Tuesday, May 31, 2005

One Seriously Beachin' Time

One night at the Fort Walton Beach Hampton Inn: $159 (after Emily argued with them.)
Lunch to-go at Subway: $6
Having lunch on the beach with your girls: priceless

cheesy? you betcha- would you expect anything less?

Physically, yes, I’m back at work. Mentally, I’m still trying to get back in the groove of things. We 5 gals had a wonderful trip- the Altima’s trunk and backseat were both surprisingly roomy, and so no one or their stuff were forced to be strapped onto the roof (or left by the side of the road… that’s an homage to the story game we played on the way back, where one person starts the story and then the next person picks up where they left off. I think Lana ended up in a mental institution, Emily married Wild-at-Heart Brad, I became a famous actress, Rhonda got her shoes back, and Mary Anna lived happily ever after- the details are sketchy- correct me if I’m wrong girls.)

The weather co-operated, and the hotel and beach house were fabulous. We invaded aunt Peggy’s house in Birmingham Friday night on our way down, and I don’t think she was quite used to having a house full of giggling girls! The weekend smelled of Coconut Lime Verbena body lotion (what the heck IS a verbena anyways?), and I’m sure if you listened long enough you would hear “Sugar” or “Holla Back Girl,” our Memorial day weekend theme songs.

There’s way too much to write about in detail, so here’s a few highlights and quotes:

*I need to start collecting something- Lana at aunt Peggy’s house

*The Rhinestone cowboy on the beach in his aquamarine bikini bottoms and cowboy hat, strutting up and down the beach

*running into BBC people at the famed restaurant, The Back Porch

*”Did yall hear about the guy in Ohio who walked into a movie theater in the Darth Mader vask and robbed it?”- Amanda

*Wild-at-Heart-Brad- more to come on him tomorrow- this is too good to pass over

*Amanda: Lana, that’s room 223, we’re in 227
Lana: Oh- I wasn’t even paying attention to the numbers- I just thought we’d walked far enough

*Mary Anna wearing her too-cute t-shirt that says “Wanted: Cowboy” on it, and the dirty old man working the counter at the gas station saying, “I’m not a cowboy, but I ride like one” (GROSS!)

*”Thath it, thath all. Nothing more, nothing leth”

Friday, May 27, 2005

Girls, Uninterrupted

15 more minutes till freedom, and Mary Anna, Lana, Rhonda, Emily, and myself will soon be making our way down to Florida. I am totally looking forward to some uninterrupted time with the girls, some time to catch up on reading, and get some serious sun. (I think napping on the beach could be listed as a favorite pasttime- it's right up there with eating, singing, and blogging!) I am really thankful that they are letting us go early today- who is really buying choir music on a Friday afternoon before a long weekend anyways? I have left so many messages with people and talked to virtually no one. All I can do is sit here and daydream about the ocean, and wonder how 5 girls and all their luggage is going to fit in Emily's Nissan Altima. I'll let you know how that one turns out when I return to you on Tueday, hopefully nice and tan... or at least just tan ;o)

Thursday, May 26, 2005

a disapointing lunch

You know those gorgeous days on the brink of summer where you simply do not want to be at work? No matter how hard you try you just cannot get motivated to do anything productive? Yeeeaaahhhh… it’s definitely one of those days.

Plus I’m bummed- we were supposed to go eat at Logan’s in Laura’s section and they were too busy when we got there. A hostess had JUST sat Laura’s last open table when we got there, and there was no hope of getting sat in her section any time soon, so we had to go elsewhere and beg for our lunch. Well not really- we just went to Maniac’s had had some über-good chicken. But I was SO looking forward to Logan’s… and the warm, buttery rolls.

Sometimes you just get into this mindset of what you’re going to order at a certain restaurant and for whatever reason, plans change, you go some place else, and no matter what you order, it’s never as good as what you had in mind from the originally planned eating establishment.

This happened to Heather and I once back in the day, and it is a tragic story that ended happily which we Still laugh about. She and I were dating 2 guys named Ben & Ken (yes, I know how funny their rhyming names are), and we had a day off from school and the 4 of us were supposed to meet at Ben’s house and go to lunch at Red Lobster. I know it’s for the seafood lover in you, but I was rather fond of their cheesy rolls and their chicken tenders- not to mention this Amazing 7 layer chocolate cake-mmmm…. Where was I? Lunch.

Ok. So we get to Ben’s and Surprise- the guys have decided to change our plans and cook for us instead! Yes, I realize it was a sweet gesture, especially for a bunch of 16-year-olds, but Heather and I exchanged dismal glances at each other because we were really looking forward to Red Lobster! We tried to feign our disappointment- with me succeeding far better than her- as we nibbled on the most tasteless lemon pepper chicken and potatoes I have ever eaten. Heather and I spent the afternoon with the guys, and then on the way home stopped off at Ruby Tuesday’s and had some “real food” to fill our unsatisfied stomachs! To this day the guys still do not know this Behind the Music story, and it’s one of Heather’s and my favorite stories to re-tell.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

how the stork brought the divadomain to my doorstep

And now, the story you’ve all been dying to hear. Just how did the Divadomain come to be in existence? None of you know this, so this should be fun.

Well, it was a dark and stormy night… no wait- strike that. It was a sunny May afternoon, and I was employed at the good ole’ B&J. It was a typical afternoon. I was bored as usual, and dragging out my work so that I would have something to keep me occupied for a full 8 hours. Now if you’ll think back and remember, I was talking to a frat-tastic guy we’ll call CG. (The very same CG who pops his collars. But I digress.) Now things were brand new for me and CG so I did what any normal, internet-savvy girl would do; I Googled him.

One of the results that popped up was his name in a blog entry by a kid I went to high school- Seth Worley (that’s Dennis Worley’s son for all you BBC’ers). So I clicked on the link and read some of Seth’s blog. I was fascinated. It was an online forum- a diary- a personal piece of the web devoted to you and your thoughts. I read some of his posts, noticed some of the comments that people left, and then my eyes were drawn to the button that said, “Get your own blog.”

What transpired next was a whirlwind of mouse clicking and furious typing as the Diva Domain began to take shape. It was pink, it was easy to format, and the best part of all, I was getting paid at work to do this! Ok, my conscious tugs at me a little when I think of how much time I wasted surfing the internet and blogging on the clock at the B&J, but that moment quickly passes as I am now getting to celebrate a year of my life being recorded on the World Wide Web. What a cool way to be able to go back in time and remember the Day of John Mayer, moving into the Penthouse, and Olympic play-by-plays, not to mention a rundown of almost every weekend! The world of blogging also made the South Africa mission trip special because we were able to share with those at home brief glimpses of what we were doing in Capetown, and all of that too, is recorded for all the world to see and stumble upon and see what God is doing.

I’d like to thank you the readers, both commenters and non-commenters alike, for making this possible and finding some of what I say worthwhile your time. While I realize it is somewhat self-aggrandizing, it would be no fun to write if no one else but me were reading it (Aw, Tear!….. I’m getting verklempt… tawlk amongst yourselves…)

So yes, for all intensive purposes, the blog was created thanks (indirectly) to a guy, and while the relationship was short lived, the Diva Domain lives on.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Exsqueeze me?

We had a moment in the Penthouse last night, and I thought I'd share. We're gearing up for our Florida trip this weekend, and last night Emily was talking to Rhonda. She told Rhonda that she got directions from Ann Wade, but that's not what Rhonda heard. I was in another room, and I heard what Rhonda heard, and that is that Emily got Erections.
"What did you say," Rhonda asked? Emily repeated herself.
"OHHH- that's NOT what I thought you said!" Me, still in another room came busting in and said,
"WHAT did you say?" Because I seriously heard "erections" both times she said it! So the wires were crossed, and then uncrossed, but by then we had taken it and run with it.
*I need to get erections myself to my aunt's house in Birmingham
*I'll get erections tomorrow online at work
*We need erections before we head out of town
...and my favorite...
*Guys never stop to ask for Erections

Principality of Celestial Space

Holy Crap- why has this movie not gotten more hype than it has?? I saw this with Ari last night- and she has got to be the biggest Orlando Bloom fan ever, and I dare say this film did not disapoint for even the casual admirer like myself. It was sort of a "Robin Hood Prince of Thieves" meets "Gladiator" meets "Troy," but in a good way. The film had incredible fight scenes- especially moments with that cool effect where they slow things down and then speed them up very quickly to catch up to "real time." Orlando Bloom made for some good eye candy, but it was done very tastefully with brooding, pensive looks from his scruffy face rather than Brad Pitt's superfluous bare chested scenes in "Troy" (not that I would ever, EVER complain about seeing Brad Pitt's chest... it's just that it was such obvious overkill in that movie to portray him as a Hellenistic Beefcake.) The movie spoke deeply about religious tolerence, the dilema of doing a little evil to do even more good, and telling the truth and living a virtuous life, even if it leads to ones own death. A great line of the film happened when the army was riding into battle. "If you go to battle, you are going into certain death," Orlando Bloom's character told another. "All death is certain" that other man said as he proceeded to ride on. (Oooh- that's deep!) Point is, this movie has not gotten enough credit in the box office, but Bradley and Bryant give it 2 Thumbs Up.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Fun conversations from this past weekend, OR… reasons why Amanda is still single

So yes, these weekend recap blogs tende to be longer since we have 2-3 days worth of activities to cover in a single posting, so I’ll cut to the chase (thank you Tadd for clearing up that idiom on your blog).

Saturday night after our girls' night out at the Bluebird Café we headed to Tootsie’s because our favorite cowboy/singer Jared Ashley was performing that night. We of course make our way to the very front of the crowd right in front of the stage and, not coincidentally, Mr. Ashley, and are having a good ole’ time singing and dancing to the live music. Unfortunatelky, we were not the only ones having fun in Tootsie’s that night. An older gentleman who was pushing 40 and slightly intoxicated, was acting very obnoxious. I think he was *trying* to dance with me at one point- I turned around and felt him bumping into me in a semi-regular pattern, but I turned back around and ignored him and he proceeded to leave me alone. Problem solved right? Oh, you just wish. Next he moved on to Rhonda tapping her on the shoulder and leering at her while attempting to make conversation over the loud music. Luckily I saw what was happening and I swooped in and put my arm around her to bring her back into the Girls Circle. Crisis averted once again. I believe this unfortunate, inebriated soul accidentally bumped into us several more times throughout the evening when I finally took matters into my own hands. Mr. Drunk Dancer was swaying to the music next to me at one point and he actually reached over and poked my side. “How are you doing tonight?” he slurred. “Well I would be better if you wouldn’t touch me,” I said to him. I realize this may have been slightly bitchy on my part, but enough is enough. I come down there to listen to great live music and have fun with my friends, not to baby-sit intoxicated men.

One would find this amusing enough for a weekend story, but what is it with me attracting men who are darn close to being over the hill, and *only* men that are approaching being over the hill? But right after Sunday school yesterday this guy came up to me and started talking a conversation. I have met him once before as we walked to the parking lot one afternoon after church. While this man is talking to me I am standing there thinking, this guy is too old to be in this class- he would probably fit into one of the older Singles classes better. I barely know the kid, but one minute he’s telling me about his new job, and then out of nowhere he hits me with, “Would you like to get coffee sometime?” What the heck? I’ve had one conversation with you, and you think that warrants getting to know me better outside of church? Besides that, he’s kind of a creepy guy, and I was looking around for a way out of the conversation and didn’t see anyone around to rescue me- and this is before I get randomly asked out. Well what’s a girl to do? “Would you like to get coffee sometime?” he asks. “Actually, no I wouldn’t,” I say. I find that the direct and honest approach is often best. Very quickly my mind went through all the options. Say yes, and actually go have coffee with him- um, no. Say yes, but avoid him every time he tries to set a date- this is what I have done in the past and it only leads to more trouble and awkwardness, so no. Or just say no. So that’s what I did. The guy muttered something about not knowing if I was seeing anyone or not, to which I just smiled and nodded- this could mean “yes I am,” or it could mean that I’m just actively participating in the conversation, but soon after that he turned around and walked out of the room, leaving me to stand there and say to myself, “did that really just happen??”

So sue me. I’m direct with creepy guys. This is why I’m still (happily) single. Happy Monday, and Happy Birthday week of the blog. Don’t forget to vote.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Vote for Your Favorite Blog

It's about that time kids. The Diva Domain is about to hit the one year mark. We here at the Diva Domain headquarters couldn't be more excited, and we are so thankful for you, the readers, who make blogging fun and worthwhile. Where else I ask you, would you be inundated with pink, find out the latest gossip and inside jokes, and generally be entertained by posts and comments from others? Take a few minutes- go on, I know you'e not Really working- and select a few favorite posts and leave a comment with the titles and dates of them. That means that those lurkers but rare posters of comments are being asked to hit that little pink link at the end of this that says "Comments" and actually write a sentence or two of commentary and(GASP) admit to others that you are reading this garbage daily!

A few previous posts to check out in particular would be "Bobbing for Urine" on Feb 22, "Could He BE any more Lame" on Aug 22 and "Soapy Quesadillas" on Sep 29- they are personal favorites of mine.

The Diva Domain. Often imitated. Never Duplicated.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Just when you thought it was safe to sing in your car

I have just seen the greatest show on television! Last night while flipping channels I paused on VH1 where I saw various clips of people singing in their cars. The clips kept coming and I realized that not only did the drivers not know they were being filmed, but there was an entire show devoted to this! I was hooked. There was clip after clip of these poor people singing and dancing in their seats while tooling around town, with a hidden camera installed somewhere in the dash of their car. This is a brilliant concept called Motormouth2, which can only mean there was a Motormouth1- how have I not heard about this until now??

The idea is you set up your friends who you know to be obnoxiously bad singers and vh1 goes from town to town filming these candid camera set-ups and then air them on national tv! It’s brilliant I tell you.

"Just when you thought it was safe to sing in your car... we return to take you on a tour of forty cities to surprise, shock and embarrass America's worst singers and most outrageous drivers!"

I felt it my civic duty to pass on the knowledge of this great programming so you too can tune in on VH1 tonight at 10pm central.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Diva convention ‘05

Well, it’s taken me most of the day to recoup, but I finally think I’m back mentally after having one of the best weekends in a long while. Ari and I took off last Thursday night for Houston (or Ew-ston, as those in the high-brow society have been known to pronounce it). We presented Conley with her very own pink sparkly Diva sign, so now we all have one, and the DIVA convention 05 was off to a smashing start. Ari and I got to meet Conley’s friends from Rice and hang out with John and Danielle as well (they are both friends from Kentucky, and happen to be Conley’s roommates). We had Mexican twice, although I could have done without the pickled carrots that I was brave enough to try at the first place- though that Was better than the unfortunate scallop debacle from last year’s Houston trip.

Danielle and Conley introduced us to the joy that is known as IKEA. This was a little overwhelming for Ari and myself, so we signed up to get the catalogues. It took us almost 3 hours to get through the store! I found out that there’s a store in Atlanta though, so all of us landlocked southerners can get our IKEA fix there. Ari bought curtains, and I bought some fun striped placemats among a few other things. Really I did the most damage in the Galleria Sephora where I must have spent a good half hour, and quite a bit of my last paycheck. No matter. I had a whopping 10 dollar gift card saved up from heather’s wedding goody basket, and I put it all on my MasterCard where I will paying off my treats with interest for many months to come all the while looking naturally fresh and made-up, of course.

We didn’t make it to see Roger Clemens pitch on Saturday night, but we did manage to make it to a club called JR’s. Let’s just say that in that place, if you were not male, you were not going to get hit on. I got excited to see all of these guys in pink shirts but they unfortunately were only interested in other guys in pink shirts. (Sad but true.) Ari and I did bond rather quickly with a friend of the Rice crowd named Grant who picked up instantaneously on our little “I Love it. I Love it but I Hate it but I Love it” spiel. And he said, “I heart that you say I heart.” He also quoted an entire scene from Steel Magnolias to us, much to my delight.

All in all, besides our day of shopping, the weekend was very low-key and was spent laughing in good company. We even brought back the Bed Party, where I was brought to tears from all of our impersonations of each other:
“My name’s Conleeeeey. I like Collen Fiiiirrrrth, and I like to burp all the time.” “Well my name’s Bradleeeeeyyyyy. I like pink and I wanna be buried in a Sephoraaaaaa.” “Well my name’s Arrrrriiiiiii. I’m a wiiiiine snob and I like to make fun of people.”

Wow. What. A burger.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Sun shines bright on my old Tennessee Home

Yes, the sun is shining gloriously here in middle Tennessee, and my mind is about as far from work as one can get. Ari and I are waiting in great anticipation to board the plane that will reunite the DIVAS tonight, and we can hardly stand it. Look out for loud sopranos, impromptu singing, and plenty of new inside jokes. Don’t worry, I’ll share- because inside jokes are only funny if you’re in-the-know.

And speaking of new inside jokes, we proudly proclaim this day, May 12th, and the 12th of every month, to be Mary Steenburgen Day! (We, being Ari, Angela, Joel, and Barry) (all co-workers of mine) This all started today at lunch when the 5 of us braved the Cool Springs heat (ironic, yes?) to get a bite to eat from one of my favorite Fresh Mex places- and really, which one Isn’t my favorite? I love them all… and by the way, who’s excited for some REAL Mexican food this weekend? But I digress. So Joel thought it would be funny for a person to tell the people up at the counter at Baja Fresh that your name is Mary Steenburgen, so that when they called out your name to claim your food, you would hear Mary Steenburgen over the loudspeaker. Unfortunately, he didn’t come up with this gem of an idea until after he had already given them his real name. So when he went back inside for a refill, he actually went so far as to ask one of the girl workers to please say 'Mary Steenburgen' over the loudspeaker. And yes, Joel is my boss for those of you are not aware. An odd man, with an odd sense of humor to be sure. But long story short (too late!) (Name THAT movie, you werkers) is that he ended up getting this poor girl in trouble when her manager saw the name on the slip of paper that she was about to read. “We have famous people who come in all the time” he tells her. "What if she (Mary S) actually came in?" Well I can pretty much bet on 1000 to one odds that Mrs. Ted Danson would not be frequenting the Baja Fresh on Cool Springs Blvd today, but whatever. After Joel related this story to us we decided that Mary needed a day in her honor. And that day is today. So a very merry Steenburgen to you. (and you and you)

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

There's a new Pet in town

Yes, the trifecta of roommates has added one more to our little home. His name is Franz. No, he’s not a handsome French man, although we wish he were! No, no, little Franz is short- about 1 ½ feet tall, and has a wooden stalk and green fronds…. Get it? (I credit Emily with that clever little pun of a name.) But yes, Franz is our new house plant- a type of palm, actually, and I discovered him at Home Depot on Sunday while doing a little herb shopping with mom. Emily and Rhonda promised to help me keep him alive because I don’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to remembering to water my plants. He only needs moderate moisture though, so I am thinking a few waterings a week oughta be ok.

Now the Home Depot garden center is a place where I just discovered I could spend quite a bit of time and money- I was overwhelmed by all the flowering trees and tropical plants- I wanted them all! But no Amanda, relax- you only have about 5 square feet to work with out on your deck, and even that is technically split into three ways between you, Emily and Rhonda. So I held things under control for purely spatial and budgetary reasons, and came out with two cheery red geraniums, two tomato plants, some chives, Italian flatleaf parsley, oregano, basil, and cilantro. Just call me Chef Boyardee cause some home cookin is comin’ right up. Hmm… I keep re-reading that description of the red geraniums, and it’s bothering me. I did mean to say cheery, not cherry, but I still feel like it looks like a typo- somehow the word cheerful did not sound right either- so for the record, the description stands as is.

Hope each of you has a gloriously happy Hump Day. Only one more work day this week till Ari and I jet set down to Houston to visit Conley, and Emmy Sue flies to the Big D to visit college friends, and then Rhonda’s entire family practically comes into town. And don’t be jealous you out-of-towners, but it’s shaping up to be another summery day here in the Ville, so I’m sensing another outdoors lunch. Who’s goin with me?

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Tales from the Penthouse

My morning pilates got interrupted by one very disturbed roommate, Rhonda Lu, whose worst fears were realized in the shower this warm and sunny a.m. She burst into the living room, glasses on and towel wrapped around her and begins The Story. Rhonda had just hopped into the shower this morning and for one reason or another, she didn’t have her contacts in. Well, as she squinted she saw a blackish blob at the far end of our shower. Rhonda jumped out, reached for her towel and glasses and realized she had a little friend trying to get squeaky clean as well. This unknown species of multi-legged bug was promptly sprayed by, what else, Glade Air freshener, and it was right after this that Rhonda ran into the living room horror-stricken to relate the tale.

With the pilates video paused, we bravely marched back into the bathroom. I swear I could hear the music from Psycho playing in my inner monologue as I asked Rhonda where the bug was, and slowly peeled back the shower curtain. We squealed like, well, girls. This thing was huge! (In all actuality, it was probably only an inch or so long, but in bug size, that’s ginormous!) What followed were my feeble attempts to drown this uninvited visitor by splashing water on him, Rhonda dashing off to the kitchen to see if we had any bug spray, me hollering in a panicked voice, “it’s not working! It’s not working! Bring me a shoe!” Finally Rhonda appeared back in the bathroom, producing a can of Raid, and I ran out of the bathroom to grab a flip-flop because the darn thing was still wriggling. I figured, better to put him out of his misery quickly. A few swats later, the scary bug was smashed and wrapped up in not one, but two paper towels and promptly thrown away. “You’re my hero!” Rhonda exclaimed, and I’m feeling pretty heroic myself, not being the hugest fan of bugs in the first place. (I figured I owed her from that time I made her fish her perfume bottle out of the toilet while I stood by as an innocent bystander.) So crisis averted, we went on with our mornings. But if it’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, these things never come in onsies. Where there’s one, there is more. And how many more showers will it take before the horrific sites are erased from our minds, and the paranoia disappeared every time one of us pulls back the shower curtain? We must be brave. The cleanliness must go on.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Dean's List!!!

I am a proud big sister, so it's time to brag a little bit!

My kid sis, Laura Lee, Lu-Lu, Double L, Red (MY, this girl has got some slew of nicknames!) has just found out that she made the Dean's List for this semester, making both her semester GPA and her overall cum GPA an A average! I am grinning like an idiot over here (good thing my back is to everyone in my cubicle so I don't get any weird looks), and so I thought anyone who remotely shares my enthusiasm might want the opportunity to congratulate her yourself. She does check the blog from time to time when I harass her about NOT reading it! :o)


Friday, May 06, 2005

Big Pimpin

At approximately 9pm last night, the Penthouse Pets plus Mary Anna (an honorary roommate) rolled into Jonathan’s at Cool Springs ready to celebrate 05-05-05. Oh- I guess I should back up. First Ari, Momma B, and my boss Joel went to grab some dinner, chips, and margaritas at Lost Promise. Or Las Palmas, depending on who you ask. It was an interesting couple of hours, and I’ll leave it at that. All of my worlds were colliding at once and plus everything’s a little crazy in a Mexican restaurant on Cinco de Mayo. So back to 9pm, we get in free to Jonathan’s, who is having this supposedly huge party sponsored by Corona. But really, it’s all old people trying to slow dance to the Mexican music, and stuck-up Brentwoodians and Franklinites desperately trying to have a good time despite being trapped in the Bubble. (By the way- it used to be the Brentwood Bubble- but now I am thinking this bubble includes Franklin people as well. It’s pretty much them versus the Columbia and Spring Hill people- the black sheep of the county, if you will.) We made our own fun, had some free coronas, ran into a girl from church, and hung out a while before moving on to locale numero dos. As we’re leaving Jonathan’s I see Ari at the front and pull her along for the ride. Literally. We had a limo full of us girls, plus Stewart (Rhonda’s coworker, the British guy with a quasi Boston accent) and JJ, the Corona guy. We were whisked away to yet another Cinco de Mayo party in the lap of luxary- and it was Rhonda Lu’s first time in a limo, so she was giddy. Actually, we all kind of were, so we were singing every rap and Dixie Chicks song on the radio. Our driver Tom took us to Sam’s in the Village where we found more people we knew from church, and I saw my friend Kacey from Governor’s school. This mix of people was a lot more fun to hang out with, and we stayed here for what felt like hours. In reality, when the limo dropped us off at the Penthouse, it was only a little after 12:30!! When did we get old, because I realized I wasn’t 21 anymore when I woke up with black eye makeup everywhere this morning and had to drag my sleepy self to work. What can I say? Pimpin ain’t easy. Happy Friday to all y’all.

Thursday, May 05, 2005


Happy Cinco de Mayo dear friends! After doing a bit of research I discovered this a.m. that this day is not really celebrating Mexico’s Independence Day, but rather a victory over the French foreign Legion army in 1862. The Mexicans were outmanned 4,000 to 8,000 and the French boasted the latest technology in artillery, but yet those persistent Mexican warriors triumphed. They must have eaten their Taco Bell that morning. So now you can wow your friends with your insider knowledge of this American-adopted holiday that gives us an excuse to eat chips and salsa and drink margaritas (as if one really needs an excuse! No joke, a few weeks ago I had Mexican food 5 times in one week!).

That said, I like Mexican food as much as the next gal, but a word to the wise: please save your Spanish speaking for authentic Mexican establishments and not for the drive through at Taco Bell. I have seen/heard a person do this before. All this does is annoy the upstanding young fast-food worker, and up the odds that something fishy will be done to your order before it hits the drive through window. Part two of the no speaking Spanish clause falls when you attempt to speak Spanish in an authentic or semi-authentic restaurant, and the Hispanic person speaks English back to you. I witnessed this happening in Baja Burrito one day. It was lunch hour and as any Nashvillian knows, this place is a freaking zoo, but they have the best burritos in town and this amazing pineapple salsa that keeps customers coming back for more. There was a guy in line behind me who attempted to order in Spanish- it was loud in the restaurant, his Spanish was lousy and hesitant (and this is coming from an admitted non-Spanish speaker), and the worker behind the counter wouldn’t give the guy the time of day, and responded to all of his mutterings in English. Sir, give it up. I just laughed to myself, and ate my amazing burrito.

Is it lunchtime yet? Hmmm… Happy 05-05-05! Ole’!