Tuesday, May 31, 2005

One Seriously Beachin' Time

One night at the Fort Walton Beach Hampton Inn: $159 (after Emily argued with them.)
Lunch to-go at Subway: $6
Having lunch on the beach with your girls: priceless

cheesy? you betcha- would you expect anything less?

Physically, yes, I’m back at work. Mentally, I’m still trying to get back in the groove of things. We 5 gals had a wonderful trip- the Altima’s trunk and backseat were both surprisingly roomy, and so no one or their stuff were forced to be strapped onto the roof (or left by the side of the road… that’s an homage to the story game we played on the way back, where one person starts the story and then the next person picks up where they left off. I think Lana ended up in a mental institution, Emily married Wild-at-Heart Brad, I became a famous actress, Rhonda got her shoes back, and Mary Anna lived happily ever after- the details are sketchy- correct me if I’m wrong girls.)

The weather co-operated, and the hotel and beach house were fabulous. We invaded aunt Peggy’s house in Birmingham Friday night on our way down, and I don’t think she was quite used to having a house full of giggling girls! The weekend smelled of Coconut Lime Verbena body lotion (what the heck IS a verbena anyways?), and I’m sure if you listened long enough you would hear “Sugar” or “Holla Back Girl,” our Memorial day weekend theme songs.

There’s way too much to write about in detail, so here’s a few highlights and quotes:

*I need to start collecting something- Lana at aunt Peggy’s house

*The Rhinestone cowboy on the beach in his aquamarine bikini bottoms and cowboy hat, strutting up and down the beach

*running into BBC people at the famed restaurant, The Back Porch

*”Did yall hear about the guy in Ohio who walked into a movie theater in the Darth Mader vask and robbed it?”- Amanda

*Wild-at-Heart-Brad- more to come on him tomorrow- this is too good to pass over

*Amanda: Lana, that’s room 223, we’re in 227
Lana: Oh- I wasn’t even paying attention to the numbers- I just thought we’d walked far enough

*Mary Anna wearing her too-cute t-shirt that says “Wanted: Cowboy” on it, and the dirty old man working the counter at the gas station saying, “I’m not a cowboy, but I ride like one” (GROSS!)

*”Thath it, thath all. Nothing more, nothing leth”


Anonymous said...

Welcome Home...missed the posts whilst thou were away(-eth?)


Amanda said...

Anonymous E, hope you are having a beachin' time yourself down there in see-through H2O

emilyb said...

What a great trip, girls! I look forward to many more!