Sunday, April 30, 2006

Let's give em somethin to blog about

It can be funny or sad- depending on your point of view- when you're out to eat with your friends on a rainy Sunday afternoon (no sungasms here) and one of your friends says, "I have so much to blog about" and you nod enthusiastically and agree- and then, say you are the one in the group who is notorious for making bad jokes- so you say, "let's give em somethin to blog about." And then you sing a bad Bonnie Rait impression. And laughter erupts. Of course they are probably laughing at you and not with you.

But it could be worse- you could be talking about crop circles over lunch. oh wait...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

good day sunshine

Finally! The rain and clouds are gone today! The sun is shining here in Fabulous Nashvegas (although it is quite a bit cooler than it was last week). Admittedly though, this DIVA woke up on the wrong side of the pink bedding the past few mornings. And I blame the rainy, cloudy weather. I can't help it! I love the sunshine and it affects my mood and level of energy when it's absent.

Conversely, on gorgeous sunny days I wake up feeling more alert, and have more energy. (These are also the days where you can catch me "flying" more often next to people's cubicles while they're on the phone!) And my favorite moments of the day are those when I step outside- one, because I'm not at work, and two, I love the sun! There is nothing like that feeling of walking outside after being stuck indoors, feeling the warmth of the sun shining down, and it be pleasantly necessary to don sunglasses. It is in these moments that I have come to have, as I have termed, a SunGasm. (I believe I coined the phrase- I've never heard anyone else use the word before, however, stop me if you've heard this one...)

A Sungasm as I define it, is what happens in that moment of bliss when one first steps outdoors, and sighs blissfully. One is so overwhelmingly happy to be outdoors, to be blinded by the sun, and to be warmed by the sun's rays that one can't help but express this enthusiasm in the form of a sigh, an exclamation, or simply a smile and throwing ones hands to the sky in adoration to the celestial orb.

Maybe it's just my own version of a Lana-ism ("aren't you just happy when you eat?") but really, aren't you just happy when it's sunny?

Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Weekend in Pictures

This weekend my aunt Lisa, uncle Jerry, and cousin Ryan were in town along with 6 of their golfing buddies from Cannelton. The guys had a golfing extravaganza hitting 3 different courses here in Music City, while Mom, Lisa, and I filled our weekend with lots of shopping. Of course, being from small town, Indiana, the guys wanted to go out downtown so I took them to Dan McGuiness and On the Rocks on Thursday night, Friday night they hit Bar Nashville and Tootsies, and Saturday we took up residency at the Tin Roof.

I figured pictures would do this weekend more justice than the usual long winded stories. Enjoy!

Here is Jimmy (the owner and bartender of the Infamous Cannelton watering hole, The Pumper) hitting on some locals, wooing them with his orange rubber ducky that he bought at Hooters

This is a guy we passed on I-65 on Friday that had little furry spotted dalmation ears attatched to his motorcycle helmet. We enjoyed a good laugh and I snapped a picture of the guy- he was even nice and waved as he rode past!

Me and my favorite boys from work- Maury and Maaaaark Box at one of my favorite bars in Nashville- Tootsies. The place was packed, so we enjoyed the music outside on the patio. Liser and I made up motions to go along with Fishin' in the Dark. Good times.

The Super-Finger. (Thanks Dane Cook!)

Shenannigan's!!! Uncle Jerry, Mom, and my aunt Lisa at the table at the Tin Roof Saturday night. Every time we toasted throughout the evening we raised our glasses and shouted "Shennanigan's!!!" It's apparently from the movie "Waiting." PS- the Tin Roof has awesome food! I highly recommend the buffalo chicken strips, and their chips & salsa were really good as well. We went early to get a table and lucked out getting the huge one in the front of the place so that our entire group (which ended up being 17 people) could sit together.
The return of the Super-Finger. Ari demonstrates as Mom & Lisa struggle to imitate the gesture

Me and Maury pose for a picture before heading out to the dancefloor to enjoy the music of Henry & the Seahawks- it was indeed a Tennesseahawk Saturday night!

Me, Ang, Ari, & Bart

It was seriously a really fun weekend- of course taking a vacation day on Friday to go shopping with mom and Lisa certainly helped start things out right! The family and friends had fun, and even Momma and Daddy B enjoyed themselves at the Tin Roof. And here's a weird thought I'll leave you with: I left the Roof before my mom did last night- what gives???

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Practicing American Idolatry

So I had a watershed moment on Tuesday night. I finally caved in and voted for American idol. Slowly but surely I have been sucked into this addicting show this season because I would come into work every day when it first started and people would talk about it with great enthusiasm and strong opinions. Well I am highly opinionated, I thought. I like music. So why shouldn't I be watching this TV show? Plus Mary Anna showed us a video on YouTube of Ace singing father Figure and I knew I was hooked.

(Sidenote: Ace unfortunately peaked at Father Figure and has continually gone down hill ever since... from the cheesy gesturing to his scar during one performance, the predictable come-hither stare at the end of every song, and the bodyguard-gone-wrong get-up complete with a nasty slicked-back bun he donned on Tuesday night, our pretty boy has finally made his grand exeunt.)

So up until now I have remained a quiet spectator, and like many of you (especially the Nashvillians) I was outraged when Mandisa went home a few weeks ago (Come ON! You can't tell me that Bucky was a better performer!), so I worked up the courage to actually let my voice be heard and take the time to vote. Now I know that my piddley 5 or so votes may not have been enough to help out my favorite contestant, but at least I feel justified now in complaining when he was in the bottom 3.

Reality TV is anything BUT because there is no way that Chris should have been in the bottom 2. He has an incredible voice and I know that many others agree. Yet somehow I am still sucked into this show, even though I know they are toying with my mind and setting up the scenes for added shock value, forcing me to continue watching... will Elliot redeem himself after a good but somewhat lackluster performance? Will Kellie say something stupid and airhead-ish? (no need to watch for this answer) Will Chris go home next week or won't he? Guess we'll just have to stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I Won!!!

Any of you who live in the Cool Springs, TN area MUST have one of these handy In Cool Springs cards! They give you discounts to local businesses here- my favorite is the ongoing buy-one-get-one-free at Cold Stone Creamery- mmmm- and every once in a while, the card also entitles you to fun giveaways.

Like many of my fellow Cool Springs frequenters, I got an email from the In Cool Springs people yesterday morning, but without checking to see if i had won anything, I deleted the email. Lucky for me, several friends and coworkers of mine are not so skeptical, and they checked the website and passed on the lucky news to me that I had won! Won what? You might ask, which is exactly what I said. "That's awesome! I actually won something- I never win anything... what did I win?"

10 dollars worth of free gas at Mapco Express, that's what! And wouldn't you know it- I just filled up on Monday afternoon, so instead the spoils will belong to Momma B, who's going to get the free gas for Mikey the Beetlebug. Here in Cool Springs we like to keep things all in the family :o)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

divas descending deep in the heart of texas

They say the friends you make in college are the friends you keep forever.

So far that's been true for me, as is evident by the latest installment of the DIVA 06 convention. Thursday night Ari and I flew down to Houston (that's pronounced yoo-ston if you're going to be one of those uppity people who drop their H's to sound intelligent. Don't ask me. Somehow these people exist, and presume to be more intellectual by Not pronouncing existing consonants). We went to visit Conley on our long Easter weekend and attend her Masters voice recital on Saturday evening.
We did the fun girly thing; me, Conley, Ari, & Danielle all went and got pedicures. I was also able to get my Chuy's fix- this awesome Tex-Mex restaurant the Houstonians introduced us to the last time we were down there a year ago.
Conley's family was also in town from Kentucky, so pretty much the only thing you can do with 7 or 8 people is to eat-so needless to say, we ate A LOT. The day's activities were planned around where we were eating and when! A quirky place we went on Saturday was called the Hobbit Cafe, where the menu items are named after Tolkien characters, and we ate outdoors under the partial shade of huge trees overhanging the eating area. I say only partial shade because Ariana's shoulders are a lovely rose-colored hue now after this lengthy dining experience. I did also manage to get a TAR moment while waiting to be seated- Ari gets full marks for spotting it and alerting me to pull out the camera, and I get full marks for literally running through the parking lot to chase him down and snap his picture to document the unfortunate incident for all the world to see.
Conley of course sang beautifully and looked every bit the part of the DIVA that she is. I made sure to get a picture afterwards with all the fellow UK grads who have taken over Rice University and I just so happened to be standing next to Norman Rheinhart- a grad student that was at UK when I was, who I just happened to have the hugest crush on. So yes, I wanted this picture for posterity's sake, but for selfish reasons also I made sure I was next to Norman in this picture so that later on if I "happened" to get a hold of any photo editing tools and just "happened" to crop out everyone else in the picture that I might have a glimpse of what it might be like for Norman to know that I am alive and highly dateable.
Of course I am only halfway kidding :o) (Trust me, if you heard his gorgeous tenor voice you'd probably be saying the same thing and I'd be fighting you over him!)
So the recital went beautifully, we did what we do best afterwards- ate- and then us gals got to bed around midnight only to be woken up by our alarms at 4am. Conley and Danielle had 3 church services a piece to sing in for Easter Sunday and Ari and I had an early flight to catch. It was a wonderful visit although they are never long enough it seems. I am just glad we have still been able to remain so close and pick up right where we left off the last time.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

My Way on the Highway

So I know you're all in suspense- my Sunday brunch story- or rather what happened After Sunday brunch- (aren't brunches so chic and swanky?)

Sunday was Momma B's birthday- she's now 53 years old which is finally accurate because she's been telling people for months that she was 53 because she couldn't remember how old she was. That's what happens when you get older I guess- except that I forgot how old I was a few months ago too and told someone I was 24! (I guess like Mother, like daughter). We celebrated the day by going to church as a family and then dining at Copeland's for brunch since I had a softball game at 1:30.

On our way home, Mom was driving Mikey, her Beetlebug, with all of us in tow. The sun was shining- it was a beautiful day, and we were on Devens Drive in my neighborhood as we approached 2 people walking on the other side of the road, and a grey car coming directly at us In Our Lane!!! The grey car honks at us, and the lady who is driving the grey car passes the people walking on her side of the street, rolls down her window as she pulls up next to us and exclaims haughtily, "are you KIDDING me?!" and then speeds off- As if WE are at fault for her crossing over onto our side of the street to avoid the pedestrians- how dare we not slow down to accommodate her swerve! How rude of us to follow the rules of the road!! Um, okay, what just happened here?

Maybe I'm taking Crazy Pills, but ExCUSE me- if you have to swerve to avoid anything on a road, it is not your God-given right to do so in front oncoming traffic! If you must venture out of your driving lane, you do so when the coast is clear as to not interfere with traffic and cause a potential accident among drivers and pedestrians alike.

Here's what should have happened- tell me if you agree:

On our way home, Mom was driving Mikey, her Beetlebug, with all of us in tow. The sun was shining- it was a beautiful day, and we were on Devens Drive in my neighborhood as we approached 2 people walking on the other side of the road, and a grey car coming towards us. To avoid the pedestrians, the grey car slowed down, waited for us to pass, the female driver of the grey car gave us a neighborly wave, and then slowly went around the walkers, driving off on her merry way at approximately 30 mph.

But that's not the way it went. We most definitely had some choice words to utter about the Self-righteous Wench as she drove off, but I just had to vent my frustrations with you the readers.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

a day fit for a queen (mab)

I know- I'm a blogging slacker. But did you see the That-Aint-Right I posted the other day?? Now THAT is funny stuff. I also have a great story to write about that happened while driving in our neighborhood on our way home from brunch on Sunday- but that will have to be saved for another time.

Right now my sole objective is to give a huge Birthday Shout Out to one of my favorite people in the world. This amazing woman of God came into my life in October of 2004. She looks spectacular in pink and in green, is always quick to offer practical wisdom, shares my obsession for Sephora, and owns the most beautiful cat that I have grown to love (and you know me- I am NOT a cat person, but I heart Jack-Jack!). She stays hip on her reads, her pop culture, and her fashion, but she is still down to earth and is the epitome of encouragement to all who know her. On the Divadomain you might see her referred to as MA, Queen MAB, or Tooty McTooterson but to all who know and love her, she is Mary Anna "way-too-special-to-be-just-a-Mary" Brown. Happy 25th Birthday to you, dear friend. Is it lunchtime yet??!!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

another fun one to try with the names

Sloganize your name! Click here, insert your name, and let the fun begin! (MA- you should have an easier time with this one!) Here's a few that my name generated:

*Just what the Amanda Ordered
*Look Ma, No Amanda!
*Aint no party like an Amanda party (can I get an Amen??!!)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

church: it does a body good

What will they think of next??? A new study shows that people who attend weekly church services statistically live longer lives. So if filling a void in your life, or worshipping a savior isn't enough to motivate you to go every week, maybe this will? Seriously, if there is a person who reads this study and starts attending church purely for health reasons I would like to meet them. It just goes to show you can find a study to "prove" anything. And in the meantime I will enjoy the days God has blessed me to live, be it longer than the average person or not, and continue to attend church for my non-health-related reasons!