Sunday, February 26, 2006

weekend part 2: the Mystery of the Missing Cheese Puffs

The funniest part of the weekend was an episode dubbed the Mystery of the Missing Cheese puffs.

Friday afternoon I bought snacks for Mary Anna & me to take to the cabin. I got 2 packs of Oreos, and got her 2 bags of cheese puffs, per request. Well we get there that night and have the Oreos, but can't find the cheese puffs. Since they had been in the same grocery bag in Mary Anna's car it didn't make sense for them Not to be there at the cabin. I looked in my van, she looked in hers, we playfully accused the girls of stealing them or hiding them, but to no avail. A horrid thought crossed Mary Anna's mind- I was the last one at her car- what if I didn't go back to the car for the snacks and forgot to shut her passenger door?

It was a madhouse trying to leave the church- no one knew what was going on, and I was thrust into a vehicle full of girls I didn't know, being forced to drive a van that was bigger than anything I've ever had to maneuver, so it was a little stressful. In all that stress I might not have remembered to make that second trip back to MA's car to get the snacks and shut her Cubmobile door. A sick feeling came over both of us, because it was 1am Nashville time when we discovered this possibility. I made a few phone calls to people at home who I thought might be up, but bless his heart, it ended up being my dear old dad that we drug out of bed, and asked to go check on Mary Anna's car. Her battery could have died, and she had important work stuff in her car. We couldn't take the chance to wait until the morning.

Minutes later, dad found MA's car at the church and assured us that all the doors were shut and that it was indeed locked. "Do you happen to see any bags of cheese puffs in the back?" we asked. A ridiculous question at 1 am I know, but we might as well ask it since he was already there. No, he didn’t see them, he said, but also gave the disclaimer that it was dark. Thankful that the car was okay, but both frustrated and deliriously tired at the hilarity of the situation, we named the event, the mystery of the missing cheese puffs. Every so often when we were craving something salty, we wistfully thought of those 2 bags of orange, cheesy crispiness, and wondered where they had found their home. We thought maybe they were sitting beside MA’s car in the church parking lot, but again, if they were, they had been stolen by the time dad got thereto check on the Cubmobile.

The mystery was not solved until we ran towards Mary Anna’s car today when we got back to BBC. It was the first thing I did- I checked the backseat and sure enough there was the Publix grocery bag with not only the 2 bags of cheese puffs, but also my 2 bags of Oreos! So the ones we were munching in the cabin were some one of the other girls had brought! Who else buys 2 bags of chocolate crème Oreos I ask you??? N What are the odds?? (Well, they were on sale which is why I grabbed those instead of the regular ones. Makes sense that someone else’s mom would have thought the same thing.)

Anyway- I am still deliriously tired- a 2-hour nap did me no good this afternoon. Maybe a dose of Dr. McSteamy here in a minute on Grey’s Anatomy will help me to have sweet dreams tonight ;o)

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Mary Anna said...

Maybe it's because of my cold, but my cheese puff craving has mysteriously passed....strange....