Wednesday, May 11, 2005

There's a new Pet in town

Yes, the trifecta of roommates has added one more to our little home. His name is Franz. No, he’s not a handsome French man, although we wish he were! No, no, little Franz is short- about 1 ½ feet tall, and has a wooden stalk and green fronds…. Get it? (I credit Emily with that clever little pun of a name.) But yes, Franz is our new house plant- a type of palm, actually, and I discovered him at Home Depot on Sunday while doing a little herb shopping with mom. Emily and Rhonda promised to help me keep him alive because I don’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to remembering to water my plants. He only needs moderate moisture though, so I am thinking a few waterings a week oughta be ok.

Now the Home Depot garden center is a place where I just discovered I could spend quite a bit of time and money- I was overwhelmed by all the flowering trees and tropical plants- I wanted them all! But no Amanda, relax- you only have about 5 square feet to work with out on your deck, and even that is technically split into three ways between you, Emily and Rhonda. So I held things under control for purely spatial and budgetary reasons, and came out with two cheery red geraniums, two tomato plants, some chives, Italian flatleaf parsley, oregano, basil, and cilantro. Just call me Chef Boyardee cause some home cookin is comin’ right up. Hmm… I keep re-reading that description of the red geraniums, and it’s bothering me. I did mean to say cheery, not cherry, but I still feel like it looks like a typo- somehow the word cheerful did not sound right either- so for the record, the description stands as is.

Hope each of you has a gloriously happy Hump Day. Only one more work day this week till Ari and I jet set down to Houston to visit Conley, and Emmy Sue flies to the Big D to visit college friends, and then Rhonda’s entire family practically comes into town. And don’t be jealous you out-of-towners, but it’s shaping up to be another summery day here in the Ville, so I’m sensing another outdoors lunch. Who’s goin with me?


Anonymous said...

i'm in for lunch and houston. we should just become attached to each other. no wait, you're not tom welling. who's blog is this?

jillymae said...

i firmly believe you two were separated at birth. they should just conjoin you again, you're practically attached at the hip anyway! ;)

Tadd said...

You're Chef Boyaredee!