Wednesday, September 14, 2005

No beats here

They tell me that ragweed is what's blooming right now in Tennessee that's making everyone's throats sratchy and flaring up allergies that we never knew we had. I'm not exactly sure the purpose of ragweed- or any weed for that matter. If we know it's causing headaches for thousands of people isn't there some weed killer that we can spray to get rid of it? At any rate, it's here and in full bloom and making this Diva a wee bit tired this a.m. (I'm sure the severe lack of sleep this past week has Nothing to do with my grogginess... nope. Not at all.)

So here I am, starting this beautiful Wednesday morning with a scratchy sore throat, trying to put myself in a chipper mood so that I can in turn, pass on some of that sunshine to you, my dear readers. Because really, after a hiatus from blogging, do you really care about my allergies and want to listen to me whine? of course not. So the whining stops now.

Let's move on to a more reader-friendly topic- the topic of music. Several of you reading this live in the Nashville area- Music City, USA as we have come to know and love our city. Dad is one of many who claim their living through the music business. Usually this means country music, but all that seems to be knocking on his door these days are aspiring hip-hop artists looking for "beats." Dad is not exactly well-versed in hip-hop, so I couldn't help but laugh when he started telling me stories about gentlemen coming to the studio asking for the price of 1 hour of studio time. After inquiring a bit more, Dad discovered these young writers had all the songs in their head, and just needed "beats" to go behind them. So you want me to make all the music for you, and then let you talk over it and take credit for it? I don't think so, is how Dad told the story to me.

I thought Atlanta was the budding southern hip-hop recording industry spot- but maybe Nashville is quickly moving up the ranks. But for now, there are no beats here!

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Tadd said...

You know, after I get my Master of Music degree I think I'll try to "make it" in hip hop back in Nashville. I think I have the look. Maybe your dad could hook me up...lay down some beats or whatnot. Word!