Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shrimping and Saving

My sweet husband does the bulk of our grocery shopping on base at the commissary. The food there is cheaper and tax free. Since I'm the one who does the cooking, I keep a running list of what we need, and every other week I email Brian a grocery list. He shops on his lunch hour, stores the food in his squadron's refrigerator, and brings the stuff home at the end of the day. It's a win win for me. Cheaper food, plus I don't have to drag Bradley to my (not) favorite place on earth, Wallyworld.

Last grocery list I sent Brian, one of the items listed was Cooking Spray. In parentheses next to this I put (NOT the kind with the shrimp on it). Most people know I have a terrible aversion to shrimp. I think they're gross, and I don't even want to look at them, much less eat them. Last time Brian bought cooking spray it was some generic brand that had all sorts of pictures on the can, one of them being a gross shrimp. I had to look at that thing for a month until the bottle was empty. It was awful!

Fast forward to this past week, and lo and behold, what do I see whilst unloading the groceries one afternoon? Yep, the exact same kind of cooking spray, replete with the gross shrimp! And so okay, I pitched a whining fit!
I TOLD you not the kind with the shrimp!!
Is it really that big of a deal? Brian asked.
Well I have to look at it every time I use it! (yes, I am fully aware of how neurotic I am being.)

So my wonderful husband finds a fast solution, and I love him for it! Nothing a little sharpie can't fix! Problem solved.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

C is for Cookie

And here we are, back up and running after yet another computer virus!

Plus after all the sadness that's plagued our family this week with Grandpa Cimpher passing away (Brian's grandpa), it's time to look ahead and find new things to smile about.

Bradley is learning new words all the time. He repeats everything we say, and astonishes me with all that he knows now. We actually are able to have conversations now! He tells me what he wants, and I understand! Last week I gave him the other half to the banana he had for breakfast. I walked away to get some other food ready. When I came back, the banana was already gone. No way he ate that so fast. So I asked.
Bradley, did you eat the banana?
No, he said shaking his head, and then he told me he gave the banana to "Cha Cha" (Chandler). I couldn't be upset because he was just so darn cute, and I was thrilled that I could ask a question that my son understood, and that he could respond back so I could understand!

One of Bradley's favorite words right now is cookie. He wakes up in the morning and I'm not kidding, one of the first things out of his mouth when I walk in the room is "Cookie?"
No, I answer, we don't eat cookies for breakfast.
Well, Grandma B sometimes does, but I wasn't going to tell him that. And so without further ado, a few pictures and a short video of the cookie monster himself!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My little songbird

Today the most wonderful thing happened! Thursday mornings we have Kindermusik. Each week we begin class by singing the same hello song where we go around the room and sing hello to each child. This morning we were in the classroom, ready for Kindermusik to start, and Bradley, who was already sitting in my lap, patted my legs and sang the words "Our time."

I suppose I should explain further that at the start of the song we pat our legs in rhythm, and the lyrics go It's our time to sing together.

I was so taken by surprise at Bradley's outburst, that at first I wondered if I was hearing things, but then he did it again and again to much laughter and applause from everyone else in the room. I know this is a small thing to probably everyone else, but to this proud mama it means a lot. I have been waiting and waiting for my little guy to start singing, and it's nice to know he's actually listening and paying attention.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

Two nights ago, I dreamed I was sipping an ice-cold Coke. I could taste the sweetness and the bite of the beverage, and in my dream, drinking this drink was a covert operation- no one could know I drank it, since I have given up Cokes for my 90 Day Challenge. I woke up that morning feeling two distinct feelings. Relieved, that I hadn't caved and consumed a Coke, and Disappointed that the sugary drink experience wasn't real. And now here it is 8am and I am majorly craving one!

I haven't been taking the 90 Day Transformation Challenge as seriously as I intended, but the one goal I have stuck to is No Cokes. I still have them in my house- heck, I still have them in my fridge, but I am halfway through the Challenge, and I'm not caving in now. I went to McDonald's on my way back from Tennessee, and looked longingly at the fountain drinks. No one would ever know, I thought to myself as I looked back and forth between the Coke fountain, and the Tea. But I would know, and that's enough. So I regretfully got my iced tea that day, which didn't go nearly as well with my hamburger and fries, which made me rethink that decision as well. Kind of the point. Maybe if I have to have Coke with fast food, maybe I shouldn't have fast food at all?

The same morning I woke up from my Coke fantasy dream, I came across this verse at the top of my daily devotional:

"I discipline my body like an athlete, training it to do what it should. Otherwise, I fear that after preaching to others I myself might be disqualified." I Corinthians 9:27 (NLT)

All around me I am being convicted to get myself into shape. And as much as I hate running by myself, that swimsuit ain't gonna wear itself, so I have reclaimed my 90 Day Challenge goals, and am back to running 3 times a week (by myself, with my trusty stopwatch and ipod), and going to stroller class twice a week. And oh yeah... no more Cokes... even with pizza... and even with McDonald's.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Kim's Crew

This Saturday I am participating in the Pensacola Walk MS with my friend Kim to benefit the national Multiple Sclerosis Society. Kim was diagnosed with MS a little over a year ago but you would never know it by looking at the seemingly-healthy 33 year old. A few facts about MS, and why it should concern you:
  • Multiple sclerosis is a chronic, often disabling disease that attacks the central nervous system
  • MS is significantly more common (2-3 times) in women than men
  • Most people are diagnosed between the ages of 20-50 (the ages of which me and my friends are smack dab in the middle of)
  • Orange is the official color of MS awareness, hence the font color of this post
  • While there are treatments available now which can lessen the symptoms of MS, there is No Cure for this disease
I am signed up for the walk in Pensacola on Saturday April 17th as part of Kim's team, Kim's Crew. The money we raise for the walk goes directly to the MS society to raise money for further research for MS as there is currently no cure. If you feel so led, you may contribute to our team by clicking here.

Spring at last!

In the somewhat modified words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,
Spring at last, spring at last, thank God almighty it's spring at last!

What a fantastic weekend! The warm weather is finally here in Florida. Guess I had to drive all the way up to Tennessee to bring the warm sunshine back with me. Friday was Mama B's 57th birthday. Bradley and I called and sang Happy Birthday to her that morning before going to stroller class. Immediately following stroller class we went to a business meeting for our local chapter of the MOMS club. This is something I have been trying to get into forever, and for various reasons, it hasn't happened yet. Now my friend Sara is about to become the president, so I'm finally joining! They basically set up activities and play dates throughout the month to give moms and kids a chance to socialize, and even have monthly moms night outs.

Friday night Brian played soldier- at least that's what I call it. He ran around in the woods pretending to be one of the bad guys for a training exercise for his squadron. He came home exhausted and sweaty, but had fun even though he was technically working on a Friday night. I rented The Proposal and watched that after B went to bed and painted my nails. I am amazed at how all of a sudden, Sandra Bullock has become an actress I can tolerate!

Saturday was too cool for the beach, so Ann took Bradley to the zoo for a little while while Brian and I lounged around watching TLC, before heading to Zach's first birthday party later that afternoon. They had rented a huge bouncy castle for the party, which Bradley stayed in almost the entire time. Even when the bigger kids were in there he loved it and wasn't scared. We went home that night and had a low-key cookout with some of our friends, played a little corn hole, and sang a little karaoke.

Four of our little guys getting a wagon ride: Front to back, Zach, the birthday boy, Wesley, Bradley, and Joseph

Wes, pulling about 120 pounds of kiddos

Bradley in the bouncy castle

Sunday after church we had a little scare with Bradley. We had finished eating lunch, and B asked for an egg (a cadbury mini egg that he asks for by name that reside in our candy dish on top of the bar). I gave him one, and one to give to daddy. Just as he put the egg in Brian's mouth, he must have sucked the candy down his throat because he started to cry, and had trouble breathing. After a few swats on the back, and getting him to drink some water he calmed down. You could tell it really shook him up though because he was all clingy and cuddly for about 20 minutes after the incident. I'm sure it won't be the last time he chokes on something, but it sure gave us all a scare! I held in the tears during all the commotion to try and keep Bradley calm, but once everything was settled down again, I excused myself to the bathroom and shed several tears of relief!

We spent most of Sunday outdoors. We played with bubbles in the backyard with Bradley, and once he went down for his nap, I read out in the back yard, and Brian tackled yard work, pressure-washing, and washing the cars out front. I even made myself go for a late afternoon run by myself to keep up my rejuvenated commitment to becoming a skinny mini! We rounded out the evening with some homemade chicken fingers and our nightly routine of watching FRIENDS. It was a fantastic weekend, that has gone on to becoming a fantastic start of the new week. I heart this weather!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Easter weekend in TN

The Lord is risen! He is risen indeed!

Bradley and I went up to Tennessee for several days for my friend Tadd's wedding, and also got to celebrate Easter while we were there. We arrived on Thursday afternoon, and apparently brought the warm weather with us from Florida. The sunshine, low 80s and no humidity made for plenty of time spent outside while we were there.

Things Bradley enjoyed this trip:

  • Being chased up the stairs
  • Using the doggie door to go outside
  • Throwing rocks into the pond and making a splash
  • Swinging out back (for 2 minutes, then he was onto something else!
  • Chasing Juju (Laura & George's wiener dog)
  • Playing at the park with G&G
  • Going to McDonalds and playing at that playground
  • Playing with all of Laura's and my old fischer price toys with Grandma
  • Learning where the fruit snacks were kept and asking for them by name
  • Learning his colors and learning to count
  • Blowing and chasing "buhboos"

    Things Mommy enjoyed about this trip:

  • Amazing home-cooked food (ie. the seared filet that Laura made with a blue cheese cream sauce, and the to-die-for coconut cake made by mom)
  • Spending the day shopping, eating, and getting pedis with Laura
  • Getting to eat at some of my favorite restaurants (Royal Thai, Blue Coast Burrito, Calypso Cafe, Mellow Mushroom)
  • Going back to bed after Bradley got up with Grandma at 6:30am
  • Reading a book in its entirety (Shutter Island- way creepy!)
  • Seeing her best friend from high school Tadd get married
  • A long lunch with old co-workers
  • The gorgeous weather, and Tennessee scenery

Chasing the bubbles out back one afternoon

Throwing rocks into the pond

Dying Easter eggs. Notice the blue hands on both me and Bradley, hence the reason for the bib!

Laura and I in our matching dresses

Showing us the car he found in one of his eggs. Bradley hunting Easter eggs didn't go as smoothly as I'd hoped! He wasn't as excited about finding the eggs as he was wanting to stop and eat every piece of candy, animal cracker, and fruit snack that was in each egg.

Family Easter photo

Bradley with all of his Easter eggs... check out the enormous ones Grandma B found for him!

We had the most fantastic trip up to Tennessee. It was a bummer that Brian couldn't go with us, but a blessing too that because he didn't go, Bradley and I were able to stay for longer. Thank you mom, dad, Laura, and George for everything!