Sunday, September 05, 2010

Two at the Zoo

It's Labor Day weekend, so we decided to take Bradley to the zoo and make it an annual tradition since we went last Labor Day too.  Last year, however, it was miserably hot.  This year we were treated to high 70's and beautiful sunny weather.  One of our first stops of the day was to see the meercats.  Please ignore my John Lennon-esque prescription sunglasses, and instead focus on Bradley, pictured here while we were waiting our turn to get up close and personal with the meercats. 

Here's us looking at the elephants- my favorite exhibit, of course
Mom and Bradley, with the elephants in the background. 
Papa and Bradley saying bye-bye to the pachyderms.
A collage of some of the other animals we saw:  the Alligator Cove was the coolest I think just because the gators were so active, and came very close to the glassed in viewing area where we were.  The new flamingo exhibit was also impressive. 

In the petting zoo portion, B got to brush a goat.
Snack time!!!  Bradley's favorite part!
Okay, I take that back.  His favorite part was the kids' play area.  He would have spent all day here in this little shaded bouncy house if we'd have let him!  He jumped to his heart's content and dove onto and head-first off of, animal shaped mats.  The play area really was quite impressive, with a huge wooden playground for the older kids, and this shaded bouncy area for the younger ones.
Here's Bradley and I in front of the Nashville Zoo sign at the end of our afternoon.  For the many animals our zoo lacks (bears, lions, kangaroos, and hippos come to mind), it makes up for in amazing kid-friendly features like the carousel, the awesome play area, and the ability to bring your own food and drink in with you and picnic on the expansive grass.  The other great feature about the zoo is all the bamboo and vegetation throughout that not only provides a more realistic habitat for the animals, but gives some much-appreciated shade as well.
Before we could even get out of the parking lot, B was passed out in his car seat.  You can see his souvenir that he picked out in the gift shop, resting safely in his lap- what else- a ball!
I guess this picture is just proof that B had a ball at the Nashville Zoo.  (BTW, the blog title has double meaning, given that Bradley is 2, but he also has a book that we purchased at the zoo last year by this same title- it's a really cute counting book if any other parents are interested.)  Happy Labor Day, everyone!

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MamaB said...

I think we should make it an annual outing if the weather is as gorgeous as it was on Saturday. I don't like zoos that much but this one is nice.