Monday, September 13, 2010

The Hunt for Reds' October

Yes, I am fully aware that football season has officially begun (my Titans and Wildcats are both off to good starts), but for some of us, baseball season is still trucking along quite nicely.  Most years I wouldn't care at this point in the season.  Much like the Cubbies, my Reds fizzle out before the post-season is ever a consideration.  Alright, I admit that was a lame attempt to get a reaction out of a few readers who are loyal Cubs fans, and I would also admit that the Reds are usually much more miserable of a team, and haven't come close to winning a world series in a while... 1990 to be exact... but I would say again to those few Cubs fans still reading this, and How Long Has It Been For Your Team??  That's what I thought.

So here we are in September, and as of tonight, the Reds have a 6 1/2 game lead in their division, still solidly in first place, and we are optimistic about our odds at making a run into the October post-season.  Cutie Patootie first baseman Joey Votto is still in the running to win the triple crown (George, do you know where I might snag a rookie Votto jersey?), and we have this insane new pitcher from Cuba who has a 106 mph fastball, aptly nicknamed the Cuban Missile .  I would say besides the one closing pitcher in our bull pen who constantly blows his saves, and infuriates my dad beyond belief, that the future looks mighty colorful for the Reds!

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