Thursday, May 05, 2005


Happy Cinco de Mayo dear friends! After doing a bit of research I discovered this a.m. that this day is not really celebrating Mexico’s Independence Day, but rather a victory over the French foreign Legion army in 1862. The Mexicans were outmanned 4,000 to 8,000 and the French boasted the latest technology in artillery, but yet those persistent Mexican warriors triumphed. They must have eaten their Taco Bell that morning. So now you can wow your friends with your insider knowledge of this American-adopted holiday that gives us an excuse to eat chips and salsa and drink margaritas (as if one really needs an excuse! No joke, a few weeks ago I had Mexican food 5 times in one week!).

That said, I like Mexican food as much as the next gal, but a word to the wise: please save your Spanish speaking for authentic Mexican establishments and not for the drive through at Taco Bell. I have seen/heard a person do this before. All this does is annoy the upstanding young fast-food worker, and up the odds that something fishy will be done to your order before it hits the drive through window. Part two of the no speaking Spanish clause falls when you attempt to speak Spanish in an authentic or semi-authentic restaurant, and the Hispanic person speaks English back to you. I witnessed this happening in Baja Burrito one day. It was lunch hour and as any Nashvillian knows, this place is a freaking zoo, but they have the best burritos in town and this amazing pineapple salsa that keeps customers coming back for more. There was a guy in line behind me who attempted to order in Spanish- it was loud in the restaurant, his Spanish was lousy and hesitant (and this is coming from an admitted non-Spanish speaker), and the worker behind the counter wouldn’t give the guy the time of day, and responded to all of his mutterings in English. Sir, give it up. I just laughed to myself, and ate my amazing burrito.

Is it lunchtime yet? Hmmm… Happy 05-05-05! Ole’!


Anonymous said...

i hope and pray that you are not referring to my ramblings at mexicali in any way, shape or form here. ~ari

jillymae said...

i know i always appreciate the guys at La Hacienda for tolerating my attempts to order and converse in espanol. it's fun when you totally screw something up and they flirt with you anyway ;)

Amanda said...

no, it is in a way, shape and form in reference to your conversations at Mexicali. But your conversational skills of the Hispanic persuasion were most impressive! It's everyone else who needs to learn from you and follow your lead (that is, unless, you have ever attempted to order a Nacho Bell Grande in Spanish from the establishment that begs you to think outside the bun... then, you become That Guy)

MamaB said...

Thanks to Amanda and Ari and Joel for letting me join their 05-05-05 celebration after work today!
Cheers to the ears!

Amanda said...

i thought the saying was "cheers to the years"