Friday, September 23, 2005

Twisted Logic Tour

I know I'm just now getting around to posting this, but better late than never. I saw Coldplay a few Sundays ago at Starwood Ampitheater. Having seen quite a few concerts in my day, starting with my first ever- New Kids on The Block in 1990- don't laugh- I know some of you were there- this was absolutely without doubt the best show I have ever seen. Yes. better than the Rolling Stones. Better than John Mayer's amazing show last summer (Definitely better than JM's show at the Ryman a few nights ago- that review to come soon). Better than Dave Matthews' 20 million shows that I've seen.

Chris Martin & Co. put on a show that sounded incredible and was visually stunning. What another band might try to do with lights and come off as cheesey, Coldplaywas cool enough to pull off. Bursts of light and video during musical swells, came off as powerful but not overbearing. My one complaint? They didn't play my favorite song off the new album, #8 aka The Message. Listen to this song and pay attention to the Pachabel Canon harmonic structure- it's beautiful.

The pictures are from the show- the one with all the beautiful ladies are my friends from work (L to R: Jessica, me, Beth, Leisa, & Marissa)


Anonymous said...

hi Jessica... :)

daddy b said...

I'm sure it was a great show, simply because you said it was. But there was a time when a performer had to be able to entertain on stage without the aids of laser lights, video screens and pre-recorded music,and in some cases even pre-recorded vocals.
The ones who could stand there in a spotlight with a Gibson guitar and an SM58 as their only props,and make music that sounded like it did on your stereo at home.. Those were the real "artists"