Monday, May 23, 2005

Fun conversations from this past weekend, OR… reasons why Amanda is still single

So yes, these weekend recap blogs tende to be longer since we have 2-3 days worth of activities to cover in a single posting, so I’ll cut to the chase (thank you Tadd for clearing up that idiom on your blog).

Saturday night after our girls' night out at the Bluebird Café we headed to Tootsie’s because our favorite cowboy/singer Jared Ashley was performing that night. We of course make our way to the very front of the crowd right in front of the stage and, not coincidentally, Mr. Ashley, and are having a good ole’ time singing and dancing to the live music. Unfortunatelky, we were not the only ones having fun in Tootsie’s that night. An older gentleman who was pushing 40 and slightly intoxicated, was acting very obnoxious. I think he was *trying* to dance with me at one point- I turned around and felt him bumping into me in a semi-regular pattern, but I turned back around and ignored him and he proceeded to leave me alone. Problem solved right? Oh, you just wish. Next he moved on to Rhonda tapping her on the shoulder and leering at her while attempting to make conversation over the loud music. Luckily I saw what was happening and I swooped in and put my arm around her to bring her back into the Girls Circle. Crisis averted once again. I believe this unfortunate, inebriated soul accidentally bumped into us several more times throughout the evening when I finally took matters into my own hands. Mr. Drunk Dancer was swaying to the music next to me at one point and he actually reached over and poked my side. “How are you doing tonight?” he slurred. “Well I would be better if you wouldn’t touch me,” I said to him. I realize this may have been slightly bitchy on my part, but enough is enough. I come down there to listen to great live music and have fun with my friends, not to baby-sit intoxicated men.

One would find this amusing enough for a weekend story, but what is it with me attracting men who are darn close to being over the hill, and *only* men that are approaching being over the hill? But right after Sunday school yesterday this guy came up to me and started talking a conversation. I have met him once before as we walked to the parking lot one afternoon after church. While this man is talking to me I am standing there thinking, this guy is too old to be in this class- he would probably fit into one of the older Singles classes better. I barely know the kid, but one minute he’s telling me about his new job, and then out of nowhere he hits me with, “Would you like to get coffee sometime?” What the heck? I’ve had one conversation with you, and you think that warrants getting to know me better outside of church? Besides that, he’s kind of a creepy guy, and I was looking around for a way out of the conversation and didn’t see anyone around to rescue me- and this is before I get randomly asked out. Well what’s a girl to do? “Would you like to get coffee sometime?” he asks. “Actually, no I wouldn’t,” I say. I find that the direct and honest approach is often best. Very quickly my mind went through all the options. Say yes, and actually go have coffee with him- um, no. Say yes, but avoid him every time he tries to set a date- this is what I have done in the past and it only leads to more trouble and awkwardness, so no. Or just say no. So that’s what I did. The guy muttered something about not knowing if I was seeing anyone or not, to which I just smiled and nodded- this could mean “yes I am,” or it could mean that I’m just actively participating in the conversation, but soon after that he turned around and walked out of the room, leaving me to stand there and say to myself, “did that really just happen??”

So sue me. I’m direct with creepy guys. This is why I’m still (happily) single. Happy Monday, and Happy Birthday week of the blog. Don’t forget to vote.


Bethany Shea Roe said...

Direct "no's" are ALWAYS the best!!!

Holt said...

I feel your pain - you must have that same sign across your forehead that I do: "If you are close to retirement, choose me to spend your money and put up with your old, wriggly #$%"

I have yet to find a way to remove this sign! ! ! ! !

Mary Anna said...

smile and nod, smile and nod...I applaud you!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Smile and Nod. So that's what that was... The Classic Brush-Off. *takes notes*

Well, in all seriousness, Amanda, the direct approach is probably best, so I too (coming from Single Man, here) think that hearing that would close things off in my mind, were I to be that person doing the asking (I'll take "Run-On Sentences for $1000, Alex").

Hey, Single Girl, come hang in Clearwater Beach with us...


Single Man


Amanda said...

Hey Single Man- hang any tulle lately? Come hang out with us in Ft. Walton Beach this weekend- it's only a few hours away!