Thursday, February 17, 2005

what dreams may come

Sorry friends- this has been a really uninspiring week. I've been really run down by my busy days and hectic schedule so I think my body is finally screamng at me to Slow Down!!! The show opens one month from tomorrow and that is just crazy! We are in the theater for the first time tonight with the set and everything. I am having performance anxiety already though. Last night I dreamed I was doing the duet with Ricky (Fredrick) on stage and as soon as I opened my mouth to sing I realized that I didn't know the words and started to make up the Italian (yes, I really have made up Italian before- in front of an Italian audience nonetheless; not a fun experience that I wish to repeat.) (And two, this show is in English- what I was singing in my dream was the Act III duet between Susanna and the Count in Marriage of Figaro. It's always amusing to me when I hear music in my sleep.) I was sort of excited though because I can never remember my dreams.

We Bradleys are notorious for having weird dreams though. There is some sort of family connection with them too (we have ESPN I think). My dad and his sister have had the exact same dream before- (ooh, creepy!) and Laura and Dad have strange dreams all the time. The only thing significantly odd about my dreams I have found is that any time my dream takes place at home, I always dream about my old house that I lived in until I was 14. I never dream about the house in Brentwood, even though we have been there for 10 years. One of my favorite dreams though was when I was hanging out with NSYNC in my sister's bedroom- just the 6 of us- sitting on her bed and chatting it up. Laugh if you must, but I was so disappointed when I woke up and realized it was only a dream!

Now I've noticed a recent lack of comments in the blogging arena, so feel free to share a favorite dream you've had so we can turn the laughter to you and off of me for dreaming about hanging out with NSYNC.


Jenni said...

So, I had this dream when I was in sixth grade that I was shopping with my mom for computers and when we got out of the car, the song "A Whole New World" from Aladdin was still playing even though the car was off. When we got inside the store, my friend Lindsay was standing there looking in a mirror singing the song. I said, "Lindsay, I didn't know you could sing!" To which she replied, "I'm not" Which was strange, b/c the song didn't stop while she was talking. So I said, "hmm, that's really strange." Then I was suddenly doing cartwheels in a field when my mom shook me and said, "Wake up, your alarm's been going off for five minutes." That's when I realized it was the song on the radio alarm clock that had entered my dream.

Just another strange dream from the Jenni subconscience.

emilyb said...

A new nightmare has entered my repertoire of dreams...I keep having nightmares about awful allergic reactions. Gee, wonder why?

When I was little, I used to have this recurring dream about Thanksgiving. We had a family living under our dining room table (I told you it was weird) and on Thanksgiving Day, they would come out and ask to use me for their stuffing. My mom would say, "Sure! Go ahead and eat her!" It was terrible. I would scream, "No, Mom!" Terrifying for a kid as you can imagine...