Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Daily Walk This Way

I'll be honest... at my lowest of the low this past spring I was getting up early and reading and praying every morning. Lately as I've felt less desperate for God, and more self-assured, I haven't done as good a job of doing my daily quiet times. Truthfully, I am probably reading my Bible 3 nights a week right now, and my conversations with God are short and sweet. The only place I've been devoted is in praying with Bradley every single night before bed. It's part of our bedtime routine. But how can I raise Bradley to know that God loves him and cares for him when I'm not truly modeling that dependence on God myself by making quiet times a priority? What I really need is my own bedtime routine, or first-thing-in-the-morning routine, to make my daily time spent reading my Bible and talking things out with Jesus more habitual again. I'm about to have some serious accountability though.

Our church is launching an initiative called the Daily Walk to help its members read through the Bible in a year. It begins Friday, October 1st, starting with a few chapters in the book of Matthew, and finishing up 2010 with the book of Revelation. That's right- between now and the end of the year we will complete the entire New Testament.  You can click here on this link every day and it will tell you what chapters to read. It even has a link to the chapters online so you can read the chapters right from the convenience of your computer if you so choose.

On one hand, if you're not currently reading your Bible daily, this is a great way to start. On the other hand, a girl in my Sunday school class brought up this point- even if you are reading your Bible religiously every day (pun intended), how powerful must it be to have so many believers reading the same scripture every day together?

I am excited about doing this, and have the added accountability that mom and dad are also going to be reading daily along with me. I'd love to know if other BBC-ers are doing this too, or even if any other friends & family would like to join me and Daily Walk this way with me!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wanted: one hot mama

You know how singletons are always lamenting about where he/she is supposed to find Mr./Miss Right if they didn't meet them in college?  It's like all of a sudden you graduate, and your opposite sex population that you come in contact with on a regular basis suddenly becomes limited.  You don't want to meet a person in a bar because that never works out (been there, done that, on more than one occasion), and you certainly don't want to make the mistake of dipping the pen into the company ink (Again, this one sounds all too familiar), so where the heck are you supposed to meet your future soul mate?

Well I'm dealing with a similar issue.

In Florida, I was privileged to be a stay-at-home mom.  The best thing about being a SAHM, next to the obvious fact that you get to be with your child all day, is all the other stay-at-home mom friends you come to know.  Us moms would get together on a regular basis for play dates, Kindermusik class, work-out groups, and coffees, permitting us to sit and talk while the youngsters would play together.  In Florida, I had an abundant supply of mom friends, many who had kids Bradley's age, or others who had older ones that I could bounce developmental questions off of.  But now relocated, and working full time, I have no idea how to go about finding friends for myself and Bradley!

Don't get me wrong- I love spending time with my family and my friends who don't have children, but every now and then it would be great to be able to hang out with someone who understands what I'm going through as a parent, while Bradley gets to work on his social skills with a little play mate simultaneously, too.

Where can these elusive moms be found?  Do I stalk other moms at the park on Saturday morning, sliding up to them by the monkey bars, ask them  if they come here often, and offer to buy them a coffee?  Am I supposed to subject myself to the McDonald's play place and wait for a fellow mom to McInclude me?  Do I turn to (gasp!) internet searching for them?  What's a full-time working, full-time mom to do?  I know there have got to be fellow hot mamas out there just dying to be my friend- I just need to figure out how to find them.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Having a ball

I do not exaggerate when I say that Bradley loves sports.  He has little use for toys that don't involve throwing and catching balls, and in fact, he turns toys that are not intended to be sports-related into a way to score points or make baskets.  Case in point, Bradley grabbed the cucumber and strawberry from his plastic play food last week, and attempted to play baseball with them.  This week he got some new sheets for his big boy bed, so I snapped a picture of him in his new sports sheets, with his sports pjs on (thanks, aunt Ari- these are the ones you gave him).

Fast forward to Friday night, when we were schooling Bradley in the fine cuisine of Chinese food.  After testing the tasty waters of lo mein noodles, and sweet and sour chicken, B spotted the fortune cookies.  He got a kick out of cracking open the cookie, and taking the paper out.  Not that I put any stock into the fortunes that come of out the cookies, but imagine my surprise when Bradley got this fortune:
Even his fortune cookies are sports-related!!  It's destiny!

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Hunt for Reds' October

Yes, I am fully aware that football season has officially begun (my Titans and Wildcats are both off to good starts), but for some of us, baseball season is still trucking along quite nicely.  Most years I wouldn't care at this point in the season.  Much like the Cubbies, my Reds fizzle out before the post-season is ever a consideration.  Alright, I admit that was a lame attempt to get a reaction out of a few readers who are loyal Cubs fans, and I would also admit that the Reds are usually much more miserable of a team, and haven't come close to winning a world series in a while... 1990 to be exact... but I would say again to those few Cubs fans still reading this, and How Long Has It Been For Your Team??  That's what I thought.

So here we are in September, and as of tonight, the Reds have a 6 1/2 game lead in their division, still solidly in first place, and we are optimistic about our odds at making a run into the October post-season.  Cutie Patootie first baseman Joey Votto is still in the running to win the triple crown (George, do you know where I might snag a rookie Votto jersey?), and we have this insane new pitcher from Cuba who has a 106 mph fastball, aptly nicknamed the Cuban Missile .  I would say besides the one closing pitcher in our bull pen who constantly blows his saves, and infuriates my dad beyond belief, that the future looks mighty colorful for the Reds!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Two at the Zoo

It's Labor Day weekend, so we decided to take Bradley to the zoo and make it an annual tradition since we went last Labor Day too.  Last year, however, it was miserably hot.  This year we were treated to high 70's and beautiful sunny weather.  One of our first stops of the day was to see the meercats.  Please ignore my John Lennon-esque prescription sunglasses, and instead focus on Bradley, pictured here while we were waiting our turn to get up close and personal with the meercats. 

Here's us looking at the elephants- my favorite exhibit, of course
Mom and Bradley, with the elephants in the background. 
Papa and Bradley saying bye-bye to the pachyderms.
A collage of some of the other animals we saw:  the Alligator Cove was the coolest I think just because the gators were so active, and came very close to the glassed in viewing area where we were.  The new flamingo exhibit was also impressive. 

In the petting zoo portion, B got to brush a goat.
Snack time!!!  Bradley's favorite part!
Okay, I take that back.  His favorite part was the kids' play area.  He would have spent all day here in this little shaded bouncy house if we'd have let him!  He jumped to his heart's content and dove onto and head-first off of, animal shaped mats.  The play area really was quite impressive, with a huge wooden playground for the older kids, and this shaded bouncy area for the younger ones.
Here's Bradley and I in front of the Nashville Zoo sign at the end of our afternoon.  For the many animals our zoo lacks (bears, lions, kangaroos, and hippos come to mind), it makes up for in amazing kid-friendly features like the carousel, the awesome play area, and the ability to bring your own food and drink in with you and picnic on the expansive grass.  The other great feature about the zoo is all the bamboo and vegetation throughout that not only provides a more realistic habitat for the animals, but gives some much-appreciated shade as well.
Before we could even get out of the parking lot, B was passed out in his car seat.  You can see his souvenir that he picked out in the gift shop, resting safely in his lap- what else- a ball!
I guess this picture is just proof that B had a ball at the Nashville Zoo.  (BTW, the blog title has double meaning, given that Bradley is 2, but he also has a book that we purchased at the zoo last year by this same title- it's a really cute counting book if any other parents are interested.)  Happy Labor Day, everyone!