Thursday, April 27, 2006

good day sunshine

Finally! The rain and clouds are gone today! The sun is shining here in Fabulous Nashvegas (although it is quite a bit cooler than it was last week). Admittedly though, this DIVA woke up on the wrong side of the pink bedding the past few mornings. And I blame the rainy, cloudy weather. I can't help it! I love the sunshine and it affects my mood and level of energy when it's absent.

Conversely, on gorgeous sunny days I wake up feeling more alert, and have more energy. (These are also the days where you can catch me "flying" more often next to people's cubicles while they're on the phone!) And my favorite moments of the day are those when I step outside- one, because I'm not at work, and two, I love the sun! There is nothing like that feeling of walking outside after being stuck indoors, feeling the warmth of the sun shining down, and it be pleasantly necessary to don sunglasses. It is in these moments that I have come to have, as I have termed, a SunGasm. (I believe I coined the phrase- I've never heard anyone else use the word before, however, stop me if you've heard this one...)

A Sungasm as I define it, is what happens in that moment of bliss when one first steps outdoors, and sighs blissfully. One is so overwhelmingly happy to be outdoors, to be blinded by the sun, and to be warmed by the sun's rays that one can't help but express this enthusiasm in the form of a sigh, an exclamation, or simply a smile and throwing ones hands to the sky in adoration to the celestial orb.

Maybe it's just my own version of a Lana-ism ("aren't you just happy when you eat?") but really, aren't you just happy when it's sunny?


Lisa T. said...

i myself had a SunGasm this morning, and twoce at lunch. thank you for putting my feeling into the english language.

Big Blue Barry said...

I haven't heard that exact term, but on one of my favorite sci-fi shows, Farscape, there is a character that experiences something called a "Photogasm" when she is in direct intense sunlight. The character is a plant and the photosynthesis triggers the reaction... I know, I know, I'm a sci-fi geek :-)

Mary Anna said...

I like the rain too... is it possible to have a stormgasm?