Friday, March 31, 2006

Amanda looks like

Something fun for a rainy afternoon! Go to Google and put "[your first name] looks like" and see all of the funny descriptions that pop up. Here are a few of mine:

*Amanda looks like Hilary Duff
*Amanda looks like a train wreck
*Amanda looks like she will blow away in the wind
*Amanda looks like any nerd in school
*Amanda looks like she is looking at me thinking, you b*tch (ha ha)
*Amanda looks like an alien from Mars Attacks!
*Amanda looks like a streetwalker
*Amanda looks like she is enjoying being centre stage (Heck YES!)

Feel free to post your results in the comments box so the rest of us can have a good chuckle at your expense :o)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

T for Two Thumbs Up

Ari & I had a DIVA night and spent a few hours after work talking wedding stuff and laughing before going to see a really cool movie. I used to do movie reviews on here all the time but I quit going to see them so often and the reviews fell by the wayside. However, V for Vendetta was one that made me think and kept me excited and interested the entire time, and one Bradley & Bryant would definitely recommend. Walking up to the ticket window at the theater I said, 2 T for tickets for V for Vendetta. The girl didn't even crack a smile!!! I was amused anyways.

I knew this was going to be one of those weird, futuristic comic book movies that I usually don't go for, but I am huge fan of Natalie Portman, so I wanted to see this film. The directors are the same guys that did The Matrix, and the main guy in the movie (the man behind the mask) is the bad guy from the Matrix/Elf king in LOTR. What I liked so much about the film was it's paralells with one of my favorite books, The Count of Monte Cristo, the allusion to current political and social issues, and even moreso, the symbolism that runs rampant through the movie. The number 5 (the roman numeral V) and the letter V are everywhere. One of the first speeches given by the masked character aptly named "V" has 55 words that start with the letter V, and at one point in the film, Beethoven's 5th symphony begins to play. At this I jumped with glee that the directors thought so much about minute details. It's a movie I'm sure yoou could watch over and over and discover new symbolism and new political references.

I guess I enjoyed it so much because it made me really think about current government issues and it was a game for me to discover as much symbolism as I could. If any of you locals want to go see it, I'd see it again with you.

Back in Bucktown

We hadn't been up to see my grandfather since Christmas, so the four of us piled into Mikey, Mom's blue beetlebug and drove up on Saturday morning to make a quick visit. Cannelton, IN also known as Bucktown- though no one can tell you why- is home to most of my mom's side of the family, and is where mom & dad both went to high school.

Also in town for the night were my uncle Michael & aunt Missy, their 2 boys Braedon and Garrick, and the newest edition to the family, a puggle (cross between a Beagle & a Pug) named Ginger. She's only 9 weeks and took turns sleeping in all of our laps this weekend!

Mom cooked for everyone on Saturday. These are the times that I miss my grandma the most because she was always in the kitchen whenever we came to visit- either sitting at the table peeling potatoes or covered in flour standing at the stove. Of course Mom's round steak was delicious ("you can cut it with a fork"- a joke from my Grandma that has been passed on to mom!), and I had 2 huge plates. I also had a "you know you're getting old moment" at dinner- I volunteered to sit at the kids table! For years and years I was relegated to sitting at the card table while all of the adults got to sit at the big long table. Then I crossed over to adulthood and had finally earned my place at the big table. Now it seems I may have passed on to the next phase of my adult life where I take the role of the adult cousin sitting with the "little kids." I watch Nicole and Braedon running around the house and it reminds me so much of what me and Ryan used to do! (I still maintain that if those potatoes had stuck to the ceiling that it would have been the coolest thing ever!!)

Here's a pic of all the present grandkids and in Nicole & Natalee's case, great-grandkids:
back to front, L to R: Chris, Laura, Papa, Eric, Nicole, Garrick, Braedon, Natalee, Me, Megan, & Kelli
And then one of my mom, her brother, sisters, & dad (Can you see the family resemblence??!!) Michael, Mom, Papa, Kristina, & Lisa

And of course what trip to Cannelton would be complete without a trip to the Divadomain-made-infamous bar, The Pumper?! Tonight was Kareoke night, and a normally-shy me got up there about 10 times during the night! I'm sure people were sick of me singing, but I was having a ball not caring who heard me belt out Keith Urban, Faith Hill, Baby Got Back, and of course, Family Tradition!!! Even the dj commented that half the bar got up to perform this song together!! You can't see me in this pic but I am behind my uncle's brother who is pointing.

Finally, here is one of me, Laura, & dad singing "O Brother Where Art Thou"

Friday, March 24, 2006

Boo Hoo for the Devils in Blue

Ask any True-Blue Kentucky fan- what's almost as good as Kentucky winning? And they'll tell you: Duke Losing.

The SEC dominated the ACC last night as Glen "Big Baby" Davis and his LSU Tigers triumphed over the duke bluedevils to move on to the Elite 8. No need for the Big Baby to cry- Sheldon and JJ did enough of that for everyone!

My phone rang off the hook after the game was over and likewise I speed-dialed (sped-dialed?) many fellow Wildcats to revel in the rival's losing! Sorry to be such a sore loser, but after Kentucky's early departure from the tournament (which seems to be happening more and more often these days, a girl's gotta have something to cheer for throughout the Madness!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

a spiritual Springtime

It's a sunny-but-chilly morning here in Brentwood- and I have woken up a new woman this a.m. If I can be completely transparent with you- something I am not good at being, so bear with me- I was talking to God this morning as I got ready for work and it hit me- I am woman of God- I am worth being pursued and am worth not settling for anything less than God's best for me. As a woman I sometimes rely so heavily on my emotions when I know logic is telling me otherwise. I intentionally sin and worry about the consequences later, because "it's not a big deal."

Simply put, I have no excuses for myself- I have an amazing group of girlfriends to support me, and keep me busy- I have plenty of other activities to keep my hours full without having to add in whatever sorry excuse for a substitute-boyfriend I can squeeze in. I do not need male attention to prove my self-worth, and if God wants me to be single in this season of my life then I have an obligation to follow Him wholeheartedly and not doubt his sovreignty, my worthiness, and His ultimate plan for my life.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28

"But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth." Exodus 9:16

I must not become bitter and pragmatic- who finds THAT attractive? Certainly not me! So I am turning over a new leaf. I am wonderfully and fearfully made. I am made in the image of God, and it is through Him only that I can find any self-worth.

Spring is here. Time for new life & growth to appear everywhere, and I feel like maybe now will be a springtime for my life as well.

"I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." John 10:10

Sunday, March 19, 2006

is it Monday yet?

You know how some weekends are spectacularly fun, and it makes Monday morning such a drag? Well this weekend has been the total opposite! Not be a real downer or anything, cause nothing terrible happened- well- Kentucky lost today- so that always depresses me and forces me to pull out the Radiohead and Coldplay so I can wallow in my own state of melancholy- but the cold weather and cloudy skies did a number on my motivation for the weekend!

Let's see- Sephora is now open in Nashville, which on any other sunny day would be worth a blog post in it of itself, but today it seems like old news! I love my new makeup. Buyer's remorse has set in slightly, but everything I bought was what I felt like to be good purchases, and I have actually had several compliments on my makeup the past few days- yes, without me having to pull them out of anyone- they were all freely given- so that makes me feel better about my girly obsession with cosmetics. Before too long I may have to devote another entire dresser drawer for the overflow of makeup that won't fit into all my neat compartments in the one drawer I have now!

Lunch at Jackson's gave me the punniest opportunity of a lifetime, so I have to brag because I actually am quite proud of myself! The 6 of us- Mandy, MA, Em, Lana, Scottie, and myself split 2 deserts after devouring our lunches, and one of the deserts came with a shaker filled with chilled milk. As Lana poured herself some from the shaker into the top, some milk dripped through the wrought-iron patio table and onto her jeans. And as the story goes, Lana let out a loud exasperated whine, to which I immediately retorted, "well don't cry over it." :o)

St. Patty's Day plans fell through- the ecclectic group of people where not everyone knew everyone did little to make the night as much fun as I had built it up to be- we ended up not able to go to the Greenhouse- long story- so we bar hopped from Jackson's to Cabana (and I sang the barry manilow song all day yesterday because of it) to On the Rocks to the Tin Roof. Biggest bummer of the night- none of these places had Green Beer. I'm thinking about having a party soon and we'll make our own green beer with food coloring- who's in? Here is the one picture I have of the entire evening- me, Amy, Mary Anna, Mandy, & Rhonda Lu in our green.

Getting very little sleep that night- thanks to late night trips to the Brentwood Waff and long talks with friends, I was a total slug yesterday and carrying over to today! It's this darned weather I tell you! I had planned to go over to the BBC game night thing at 4 oclock but after Kentucky losing and my class at church at 6, it's not even worth getting out anymore I don't think.

I do love March madness though, and have filled up my weekend with nothing but basketball. My brackets aren't as accurate as I'd like them to be, but luckily for me, I think all of the teams I chose to make it to the final four are still in it so far. I am just ready for a new week- a new beginning, and for this funky anti-social mood I'm in to pass quickly!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

the word of the day!

My co-workers and I have begun to play this little game we fondly call the Word of the Day. It's just what you might think it is- the winner from the day before gets to pick the word of the day, and everyone tries to use this magic word on the phone with a customer. It makes the work day go by more quickly, and it encourages us to call out more.

The Rules:
1. play begins officially at 2pm every afternoon
2. emails to customers do not count
3. however, phone messages do count
4. only once useage of the word will count per call
5. the winner at the end of the day takes posession of a small gold coin
(the "trophey") and takes responsibility for coming up with tomorrow's WOTD

You have no idea how funny it is to be at your desk and hear a male co-worker say, "we have some fantastic new choral music" or "have a delightful afternoon!" As a girl, I feel like I can get away with more of the affirming words without having to defend my sexuality the way some of the guys might.

Today's word happens to be, and I am not kidding- people have actually worked this into conversations: supercalafragilisticexpialidocious
No, I have not used it yet. I am fighting TN allergy season and am having a hard enough time speaking clearly on the phone through my stuffiness. So that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. I can handle not winning today, and giggle whenever somebody else says it!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Feeling a little Blue

Keep your friends close...

And your enemies closer!

My friend Ellen is making her debut here on the Divadomain. She was my luck-of-the-draw freshman college roommate, and yes, she has lived to tell the tale!! Our weekend was full of basketball- the madness has officially begun. In reference to my fantatic following of the basketball tournament scores, a co-worker said to me the other day, "are you going to be like this for the entire month of March?" "Yes," I said. "Yes I am."

Ellen & I started our Saturday with breakfast at the Puffy Muffin where we spotted Tina Tuner and Shaka Kahn look-alikes. Ellen got to meet Mary Anna, Emmy Sue, and Rhonda Lu, and we amazed her with our smattering of movie quotes and hip-hip lyrics thrown into our speech. These references sometimes morph into new jokes and quotes, as happened this morning. Mary Anna looked longingly at a family and whined, "I want a family unit" which of course prompted a 50-cent inspired, "G-Unit," and then became "F-unit," which quickly turned into a PG-13 insult: "Ef Unit!"

Fellow UK fan Shawn met Ellen and me downtown after the girls' breakfast and we 3 bought tickets on the street to watch Kentucky take on South Carolina today in the SEC tournament (held at the Gaylord Focker Entertainment Center- yet another joke that has morphed over time!) I was super excited because we only paid face-value for the tickets, got to see 2 SEC tournament games, AND this was the first game I've gotten to see my beloved Wildcats play this entiire season in person. I wish I could say I had happy news and a victory to brag about, but I've learned to hold my tongue this season and not talk any trash, lest it come back to bite me in the rear. At least we UK alums had a good time- the entire arena was blue, and we were surrounded by UK fans.

After a low-key game night, it is time to drift off to sleep, but never fear for March Madness is here.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Congrats are in order!

We have one more DIVA dropping off the planet of Singledom! In case you havent heard, Miss Ariana Bryant has recently become engaged to Mr. Richard Bartolomea. ("So can I call you Mrs. Bart when you're married?" I asked her!)
Bart popped the question during their recent trip to Chicago celebrating their one-year anniversary- that's a pretty good way to celebrate, if you ask me!
Of course Ari said yes, and so now I'm lobbying hard for hot pink bridesmaid dresses! Seriously though- I am just so happy for her, and it keeps hitting me at random times- "wow, Ari is engaged!" I am so, so excited for her and Bart, and can't wait to celebrate the big day with them. And yes, that is a pic of her actual ring- ("The Sparkwing Diamond!")


Saturday was one of those perfect days- the sun was shining, I had a fabulous day of shopping with Mary Anna- I even learned a little bit about bling-bling, since I am jewelry illiterate (I still maintain that jewelry is a necessary fashion evil. Like high heels). Saturday night a group of us met up at the Penthouse for a pizza-making party, then we killed some time looking at Stewart and American Idol clips on YouTube before heading downtown.

PS- I can't wait to see the guys sing tonight- after watching Ace's "Father Figure" I am ready to see him sing again and hopefully be wooed into maybe voting for him!

We hadn't been downtown in a while and I had my new pink hat to wear so I was all about me some Toosie's and The Stage! My funny story for the night- a girl at Tootsie's got my attention and wanted to know where my cowboy hat came from- Cracker Barrel, I told her. She gives me this blank stare and says, what is that? Is that a store around here? My jaw nearly hit the floor. My immediate
response, over the loud music, mind you, was "Cracker Barrel?? It's a resteraunt!" And then I turned around to my girls and started to laugh. How do you explain to an out-of-towner that there are Cracker Barrells every 10 exits on any southern interstate? That it's some some specialized tourist store on 2nd ave?

We gals had a good time, and I've decided that wearing a cowboy hat is a Great way to get people to talk to you! Even the singer at Tootsies tipped his hat to me as we made eye contact while he was singing. The question is, will this work if I wear one all the time or is it just a novelty item? :o)

Sunday, March 05, 2006

I'm Just sayin (an Oscar commentary)

Wow. What. An Oscar ceremony.

Was it me or were this year's awards like taking a trip to Dullsville? With the exception of Jennifer Garner tripping while on her way to the podium to present an award, and Lilly Tomlin & Meryl Streep's slap-stick commedy intro, the show was uneventful and just went from video montage to montage. Even Jon Stewart commented on the over-abundance of the clips. And I'm still waiting on his crack on JG's near-spill.

Here are my other observations on the 78th anual Academy Awards:
* the year for the ugly dress. Take your pick between Charlize Theron, Michelle Williams, Naomi Watts, & many more

* the year for the homosexual. With TransAmerica, Capote, and Brokeback Mountain all up for major awards, it seems Hollywood is reminding us just How liberal they are.

* the year for the boring songs- who was up for this? Who really cares? In the words of Jon Stewart, Just for the record, Martin Scorcese: Zero Oscars. Three-Six Mafia: One.

* The year for the films that nobody saw. Even myself, an avid film fan saw very few of the frontrunning films up for awards. Meanwhile the films that the general public really enjoyed and talked about were nowhere to be found. I guess this is why the show has been so boring to watch tonight. And yet here I sit, still glued to the tv just so I can throw up my hands in exasperation when Brokeback Mountain finally wins.

Hmm.... I stand corrected. Crash wins. Not my favorite of the year, but I think the general public will be appeased by this choice over the hyped BBM.

And finally, there's always a Nashville connection: Congrats to native Nashvillian Reese Witherspoon on her best actress Oscar!

(PS- hers was one of the few dresses that I loved. She looked absolutely gorgeous.) (As did Uma Thurman and Jennifer Anniston. I'm Just sayin.)

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Mardi Gras has came and went, and now the season of Lent is upon us. Lent never meant a whole lot to me growing up, except that my mom's side of the family is Catholic so they observed the whole, no meat on Friday thing. (What's the scriptual background of this anyways?) Also, my Papa used to always say he was giving up watermelon and golf for Lent- neither of which he liked, so it continues to be a running family joke.

Then I got to college and started to mature in my faith. Through Campus Crusade I started to see Christianity as a daily thing that impacted every decision I made; that it wasn't just about going to church on Sunday mornings. One of the things I started to do was give up something for Lent. It was a tangible way for me to sacrifice something small in my habital life to remind me of the greatest sacrifce that Christ made for me by dying on a cross.

This year mom and I are observing Lent together and have decided to give up chocolate. For the chocoholics that we are, Her moreso than me, it's going to be difficult. I would ask that you who know me neither offer me anything chocolate nor ask me to watch the movie Chocolat with you, as I must politely decline. The 6 weeks of no chocolate has begun.