley then I wouldn’t have to change my name! So now all we need to do is figure out which UK player to set Emmy Sue up with, and all the Penthouse Pets will be set. After the game, James and I changed clothes to go on our very first date. Funny how he and I have been talking for over a month, and that he even came to Nashville for a weekend, but the two of us had not yet been out by ourselves. What if we just sit and stare at each other and have nothing to say, we wondered? Luckily that did not happen. (yeah… do you Know me? I can make conversation with a brick wall!) But here’s the most exciting part of the evening (ok, one of them). When James came out of the room after getting dressed for our date I about died. He had on a light pink shirt and a pink striped tie to match that he had bought specifically for this weekend. I can’t gush too much on here because I know he’ll be reading this, but oh. My. gosh. I have told James on several occasions that I thought he would look good in pink (now of course my secret mission in life is to convince everyone that they would look good in pink, but that’s beside the point.) so let’s just say that I was right, and leave it at that. We had an amazing dinner at De Sha’s, which is a steakhouse in downtown Lexington, and then walked to the opera house to see Smokey Joe’s Café. The show was great. It was a musical review, so there wasn’t a plot or even characters, but rather an ensemble of 9 that sang and acted out one song after another by these 2 songwriters from the 50s. The show’s transitions were smooth, keeping everything up-tempo, and the singers had really good voices and stage presence that made it an enjoyable production to watch. We debated on going out after the show, but instead went back to the house and hung out with everyone downstairs (FYI, in Lexington, the Grino’s basement is the place to be. They always have people over, and you can count on having a good time.) And now for the important announcement: I beat Deon in Air Hockey!!! (You have to understand that I played this kid several times when I was in Lex for New Year’s and I always came within one or two points of winning but never did. Well, not any more!) But then James proceeded to beat me handily 10 to 5, and I think he was even being nice there! Needless to say, I was brought down from my gloating really quickly. (me? Gloat? Oh Really?) I fell asleep trying to watch Paris Hilton make fun of herself on Saturday Night Live so I crashed early Sat. night. By the way- how is it possible that SNL keeps getting worse and worse? Every time I watch it there is a new cast of actors, and the scripts are terrible. I blame the writers more than the actors because it just really doesn’t seem like they have a lot to work with. We just didn’t know how good we had it in the early 90’s did we?

Sunday was pretty much consumed with the Super Bowl and the preparations for the party that James and Henry were throwing. These kids don’t mess around with their parties- they pulled out all the stops, renting chairs, having a few friends DJ after the game (one was awesome- the other, well we just won’t go there), lights, a poker room, food and drinks abounding, and of course the huge projection screen that we watched the game on. Or rather others watched the game on. I think I maybe saw 3 plays all night. Which is unusual for me- usually I would be glued to the game, but there were just so many people there! I was meeting all the people that James works with, plus I was catching up with old college friends who were there too. The few commercials I saw were really dumb I thought, and I heard the halftime show was spectacular. Mom taped it though so I plan on making that judgement for myself. The best part about James and Henry’s little Super Bowl Shindig was their outfits. As the party hosts, they each wore referee shirts and black pants, carried whistles around their necks, and threw yellow penalty flags at anyone committing a party foul. Some examples of these: one kid forgot to take his hat off during the national anthem. Another walked right into the glass sliding door, thinking it was open. For these, they got the whistle blown in their direction, a flag thrown at them, and plenty of public scoffing and humiliation.

As soon as the game was over we quickly put up all the chairs and the downstairs turned into a dance area for, as Heather would call it, our Break-it-down-like-James-Brown time. You know me- I was waiting all night for this part! Luckily I had a cute referee who was willing to dance with me as well. PS- I am so mad that I don’t have a single picture of those two in their ref outfits, or any from this weekend period. I just kept forgetting to take them. Oh well. Use your imaginations I guess. One last thing about the Super Bowl soiree that is worth mentioning was Deon’s catch phrase for the night. And here it is. “You bet your sweet a$$.” Just say it to yourself and smile because it’s just one of those strings of words put together that is highly versatile and brings humor to the conversation. “Hey, are you having fun at the party?” “You bet your sweet a$$ I am.” “Wow, TO is really making a huge impact on this game.” “You bet your sweet a$$ he is.” And the funny part is how the phrase came to be. Deon heard it from an Applebees bartender named Lisa Marie, named after Lisa Marie Presley. Random, I know.

Well kids, that was the weekend. I know, I know, after reading all this you’re thinking, that’s it? (You ARE still reading aren’t you? Hey, humor me a little here. I know I’m long-winded, but the only way these posts are getting to you is by me emailing them to gracious fellow bloggers and having them post these for me, or else I have to email it to myself and post it at home at night when I get home on our sloooowww dial-up connection. It freezes up and loses my work at times as well. Not so much fun. So a lot of work and effort goes into writing these things. Which is ironic because a lot of work does NOT get done at the office while I’m writing these. But I digress.) (Now here’s where you say, “You bet your sweet a$$ you do.” See how versatile it is?) Seriously, it was a wonderful weekend.

Sorry I missed out on the Nashvegas fun, but I had a great time with Ari on our road trip (Who’s up for more Boyz II Men/Chicago/Christina Aguilera sing-alongs?) and I’m hoping the cute referee will call me after our date. I gave him my phone number so we’ll see. ;o)


Kobosky262 said...

What a Wonderful Weekend! I am sure that with date night, Super Bowl Sunday, and a little dance with a referee, your holiday was one of the best around and you can bet your sweet a$$ on that. I am glad you had a good time. Have a great week! Love you.

Anonymous said...

i'm glad you had such a fab weekend. the bad part is that no one else had to endure the giddiness in the car the ENTIRE way back. whatever. quick side note, bradley, did you know that every time you write dijon's name you spell it differently? i probably spell it wrong too, but it's just kinda funny ("you bet your sweet a$$ it is"). thanx for the rundown again. maybe we could make this roadtrip thing a habit. ~ari

jillymae said...

sounds like you two had a fabulous time! thanks for sharing a bit of the "giddiness." i don't know if there's anyone else who could stand as much giddiness as you two do! though i will say that Tabitha and Jean's super bowl party was pretty awesome! there was some pretty serious smack talkin during the chili contest! (i still think Jeff bought his votes!) ;)

MamaB said...

I'm glad you gave us a run-down on your weekend in lextown----no wonder you had a good time......the superbowl party sounded pretty "you bet your sweet a$$" amazing and since I don't get a chance to sit down and chat with you anymore, at least I can read about what you are doing!! Hope your pink-shirted ref gives you a call--maybe I'll get to meet him myself one day. Love, Mama B

Anonymous said...

well you can bet your sweet a$$ i enjoyed reading about your weekend. I am glad to hear that you are so happy. I miss you being at home but I understand that you have alot going on so you come over for food only(kidding). So when do I get to meet James? I know who he is and might have met him before but I have a bad memory so I wanna re-meet him. Love ya! ~Laura Lee