Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Diva convention ‘05

Well, it’s taken me most of the day to recoup, but I finally think I’m back mentally after having one of the best weekends in a long while. Ari and I took off last Thursday night for Houston (or Ew-ston, as those in the high-brow society have been known to pronounce it). We presented Conley with her very own pink sparkly Diva sign, so now we all have one, and the DIVA convention 05 was off to a smashing start. Ari and I got to meet Conley’s friends from Rice and hang out with John and Danielle as well (they are both friends from Kentucky, and happen to be Conley’s roommates). We had Mexican twice, although I could have done without the pickled carrots that I was brave enough to try at the first place- though that Was better than the unfortunate scallop debacle from last year’s Houston trip.

Danielle and Conley introduced us to the joy that is known as IKEA. This was a little overwhelming for Ari and myself, so we signed up to get the catalogues. It took us almost 3 hours to get through the store! I found out that there’s a store in Atlanta though, so all of us landlocked southerners can get our IKEA fix there. Ari bought curtains, and I bought some fun striped placemats among a few other things. Really I did the most damage in the Galleria Sephora where I must have spent a good half hour, and quite a bit of my last paycheck. No matter. I had a whopping 10 dollar gift card saved up from heather’s wedding goody basket, and I put it all on my MasterCard where I will paying off my treats with interest for many months to come all the while looking naturally fresh and made-up, of course.

We didn’t make it to see Roger Clemens pitch on Saturday night, but we did manage to make it to a club called JR’s. Let’s just say that in that place, if you were not male, you were not going to get hit on. I got excited to see all of these guys in pink shirts but they unfortunately were only interested in other guys in pink shirts. (Sad but true.) Ari and I did bond rather quickly with a friend of the Rice crowd named Grant who picked up instantaneously on our little “I Love it. I Love it but I Hate it but I Love it” spiel. And he said, “I heart that you say I heart.” He also quoted an entire scene from Steel Magnolias to us, much to my delight.

All in all, besides our day of shopping, the weekend was very low-key and was spent laughing in good company. We even brought back the Bed Party, where I was brought to tears from all of our impersonations of each other:
“My name’s Conleeeeey. I like Collen Fiiiirrrrth, and I like to burp all the time.” “Well my name’s Bradleeeeeyyyyy. I like pink and I wanna be buried in a Sephoraaaaaa.” “Well my name’s Arrrrriiiiiii. I’m a wiiiiine snob and I like to make fun of people.”

Wow. What. A burger.


Anonymous said...

flame on you werker! (werker, i don't even know 'er). and always remember who actually lights up my life. bradley, wow, what a weekend. nuzzle. ~ari

Mary Anna said...

You know, last year when I tried to request an IKEA catalog and was rejected, I decided I'd never shop from them ever! But, I'm willing to re-nig...if they ever make it to Nashville. I'm so happy you got your Sephora fix! I need a hit badly!!!

Amanda said...

What? No IKEA catelogue? The horror!

MamaB said...

I'm ready for a road trip to Hotlanta just to see this IKEA place in person because that is all I have heard about. Someone left a catalog sitting on the kitchen table which I perused and found a few (dozen) things I want from there. When we going???