Thursday, February 09, 2006

I am my mother's daughter

So we're approaching Valentine's Day- not my favorite holiday for obvious reasons, but also a favorite time of year because stores fill their shelves to the brim with anything and everything pink. Get ready girls. (ChocolatePalooza is coming!)

In honor of Valentine's Day, Publix has this commercial of a little boy and his mom baking a heart-shaped cake together for him to give to "someone special." The little boy won't tell his mom the name of the special girl, but no matter- they press on into baking-dom. They go from start to finish, showing them sifting flour, pouring the cake batter, taking the cake out of the oven, and icing it. The next morning as the mom is dropping her son off for school, she hollars after him after he's gotten out of the car. Wait, she says, you forgot your cake! The kid turns around and gives her this meaningful look and then grins, and turns back around heading into school. It becomes apparent then that he has made this cake for his mom- his sweetheart. I swear I've seen it 3 times already and teared up all 3 times! I am slowly but surely turning into my mother.

The commercial ends with Publix' catch phrase: where shopping is a pleasure. I don't know about you, but I absolutely hate going to the grocery store. You can't go when you're hungry otherwise you'll buy up every box of Oreos and Keebler soft batch in the cookie aisle. And you don't want to go any other time because frankly there are so many other ways you'd rather spend your time. I guess my question is why do we hate to go grocery shopping when most of us would rank eating as a top 10 favorite activity of the day??

Commercial or no commerical, shopping is still not a pleasure for me.


emilyb said...

Grocery shopping is not fun because it means YOU have to fix the food.

You think you're sad?! I just teared up reading a desription of the dadgum commercial. Man, I'm such a female!

Mary Anna said...

I'm going to step out on a limb and say that I actually like grocery shopping...

It's the getting the groceries from the car to the refrigerator that I don't like.

Speaking of commercials about food, does anyone love the Splenda commercials as much as I do?

Bethany said...

That is an absolutely precious commercial!!!

And yes- I actually LOVE grocery shopping- my husband thinks I'm crazy, but it is a highlight for me :)

I love cooking, so maybe that makes sense.....who knows

Anonymous said...

I enjoy grocery shoping, I always have. I just hate the final total and wondering how did I just spend 100$ on random stuff.


Anonymous said...


'Manda, just say what I said when Vandy beat UT... "Come get it while the gettin' is good and we're serving it up hot, because this isn't going to last long".

And just for the record, due to my having had a UK-born-and-bred-roomie-and-best-friend for several years, I do happen to cheer for UK other than when they play the Big Arnj. Just so ya know... I even went to Midnight Madness and had a second row seat (warning: dating myself) when Rick Pitino was introduced as the new coach.

So-o-o-o-o-o-o-o, I may not like the juleps, and I think horse-racing is a made-up sport for people to tell each other that they are important, but I do cheer for the Blue... :) It's much more fun in Basketball-ville when UK is running deep into the tourney. Which I will again cheer (hope?) for this year...

Hang in there. Tubby'll right the ship...