Sunday, February 26, 2006

weekend part 2: the Mystery of the Missing Cheese Puffs

The funniest part of the weekend was an episode dubbed the Mystery of the Missing Cheese puffs.

Friday afternoon I bought snacks for Mary Anna & me to take to the cabin. I got 2 packs of Oreos, and got her 2 bags of cheese puffs, per request. Well we get there that night and have the Oreos, but can't find the cheese puffs. Since they had been in the same grocery bag in Mary Anna's car it didn't make sense for them Not to be there at the cabin. I looked in my van, she looked in hers, we playfully accused the girls of stealing them or hiding them, but to no avail. A horrid thought crossed Mary Anna's mind- I was the last one at her car- what if I didn't go back to the car for the snacks and forgot to shut her passenger door?

It was a madhouse trying to leave the church- no one knew what was going on, and I was thrust into a vehicle full of girls I didn't know, being forced to drive a van that was bigger than anything I've ever had to maneuver, so it was a little stressful. In all that stress I might not have remembered to make that second trip back to MA's car to get the snacks and shut her Cubmobile door. A sick feeling came over both of us, because it was 1am Nashville time when we discovered this possibility. I made a few phone calls to people at home who I thought might be up, but bless his heart, it ended up being my dear old dad that we drug out of bed, and asked to go check on Mary Anna's car. Her battery could have died, and she had important work stuff in her car. We couldn't take the chance to wait until the morning.

Minutes later, dad found MA's car at the church and assured us that all the doors were shut and that it was indeed locked. "Do you happen to see any bags of cheese puffs in the back?" we asked. A ridiculous question at 1 am I know, but we might as well ask it since he was already there. No, he didn’t see them, he said, but also gave the disclaimer that it was dark. Thankful that the car was okay, but both frustrated and deliriously tired at the hilarity of the situation, we named the event, the mystery of the missing cheese puffs. Every so often when we were craving something salty, we wistfully thought of those 2 bags of orange, cheesy crispiness, and wondered where they had found their home. We thought maybe they were sitting beside MA’s car in the church parking lot, but again, if they were, they had been stolen by the time dad got thereto check on the Cubmobile.

The mystery was not solved until we ran towards Mary Anna’s car today when we got back to BBC. It was the first thing I did- I checked the backseat and sure enough there was the Publix grocery bag with not only the 2 bags of cheese puffs, but also my 2 bags of Oreos! So the ones we were munching in the cabin were some one of the other girls had brought! Who else buys 2 bags of chocolate crème Oreos I ask you??? N What are the odds?? (Well, they were on sale which is why I grabbed those instead of the regular ones. Makes sense that someone else’s mom would have thought the same thing.)

Anyway- I am still deliriously tired- a 2-hour nap did me no good this afternoon. Maybe a dose of Dr. McSteamy here in a minute on Grey’s Anatomy will help me to have sweet dreams tonight ;o)

a weekend full of DTR'S

Whatever happened to weekends being restful???

I went as a leader on the BBC Middle School & High School girls Snowball Retreat this weekend in Pigeon Forge. Mary Anna was already going since she leads a 7th grade girls Lifegroup every Wednesday, and they needed more "adults" to go. It was weird being the "responsible" one- the one driving a Ginormous van full of girls, the one taking a nap during my precious hour of free time on Saturday- the one opting NOT to get in the hot-tub at the cabin. Mary Anna and I were in the Tiger's Den cabin together with 4 7th graders and 2 6th graders.

These girls were wonderful- they cleaned up after themselves, they said please and thank you- and a few of them even said "yes, ma'am" when I asked them a question- now ask me if THAT didn't make me feel old??? So did one of them telling me I looked like a teacher as we were all sitting around the kitchen table talking last night. "What the heck is that supposed to mean," I asked them. They said MA looked like a teacher too, but me more so. However, they redeemed themselves when they said I looked more like a 20 year old than a 25 year old. Although now that I think of it, it could have been b/c I was Acting like a 20 year old instead of a 25 year old.. Hmmm...

The theme of the weekend was DTR- Defining the Relationship. This was after I picked up in college in Campus Crusade- pretty much, it refers to "the talk" a guy and girl have when they're trying to determine the status of their relationship- we ask questions like, "are we just friends, are we dating, are we on the same page?" But these girls had never heard that term before. So the weekend was full of Bible story snapshots and how those characters in the stories defined their relationships with God, with their family, with their friends, and with other people who crossed their paths.

Mary Anna and I taught a group of 7th graders. We had a great group here too- some talkers, some quiet ones, but all of them seemed to really be listening and trying to take everything in. I think my favorite moment teaching came when we had just finished reading a passage in 1 Samuel that said David and Jonathan kissed and embraced- of course the girls giggled but MA had to go ahead and say, "well there's a Brokeback moment for ya!" I could have died! She and I found ourselves having to monitor ourselves quite a bit- you don't realize the normal topics of discussion and rap song references you would make on a normal basis until you have a bunch of impressionable 13 year olds in your midst. Luckily, the Brokeback Mountain reference rolled off their (broke) backs and none of them paid it any attention. Of course later that night while MA & I were trying to go to sleep, we had a good laugh over it. ("I wish I knew how to quit you, Jonathan!")

It is Sunday night now- I'm glad to be home- glad to be not eating any more junk food, and ready for a good night's sleep in my own bed! But it is definitely a weekend full of some fun memories.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

aaahhhhh C-A-T-S Cats, Cats, Cats!!!

Now THERE'S the Kentucky team we all know and love! Beating SEC teams by 40 points. (UK pummeled Ole Miss 80-40 tonight.) I am a happy girl. Unfortunately this massacre was not on tv here in lieu of JP televising the UT-FL game. Bummer that Tennessee won. I never thought I'd be cheering For Florida. I never thought I'd be cheering Against Tennessee.

You'll probably notice that I've been pretty quiet on here this season when it's come to Kentucky basketball. That's cause Momma B didn't raise no fool, and she taught me if you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all. Here's a few pics of tonight's huge win at Rupp arena. Rhonda Lu- there's your future hubby! :o)

Congrats, boys. You just may have a nice run in the NCAA yet.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Rhyme Time

I pick up words and phrases very easily. Just ask Mark "dad-gum" Box, Heather "Ridonkulous" DePriest (ps- that still sounds weird to say/write, Weezer!), or my freshman Bible study leader, Jennifer "presh" Holden, wherever she is.

Something else I recently noticed in my speech is that I tend to gravitate towards rhyming phrases. They roll off the tongue more easily, and make for spunky conversation. For example, here is a real life conversation that took place on a Saturday afternoon, when the girls went Wild Noodles:

Oh- and let me interrupt myself to tell you that just like I incorporate others' catch phrases into my conversation, that my friends have picked up on mine as well.
Now back to our story:

Ari- wow Bradley, you look really skinny mini today- have you lost weight?
Me- Really? I was feeling kind of chunky monkey when I left the house.

Then we laughed because we realized what dorks we were rhyming like that.

Other favorite catch phrases following a fun rhyme scheme include, but are not limited to,

* cutie patootie- when describing an attractive guy or something adorable

* chilly willy- when conversing about the sub-artic temperatures

* what's up, pup?- when making small talk

I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but now I think this blog is done. :o)

Friday, February 17, 2006

Saved by the Medal

Time Out! Is it me, or did Zach Morris just win the bronze medal last night in men's figure skating???

Thursday, February 16, 2006

do we hate it?

Call it the winter blahs or the self-professed quarter-life crisis, but I needed a change. I'm just bored! I have no motivation in any area of my life. Even blogging has taken a back seat lately. Do you all hate the new format or can we learn to love it?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

while you were out

I'll leave the recapping of ChocolatePalooza to one of the other Blogging Beauties. This post would be way too long if I tried to sum up the entire evening o' fun, so I'll skip to my part.

I have no idea how many people were at the Penthouse- there must have been over 20- but as it got later our numbers dwindled. A bunch of us followed Em into Rhonda's room to see this hilarious site called Brick Testament that has bible stories illustrated with Lego people. Obviously there are really funny ones about the Law and husbands and wives, so it's Lego porn if there is such a thing. But it's just following scripture- I had no idea some of that stuff was in Leviticus!

So we were all standing at Rhonda's computer, and after having a good laugh, several of us crashed where we were on the floor and the bed and sat around talking. The numbers dwindled and after a while the small contingency that was left (names are omitted to protect the guilty- fess up at your own risk) got a brilliant idea. After looking around at the way Rhonda Lu's room was laid out with her new bed we observed how cramped the room seemed, and how much better it would look if the bed were over there... or over there. Ideas began pouring out and we started to get excited.

"Why don't we just do it?" someone asked.

So we did- and it was seriously like our own version of TLC's While You Were Out! A few of us tackled the closet- others took over the art work rearrangement- we all moved the bed together- and mind you this was all taking place sometime after 11pm, so we were all giddy from chocolate and exhaustion. I felt like I was taking part in a reality show in my friend's apartment, and was waiting for the camera crew to bust in any second. Well, the camera crew never arrived, but I did have my digital camera to capture the hecticness of it all. I think it took us about 15 minutes or so to finish our little Labor of Love.

So Surprise, Rhoda! I hope you like your new room. And I hope you're not mad. But nothing's un-doable- we didn't go so far as to re-paint the walls. Although if it hadn't of been so late we just might have ;o)

pictures to follow soon, so the guilty won't stay protected for long- I'm giving you a head start to make like a tree, and get outta here...

Thursday, February 09, 2006

I am my mother's daughter

So we're approaching Valentine's Day- not my favorite holiday for obvious reasons, but also a favorite time of year because stores fill their shelves to the brim with anything and everything pink. Get ready girls. (ChocolatePalooza is coming!)

In honor of Valentine's Day, Publix has this commercial of a little boy and his mom baking a heart-shaped cake together for him to give to "someone special." The little boy won't tell his mom the name of the special girl, but no matter- they press on into baking-dom. They go from start to finish, showing them sifting flour, pouring the cake batter, taking the cake out of the oven, and icing it. The next morning as the mom is dropping her son off for school, she hollars after him after he's gotten out of the car. Wait, she says, you forgot your cake! The kid turns around and gives her this meaningful look and then grins, and turns back around heading into school. It becomes apparent then that he has made this cake for his mom- his sweetheart. I swear I've seen it 3 times already and teared up all 3 times! I am slowly but surely turning into my mother.

The commercial ends with Publix' catch phrase: where shopping is a pleasure. I don't know about you, but I absolutely hate going to the grocery store. You can't go when you're hungry otherwise you'll buy up every box of Oreos and Keebler soft batch in the cookie aisle. And you don't want to go any other time because frankly there are so many other ways you'd rather spend your time. I guess my question is why do we hate to go grocery shopping when most of us would rank eating as a top 10 favorite activity of the day??

Commercial or no commerical, shopping is still not a pleasure for me.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Girls Gone Wild Noodles

Saturday afternoon Ari, Angela, and I met our friend Sallie at Wild Noodles to celebrate Sallie's birthday. Not my favorite place in the world, but this time I tried the Mongolian Noodles and I must say, they were quite good. As with most asian dishes, they give you way too much food- rice and noodles are awfully filling- so I got to take the leftovers with me. My dad calls me the Leftover Queen- a title which I carry proudly around the house. We girls had a wonderful time talking- mostly about pregnancy stuff since sallie is due in April.

After this I met Tadd, Ann Teischer (she's one of those people who you have to say their first and last name together... like Sarah Scott or Mark Box), and Tadd's siter Briana at TGI Fridays. I have never laughed so much in 2 hours than I did this afternoon. Apparently in college Tadd told Ann that the restaraunt used to be called TGIF Riday's and that it was owned by Mr. Riday. Thank Goodness It's Friday Riday's. And Ann believed him! I made a comment about Tadd and his roommate carpooling home for the weekend from UT, and Tadd comes back with some remark about a swimming pool and the cost to fill the car up with water. The 4 of us danced to the 80's music that was playing overhead and making complete idiots of ourselves in the restaraunt. Every time I see Tadd new inside jokes are created ("The first cut is the deepest.") and we laugh at the fact that we still use old inside jokes (UK? yeah thanks I'm fine) without remembering how they started (That was like 2 days ago. I didn't like it that much.)

After helping Laura write her paper (Who came first? Aristotle or Plato?) she and I met Ari & Angela at Cross Corner bar in Brentwood to watch the UK (yeah thanks, I'm fine) game. We'll skip over that since the game isn't worth mentioning, but since Bart was out of town, Ari was ready to paint the town Blue. Laura headed back to the 'Boro while we 3 (kings) headed to the shadiest spot in Brentwood. Really- I challenge you to find a worse place than the Brentwood Pub. We walked in and every eye was on us- not because we were uber cute but rather because we were about 20 years younger than almost every person in there.

We bought a round and sat down at a table, and were entertained by a local band called Dead Country (Hillbilly rock you can dance to, was what their card read). Even more entertaining was the clientele who came all the way from Gallatin to see this band play. I even managed to make a new best friend that evening. An older lady in her 60s wearing a hideous yellow sweater with trees and houses on it was making a fool out of herself on the dance floor, and we gals enjoyed laughing at the alcohol-induced inhibitions of she and her north-of-Nashville friends. Later on I walked into the ladies' room and found noneother than our yellow-clad granny. Now mind you, this bathroom is a Onsie, and drunk grandma has neglected to lock the door. Instead of allowing me the courtesy to leave, she drops her pants in front of me and proceeds to pee. All the while I'm standing there, in front of the huge mirror, but trying not to make eye contact with her as she chit chats. Seconds later she finishes her business but does not flush!!! It's as if we are now close companions and she expects me to use the bathroom on top of what's allready there. Totally horrified at this point, I am wondering how I can avoid turn about fair play and having her wait for me to also use the bathroom. I'm also realizing that while the situation isn't funny at all right now, it will be in about 5 minutes when i can relay the entire experience with Ari and Angela. I stall as long as I can and to my utter relief the intoxicated elder in the yellow shirt leaves. I promptly lock the door behind her. And then I flush the toilet. You can guess what happens next so I'll skip that part.

The rest of the evening is more of the same- drunk people from Gallatin harassing us- oh, and this one classy lady who had an abomination of a purse that looked like cotton candy. Now you know me, and you know I like pink, but this thing was hideous. And when I say lady, she was in her late 30s- waaaayyy to old to be carrying anything like that anyways. i mean, even for a 12 year old this bag would be debatable. So towards the end of the night I hear this woman telling her friends about her purse. "It's pink mink," she said. I busted out laughing and had to look the other way. I Hope she was kidding???

If you want a list of trendy spots to hit in Nashville I'm your girl. And if you want to heed my advice and never ever go to the Brentwood Pub, lest you get kicked out for snickering at all the patrons, then that would be okay too. I'm just trying to look out for your best interests.

PS- A that aint right picture just would not have done this night justice. Now if we had gotten some video footage, now That would have been handy. Take my word for it, and spend your Saturday nights elsewhere in the Brent 'hood.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Got Blog?

It's official. I am now the new sales rep for Tennessee and Nevada. It's a step up for me in the company, and it means I'll be able to talk football (both Titans and Vols) with my customers, not to mention that I am one of the few native Tennesseans in my office, or in the state, it seems, so I'll have that connection with them. This also means that if Dennis orders music from Brentwood Benson for BBC, then I get paid for it. I am sad about losing my Alabama customers, especially since I don't deal with change well, but I do have some more good news to share as well.

It seems that my influence on people desiring to create their own blogs has grown exponentionally. In the past 2 days, Mary Anna's Queen MAB Manifesto was launched, my boss Joel has started a blog on a site that nobody goes to, but then he forwards them to all of us, and co-workers Todd and Cody started their blogging adventures today and yesterday, respectfully. Blogging, like MySpace, is no longer what computer geeks and dorks spend their time doing in lieu of going on dates, but rather something that has caught on like a chocolate stand at a PMS conference. (Although come to think of it, I can't really remember when my last date actually was... hmmm...)

Really blogging's cathartic, it's a great way of keeping out-of-town friends, relatives, and complete strangers who happen to stumble upon your profile on the internet up-to-date on your happenings and well-being. It's also a wonderful way to record what's going on in your life for your own personal use. I love to go back 6 months or a year and read what I was doing, jokes that were funny then that have long-since been retired (Oh, REEEAAAALLLYY???), and recall funny events that happened (Soapy Quesadillas still reigns supreme). Someday when I write my memoir these will all come in handy. (And if you're not my friend now, you'd better get in soon if you want a great supporting character role in my memoir!)

Do YOU have a blog? Did I have any influence on you starting one? If so, send me the link and I'll add you to my list of linked blogs. Then your self-worth will be complete. ;o)

A Humpday with Heather & Co.

My friend Heather was in town tonight, so i got to go hang out with her- yes, I even skipped watching Kentucky beat Miss St. in basketball- she's THAT important! She and her husband Jacob met up with me and Ben (that's Nashville Ben for those like Mary Anna keeping tabs) at Chilis. Jacob and I split the Paradise Pie while Heather and Ben opted for the tried and true Molten Chocolate cake (yeah, so about that eating healthy thing this week....), and we talked alot oabout blogging and MySpace. Ben has a younger brother in college who apparently spends his time making up fake profiles and emailing girls. It makes we wonder how many of my "friends" are really my friends, or if they are fake imposters playing games with my head. MySpace has become quite the addiction among my friends and peers, although I save all the juicy stuff for the Divadomain. What can I say? I'm loyal to my roots.

Ben and I also discussed the need for the reality show "Survivor: Memphis." He had just spent a few days in Memphrica for work and he literally watched several drug deals go down on a corner. He also shared with me a great That Aint Right picture on his phone taken in Memfiss, so if i can get him to email it to me, a good blog is on its way. You're all sitting on the edge of your computer chairs, I can tell.

Finally Heather trumped us all by proceeding to share with us the best quote of the evening. She had been hanging out with a bundh of MLK people earlier- kids she went to high school with, and we both went to middle school with. At one point Heather turned to our friend David, and she asks him,
"so what else is new with you David?" His reply:
"I dated a stripper."

A shout out to Cubby, who I just found out tonight, reads this blog!