Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I Won!!!

Any of you who live in the Cool Springs, TN area MUST have one of these handy In Cool Springs cards! They give you discounts to local businesses here- my favorite is the ongoing buy-one-get-one-free at Cold Stone Creamery- mmmm- and every once in a while, the card also entitles you to fun giveaways.

Like many of my fellow Cool Springs frequenters, I got an email from the In Cool Springs people yesterday morning, but without checking to see if i had won anything, I deleted the email. Lucky for me, several friends and coworkers of mine are not so skeptical, and they checked the website and passed on the lucky news to me that I had won! Won what? You might ask, which is exactly what I said. "That's awesome! I actually won something- I never win anything... what did I win?"

10 dollars worth of free gas at Mapco Express, that's what! And wouldn't you know it- I just filled up on Monday afternoon, so instead the spoils will belong to Momma B, who's going to get the free gas for Mikey the Beetlebug. Here in Cool Springs we like to keep things all in the family :o)

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