Friday, September 23, 2005

Twisted Logic Tour

I know I'm just now getting around to posting this, but better late than never. I saw Coldplay a few Sundays ago at Starwood Ampitheater. Having seen quite a few concerts in my day, starting with my first ever- New Kids on The Block in 1990- don't laugh- I know some of you were there- this was absolutely without doubt the best show I have ever seen. Yes. better than the Rolling Stones. Better than John Mayer's amazing show last summer (Definitely better than JM's show at the Ryman a few nights ago- that review to come soon). Better than Dave Matthews' 20 million shows that I've seen.

Chris Martin & Co. put on a show that sounded incredible and was visually stunning. What another band might try to do with lights and come off as cheesey, Coldplaywas cool enough to pull off. Bursts of light and video during musical swells, came off as powerful but not overbearing. My one complaint? They didn't play my favorite song off the new album, #8 aka The Message. Listen to this song and pay attention to the Pachabel Canon harmonic structure- it's beautiful.

The pictures are from the show- the one with all the beautiful ladies are my friends from work (L to R: Jessica, me, Beth, Leisa, & Marissa)

Thursday, September 22, 2005

it makes me wanna STOMP

It was a fun-filled evening with the girls plus Bart Wednesday night. Me, Emily, Rhonda, Mary Anna, Angela, Ari and Bart went to TPAC to see STOMP. This show has been hyped for a long time so I decided it would be worth the money. And it was incredible- the rhythms they put together using random objects was definitely cool. But the 2 hour show with no intermission was not so cool. I could have used a break to stretch my legs. At one point I even fell asleep (I am Such my Mother's daughter) but there's only so much continual beats a girl can take before they all start running together and begin to bore. Also not cool were the kids in the row behind me that had some sort of severe sniffling allergies that forced a grotesque snorting sound every so often, and their constant distracting chatter. I could have done without that. But the evening had some high points.
There was a really cool scene they did with bouncing basketballs, and of course the cliche broom set that they did to open the show was fantastic. Also, Mary Anna actually followed a guy with a mohak for a potential TAR blog, so that was hysterical, but is it wrong that I was more excited about dinner at Baja Burrito than I was to go see Stomp?

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

a Rootin' Tootin' good blog

This past Saturday we drove up to Indiana to visit family. While in the car, we amused ourselves by looking at the Ravenwood High School football program. Laura and I would point out players and comment on them, and then Mom would give us the scoop on that player. Towards the back of the program are all the ads taken out by parents and local businesses. One particular ad that I came across was from one local establishment that said "Go Raptors. We're Routin' for you."

"You're Routin for them?" I said outloud incredulously. "They totally mis-spelled that word," I followed. What ensued next was a heated debate. Should it be "rootin" as I claim, or "Routin" as was printed in the program? My evidence backing up my opinion is that you go boot scootin, not Bout Scoutin. And it's Boy Scouts, not Boy Scoots.

My friend Tadd has long since has his own ongoing argument about the spelling of certain words with the "ooh" sound. He claims that Toults should be the correct spelling for the word that rhymes with Foot. I think it should be Toots. Tadd's quarrel is that Toots spelled like that is actually the word that rhymes with Boots. It's a neverending debate, so I open up the floor to you the devoted readers.

Is it Routin or Rootin?
Toots or Toults?

And none of this diplomatic, well I can see it either way. Take a stand and make a commitment.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Draw a Pig

This is a fun personality test I thought I'd share. Mostly because the website is pink and there are cute little cartoon pigs on it- perfect for a Monday morning pig-me-up! Ha-am, am I good or what? Yes, bad jokes, I know- but quit your swine-in' and get to drawing little piggies!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

How do I loke thee?

Let me count the ways.

He lokes me, he lokes me not.

Loke is a many spendid thing.

So we had our small group last night- we're still reading Blue Like Jazz- and the chapter we discussed was all about romantic relationships. As a group of single gals- one engaged, one quasi-dating, one with an imaginary boyfriend (this is working by the way), and a few others currently unattacted, we had a lot to say on this topic!

One point that was brought up was the fact the word Love is thrown around all too often. Ashley had a solution for this. She has a friend back in Texas (everybody from Texas thinks their state is the God-given promised land, and so everything is better there according to them. Everything's also bigger there. But I digress.). So her friend coined the word Loke. It's more than Like, but less than Love, and has nothing to do with the rapper who sang the Funky Cold Medina- that's L-O-C.

Let's all try and use it in a sentence. I like vanilla ice cream. I Love chocolate chip, but I Loke rasberry sherbet. I'm not sure how quickly loke will catch on, but it's a good word to throw into one's vocabulary when one has more than lukewarm feelings about a particular person, place or object, but does not want to commit fully to the big L-word. Though I can't take credit for this new bit of slang, perhaps it will revolutionalize the way you talk and will have me saying before too long, You loke me. You really loke me.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

No beats here

They tell me that ragweed is what's blooming right now in Tennessee that's making everyone's throats sratchy and flaring up allergies that we never knew we had. I'm not exactly sure the purpose of ragweed- or any weed for that matter. If we know it's causing headaches for thousands of people isn't there some weed killer that we can spray to get rid of it? At any rate, it's here and in full bloom and making this Diva a wee bit tired this a.m. (I'm sure the severe lack of sleep this past week has Nothing to do with my grogginess... nope. Not at all.)

So here I am, starting this beautiful Wednesday morning with a scratchy sore throat, trying to put myself in a chipper mood so that I can in turn, pass on some of that sunshine to you, my dear readers. Because really, after a hiatus from blogging, do you really care about my allergies and want to listen to me whine? of course not. So the whining stops now.

Let's move on to a more reader-friendly topic- the topic of music. Several of you reading this live in the Nashville area- Music City, USA as we have come to know and love our city. Dad is one of many who claim their living through the music business. Usually this means country music, but all that seems to be knocking on his door these days are aspiring hip-hop artists looking for "beats." Dad is not exactly well-versed in hip-hop, so I couldn't help but laugh when he started telling me stories about gentlemen coming to the studio asking for the price of 1 hour of studio time. After inquiring a bit more, Dad discovered these young writers had all the songs in their head, and just needed "beats" to go behind them. So you want me to make all the music for you, and then let you talk over it and take credit for it? I don't think so, is how Dad told the story to me.

I thought Atlanta was the budding southern hip-hop recording industry spot- but maybe Nashville is quickly moving up the ranks. But for now, there are no beats here!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Gimme 2 area rugs on the rocks

So my coworker Beth and myself are trying to round up a few people to go to happy hour with after work today. We are both fun girls I think. So our co-worker Maury (like Povich, not the county south of Williamson) walks by and Beth invites him to go with us. He hesitates for a moment and then busts out with what I think just might be the lamest excuse I have ever heard.
Well, I need to go shopping for an area rug, he says.
Beth and I uncontrollably burst out in laughter.
Maury doesn't really see why this is so funny to us. At least, we tell him, that Mark's excuse was a little more masculine (a Sounds game)- but shopping for area rugs? Come on, Maury. Are we that bad???
I never thought I'd have this much trouble finding friends to go out with after work, but how can I compete with the Home Depot and yards of earth-toned, sturdy fabric?

Thursday, September 08, 2005

blind as a... something

If any of you receive any emails from me loaded with typos today, it's because I accidentally left my glasses at home. I can already tell it's going to be a fun day at work, provided my face is 2 inches from my computer monitor. I'm blind as a bat without my glasses, though usually I am too vain and too annoyed to wear them unless I am reading or working at my computer. So I thought I'd do a bit of research this morning- are bats really blind?

Well, as it turns out, no they are not! Yahoo writes to June in Granville, OH (because apparently Yahoo is like Mr. Goodwrench and is omnipotent and is all things to all people) that while all bats can see, some aren't exactly eagle-eyed (which brings me to my next follow-up point: do eagles really have superb vision, and will eating carrots really help your eyesight ala Peter Cottontail?). Bats have this nifty device that aid in their ability to "see" in the dark, so while their vision isn't the best in the world (like the eagles and rabbits), they do take advantage of echolocation- the ability to bounce sounds off an object, including prey, to determine its size, shape, and location. So where's my nifty extra-sensory device this morning??? Looks like I'll be making a trip back home on my lunch break.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A day of Labor (and a weekend without)

Greetings fellow blog readers (because I'm not only the president, I'm also a client.)

It has been several days since we last visited, and so much has happened! First and foremost, I am now the proud owner of pink cowboy boots! Yes, 5 months of no shopping was broken to purchase these special shoes at a nice discount rate. (I'm still debating the worthiness of the break on the shopping ban for these little rosey-hued mud-kickers.) But enough on that pointless debate. So how did you spend your weekend, Amanda? Well I'm glad you asked!

Friday night (lights): went with a group to see the Winter's Tale- Shakespere in the Park. Unfortunately, the fireworks at Greer stadium that could be seen in the distance, and watching Lana's eyes wander and almost fall off the back of the bench we were sitting on was way more entertaining than the actual play. Coffee at Fido afterwords where 4 girls laughed hysterically and swaped inside jokes while 2 guys sat there dumbfounded at our ability to create a party wherever we go.

Saturday: Holt came into town, we went running, laid by the pool, ran a few errands, ate a little ice cream (here's my unsolicited advertisment: Go to Coldstone Creamery this month- their red pan flavor is cookie batter and it's heavenly- I've had it twice already, and it's only the 6th day of the month!!). Went to MA's swanky pad to watch Shag and eat Pizza. Went Bootscootin' at the Wildhorse Saloon in my new pink boots with Em, Natalie, and Holt (in her pink boots as well!). Ended up at the tried and true back patio of Tootsie's Orchid Lounge and sang along with the country and rock classics (Em- our rendition of "Gone" will go down in Tootsies Fun Times Memories as being espeically good).

Sunday: BBC, QDoba, UK football party at the house- hey, we didn't win, but we didn't get massacred either. Holt's Brotha got hurt on the sidelines ("my brotha..."), and Lana became enlightened on Frog Giggin (not diggin'). Franklin Main Street Jazz Festival, aka, a glorified outdoor corner conversation spot in which you pay 5 dollars to enjoy. Football season has officially begun! Woo hoo!

Monday: breakfast with Momma B at Bruegger's, a trip to Wally World, more pool time (darn that living at home), homemade pizza, FSU game at the Penthouse, homemade (read: store-bought) key lime pie from the guys, more pizza. Did I mention that we're excited that it's football season again?? Also I'm excited about wearing sweaters again soon. I think that means I'm getting old. I also think that if that old expression "you are what you eat" is true then I'm turning into a pizza. I had it 3 times this weekend.

Tuesday: back at work... lots of orders, but not much labor going on. I've spaced out a lot today. I blame the 3 1/2 days off. And the psychadelic lights here on the sales floor.

Friday, September 02, 2005

katrina's aftermath

I said to my friend Conley last night on the phone, "so, I hear 100,000 of your closest friends are coming to visit!" (Conley lives in Houston.)

I'm sure like me, you've all been glued to CNN watching in horror the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Listening to the stories of the stranded people with no food and water, doctors fearing for their lives as they try to help patients, and the highly televised looters has caused me to shake my head in disbelief. (Which philosopher during the Age of Enlightenment said that man in his natural state is barbaric and therefore we need laws to govern us? I'm in a hurry trying to get out of here for the weekend otherwise I'd research it myself- but I just didnt want another day to go by with me ignoring the current situation our nation is in.) Please take advantage of the many organizations that are collecting funds and sending aid- every little bit helps. Also, remember that as Christians, our biggest weapon that we have is prayer. Pray for the families who have lost loved ones or are missing, pray for the military and police who are attempting to restore order; pray for the local government in these southern states who are trying to mobilize the aid given and to be able to help their people as best as they can. More than anything, pray that God is glorified and that lives are changed through this catastrophic experience.

I Love you all! Have a great weekend!! Don't drive if you don't have to!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

meet my new boyfriend

I had a conversation with my friend Mitchell last night about dating relationships (see August 11, 2004 for Mitchell's insightful 7 stages in a dating relationship for a good chuckle). He called to talk about football, but inevitably our conversation turned to our lack-of-luck with the various men and women in our lives.
"I can't find a girl who'll put up with me for more than a week," Mitchell complained.
"Well that's funny," I said. "I can't find a guy I Want to put up with for more than a week!!" Then Mitchell had a brilliant idea.
"Let's say we're dating then. There's something weird that happens when you start dating someone that makes other people suddenly attracted to you." I couldn't argue with the guy- he was absolutely right. (Even though the kid is on a 6 year plan in college, you can't deny his street-smarts.)
But what is it about seeing a guy or gal that you know is taken, but you crush on them anyways? I suppose it's the old adage we want what we can't have. But it's an undeniable physiological occurance that makes the opposite sex attracted to you when they know you're taken. So hello single men out there, I'm dating Mitchell! Mitchell is my boyfriend. Are you listening?
I doubt this experiement will work long distance, but it's worth a shot, right? :o)