Wednesday, May 25, 2005

how the stork brought the divadomain to my doorstep

And now, the story you’ve all been dying to hear. Just how did the Divadomain come to be in existence? None of you know this, so this should be fun.

Well, it was a dark and stormy night… no wait- strike that. It was a sunny May afternoon, and I was employed at the good ole’ B&J. It was a typical afternoon. I was bored as usual, and dragging out my work so that I would have something to keep me occupied for a full 8 hours. Now if you’ll think back and remember, I was talking to a frat-tastic guy we’ll call CG. (The very same CG who pops his collars. But I digress.) Now things were brand new for me and CG so I did what any normal, internet-savvy girl would do; I Googled him.

One of the results that popped up was his name in a blog entry by a kid I went to high school- Seth Worley (that’s Dennis Worley’s son for all you BBC’ers). So I clicked on the link and read some of Seth’s blog. I was fascinated. It was an online forum- a diary- a personal piece of the web devoted to you and your thoughts. I read some of his posts, noticed some of the comments that people left, and then my eyes were drawn to the button that said, “Get your own blog.”

What transpired next was a whirlwind of mouse clicking and furious typing as the Diva Domain began to take shape. It was pink, it was easy to format, and the best part of all, I was getting paid at work to do this! Ok, my conscious tugs at me a little when I think of how much time I wasted surfing the internet and blogging on the clock at the B&J, but that moment quickly passes as I am now getting to celebrate a year of my life being recorded on the World Wide Web. What a cool way to be able to go back in time and remember the Day of John Mayer, moving into the Penthouse, and Olympic play-by-plays, not to mention a rundown of almost every weekend! The world of blogging also made the South Africa mission trip special because we were able to share with those at home brief glimpses of what we were doing in Capetown, and all of that too, is recorded for all the world to see and stumble upon and see what God is doing.

I’d like to thank you the readers, both commenters and non-commenters alike, for making this possible and finding some of what I say worthwhile your time. While I realize it is somewhat self-aggrandizing, it would be no fun to write if no one else but me were reading it (Aw, Tear!….. I’m getting verklempt… tawlk amongst yourselves…)

So yes, for all intensive purposes, the blog was created thanks (indirectly) to a guy, and while the relationship was short lived, the Diva Domain lives on.


jillymae said...

Happy Birthday Diva Domain!

Kobosky262 said...

We are all so grateful for the Diva Domain and are blessed by its existance.

daddy b said...

How could one ever be a true Diva without a domain over which to rule? Happy birthday DD..You're still the smile in my day.

emilyb said...

Even thought I may not be a faithful "commenter", I am a faithfukl reader. I have enjoyed reliving the odd stories from the weekends or funny conversations held in the Penthouse hall. Here's one for the DIVA Domain!

MamaB said...

Thanks for the memories--I am still going through the months and months of blogs and will get back to you on my favorite one.