Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Rhyme Time

I pick up words and phrases very easily. Just ask Mark "dad-gum" Box, Heather "Ridonkulous" DePriest (ps- that still sounds weird to say/write, Weezer!), or my freshman Bible study leader, Jennifer "presh" Holden, wherever she is.

Something else I recently noticed in my speech is that I tend to gravitate towards rhyming phrases. They roll off the tongue more easily, and make for spunky conversation. For example, here is a real life conversation that took place on a Saturday afternoon, when the girls went Wild Noodles:

Oh- and let me interrupt myself to tell you that just like I incorporate others' catch phrases into my conversation, that my friends have picked up on mine as well.
Now back to our story:

Ari- wow Bradley, you look really skinny mini today- have you lost weight?
Me- Really? I was feeling kind of chunky monkey when I left the house.

Then we laughed because we realized what dorks we were rhyming like that.

Other favorite catch phrases following a fun rhyme scheme include, but are not limited to,

* cutie patootie- when describing an attractive guy or something adorable

* chilly willy- when conversing about the sub-artic temperatures

* what's up, pup?- when making small talk

I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but now I think this blog is done. :o)


Anonymous said...

"Happy, Pappy?" was one of the oddest combo rhyme-times ever (from a random Seinfeld episode)...

I think, contextually, it was just inquiring about one's current state of satisfaction, how their feng shui was doing, or something like that...



Anonymous said...

Wingy the Pingy

jillymae said...

ok, i may be a big dork for liking this one, but i don't care. i still like it:

"ain' nuthin but a thang an' a chickin wang on a strang from burger kang"

Mark Kelly Hall said...

Does this mean you find yourself occasionally "gellin' like a felon"? My favorite commercial. And if you believe that....

Word Verification: ldpcdzhb
Def.: A word that will not be finding its way into Amanda's conversation anytime soon, as it is impossible to rhyme.

Amanda said...

OH! I forgot a few more-

Trendy Mindy- a person who is stylin'- usually reserved for women, but I find it's funny to use it when referring to fashionable men as well.

Really Prilly- ie. very pretty. Heather- I give you full marks for this one as well.