Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Humpday with Heather & Co.

My friend Heather was in town tonight, so i got to go hang out with her- yes, I even skipped watching Kentucky beat Miss St. in basketball- she's THAT important! She and her husband Jacob met up with me and Ben (that's Nashville Ben for those like Mary Anna keeping tabs) at Chilis. Jacob and I split the Paradise Pie while Heather and Ben opted for the tried and true Molten Chocolate cake (yeah, so about that eating healthy thing this week....), and we talked alot oabout blogging and MySpace. Ben has a younger brother in college who apparently spends his time making up fake profiles and emailing girls. It makes we wonder how many of my "friends" are really my friends, or if they are fake imposters playing games with my head. MySpace has become quite the addiction among my friends and peers, although I save all the juicy stuff for the Divadomain. What can I say? I'm loyal to my roots.

Ben and I also discussed the need for the reality show "Survivor: Memphis." He had just spent a few days in Memphrica for work and he literally watched several drug deals go down on a corner. He also shared with me a great That Aint Right picture on his phone taken in Memfiss, so if i can get him to email it to me, a good blog is on its way. You're all sitting on the edge of your computer chairs, I can tell.

Finally Heather trumped us all by proceeding to share with us the best quote of the evening. She had been hanging out with a bundh of MLK people earlier- kids she went to high school with, and we both went to middle school with. At one point Heather turned to our friend David, and she asks him,
"so what else is new with you David?" His reply:
"I dated a stripper."

A shout out to Cubby, who I just found out tonight, reads this blog!


Mary Anna said...

It's good to know that I'm not the only one who wants to slice Memfuss right off the Tennessee map.

My brother's girlfriend is going to pharmacy school in Memfuss and I've already informed her that I will not visit her for fear of getting shot.

And HELLO, who is this Cubby??? Is there a fellow Cubs fan in the ranks???

Amanda said...

Cubby is short for Cubby Hubby, and refers to Heather's husband Jacob

Cubby said...

Glad to be a part of the Diva Domain following! Keep up the good work.